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The Ideal Man pdf The Ideal Man, ebook The Ideal Man, epub The Ideal Man, doc The Ideal Man, e-pub The Ideal Man, The Ideal Man 0aa62ae8907 New York Times Bestselling Author Julie Garwood Delivers A Contemporary Romance That S Pulse Pounding In Every Sense Of The Word Dr Ellie Sullivan Has Just Completed Her Residency At A Large Urban Hospital While Jogging In A Park Nearby, She Witnesses The Shooting Of An FBI Agent In Pursuit Of Wanted Criminals, A Couple Identified As The Landrys The Only Person To See The Shooter S Face, Ellie Is Suddenly At The Center Of A Criminal Investigation Agent Max Daniels Takes Over The Landry Case A No Nonsense Lawman, He S Definitely Not The Ideal Man That Ellie Has Always Imagined, Yet She S Attracted To Him In A Way She Can T Explain Ellie Heads Home To Winston Falls, South Carolina, To Attend Her Sister S Wedding Shortly After She Arrives, Though, She Receives A Surprise Visitor Max Daniels The Landrys Have Been Captured, And She Ll Be Called To Testify But They Ve Been Captured Before, And Each Time The Witnesses Are Scared Into Silence Or Disappear Before They Can Take The Stand Max Vows To Be Ellie S Shadow Until The Trial, And It Isn T Long Before Sparks Fly

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    Oh My Freaking Goodness What can I say maybe this would be a good time for a warning WARNING Hair pulling, foot stomping, red face screaming, hissy fit tirade about to commenceAre you kidding me ARE YOU STINKING KIDDING ME THIS is what happens once a talented author hits superstardom and is content knowing her adoring hordes will never leave Listen up, Janet Evonovich, Iris Johansen, Catherine Coulter and the rest They sit back and write CRAP No that s not a swear word it s the word used instead of the swear word Case in point Ellie Sullivan is written as a supposedly incredible, intelligent a prodigy in fact highly capable surgeon She is kind, compassionate yet strong, she doesn t do one night stands or casual relationships Family and commitment are very important to her Max Daniels is a one night stand only type of guy and tells her this the first night they meet Yet, that VERY SAME NIGHT and the very FIRST TIME he kisses her, she loses all self control and decides casual sex is just fine, then proceeds to tear off his clothes WHAT But wait she isn t the only one losing brain cells at an alarming rate view spoiler Her sweet sister, who just graduated from law school but finds herself jilted and pregnant without even a fare thee well from her man, does EXACTLY the same thing when the bum shows up on her doorstep a YEAR later Seriously Within minutes she s on his lap professing her love hide spoiler

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    Update 2 4 15Sofunny story While stuck at work last night for over 15 hours, with a dead smart phone and no computer access gasp oh, the horror , I decided to grab one of the cast off paperbacks that always end up in a stack in ourwe ll call it a ladies loungeEmphasis on cast off.Now, being that I normally won t read ANYTHING without first checking GR for reviews and perhaps most importantly to MAKE SURE I HAVEN T READ IT ALREADY, I took a leap of complete desperation faith and just grabbed one Because I was Just That Fucking Bored Well, color me not so surprised when about 50 pages in, I started thinking to myselfSelf, have we read this already Methinks we have, Self So fast forward to getting off work at o dark nothing last night morning What is the first thing I do when I get home Take a shower Kiss my dogs Go to sleep I say nay nay, Self We logged on to GR ASAP And LOL d over our own review of this book cause I m classy like that which yes, we have read and which yes, we loathed JUST as much the second time around But hey, at least I m consistent High five Self Original Review WTF did I just read If you don t like sarcasm and profanity, don t read this Let me preface this by saying that I LOVE Julie Garwood Her historicals are some of my all time favorite books ALL TIME, people Her recent forays into contemporary romantic suspense I use these terms loosely I will admit, have been increasinglylackluster but I read the reviews for this I saw that it was not rated highly And I went into this with super low expectations So I expected it to at least be ok, considering my SUPER LOW expectations All I can say is Holy shit, Julie Garwood, what happened Did you phone this one in Are you ill Have you lost your mojo Did someone write this and pay you to put your name on it Please tell me that s it This just plain sucked The story line was a snooze, the main couple had no chemistry, but mostly, the characters were fucking ridiculous Not only is Max a Special Agent with the FBI, he s also a lawyer, a graduate of Vanderbilt, and along with 5 of his six brothers was adopted after his own parents were tragically killed in an accident when he was 5 His older brother is a quarterback in the NFL and, in his spare time, he talks little boys down from the ledge because he has a special touch that apparently no other law enforcement officer in all of St Louis possesses.And Ellie Jesus This paragon of perfection is like fucking super woman, people She s a prodigy genius who started high school at ten years old, schooled math geniuses as a pre teen, saves choking men in restaurants, and discovers melanoma on gang bangers in police stations just whilst passing by She is also so drop dead gorgeous of course that every man present notices her unbeknownst to her, of course and was so captivating as an 11 year old that she picked up a stalker from whom she has been running her whole life And while she s not earning prestigious medical awards that haven t been given out in over a decade prior to her awesomeness, she s giving prenatal advice to wives of FBI agents via phone, and threatening doctors to give people without insurance medical aide Holy shit, someone give me the Heimlich Maneuver, because I m choking on the pretentious bullshit that is this character And what about Annie s random little side story that just got thrown in there out of the blue What the hell was that I don t know what flabbergasts me the fact that an author I love churned this crap out or the fact that I finished it.

