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  • Paperback
  • 193 pages
  • Ghosts of the Titanic
  • Julie Lawson
  • English
  • 15 August 2019
  • 9781443100410

10 thoughts on “Ghosts of the Titanic

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    Jake s Review DNF Too scary for me BTW, Mom you really have a weird fascination for that ship Guys my Mom got me a Titanic model and she used to sing me the Titanic song all the time and wonders why I don t like swimming And FYI don t ever get her started on that travesty of an animated movie where all the Titanic passengers are saved she won t shut up for hours about that Jake s Rating N AMom s Review I should have known better than to try and give Jake a ghost story to review, but Mommy likes stories about the Titanic and wanted to get her boy interested too I did read some chapters to him that didn t have to do with Ghosts and he was interested, so I will be keeping this for him for the future So if anyone has some suggestions on how I can get my 9 yr old to be less scared of things, I would be very interested and maybe willing to give out books to those with some helpful suggestions Anyways, back to the review I really enjoyed this one no shock as I adore pretty much anything to do with the Titanic and would recommend it as a great book for a classroom or school library I think it would be a great opener for teachers or teacher librarians to discuss quite a few topics in relation to the Titanic disaster The book is obviously well researched and written in a way where kids I think will become interested in finding out about the tragedy The storyline itself is interesting even if you have no real interest in the Titanic disaster itself The relationship between Kevin and his family is very realistic and will appeal to kids who just don t know where they fit it That being said I really disliked Kevin s dad and thought he was a big dufus not quite the word I would normally use but I like to be a little less colourful when reviewing books that are meant for middle school kids Also as a Canadian I love the fact that it is set in Canada and mentions quite a few Canadian facts and history Also there is some information about the 1917 Halifax explosion which is something I know very little about well except for what I learned from the Historica Minute spots from TV Mom s Rating 8.5 10We received this from Scholastic in exchange for an honest review

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    When Kevin s dad inherits property in Nova Scotia, the family spends some vacation time there and Kevin encounters something unexpected a ghost the same one that haunted his relative who lived in the house before Kevin really gets into researching the history surrounding the Titanic I liked how it showed that kids can have fun doing doing projects like that After I finished reading the book, I was all interested in the topic, fully ready to go read something else on the tragic sinking and the people it affected.Yes, there is a ghost in the story I wasn t put off by this element, although some might be The spookiest part is the very first thing you read in the prologue After that, a woman s ghost haunts Kevin by pestering him with questions that don t let her soul rest, questions about who survived or didn t in 1912 at the sinking of the Titanic Cons The one thing I truly disliked about the book is how many times that the Lord s name is taken in vain it s numerous times in every chapter This is the main reason why I can t happily recommend this book to my friends.Also, just to get my say in I personally wouldn t have named this book Ghosts of the Titanic Technically, there s only one ghost, and secondly, it s a very generic title Oh, well.

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    Kevin is a bit of a prankster and joker, not taking life very seriously He feels like he s living in the shadow of his father s soccer legacy, and the feeling of being compared to him and following in his shoes It also doesn t help that his older sister seems to be a natural at playing soccer as well Now his family is going away for the summer to a property that they inherited and his parents don t even know who it is that owned the place He is not too happy about the situation, when all he wants to do is relax and hang out with his friends and enjoy the summer.While Kevin s family is getting the house cleaned up and organized, he starts to hear a ghost calling to him and he is unable to rest because of the disturbance His family doesn t believe him when he says he is hearing a ghost This really takes a toll on him so that he is even so not enjoying the time here in this strange place He is taken on a life changing adventure I liked how everything turned out.

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    Kevin Messenger is a disappointment He knows this because his father reminds him of it every day But Kevin is not interested in soccer like his Dad is, and Kevin is not as compliant a student as his older sister, Courtney Only his mother cuts him a break and that s because she s being nice But everything changes when Dad gets a mysterious letter from the estate of Angus Seaton, informing him he s inherited a seaside house near Halifax Determined to show his father how useful he is by solving the mystery of his inheritance, Kevin learns that Angus Seaton was part of a crew that recovered the dead after the sinking of the Titanic But as Kevin digs deeper into the connection between his father and Angus Seaton, a persistent ghost from the Titanic pushes Kevin to the edge of madness I read Ghosts of the Titanic in one sitting because I couldn t put it down It s that good Lawson weaves Angus s story into Kevin s story, revealing Angus s secrets bit by bit and building the suspense to the moment when Kevin understands what happened to Angus and sets about making things right.

