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Visions of Cody pdf Visions of Cody, ebook Visions of Cody, epub Visions of Cody, doc Visions of Cody, e-pub Visions of Cody, Visions of Cody 5905f79512f Visions Of Cody Is A Novel By Jack Kerouac, Perhaps His Most Stylistically Free And Varied It Was Written In , And Though Not Published In Its Entirety Until , It Had By Then Achieved An Underground ReputationLike Nearly All Of Kerouac S Works, Visions Of Cody Involves A Mythologizing Of His Life, Here As Jack Duluoz , Renaming Characters And Imposing Grander Themes On Actual Events While Rapturously Describing The Mundane Around Him It Is Also Heavily Focused On His Perception Of And Relationship To Neal Cassady, Renamed Cody Pomeray

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    What can I say As much as I love Kerouac for all that he has meant for literature and counter culture, this book was too experimental for me to enjoy And I love experimentation It helps keep literature fresh, interesting, and evolving Even so, I thought that The Visions of Cody needed structurebecause there was practically none There was no story No narrative No plot No development of character It wasn t about ANYTHING.The first section felt like a collection of unrelated creative writing exercises What do you see right now Describe it That type of exercise So we get descriptions of city streets, strangers, cafes, diners, brick buildings, and glowing neon signs This is the stuff that inspires Kerouac in its raw form But great artists take that raw material and shape it into something tangible This is where craft comes in The ability to perfect one s craft is what separates the good artists from the bad ones.Then we get a 150 pg transcript of a series of conversations between Jack, Neal, and friends It didn t bother me that they were drunk, stoned, and high on benzies It bothered me that they were incoherent ramblings It was impossible to follow without references There was no context other than the little the reader knows about their lives I thought it was a cool idea, but I found it very frustrating instead The most I could get out of it is that they were getting fucked up talking about old times when they were getting fucked up Following this is an imitation of the tape which was even confusing and incoherent Truthfully, by this point I had lost patience, skimmed through the rest, and gave up Besides the incoherent ranting and disjointed musings, I found myself reacting to Jack and Neal s reckless lifestyle mainly the drug abuse I lost some of the romanticism that I attributed to the beats Jack died of alcoholism in his 40 s Neal died in his 40 s as well, most likely because of drugs I read a quote in which Neal was giving advice to a 19 year old kid Twenty years of fast living there s just not much left, and my kids are all screwed up Don t do what I have done As I find myself growing older and maturing the concept of BALANCE is becoming extremely important to me Listen, I think it s healthy to experiment with drugs and open new doors of perception, to live life passionately and intensely, to question authority and reject many of the social norms in our society that seem to trap people and suffocate their spirit But once you get to a certain level of awareness, you cannot evolve further doing the same shit all the time Sooner or later, that behavior becomes self destructive, and it s important to find healthy alternatives to continue to evolve mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

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    This was one of the hardest books for me to rate Jack Kerouac was one of the most magnificent prose writers that is something I firmly believe I also believe that some of the best examples of his prolific, dynamic prose can be found in Visions of Cody The reason for my three star rating is simply the long winded passages connecting those incredible sections of prose If you want Jack Kerouac in all his glory, read this book But he makes you work for those moments of magic and there are many, many passages in this novel that I think it would work perfectly well without But by the time I reached the end, the last few pages had me in bits Not only were the descriptions so vivid and tangible, but the raw emotion pounded out of those pages One of the most interesting relationships that came out of the Beat Generation was that of Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassady, and this book goes a long way to explore Jack s feelings for Neal.

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    Read this book after you ve notched several of his earlier published titles for a better fix on Kerouac s venture into experimental collage type fiction The book assembles writings fragments, recordings of dialogue, and fused bits pieces from musings and reworkings of material old new It s also and foremost a paean to his Sundance Kid sidekick in kicks Neal Cassidy who together they ride roughshod headlong into the wilds of town and city America as well as old Mexico The boppy prose bounces down the sadsack roads in jalopy drug fueled adventures, the same as On The Road but even rickety and deeper into allusions and the awakening to sorrowful joys of existence Go