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    3 stars Contemporary Romance Romantic Suspense Ideal Man is my first read by popular romance author Julie Garwood, which is surprising considering how many romances I ve read It s a good, not great, romantic suspense read that focuses on the character relationships, and is therefore rather light on the suspense element.Dr Ellie Sullivan is a prodigy surgeon finishing her residency in the trauma center of a major urban hospital While out running in a nearby park, she witnesses a shootout that makes her a target in need of FBI protection So it s a good thing that rugged FBI agent Max Daniels is the perfect man for the job Ellie s career is on the rise, and the last thing she wants is to be the star witness in a high profile FBI investigation, especially if it means drawing unwanted attention to herself and her family A traumatic incident in Ellie s past involving a crazed stalker has forced her to stay away from her hometown and those she loves And being sexually attracted to a rough around the edges, dominating man like Max, who s not interested in commitment and is nothing like the Ideal Man she s looking for is another complication she doesn t need Max is attracted to Ellie s beauty, intelligence, and strength as a doctor from the start and the glimpses into her caring nature intrigue him all the When he uncovers the painful events of her past, his protective instinct takes over and he s determined to keep her safe and stick by her side 24 7, even if it means posing as her boyfriend when she goes back to her South Carolina hometown for her sister s wedding Ideal Man has a very promising beginning that immediately drew me in, but it lost steam when it became of a family drama I started losing interest when the focus shifted from Max and Ellie to her relationship with her family, which is estranged because of past events involving one of her sisters and ex fianc and also the threat of her stalker I really liked Ellie s character, and it was hard to accept her transition from strong, smart, take charge surgeon to the role of family outcast and doormat The plot meandered too much, especially the scenes involving the wedding planning of her b tchy, self centered, bridezilla sister, and the drama distracted from the romance and main suspense storyline.My main criticism is that there wasn t nearly enough insight into Max s character to make him a memorable romantic hero, which is ironic and disappointing considering the book s title Ideal Man There were also a few random plot points that felt somewhat disjointed Although I enjoyed it well enough, there really isn t anything remarkable about it, and I would have liked dialogue and heat between the H H and a bit action and suspense 3 stars.I ve heard wonderful things about Julie Garwood s novels, particularly her historical romances, so I m sure this won t be the last book I ll read by this author I received this as an ARC galley, courtesy of NetGalley.com.