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    it was really good but she took to long in the beggining with the intro

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    Ghosts of the Titanic by Julie Lawson, is an interesting and suspenseful book to read It is about a 12 year old boy in seventh grade, named Kevin Messenger and his investigations when his father inherits a property in Halifax, Canada from a stranger named Angus Seaton The story moves between the tale of Angus Seaton who worked as a crew member on a boat to recover bodies from the wreckage of the titanic in 1912 and Kevin Messenger, a troublemaker in school living in British Columbia, who is deeply interested in the historical wreckage of the Titanic On April 21st, 1912, the crew of Angus ship, began to remove the bodies floating on the freezing water, where the Titanic sank While Angus Seaton was removing the body of a woman, he took her purse and kept it unintentionally Years later, Angus then investigated the purse which contained photographs of the woman and her baby Subsequently the woman s ghost came looking for her child and repeatedly asked him questions about her son Michael After bearing the questions for a while, Angus gets driven into madness and then eventually dies Many years later, Kevin decides to live in Angus house He then mysteriously finds the purse and gets tormented by the ghost by being asked the same questions which were asked to late Angus Seaton The woman s ghost takes Kevin back into time of the night when the titanic sank, for him to either solve the mystery of where her missing child Michael is or suffer to death by madness.One event I found interesting was when Kevin gets sent back into time to solve the mystery of the woman s missing child This creates an anxious feeling for the reader, as Kevin is unknown of what happened in the past And, the part of Angus Seaton s encounter with the ghost and how he took the purse The other would be Kevin could either die by madness or solve the mystery and be free from the ghost s torment This is very interesting as it brings a certain part of horror in the combined with a modern twist and connects a historical event An idea part of the text which was significant was the inclusion of Titanic as the topic of learning at Kevin s school The theme of the Titanic was set near the start of the book when Kevin is at school In every subject, they studied about the Titanic and how it sunk and why it sunk, etc This creates a major significance in the book as it revolves around the Titanic and its wreckage Also, Kevin is sent back in time to witness how the Titanic really sunk and notices the dead bodies, what a disaster it was This part made me think about the experience of really being in the Titanic when it sunk and how only a few made it out of the disaster alive I recommend this book for most audience, but mainly for those who are interested in horror and history.

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    Let me just say, I read this book when I was maybe eleven I do not remember much about the book, but I do remember being scared afterwards I don t think I slept the night after I finished it This is not a book for me, but if I read later I might be less haunted Keep in mind that a tween me pulled this off the library shelf thinking it was going to be educational only to be scared instead.

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    Ghosts of the titanic is a very good book but it is slow in the first pages but I would definitely recommend it.

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    Ghosts of the Titanic by Julie LawsonThere are many stories about the Titanic and its survivors There s hardly ever been any stories about how the bodies of those passengers who had died were retrieved from the icy cold waters of the Atlantic Two weeks after the Titanic had sunk, seventeen year old Angus Seaton takes a job hauling the dead bodies of those that did not survive the Titanic One of the bodies was that of a young woman who had a purse with a locket inside fell out of her body Angus meant to hand it over to his reporting officer, but other orders were issued to him of vital importantance, thus forgetting about that piece of information on the identity of that young woman Forward a hundred years in present day, Kevin Messenger is a mischievous twelve year old boy His father came upon some luck by inheriting an old mansion by the lake It was deeded to Kevin s grandfather many years ago by Angus Seaton What is the connection between Angus Seaton and the Messengers What mystery do they uncover

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    When Kevin finds out that he has to travel to Halifax from British Columbia because his father has inherited a house from Angus Seaton, he is not happy and starts to act up in school When his class is preparing to visit a Titanic exhibition, he gets in trouble for singing the Titanic song Seaton turns out to be a crewman on the Mackay Bennet and helped retrieve bodies after the ship went down, helping to identify the bodies before giving them a burial at sea Chapters then alternate between Seaton and Kevin Seaton went slightly mad, and Kevin is also haunted by the ghost of Annie, who claims that something was stolen from her young son, Michael Kevin travels back in time and tries to save Annie, but is only successful in saving Michael What is the family connection, and why did Annie haunt both Kevin and Angus Strengths The information about the retrieval of the bodies is something that I have not read, and credit has to be given to Lawson for acknowledging that awful song Weaknesses Kevin is not a likeable character, and the haunting is slightly far fetched.

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