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Torn (The Missing, #4) txt Torn (The Missing, #4) , text ebook Torn (The Missing, #4) , adobe reader Torn (The Missing, #4) , chapter 2 Torn (The Missing, #4) , Torn (The Missing, #4) 479652 Still Reeling From Their Experiences In Roanoke In , Jonah And Katherine Arrive In Only Moments Before A Mutiny On Henry Hudson S Ship In The Icy Waters Of James Bay But Things Are Messed Up They Ve Lost The Real John Hudson, And They Find What Seems To Be The Fabled Northwest Passage Even Though They Are Pretty Sure That That Route Doesn T Actually Exist Will This New Version Of History Replace The Real Past Is This The End Of Time As We Know It With At Stake Than Ever Before, Jonah And Katherine Struggle To Unravel The Mysteries Of And The Hudson Passagebefore Everything They Know Is Lost

About the Author: Margaret Peterson Haddix

Margaret Peterson Haddix grew up on a farm near Washington Court House, Ohio She graduated from Miami University of Ohio with degrees in English journalism, English creative writing and history Before her first book was published, she worked as a newspaper copy editor in Fort Wayne, Indiana a newspaper reporter in Indianapolis and a community college instructor and freelance writer in Danvil

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    After a tip from the author on her facebook page, I put my name in, and I got an advanced copy of this book I was SO excited I really love this series SPOILER ALERT This book is part of a series If you have not read Found, Sent and Sabotaged, read on at your own risk Jonah and Katherine have been hurled through time yet again, and they have no idea where or when they are at first They soon discover that they are on Henry Hudson s ship, Discovery, and a mutiny is afoot Jonah must disguise himself as Hudson s son, John, and Katherine hides by becoming invisible Jonah and Katherine are thrust from one life threatening situation to another in this fast paced tale Jonah and Katherine don t know who to trust, but they do know that history has been dramatically changed In the past their missions have been to set history back on course, so that is what they set out to do once again, but they soon discover that someone is working against them Time is very near collapsing, causing the end of all things past, present, and future Will Jonah and Katherine be able to stop it I love the idea of this series Missing children stolen from the point in time before they were lost, brought to the future and raised by foster parents as modern day kids The first book, Found, is all about Jonah s discovery of who he is Just unraveling the mystery which sets up the rest of the series kept me completely enthralled Several characters go back in time to England during the War of the Roses in the second book, Sent I love this period of history, and again, I was very entertained and captivated by the story In book three, Sabotaged, the characters travel back to the site of the Roanoke colony, but another element is introduced to the series as well A villain from the future named Second, who is on a mission to make his own version of history, steps in to really complicate things The reader isn t really aware of Second or his plans until the end of book three, so things don t get really confusing until book four, which is Torn To begin with, I didn t really find Henry Hudson s search for the infamous Northwest Passage a very intriguing historical subject After all, we know he didn t find one But when I reached the end of the story, I found that Margaret Peterson Haddix had written lengthy author s notes on what is known about Henry Hudson s last voyage and the fate of the lost explorer The real mystery is actually very interesting But Haddix had so much to explain about Jonah and Katherine s story there wasn t really time to delve into Hudson s story And even if there had been time it wouldn t have mattered Jonah and Katherine enter another version of history very early on in the book because Second makes changes and sets history on a new course So Torn was lacking one of the things I love about the series, a way to learn about an actual historical event The events in Torn were mostly created by Haddix And the facts and tidbits that were true were things that I already knew I will say, however, that I think most middle grade readers could learn something of history by reading this book Younger readers have probably not read the amount of historical fiction I have or taken the advanced history classes that I have for that matter I still really enjoyed Haddix s style Her characters are very distinct and likable I ve come to know and love them, and they feel like real kids I often complain that books about middle grade kids have characters that don t act and think like middle grade kids That is not the case in The Missing series Although there are times when I question how much these kids remember about their social studies classes They must have awesome teachers at that school Ha The pacing of the story is also excellent It keeps moving at a fast clip There s never any time for the reader to get bored There s almost always some sort of action or danger afoot And I love that Haddix doesn t insult her readers by making the story too predictable So far every book in this series has kept me guessing about what will happen right up until the very end I have become a very analytical reader It s hard to surprise me, so that s really saying something This series should not be read out of order So hopefully anyone reading Torn will have already read books one through three The people reading this book are probably already fans, and if you are a fan of the Missing series, you will appreciate Torn for what it is another fast paced adventure, another chance to get to spend some time with Jonah and Katherine, and a vehicle that keeps the series moving on Yes, there are three books in this series, and I am very glad for that I just hope the next one happens in a interesting time and place I want to know what happens next, but I would also love to learn about another one of history s lesser known mysteries.

