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    THE REVIEWWhy this book I was always fascinated by the TitanicWhat I thoughtThis was a nice little book there wasn t much Titanic action but we get to meet an interesting bunch of characters I loved how each character was different from the last and they had interesting stories to tell I m not usually a big fan of historical fiction but it was cool to see them interact with the big names on the Titanic and know those people were actually there and lived it I guess that s the point of historical fiction but like I said I don t read it alot With that said I thought this was good little read

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    OH MY LAND, I CANNOT BELIEVE HOW GOOD THIS WAS.From my previous experience with Gordon Korman s books, I was expecting, at the most, a rating of 4 or 4.5 stars BUT THIS His switch to historical fiction is refreshing, and he s hit the nail on the head with all his research and the vivid characters and twists This isn t your average story about the individual people aboard the Titanic and how they led separate lives aboard the ship on her maiden voyage just before their demises This is a story about four lives and a few if you want to count the people they come into contact with, including J Bruce Ismay, Captain E J Smith, and Thomas Andrews, all big names concerning the RMS Titanic that become intertwined through circumstances that they would have never dreamed of All because they boarded the Titanic on purpose or otherwise, as in Paddy s case.I was going to rate it 4.5 stars because I thought something happened at the beginning of the book, and it made me really sad that Mr Korman had to throw that in there view spoiler BUT IT DIDN T HAPPEN, DANIEL IS STILL ALIVE That made me SUPER happy Now, if Mr Korman keeps Paddy from dying whilst the Titanic sinks in the last book and gets him safely back to Belfast, I ll probably rate the whole trilogy 5 stars Oh, and he needs to keep all his main characters alive as well Alfie, Juliana, and Sophie hide spoiler

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    A fun group of characters set aboard the Titanic and enter a great floating world Suspense and intrigue meets them at every turnI read this so fast It was simple to understand and so full of fun facts.I love everything about the Titanic ship and seriously the author has painted it so realistic It made me want to hop aboard and explore and jump off before it sunk Okay, I ve read books surrounding the Titanic Fictional books just like this one and it always, always focuses on the first class I love how this one focused on stewards and those sort of people And seriously, racing all over a ship while a gangster is after you I cracked up over Amelia Bronson Her poor daughter Seriously I love how the author painted Amelia in a comical light, because that is certainly how she appears to me Juliana s, Paddy, and Alfie are the other three main characters who come connected in the story There were a couple uses of devil , one time God s name was used in vain, and one swear word at the end It is what people would call a clean fiction, with several reverent mentions of God and prayer I wouldn t consider it Christian, though.So excited to continue reading this series now that I have all three

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    Jake s Review Mom s note Jake hates books on the Titanic, he only read this one because Gordon Korman wrote it I really did not like this book because there was way too much talking and it was kinda scary with all the gangster guys.There was way too much detail and I was bored a lot I think he should have just made 1 story and not three, it would have been much exciting A couple of pictures would have been nice too I think the language is too difficult for someone my age Mom will love it though, she likes anything to do with the Titanic.Jake s Rating 1 10Mom s Review Extremely well written introduction to the Titanic tragedy and the lives of the young during the early 1900 s for the middle school set Lots of mystery and intrigue that will keep those in grades 4 5 interested, while at the same time teaching them a bit of history The little buggers won t even realize they are being taught history as well as some moral lessons And of course it s about the Titanic which is one of my interests I highly recommend this as a book for middle school libraries, even better as required reading for a classroom library Also a must have for all public libraries As you can probably tell already I really enjoyed this oneMom s Rating 9 10We received this book in exchange for an honest review, and you can really tell ya we gave you an honest opinion from Jake s Review Sorry Gordon, the boy does not like the Titanic

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    In this first book of a three part series, the author chooses to follow four teenage characters in a clever, fast paced fictional retelling of the famous sea disaster There s Paddy, a poor boy in Belfast, who lives a hard scrabble street life picking pockets, Alfie, who lies about his age to sign on for a job as a steward, Sophie, whose mother is an embarrassingly aggressive suffragette, and Juliana, who is traveling with her gambling addicted father, the Earl of Glanford In this book we meet the characters as Paddy becomes a stowaway, the Titanic sets off for the voyage to America, and he is befriended by the other teens.

