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    Snapped is the 4th book in Laura Griffin s Tracers Series and so far the one I have liked the most.I ve always had a soft spot for Sophie Barrett since she was introduced in Untraceable, the 1st book in the series She s gorgeous, likeable and kicks ass.love the small gun she carries around when she goes off to one of her singing gigs In the previous book, Unforgivable, was the set up for Sophie s book and we know that, after the sizzling chemistry between her and the San Marcos detective, Jonah Macon, that these two would be the main characters for the next book.The story starts off with a bang right from the first chapter A sniper kills people randomly in a college campus The scenes involving the senseless carnage is filled with tension and suspense.It soon becomes apparent that the killings were not random and Sophie is in danger from unknown killers who believe she knows than she actually does And Jonah Macon goes all full out to keep Sophie safe.I liked these two together They have some really humorous and tender moments..Sophie is an absolutely fabulous heroine.she s funny, independent, vulnerable, strong with some really good lines I showered, shaved my legs, put on makeup, and returned two text messages in the time it took you to snoop around my kitchen I d say that s pretty good Great dialogue A good balance between romance, action and suspense, keeping you guessing who the baddies are until almost at the end.Characters from previous books make an appearance and we are introduced to some interesting new ones.I wonder if the two characters, Gretchen and Sean will be paired off in future books This is so far, an interesting and enjoyable series.

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    It s been six months since Sophie Barrett s rescue from the clutches of a serial killer and she s finally regained her footing On her way to sign up for some college course to line her up for a promotion, Sophie finds herself in the middle of a sniper attack on the campus Just her luck that she s seen than she knows and Homicide Detective Jonah Macon makes it his personal mission to protect her, even from herself The series seems to be getting better with each book, finally finding its mojo, especially with this story The focus is on forensics and old fashioned investigating after an exceptional and gripping start More tracers are introduced who knew there was a thing called questionable documents along with the details regarding their areas of speciality As I lean towards the mystery angles, the forensic analyses fascinated me However, I loved Sophie, who is smarter than most give her credit and knows how to handle herself Her relationship with Jonah was a bright spot as they tangled often and she didn t roll over when his alpha nature would rear its head It s a smart and sexy romance with a suspense filled climax This story is my favorite to date and I hope we see both of them in future stories Sophie is just too refreshing to sideline 4.5 stars

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    Review posted Happily Ever After ReadsTalk about starting out with action right from the start Sophie is on her way to sign up for college classes to help enhance her resume in the hopes of getting a promotion at the Delphi Center from receptionist into their PR department As she makes her way across campus a gunman opens fire into the crowd of students and faculty People are scrambling to get out of the way, and as Sophie finds a hiding spot, she sees a pregnant woman who was hit and lay dying while her young daughter sits there watching and crying For as many great scenes and moments that are in this book, that s one that will stick with me The initial randomness of the shooting is quickly investigated and Sophie s certain that people were behind this than just the shooter, who killed himself once the cops located him on campus Jonah s on the case and his protective streak is running high with Sophie being caught in the middle We first got a little bit of their story in UNFORGIVABLE, book 3 in the Tracers series, and we find out that their relationship never really got off the ground, so to speak But the sparks are definitely there and as the case unfolds and Sophie finds herself looking over her shoulder at every turn, Jonah s there to make sense of the clues that are coming in and help Sophie stay safe.The pacing of the story was fantastic It starts out with a bang and I couldn t turn the pages fast enough It s a great blend of action suspense balanced so well with Sophie and Jonah s relationship It never felt overloaded with action, but when the enemy attempted to tie up all the loose ends aka Sophie to complete his mission, I felt right in the middle of the scenes with Sophie as she dealt with all the craziness happening in her life Never mind the fact that she was still trying to put her life back together from an attack that happened a few months back Jonah was there for her then, he s there for her now and he ll do anything in his power to make sure she s protected.I love that Sophie goes to Jonah when she needs to feel safe When she s attacked outside her apartment, the first safe place she thinks of is Jonah s house, forget the fact that he s not even there, it was where she needed to be They never really fought the attraction between them, but when Sophie becomes a very important witness to the entire investigation, Jonah has to tread carefully and not get as close to Sophie as he really wants to be until the case is wrapped up But their relationship continued to grow stronger the they were together and they came to need each other so much You re not really still mad at me, are you Very He brushed the hair out of her eyes Really She nodded, and the hurt on her face made his chest tighten Sophie He kissed her forehead I need you to forgive me She looked at him for a long moment and he waited, anxious He could hardly breathe for wanting this girl, and he realized he d never had so much riding on one apology I ll think about it, she finally said, and leaned forward to kiss him One thing that I ve always enjoyed about each Tracer s book are the solid stories the supporting characters get We not only get caught up with past characters, in this case especially Mia and Ric, but we get great introductions to the characters we ll be getting to read about in the future Detective Allison Doyle has a strong role and we find out just enough about her to lead us into her book which will be up next.I loved everything about this book and it s a big must read for all romantic suspense fans The series is one of my favorites and I think this story is the best of the bunch so far All the separate pieces and characters flowed together so well and even though I was cursing Laura Griffin for keeping me up WAY past my bedtime, I simply couldn t put the book down And I love when that happens.