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    A surprisingly good romance suspense with a perfectly matched H h, the kind I love to route for Loved them both Garwood did a great job of balancing a steamy romance, honest passion, and a suspenseful storyline with plenty of twists just how I like my romance suspense books The first few paragraphs sucked me in and I never lost interest We learn quickly that Ellie is a prodigy surgeon who witnesses a crime that nearly killed a man, and Max is an FBI agent determined to keep her safe and in his bed Their attraction is honest and real, and easily the best part of the book The dialog between these two was sharp and even humorous at times, including some great teasing banter.The suspense part of the story was multi tiered, as Ellie s past issue with a stalker who tried to kill her years ago resurfaces So now Ellie and Max find themselves faced with two dangerous elements to contend with, both past and present dangers I enjoyed the clever way Max and Ellie were able to unravel the mystery aspects in order to stay safe, but if I am being honest I would say the storyline of the stalker from her past did feel a bit over the top It just left me with a lot of little questions about its plausibility Luckily, it s not a big part of the story so this issue is minor Max is a rough around the collar kind of guy, says what he means, and wants to keep his personal life simple and uncomplicated He begins the affair with Ellie believing it s to scratch an itch, but he is unprepared for the intensity of what happens between them Ellie is ready to begin a new chapter in her life, but she is smart enough to realize that falling for Max is out of the question for many reasons yet she can t resist him Overall, this a great romance suspense story with steamy passion, great characters, and clever twists And while I thought the main romance and suspense storyline was 5 star worthy, I only gave it 4 stars mostly because of the secondary plot lines with Ellie s sisters They were identical twins who are polar opposites a nice twin and a self centered twin While it worked in the context of staging and solving the mystery, the individual story lines especially the one with the good twin sister Annie were both given super speedy resolutions that didn t jive for me view spoiler I was honestly hoping that Annie s story line was a setup for another book, which I would have loved to read So I was disappointed in the quick resolution for her HEA Bummer hide spoiler

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    3.5 StarsJulie Garwood is one of my fav HR authors Some of my best reads are from this very talented writer Therefore, when I open one of her books, I m looking forward to great Unfortunately, The Ideal Man never reached that status I enjoyed this book and from the very first page I wanted of Max and Ellie s story But her magic was missing, making this very good, but not great.

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    Julie Garwood is one of my guilty pleasures I ve read almost every book she s ever written, and I ve liked em But if I m being honest, I d have to admit that I like her historical romances way better than her contemporary books But even so, I raced through the Buchanan Reynard series, and I was expecting to feel the same way about The Ideal Man Tragically, it was not meant to be After SFF and YA, romantic suspense is probably my favorite genre I love the dual tension, between the characters, and in the developing plotline I m a huge fan of authors like Nora Roberts, Sandra Brown and Linda Howard I think they do a great job balancing the hard grittiness required for crime fiction and the soft tenderness expected of romances Julie Garwood, who is used to writing silly but fun historicals, unfortunately does not manage this balancing act quite as well The Ideal Man revolves around Dr.Ellie Sullivan, a trauma surgeon who gets caught in the middle of an FBI shoot out The perpetrators escape, and Ellie is put in danger because of the possibility that she may be able to identify the crime lords behind the shooting But that s not the only danger stalking Ellie She s due to go home soon for her sister s wedding, and a childhood stalker, who is now out of confinement, may also be targeting her Her protection comes in the form of tough, sexy FBI agent, Max Daniels, but he too poses a threat to Ellie s heart Ooh, I had fun writing that last sentence Cheese, anyone The writing is typical Garwood, with lots of nodding vigorously and too good to be true moments from the heroine, who likes to state her words, rather than say them This book is eighty percent romance, ten percent silliness and ten percent suspense It s like watching Head Over Heels The thing that irritates me the most about Garwood s heroines is the unrealistic levels of self sacrificial nobility that they display Let me put this hypothetical situation before you You bring your fianc home to introduce him to your parents and sisters They day after you arrive, you go upstairs and discover your fianc and your sister in bed with each other And your parents don t say anything because they don t want to get into the middle of this girl fight They don t kick your sister and your cheating boyfriend out of the house They just let you leave, hurt and furious Would you really be willing to forgive and forget and come back to your parents house for your sister s wedding And worse, not only have your parents not supported you against your bitchy, man stealing sister, they now actually expect you to be in the wedding to show people your support for the marriage Your sister first assumes you will fall in with her wishes and be one of her attendants Then she tells you not to come to her wedding at all Then she calls and says, no, you will have to spend hideous amounts of your own money and come after all Will you just meekly fly back and be a part of this farce Apparently, Ellie Sullivan, girl genius and surgeon par excellence, being born without a spine, will The entire suspense element of the story is a joke It takes about two pages to dispose of the two men stalking Ellie, and the rest of the book is devoted to Ellie s romance with Max, her involvement in her sister s wedding and a completely unnecessary additional plotline involving her other sister, who is pregnant and in love with a missing marine.This book was just so all over the place, and unoriginal Also, badly written and completely uninteresting Even my general tolerance for Garwood s silliness was tested by the lack of depth in this book My recommendation don t bother

