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    My what a middle book this middle book is There s nothing wrong with it, mind you It s just, middly We change focus from Isolfr, who was a pretty appealing character, to Vethur, who no one really liked in the first book, and Skajldwulf, who I kind of liked, and how they find comfort in each other For a few pages at least, and then it s all roadtrip.We see the problems of the third book building, how will they remake themselves, what are we going to do about the not Romans, etc I think the third book has the potential to be pretty spiffy.I think my favorite part of the book was the sworn son The jarl lost his heir to the wolfheall, so he took the most promising of his daughters and raised her as a son It is a super interesting extension of the Albanian sworn man theory She is awesome, not because she is a woman, or not entirely, but because of the way you can see all the dudes in this very dudely series parsing out what jarl woman man peer means to them.The plot, on the other hand, was sort of there was a road trip, and some bad guys, and a party at the end Read if You read and loved the first and plan to read the third You will forgive it for only have two, relatively short, wolfboy sex scenes.Skip if you are a patient person Wait until the third book comes out and read all three at once.

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    This book was a big disappointment I d been looking forward to it for awhile, and then it was just a blatant and entirely boring setup for the third book in this series And look, the middle piece of a trilogy does not have to be bad Two Towers and Empire Strikes Back are the best of their respective series But this book was disjointed and, quite frankly, boring It inexplicably did away with Isolfr s POV and introduced a handful of characters to tell the story And I didn t really care about those characters or their stories that were little than excuses for plot points I wanted this book to tell me about Isolfr and his relationship with his wolfjarls, and I didn t get anything close to that I was also baffled by the decision to apparently make Isolfr 100% straight and just pair off his wolfjarls together It would have been about a thousand times interesting to develop that story as a threesome relationship I will probably read the next book in this series, whenever it comes out, but only in the hope that the hours of my life spent reading this book weren t entirely in vain.

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    In Companion to Wolves, Bear and Monette presented a dark and grim twist on the classic fantasy trope of telepathic bonds with animals Men were forced to give up their expected lives and occupations when one of the gigantic wolves chose them, and lived instead the fierce but short lives of troll fighters In Companion to Wolves, view spoiler the troll queen was finally destroyed, which will probably eradicate trolls from Iskyrne forever hide spoiler

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    While I liked learning about the world, and what comes after the trolls, I had some big issues with this book that marred my enjoyment Number one, it definitely falls prey to middle book syndrome There was no resolution, just and problems Two, as much as I enjoyed the POV characters we get, Isolfr is not one of them And number three, and my biggie WTF is up with Vethulf, Skajldwulf, and Isolfr I get that Isolfr is uncomfortable with attraction to men, but in A Companion to Wolves, I thought it was quite clear that he was both attracted to and had feelings for Skajldwulf, at the very least, though by the end I saw him also attracted to Vethulf For crying out loud, one of the first things he says when he returns from Iskryne is lamenting how he s not as pretty any If that doesn t scream attraction, I don t know what does I was expecting this book to have him and them coming to terms with that view spoiler Instead, we get Vethulf and Skajlwulf falling for one another, despite having no interaction throughout the entire book Though I really enjoyed their first encounter after the battle oh, how I love angsty stand in sex, especially when both partners are lusting after the same stand in the rest didn t ring true for me hide spoiler

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    A pretty good read, but not as compelling as the first book The point of view changes from Isolfr to that of Vethulf and Skjaldwulf, which I was looking forward to, but I was a little disappointed in the external view of Isolfr.Plotwise the sex is a minor element in this one the wolf pack is worried that they ll become obsolete since there are no trolls to fight another parallel with Dragonriders of Pern Luckily a new enemy appears in the form of a pseudo Roman invasion force The ending paves the way for a third book, which seems to be a bit slow in coming.I continue to enjoy the human wolf interaction, and there s plenty of humor For instance, when Skjaldwulf assures a nervous farmer that the wolves won t eat his goats if they re asked not to, his wolf grumpily communicates a series of images, essentially complaining about the long list of things he s been asked not to eat.

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    Well, that was a quick and disappointing read Despite my problems with the first book, I wanted to find out what happens next, especially to Isolfr and Viradechtis.HAHA say the authors, TIME FOR LOTS OF POV CHARACTERS, NONE OF WHICH ARE ISOLFR Also, gah The plots were less developed and interesting this time, probably because there were three distinct plots going on The characterization was also worse Maybe it s because the POV swapped around too much for the authors to really get deep into anyone s head, maybe it was because they really didn t have a feel for the characters after the first book I mean, yay, so we know about the two wolfjarls and some other random people That s all to the good, buuuuut Meh The entire book just feels like a sort of middle piece of wondering how to set up and introduce the next book, and much of what happened could have been easily reduced without losing too much characterization simply through pacing of action.The one thing I really liked was seeing Isolfr through other characters eyes, because maaaaan, no one gets that he is just this shy reserved sensitive dude at all and they all think he is scary and it just makes me laugh.Also this book transferred from being fantasy to being AU history fantasy sigh.

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    3.5 stars I loved the first book in this series, A Companion to Wolves, although be warned there is some dub con sex in that one that is very disturbing to some people depending on how dubious you perceive the consent to be This book was rambling, with the main characters separated again, delaying the emotional interactions that needed to happen to bind them into a working relationship It is definitely only to be read after the first, or you will drown in the names and designations What I do love about this series is the feeling of authenticity, the realness of the details and the way the relationships between men and wolves are not all sweetness and light and do not make the wolves feel like furry people There is obviously going to be another book, as this one ends in something of a cliff hanger Given the choice, I might wait to read this until the next one is available since it feels like it is building to something and then stops short.