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    I knew I was going to love this book before I even read the first page, and I was not wrong Sophie has been an intriguing character throughout this series and in this she is front and center to the action when she is caught in the middle of sniper fire on a college campus Police detectives Jonah and Ric are also in on the action as first responders and investigators in the case As in the last book, Jonah appoints himself as Sophie s protector and the chemistry between the two of them is evident with every interaction they have I love the two of them Sophie is tough, but at the same time acts like a girl with vulnerability and doesn t come across as a female version of Rambo Jonah, is alpha and is true to his badge and acts like a realistic cop throughout this Ric got on my nerves a little bit, with his warnings to Jonah, as he forgot pretty fast how things went down between him and Mia After a slow start to the series, Laura Griffin delivered with book 3 and this one, and I am totally hooked on this series.

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    Snapped is Sophie and Jonah s Story We got to see these two in previous books as side characters and we did get to see a little something start to build between them in book 3 Sophie is the type of character that is beautiful and vivacious She works as the receptionist at the Delphi center, but aspires to be a singer Plans changed for her when she gets kidnapped by a serial killer in book 3 Jonah saves her in time but not before it left an impact on her When Sophie visits the university campus to sign up for some night classes, her world is turned upside down once again.Jonah is a cop who got introduced to Sophie when his partner, Ric was trying to protect Mia in book 3 He s immediately attracted to her but doesn t really look beyond that attraction The timing never seems to be right She s vulnerable after the kidnapping attempt and then she finds herself as a witness to a school shooting His protective instincts are strong with her but it does take a few attempts on her life for him to realize those instincts are than from the attraction.This was another exciting tale from Laura Griffin Once again we got to see several sides to the Delphi Center This case brings all sorts of evidence that needs testing as they race against time to find out the culprits behind the shooting I can t even name some of the job titles at this center but it sure is fascinating to read about the process of how they track and trace all the evidence brought to them As always, I m looking forward to the next book in the series

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    Song for summary Over My Head by The FrayAnother nail biting romantic suspense from Laura Griffin s Tracers The characters are dangerous, resolute, and stubborn while the plot is a lethal game of cat and mouse with a killer who will stop at nothing to catch his prey Full of action, suspense, and a deadly crossfire Snapped makes for another exhilarating addition to this series.

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    1st read 9 5 2011Re read 7 27 2015Re read 2 1 31 2017I know I say this with each of her books, but Laura Griffin just keeps getting better and better From the high octane opening chapters, where we watch Sophie Barrett duck for cover as a sniper terrorizes the quad of the university where she s gone to register for a night class, to the pulse pounding conclusion, Snapped is about as good as romantic suspense can get Sophie s relationship with San Marcos police detective Jonah Macon is complicated from the get go But there s something very real and very tender about the way they deal with one another And when it s Sophie who first theorizes that the gunman, who committed suicide right before being caught, wasn t working alone, Jonah has to put his career on the line to make his superiors see that she just might be right The mystery is a complex one and a page turner Mix that with the smoking hot romance and the result is a book that kept this reader up until the wee hours to see how it all turned out.