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    This was an enjoyable story I enjoy Ms Garwood s suspense than her historicals For a romantic suspense book however, it wasn t very suspenseful There were two completely different suspense story lines so neither one was really done justice Neither one was particularly suspenseful There was a lot going on in her relationship with her sisters and other family members The scenes with them concerning her sister s wedding seemed to slow down the story and negate any suspense that was gathering.There was this bad guy who had terrorized her her entire life The first time he shows up, they capture him and eventually shoot him Problem over Same with the second suspense plot The bad guys decide she is not a threat so they cancel the hit on her Even though the assassin decides to ignore the cancellation, he is pretty lame and gets caught.After that, there were several unnecessary chapters that felt like epilogues There was a small side story with one of her sisters being pregnant and not being able to find the Navy SEAL father to tell him And I thought aha next book But no, in the weird epilogish final chapters, she has the baby and he shows up and apologizes and they get married The side story was not developed enough to carry much weight and it was just odd that it was wrapped up at the end of the book.The book felt like it meandered a bit and the plot was not as tight as others of Ms Garwood s that I have read The characters were pleasant but not well developed The hero especially seemed a bit one dimensional The love between them happened without a lot of development The love scenes were nicely done however It was a pleasant story and kept my interest but was not, in the end, very memorable.This book was provided to me free from the publisher for review.

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    October 2017 Series Reread and Review 3.5 Stars Dr Ellie Sullivan is a child prodigy and completing her trauma surgery residency when while jogging in the park, she unwittingly witnesses a crime and saves the life of an FBI Agent who was shot during a sting operation gone wrong Max Daniel s is a FBI Agent attempting to catch a husband and wife in the arms dealing business, but, the sting goes wrong and an agent on his team is shot Now Max needs to keep Ellie safe, since witnesses against the Landry s tend to disappear On top of that Ellie has a deranged childhood stalker who brutally assaulted her twice as a young girl which had her leaving home at the age of eleven to live with others to keep her safe Now she s going home for her sisters wedding with a stalker at large and a hitman on her trail It s up to Max to keep her safe from a fanatic and get her to the trial in one piece Another great couple, storylines, and reread Narrated by Christina Traister, who does a fantastic job Originally read October 2011

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    After the Buchanan series, I ve waited for ages for another JG s suspense book And seems that I have to wait some This book was of romantic suspense genre, being 70% romance, 20% suspense and 10% about the damn wedding Ellie was a brilliant gorgeous surgeon who met Max, a brooding hot FBI agent at a shoot out near her hospital They kinda reminds me of Vishous and Doc Jane of JR Ward s book a bit Anyhoo, after the mishap, Max was assigned to protect Ellie from the bad guys So Max went to Ellie s hometown with her for her sister s wedding and things went pretty boring from there I just skimmed through the pages to get to the suspense part.Since the tittle was THE IDEAL MAN and not DEATH of THE IDEAL MAN , I shouldn t have misinterpreted the book to be of a romance adventure suspense book It really was a romance relationship book But with a book cover like that, I just couldn t help but to expect it to be about some hot FBI agent going on a shooting rampage to save the heroine But still, I had an enjoyable time reading it And would ve had even a greater time with a lesser wedding fiasco and shooting binge.

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    Blog post romance, ok suspense I loved Ellie A successful trauma surgeon, she deals with a past trauma of her own that won t let her fully live her life She s everything I enjoy about a leading heroine smart, take charge, strong She doesn t make dumb choices one of my huge pet peeves with characters and she was very enjoyable to read.Max was a nice balance to Ellie He s a FBI agent who, due to Ellie being in the wrong place at the wrong time, is protecting her from the criminals who got away The best way to describe Max is a good guy He s solid and is one of few people that gives Ellie a sense of safeness in her life.The good Ellie, the relationship between Ellie and Max is very sweet, with good build up, the first half of the book with good pacing and story progression.The not so good The last half of the book felt like it jumped around, a lot One paragraph Ellie s talking about going to a wedding, the next paragraph is a description of the wedding, the next paragraph she s back home and at her apartment Yes, it was meant to fast forward through the wedding, but the way it was written was very choppy The last few chapters read this way, like everything needed to be crammed in to get to the end It seemed that her sister Annie was being set up for the next book I had no idea when reading the book if this is the beginning of a series or a stand alone, and couldn t find any info about it I was intrigued with Annie s story and looked forward to about her Well I got it in the form of about 2 pages at the end that wrapped her story up completely Overall it s a good story, I enjoyed Ellie and Max s relationship, but the suspense was a lot of build up with very easy resolutions at the end and no real suspense.

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