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    Did the Jack the Ripper storyline really need to happen

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    I was blown away by the continual intense scenes in this Titanic series Just like in the previous book the characters are all over the ship and at the end when the ship is sinking, I m justWOAH How Please tell me You get every sort of point of view during the sinking of the ship up on top, below where the sinking first began, in the middle and so forth And a murder attempt on board on the Titanic I couldn t stop reading as Paddy tries to flee from the Titanic authorities, as Alvin, Julianna, and Sophie all try to help him and get in trouble in the process Then the end where you are so mad because you want to read and you don t know who is going to live or die.There is a little support of Woman s right in this, although most of it is humorous, in my eyes I can totally understand Julianna s feeling and I wouldn t say she was wrong No romance same as the first book and two I think swear words Talk of murder and killing not descriptive A clean read.If you don t have the third book in this series, you will seriously wish you do

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    Jake s Review Mom Jake seriously I think you should read this, its really kind of exciting.Jake Mom, you promised.Mom I know but you know what I think you should try Tell ya what give it 5 chapters and if you don t like it I will go buy you the next beast quest book.Jake Mom are you bribing me Mom Yup totally See how all this reading has made you so smart 2 Days LaterJake It s pretty scary and a little creepy but you are right, I wanted to keep reading it There was tons of action and I really liked how smart the kids were and how dumb the adults were Didn t like reading it at night though since the Jack the Ripper guy was kinda creepy Want to find out about Jack the Ripper and the Titanic disaster, can we look up some stuff on the Internet So since I finished reading it will you still buy me the Beast Quest.Mom Ok, so since you told me I was right, I will definitely buy you a new book Now go tell your father that mom was rightJake s Rating 8.5 10 just a little too scary and sad for my tastes Mom s Review This really was a fantastic read for the middle school reader Lots of thrills and chills and smart kids solving things without bumbling adults getting in the way History and moral questions thrown in such a subtle way kids won t know they are learning things This is such a treat with middle school fiction because you want to instill in kids the love of reading but at the same time teach them things and make them think Korman really has a talent here and I can see why he sells tons of books Ok guys this involves the Titanic so pretty much I am prejudice towards liking it I promised Jake I wasn t going to make him read this, but I think he will really enjoy it Don t want to give away too much but this story involves some interesting theories on the identity of Jack the Ripper and also how the disaster could have been prevented Lighttoller really comes across as a jerk which differs from some of my reading Love it, love it Can t wait to read the final part of the story.Mom s Rating 10 10We received this from Scholastic in Exchange for an honest review

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    Oh my goodness This was just as good as the first one The details are amazing I could picture everything that was going on, amongth all the activity Should I mention that horrible man doing his evil deeds as well Wow, it was all really neat, scary, and exciting all at the same time I ve got to go read the last book now because this book ended at the wrong time view spoiler Yes, the Titanic is sinking hide spoiler

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    It seems almost everyone aboard the Titanic have something to hide Now that the crew knows there is a stowaway on board Paddy is desperate for a place to hide Alfie has discovered a horrifying secret about another passenger Juliana s father finally reveals the reason she has come on this business trip with him, and Sophie wishes her suffragette mother would stop alienating the other guests In the meantime the Titanic continues on its doomed journey.The Titanic hits the iceberg is this entry, but that is practically background compared to the other action and intrigue happening In fact there s almost too many things happening in this story, the Jack the Ripper storyline is especially unnecessary Otherwise it s as fast paced as the first, and leaves the reader eager for the final installment.

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    book 2 of series as good as first.Will be in a tub with nonfiction books about Titanic

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    Part 2 in the series Better than the first, but still not convinced for the little to read Suspenseful, but I figured out the mystery before it was revealed Now to find out what happens in book 3 .

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    Seriously As an adult, this book is utterly ridiculous, but the kids love it Since they are the target audience, I suffered through this for book club I m pretty glad I don t have to read the third one The writing itself is very exciting, it s the content I m not digging view spoiler I mean, Jack the Ripper on the Titanic hide spoiler

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    Personal Response I wasn t too impressed with this book It was a lot like the last one in this triplet series There were times that I was very intrigued by it, but the majority of the book was boring details in my opinion Overall, this book is really for younger children, and it was made clear throughout the book.Plot This book is mainly about the R.M.S Titanic s journey across the Atlantic Ocean on its maiden voyage The same characters as the last book are in this one following up on their plans to take a ride on the ship to get to America.Paddy is the stowaway of the ship who is yet to be caught He also found a huge secret as he was rummaging through someone else s belongings in the cargo hold.Alfie is underage but is a steward on the ship He knows of the secret as well from his friend Paddy.Sophie is a first class rider who is the friend of Alfie, Paddy, and Juliana Paddy showed her the secret as well.Juliana is also a first class rider and is also a friend of Alfie, Paddy, and Sophie She knows of the secret from Paddy as well.The secret seemed to be just someone s scrapbook, but as Paddy looked through it, he found that it was no ordinary scrapbook It contained evidence that led him and his three friends to believe that the man who committed the White Chapel murders was riding on the Titanic Not long after that discovery, Alfie learns of a man who he stewards for who is very hateful of women That led the four friends to believe that that man, Mr Masterson, was the one who committed those murders A few days passed with the Titanic steaming toward America just as fast as it could Then one night, Sophie was looking at the ocean from the rear deck, when that accused man, Mr Masterson, crept up behind her and threw her against the railing, almost dumping her overboard He tried to strangle her, but Alfie, just walking up to the deck, heard her strangled cry and tackled Masterson just before he stabbed Sophie with an ugly knife he pulled from his coat Alfie was no match for Masterson though, and Masterson quickly had both of them against the railing at gunpoint At the same time, the watchman in the crow s nest spotted an iceberg coming right at the ship The Titanic turned a little, but the iceberg hit it broadside Luckily for the two friends, the jarring of the ice caused Masterson to fall and he was only able to knock Alfie out with his crutch before he got away The Titanic is now injured and there is a known killer on the loose What will come of the four friends Recommendation I recommend this book to young kids in 4th or 5th grade This book is for kids of that age and I think they would enjoy it It has an easy reading level and is perfectly understandable in terms of plot Male or female, I don t think it matters just that the reader has some slight interest for historical fiction.

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    I picked this book up b c I had left my other book at home and needed something to read I thought I d be able to read it while in the library with my students and bring my other book the next day, but I got immediately sucked into this story I couldn t put it down until it was finished I didn t realize when I picked it up that it was part of a trilogy or that it was the SECOND book, but neither of these two problems kept me from enjoying the book I love all the characters, and inserting Jack the Ripper as a passenger was an interesting twist in this book I had never read anything by Gordon Korman before I believe he is a master at dialogue Like most historical fiction I read, one of the biggest draws is the sprinkling of facts throughout the story, and this book doesn t disappoint on that score Of course, the fact that it ends after impact is the perfect cliffhanger to make you read the final book I didn t read the first book and probably won t at this point, but if it s anything close to this one, I wouldn t hesitate to recommend it.

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