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    This follows directly on A Companion to Wolves, where a Viking like society soul bond with wolves to fight trolls, and occasionally have Viking sex with each other The sequel has lost a lot of the id scratching appeal of the first book, it spreads out the POVs to three secondary characters from the first book and divides the narrative as well There s an increased focus on world building which was interesting, also I appreciated the attempts to deal with finding a purpose for our wolf pack after the victories of the first book, but the result is an equal lack of focus and drive for the story itself I didn t mind seeing Isolfr from an outside perspective, especially as readers of the first book know that what comes across as coldness to others is really concealing major angsting, but the POV characters this time around weren t as appealing One of the storylines sputters out before the end and the other two feel like set ups for book three The pace picked up sufficiently by the end that I will be picking up the next book but this was a bit of a letdown.

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    Originally posted CSI Librarian 3.5 Stars What both authors gave me was well worth reading and waiting for and everything about the book was solid and well executed And yet while virtually every page had something for me to highlight, applaud, commend, and or appreciate in terms of writing or world building skills There just wasn t a lot that I could just flat out love, gush, and or rant about in a happy, gleeful way.For example, I appreciated the importance of the wolves as well as the men as individuals because I feel like that definitely made them all vivid and believeable But I didn t love or even like being relentlessly teased over and over again with the promise of the possibility of something happening between the male human characters gaining forward momentum or at least a focus Since finishing A Companion to Wolves over a year ago I had been very eager to learn what had happened with Isoflr, Skjaldwulf, and Vethulf The results were certainly interesting and very well done over all, but I found a lot of the side effects to be quite an unwelcome, disappointing surprise For one thing, Isolfr was even less likable here in the second book than he ever was in A Companion to Wolves and nothing was really even from his point of view Even when I got over the fact that the three of them were never going to have a very worthwhile relationship all together, Skjaldwulf was constantly very far away somewhere and had maybe two scenes total with Vethulf Two great scenes, mind you, but I wouldn t have minded of them Similarly, I wanted to see of whatever was going on between Brokklfr and Kari at the beginning but that too went in a very different direction than I d hoped which isn t the same thing as not liking what the authors did, but I find it extremely tragic that the one book where I would have liked something romantic to be allowed to flourish was the one book where it was never allowed to really do so I know there were hints of that or even the occasional interlude, but I didn t find that to be particularly satisfying.I also have to note that the original terms which, while interesting, were sort of jarring as they were used rather relentlessly throughout the length of this fairly short novel I already know beyond a shadow of a doubt that both authors are accomplished and skilled I already know that the world they re writing about is, quite literally, made of awesome I also know I feel quite idiotic even bringing this up but having every single page littered with original terms in addition to original names I couldn t pronounce or often tell apart in some cases gave me a headache So while this might not bother other readers, I have to admit that this aspect of the writing and world building definitely kept me from ever getting completely lost or immersed in the story.In conclusion, The Tempering of Men was quite good It was quite frustrating too, but I still think the Iskyrne series is worth checking out if only for the world Monette Bear have created I definitely think that the third book has the potential to be totally awesome given what happened in the second book and I ll be eager to revisit Iskryne once it comes out.

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    I was so looking forward to reading this I was left astounded by the intricate relationship and story telling in the first novel And having to wait the order the second novel to arrive felt unbearably long.And now I kind of feel cheated of my expectations out of this book view spoiler I was ready to continue the adventures alongside Isolf and Viradechtis Instead they only played a secondary role at best while everyone else took stage front center My attention was spread between each adventure and character so much that it was easy to break from the world and find my thoughts wandering Whereas the first book kept me hooked, totally absorbed in the world, re emerging only after finishing, The Tempering of Men was opposite spectrum It was interesting to view the world from different eyes and better understand the dynamics within the wolfheall but it clashed with my expectations and ruined the reading.I spent half the book hoping Isolf would finally take charge Instead, he was presented as hating or close enough everything having to do with the wolfheall and his responsabilities in it If it were up to him, he would just sit with Viradechtis and nothing else Sure, he shied from attention and praises but I had to remind myself of that.A second novel was bound to enrich the world and bring into play politics and relationship with other powers in the lands but again, it tugged my attention in various directions and distracted rather focused me on the story Half the characters were involved in breaking truce with a lost colony of alfar and the other half in discovering the Roman I mean Rhean threat closing in on them and urging wolfjarls, jarls and other leading figures in joining for another war.Which pretty much obliterated any romantic infusions in the story My remaining hope that I might learn of the fragile trio formed between Isolf, Skjaldwulf and Vethulf evaporated, leaving Isolf cold and aloof as his name indicated with Skjaldwulf and Vethulf happy to bond with each other instead of keeping Isolf in the group I got the feeling the author shied away from exploring that complex relationship and much rather took Isolf completely out of the equation, making the other two oh so happy and misty eye dreaming of each other The book started with the two of them sighing wistfully after Isolfr and ended with them in bed, disregarding Isolfr totally Way out of range of anything I could have imagined And very much displeasing hide spoiler

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