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    When Jack Kerouac typed out On The Road it was on an endless scroll of paper, as if to indicate that he was writing on an endless path of paper about being on the road It was a wild concept, but the result was a somewhat structured work about wanderlust and all its wonders Visions of Cody fulfills the endless scroll concept, and as indicated by many reviews here the effect is somewhat taxing.But it really isn t I don t believe Kerouac wanted Visions of Cody to be read page by page and cover to cover I think as if hitching a ride form one town to another the reader is recommended to pick up the book, read a few pages, put it down, and start back up again a few days later, bit by bit Unorthodox, but this isn t a narrative novel There s a lot of free associating here, and stronger readers will hang in there I really liked the almost pop art descriptions of roadside diners with their cheap tin frames and food smells and the colors of the menus The exhaustive details he gives the newsstands and bars of Manhattan have a Rosenquist Rauschenberg style cartoon collage effect You can almost breathe in this book His recollections of Cody could be any generic American boy there s a great universality in every sentence Visions of Cody is the kind of work that sets him alongside Whitman and his hero, Jack London.

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    this book is a lyrical trip.if you re afraid of getting in too deep, don t bother trying.too many adjectives or clauses, but really, that s just the point.pass the tea already.

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    Wow Complex, dreamlike, sometimes boring, always challenging Only for those with a strong interest in Kerouac s scene and a familiarity with the outlines of The Great Rememberer s world I found it compelling, as a whole, though tedious on the micro level One of the most honest and powerful attempts to describe and understand male friendship, in a world and at a time when such things were beyond the pale, at least for American men Kerouac is the taking up the mantle of Walt Whitman here, and singing his song of love in a new century.

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    Sixteen years after I read On the Road, I tried Visions of Cody, partly because I had embarked on a road trip around the Eastern Seaboard, and partly because I wanted to give Kerouac another chance On the Road had been a formative, nearly biblical experience for me, but when I read Dharma Bums earlier this year, I found it a little childish I was afraid that I had completely outgrown the Beats, the way a kid no longer finds amusement in an Etch a Sketch.But Visions of Cody was a great surprise Not only were these B side reflections raw and beautiful, diary than chronicle, but they also mirrored many of my own movements He briefly passes through Pittsburgh, the beloved city I just left He spends time in New York, a section I read at the very time I was hosteling in the Bowery He jets through Boston, just as I was in Boston When I read passages on trains or buses, I was also on trains or buses Some of the language is so thickly eloquent, I started to believe that this was some of his finest prose on the books The story is particularly watery, and there is no philosophic backdrop, and in a way, I found these omissions relieving.

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    This wild, vertically narrated novel has got some of Kerouac s absolute finest writing, simple, straight, and hugely compassionate It is also host to some of his worst writing, pages upon pages of drug addled sketches, a long transcription of a tape made while Jack and Cody was HI, and then an imitation of said tape that goes off the deep end, Kerouac jerking off his typewriter.Thing is tho, this all builds a complex and abstract can the novel be simple and abstract I dunno picture of the American Man, Cody Pomeray also allows Kerouac to brood upon the America of dusty lonesome roads and jazz he adored Kerouac had one hell of a fertile artistic mind, and in Visions of Cody he throws it up onto the page, and it works If that sounds unpleasant, this may not be the Kerouac for you However, as a portrait of an artist just blowing and creating, riffing upon America and friendship, it s unparalleled The tape transcription runs thusly JACK Cody where is that roach man CODY Jack Jack Jack wait listen just hold on, listen, to this guy blow on this piece here it is wild he just pulls it out of his soul, JACK inhales now I need me wineCODY intense long story about how he met so and so, how he boned so and so, or the first time he did speed Good stuff

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    Of all Kerouacs great novels, ON THE ROAD, THE SUBTERRANEANS, THE DHARMA BUMSthe level of quality of the prose in this one is consistently amazing It is a dense, melancholy novel that flashes between a stark, lonely New York with forlorn ambitions and a sort of jazzy, but haunted hobo Denverso many great moments throughout and the last 100 pages of the book read like an amazing prose poem For all Denverites it is a MUST becuase its in this novel Jack really pays homage to Neal Cassady s hometown in all its Cow Town glory with billiard halls, pick up football games, dirty barber shops, bakc alleys, dry hot summer days and boyos cruising and on the make on that great spectacle of an American Saturday night I enjoyed the hell out of this one after having not read Kerouac for a long time and it was like a late night whiskified visit from an old friend

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