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    Okay, this is my second attempt to write this review The first time, I had finished it, was about to save it and the internet turned off And deleted my whole review in the process bangs head on the desk in front of me WHY Anyway.Wow That was incredible The Characters First, there was quite a lot of characters in this book, so I ll just mention the main ones Paddy and Daniel loved them even though they lived on the streets and were professional stealers They had such funny personalities that were totally different from each other But they were best friends 3 view spoiler It was rather humorous when Paddy thought Daniel had died, and then Daniel thought the same thing about Paddy, and it ended up that neither one had died hide spoiler

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    I cannot wait to read the next book Unsinkable is a historical fiction novel aimed for readers 12 and above Korman introduces four very different characters aboard the Titanic and describes their lives The book is written with great detail which I love It easy to picture the images, people, and settings described I have always been very interested in the Titanic story and this book really fed my reading appetite After discussing lives and setting up a great plot, the warning of ice was delivered to the captain and he stuck it in his pocket without reading it Ugh, I hate being left like that, but I love to anticipate how the story will unfold Unsinkable is appealing to young readers because it is an amazing, unbelievable true story When I first heard of Titanic, via the movie, I was 12 and extremely intrigued in the story I always wanted to know and it is exciting to hear different life stories about passengers This is a great story to reference history to instruct children.

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    This book was AMAZING I loved it During the whole book I just kept thinking to myself what s gonna happen next, and you d just be on you re toes the whole time So far I ve only read the first one because my language arts teacher had let me borrow it So I can t wait to borrow the 2nd and 3rd one I would HIGHLY recommend this book to any age big or small, anybody or any person can read it

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    Very engaging and enthralling I love everything Titanic, and this middle grade book is just fantastic I love the writing, and it is very page turning I look forward to the next 2 books in the series.

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    I ve never been much of a reader but when I started reading Titanic Unsinkable, I m starting to read At the beginning I wasn t sure whether I would like the book or not but as it progressed I started to enjoy it This is only the first book out of three and there was a lot of suspense in this one The main characters in this one are Paddy Burns, Alfie Huggins, Juliana Glamm, and Sophie Bronson Paddy is an accidental stowaway Paddy is from the mean streets of Belfast, England hiding from some big and scary gangsters who are after him Sophie and her mom are delivered to the ship after being arrested for something women had been wanting for a long time Juliana is the daughter of the Earl of Glamford Juliana is embarrassed and maybe a little ashamed by her dad He is often drunk and likes to use his money to Gamble Alfie is a kid who lied about his actual age so he could work on the Titanic These four don t know each other very well but as the story goes on they end up helping each other through a series of events aboard the Titanic This book ends in a cliffhanger and it makes me want to read the second and third books as soon as I can Right now the suspense is killing me and I need to get my hands on those books I may only be on the first book of the series but I seriously recommend reading these books.

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Unsinkable (Titanic, #1) summary pdf Unsinkable (Titanic, #1) , summary chapter 2 Unsinkable (Titanic, #1) , sparknotes Unsinkable (Titanic, #1) , Unsinkable (Titanic, #1) dd3e072 The Ultimate Action Adventure Trilogy Begins, With Bestselling Author Gordon Korman Plunging Readers Into The Heart Of The Titanic The Titanic Is Meant To Be Unsinkable, But As It Begins Its Maiden Voyage, There S Plenty Of Danger Waiting For Four Of Its Young Passengers Paddy Is A Stowaway, Escaping A Deadly Past Sophie S Mother Is Delivered To The Ship By Police After She And Sophie Have Been Arrested Juliana S Father Is An Eccentric Whose Riches Can Barely Hide His Madness And Alfie Is Hiding A Secret That Could Get Him Kicked Off The Ship Immediately The Lives Of These Four Passengers Will Be Forever Linked With The Fate Of Titanic And The Farther They Get From Shore, The The Danger Looms

  • Paperback
  • 170 pages
  • Unsinkable (Titanic, #1)
  • Gordon Korman
  • English
  • 23 May 2019
  • 9780545123310

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The Sixth Grade Nickname Game , wherein Mr Huge was based on that 7th grade teacher.Korman moved to New York City, where he studied film and film writing While in New York, he met his future wife live in Long Island with their three children.He has published than 50 books.