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    4 in the Tracers romantic suspense seriesI ve said this about all the books in this series so far but it was very exciting and I just HAD to keep reading I think I d rate this 4.5 stars, if I could, just because I really liked the characters I especially like the characters in this book Sophie is strong and hopeful, but she s still dealing with some PTSD from her dangerous situation in the previous book This time she s caught up in a campus shooting that just happened to occur when she was signing up for classes Jonah is attracted to her, but he s got a problem since she s the star witness in the shooting, and he s one of the cops investigating Jonah is sexy and protective, and he s fighting his attraction for Sophie She s constantly chafing at his rules, and he s frustrated because she just won t follow his instructions for her safety They re cute together, and their personalities blend well when they re not irritating each other We revisit some old friends from previous books and spend some time at the Delphi Center Interesting police procedural as they try to figure out the who and the why of these killings.

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    The Tracer series has been getting better and better for me, it is a good blend of suspense and romance with characters who are real, screw up, fight, make up but don t give up on life and Snapped is a very good installment and is the story I have been waiting for.The book can be read as a stand alone but Sophie and Jonah are people we have met before Sophie was nearly a victim of a serial killer and Jonah a detective saved her He has had the hots for her ever since but hasn t done anything about it.Sophie comes from a family of doctors while she herself is a receptionist at the Delphi Centre but ever since her almost murder she wants different things so is thinking of taking college courses to get a promotion at work that results in a shooting on campus where she sees people die and bleed out around her Poor Sophie I wanted her to catch a break but the hits keep coming Jonah shows up on her doorstep later for sex she presumes but leaves.There is a huge hue and cry and Jonah is on the task force for the investigation and just when the police think they have it all figured out Sophie remembers that she saw the car the killer used and he was not driving, but the kicker no one believes her though Jonah does try to investigate that on his own.But Sophie takes another route What I enjoyed was that these two clashed and fought, hell Sophie even rejected his offer of a date and at one point when Jonah tried to take over Sophie just went away which resulted in them finally falling into bed with Jonah debating over it since she is a witness They fought but they talked it out, when Jonah makes a big blunder in order to protect her, he later does apologize when he realizes that what he did brought back bad memories.I did enjoy how Jonah tried to take care of her while juggling a case that just seemed to get and complicated Sophie went through a lot, the attempts kept happening.I love the great blend of suspense and romance in the Tracer series and this one doesn t disappoint and it also introduces many characters I hope get a story especially I want Ric s FBI brother to get one.

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    Interesting plot, the h h could have been developedThe book was not bad, the action, mystery was there, but it was lacking in romance parts other than some in depth sex scenes, the sexual attractiveness does not necessitate love and this is where the romance failed for me.I find it hard to connect with the main characters and was looking for their characterisation development and disappointedly, there was no foundation for their prefessed feelings I wanted to see thoughts from the hero and heroin, as it was not explained why he fall in love with her and her with him.On a positive note, Sophie was developed and we could see some glimpse of her emotions and feelings towards Jonah, but I did not like one scene when Sophie was really scared and so the most logic thing to do was go to Jonah, as she felt safe with him, he was not there so she waited for him When he came back, he was not happy her being in his house and being first concern with his career, rather than with her Needless to say, some readers may prefer the main focus on the action rather than romance part, so it is fair to say that it deserves 3 stars for a good solid suspense, complexity of assassins motivations and interesting, believable plot full of action and mystery.

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Snapped (Tracers #4) download Snapped (Tracers #4) , read online Snapped (Tracers #4) , kindle ebook Snapped (Tracers #4) , Snapped (Tracers #4) 2dbe334ec906 Sophie Barrett Thinks She S Lucky To Be Alive She May Be Dead WrongOn A Sweltering Summer Afternoon, Sophie Barrett Walks Into A Nightmare A Sniper Has Opened Fire On A College Campus When The Carnage Is Over, Three People Plus The Shooter Are Dead And Dozens Are Injured Sophie Escapes Virtually Unscathed Yet As Details Emerge From The Investigation, She Becomes Convinced That This Wasn T The Random, Senseless Act It Appeared To Be No One Wants To Believe Her Not The Cops, Not Her Colleagues At The Delphi Center Crime Lab, And Definitely Not Jonah Macon, The Homicide Detective Who S Already Saved Her Life OnceJonah Has All Kinds Of Reasons For Hoping Sophie Is Mistaken Involving Himself With A Key Witness Could Derail An Already Messy Investigation, Not To Mention Jeopardize His Career But Sophie Is As Determined And Fearless As She Is Sexy If He Can T Resist Her, He Can At Least Swear To Protect Her Because If Sophie Is Right, She S Made Herself The Target Of A Killer Without A Conscience And The Real Terror Is Only Just Beginning