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    There s another one was the first thing that came to my mind when I stumbled upon this book at my library It has been a long time since I have read a book by Haddix, primarily because her last installment in the series was disappointing Nevertheless, I grabbed the copy and rushed home to finish the novel within a couple of hours I had hoped that Ms Haddix would blow me away as she did with her other novels such as Double Identity.I was not blown away More like a tiny little wind that had only enough power to make a pinwheel spin I am not saying it was a terrible book, it was good It just wasn t as good as it could have been Maybe I had too high expectations or perhaps I was in a fowl mood but for whatever reason, I found Torn to be boring and dull After the disappoinment from the last novel, I was in strong hopes that this fourth installment would capture my interest but it didn t.Honestly, it seems that with the increase in novels, there is a decrease in interest Then again, this novel is directed towards elementary and middle school children so perhaps my being in high school influenced my opinion on such book But I do not think it should matter because I did enjoy the first of her series.On the other side, my age did not help me understand some of the time travel smarty pants things I enjoyed that scientific part of the novel but I mainly nodded my head and pretended to understand when honestly, I had no clue what the paragraph meant It s probably just me, I did feel stupid that day.Enough of all that negativity This book did earn 3 out of 5 stars Why Because despite my disappoint, the historical facts and the plot line were not bad The character development of Jonah and Katherine was better, you can notice the book becoming mature And the suspense is all still there even if the majority of the humor is robbed.Jonah and Katherine are once again going through time and somehow end up on Henry Hudson s ship, Destiny and things are in chaos Jonah is apparently John Hudson s son and Katherine, get this, can become invisible I remember that special power, it still makes me smile at the ingenious of it This time, she really is invisible though As always, the pair go through various obstacles and challenges, all in an attempt to fix history and essentialy time With the paradoxes and all that other science things, time is threatened of being destroyed unless Jonah and Katherine can save it I learned a lot because of this book, which is a mega plus I do love history but I have never once heard of Henry Hudson I m Canadian so that might be a factor as to why I have not learned about him Well, as in all of the Missing series, Haddix cleverly incorporates history into fiction to make the novel both educational and fun image error

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    I am really enjoying this series.

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    That happened..And nobody mind me while I freak out over here because my mind is so full of plot twists and misconceptions buries head in hands moans I am so confused, and anxious Also random information I REALLY HATE SECOND HE IS MESSING UP MY MENTAL FACILITIES

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    A Social Studies teacher and I read the first 3 books in this sci fi historical fiction blended series YEARS ago, and after the third book, we were content to discontinue the series However, my student lead book club chose the first book in the series, Found, for their monthly read I was relieved that I had already read it and would not have to scramble to add it to my to read pile Win win However, 4 of my 6 students finished the book in record time, came into to library at lunch, passing periods, after school etc to speculate, rave, and wonder They were HOOKED They then started tearing through the series, and I made the mistake of telling them that I read it with the Social Studies teacher years ago, and even though they don t know him, they tracked him down to talk about the books Before you know it, they re on book 4 in less than a month and the SS teacher and I are BACK IN Unfortunately for me but wonderful for my students, there are now 8 books in this series I think I m stuck reading them all Anyway, this was a quick read compared to almost the entire series of Lunar Chronicles that I ve been devouring for two weeks, and it was only an OKAY experience I mean, it gives the reader a headache with all this time travel crap I really hate dealing with time travel paradox it s not for me , but I was compelled to finish it, although it may have been out of a sense of duty rather than the plot In short, the book was a solid 2 experience, but I m going to have to finish the series and learn a bit about some history along with the headaches Haddix s Missing Series is an absolute treasure to 7th graders who are into Dr Who and are good readers.

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    I enjoyed this book very much I highly recommend Torn because there are many twists and turns throughout the story that are unexpected Each chapter the book pulls you deeper into the story and you don t want to stop reading Jonah and his sister Katherine go back in time, following the story of explorer Henry Hudson and his son, John The book details a very dangerous voyage to find the Northwest Passage, and many things happen that you would never expect The book will have your heart pumping Like all books in the The Missing series, Torn has historical references that I find very interesting However, because Torn is part of a series, if you haven t read the other books, some things mentioned can be quite confusing My favorite character in the book by far was Jonah Jonah cared not only about himself but others as well Jonah always wanted to make sure his sister Katherine was safe I admire the fact that Jonah would go out of his way to help others in their time of need.

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    2.5 starsFor being the fourth book in the series, I don t feel like the story is terribly emotionally resonant nor cohesive Partly b c the time travel is not very well researched and the rules continue to change But Jonah and Katherine are thoroughly modern, with an outlook that fails to carry weight or depth Which in turn makes them forgettable.I have Caught, book 5, on hand, so I ll be reading that next, but I am not really excited about it, so if nothing changes with that one, I cannot see my enthusiasm for this series increasing and that means a parting of ways.

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    I really should stop reading than one book at a time, but I just can t help myself I am reading the Missing series with my ten year old grandson, it s our own private book club and these books not only offer a science fiction fantasy to the reader s repertoire, it also offers some interesting historical aspects which we have been able to discuss These books are an awesome means to get children interested in history In this book the reader travels back to the year 1611 and accompanies the crew who sail with Henry Hudson Of course it offers a look at history which has been torn, involving two separate story lines Interesting aspect, plot story line This is an awesome series for kids

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    In their other adventures, Jonah, Katherine and the missing kid have tracers, the ghostly outline of what s supposed to happen, to help steer them in the right direction.Jonah and Katherine have no contact with J.B or Second, no clue as to what to do, no idea if their actions are helping or hurting time.Jonah and Katherine quickly find themselves in 1611, stuck on a sailing vessel off the icy coast of Canada, captained by the explorer Henry Hudson.And when Second requires their help, Jonah and his sister, Katherine, don t have much choice but to comply, if they want to see J.B and their friends again, who are stranded in the year 1600.A mutiny breaks out on board, and the captain and a handful of sailors, including Jonah pretending to be John, are forced into a rowboat and left in the icy ocean to perish.Unfortunately, the siblings don t have John Hudson with them this time he just happens to have gone missing again.Henry s son, John, is one of the missing kids of time.Ever since he found out that he s part of a group of kidnapped babies snatched out of time, life has taken an adventurous turn.Captain Henry Hudson is searching for a passage to the Orient, but the crew is near starvation and talking mutiny.Jonah and Katherine struggle to figure out what choices to make.So Jonah slips on a disguise and pretends to be the cabin boy, John.Their Elucidator, a time traveler s communication and other apps tool, seems to be malfunctioning.Thirteen year old Jonah longs for a normal life again.But helping return the kids to when and where they belong, and restoring history along the way, is dangerous work.Unfortunately, a wrong choice could set time unraveling, destroying everything and everyone.

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