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All You Desire (The Eternal Ones, #2) summary All You Desire (The Eternal Ones, #2) , series All You Desire (The Eternal Ones, #2) , book All You Desire (The Eternal Ones, #2) , pdf All You Desire (The Eternal Ones, #2) , All You Desire (The Eternal Ones, #2) 5c4d0f0ecd TemptationTreacheryPassion Haven Moore Fled To Rome A Year Ago, Leaving Behind The Ouroboros Society And Its Diabolical Leader, Adam Rosier Now She S Back In New York City With Her Beloved Iain But Iain S Supposed To Be Dead And If They Blow His Cover, Adam Won T Give Them Any Second Chances Meanwhile, Beau Decker Is Missing His Life Rests In Haven S Hands The Horae, A Group Of Mystical Sisters, Hold The Key To Beau S Fate They Want To Lock Adam Away Forever, And Haven Is His Only Weakness To Save Beau, Haven Must Seduce Adam And Lure Him Into The Horae S Lair But Adam Rosier Has Always Had A Funny Way Of Seducing Her And The Closer Haven Gets To Her Enemy, The She Succumbs To His Spell Beau S Life Hangs In The Balance But This Time, Haven Can T Even Trust Herself Every Decision She Makes Will Shape Her Destiny How Far Will She Go For The People She Loves

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    I love this book Epic love story And yes, I used the words epic and love as in I lovedlovedloved this novel of epic proportions And I haven t even read the first in the series All You Can Desire is a fantastic book with plenty of romance, mystery and suspense to keep you reading.After going through my whole dystopian craze, I felt I needed a romance and some actual I love you romance, not the we re gonna die in this society so lets break free kinda romance And of course, intead of opting for a book by Sarah Dessan, I read this one And was thankfully pleased Let s get onto the review, shall we The CoverDon t judge a book by its cover Usually true but not this time The cover was exactly what I felt about this book, beautiful and mysterious I loved the blue red white colour scheme and I now understand the serphant wrapping around the main character, Hazel, portrait And the girl on the cover was so pretty and everything I envisioned Haven to be It was prettyEnough of that, lets get onto the actual writing CharactersI really loved Haven, most likely because I could see myself in her And no, I do not have frequent visions of my past lifes and a super hot but dead boyfriend Nor do I be so exceptionally desirable that I make even a drop dead gorgeous Adam and befriend and equally pretty boy best friend Nay, I am not like her in any of those ways But the way she responds to different situations just makes me like her because she seems so realistic When faced between 2 boys, she doesn t lead both on, she actually decides Yay, for strong female characters Ian, the dead but amazingly gorgeous boyfriend was greatly devloped He obiviously cares strongly for Haven and his love for her never fades He can remember the most about his past lives and I found his character so enthralling and just brought me into loving him and Haven together Just, my idea of an ideal boyfriend let s ignore the fact that he s supposed to be dead Sigh , okay, he is faking his death And maybe a supposdly dead and wanted guy shouldn t be parading around New York like he owns the place but that bit of stupidity makes his character real because no one is perfect.This was Ian Gorgeous, loving, sweet deadAnd then there is Adam The other guy The one who can potentially ruin Ian and Haven s relationship Yes, I love this guy Sorry Ian, I loved you too, but there is just something about that slightly evil bad boy type character that makes me go awww I wanted Hazel to choose him kinda because he did seem kinda stalkerish but it was out of love And they were married once, in another life He never gave up on her 3 Plus, he is the mastermind of the OPT and is very powerful He could Haven all she desires This was Adam Mind blowing hotness, evil, stalkerish can give all she desiresAs for the rest of the characters, very nicely devoloped and with great personality and stories Loved them StoryI really loved the plot and the ideas in this story Having not read the first book, I expected to be confused multiple times I was not The author incorporated things that happened in the past book wonderfully so I could get a feel for the atmoshere and tone of the story It was perfect The foreshadowing was great, I really enjoyed the different twists and turns and overall, I just felt happy at the end of the book because I was satasfied with the plot That doesn t mean I m not dying to know what will happen next The idea of rebirth and reincarnation was interesting and being a person that does not believe in that, I actually enjoyed it It made the love stories complex and real and since that was the major theme in the book, it was developed quite well Oh, and did I mention that the suspense in the book killed me I liked the fast pace of the plot but the suspense was what really got me.WritingHonestly, the writing in this novel made me go like this Because yes, I did love it but what I loved was how it made me want to proclaim my love for young adult novels It was written quite well, fantastic descriptions and dialogue that always seemed natural Her way to foreshadow things was superb and then I could go yup, I should have saw that one coming Kudos to Kirsten Miller RomanceBeautifully devloped and amazing character development I loved the romance even if I don t like love triangles After reading a horrible love triangle Possession by Elana Johnson GRRRR , I was so dismayed after hearing another male love interest I mean, I fell in love with Ian and his love for Haven He took her to Rome and then Florence and told her tales of their past life and his past but stil remaining love for her He is hot, like I m gonna dump my boyfriend and forget about all other guys kinda hot But he s dead Or at least, he is supposed to be dead And if anyone knows of his existance, he puts his and Haven s life in danger Here comes Adam, the exact person who wants Haven because he loves her When I first read about him, I was like and then I read and actually started to like Adam He s evil, I know He wants to break up Haven and Ian, not to mention kill Ian I know But he is just so misunderstood and in love with Haven that I kinda wanted her to pick him And apart of her did want Adam too, after all, she did marry him in a previous life And he can t forget her, he needs to have her He can give Haven all she desires view spoiler plus, what kind of guy sacrifices everything for a girl if it isn t love hide spoiler

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    C mo puede desesperarme tanto una protagonista que lo tiene todo Esa es la pregunta despu s de acabar el libro Esa ni a tonta se f a de todo el mundo menos de las dos personas que la aman por encima de todo Dudar de Iain es un pecado Ese hombre la ha buscado por cada vida durante toda la eternidad y la quiere m s que a si mismo Y Adam pobre No s qu es realmente, no s si es el demonio o una especie de Dios de la muerte y la destrucci n y la verdad es que no me importa porque, con este libro, l tambi n me ha robado el coraz n Me encantan los dos, son personajes diferentes, pero con una fuerza interior que te llega al alma Pero la tonta de Haven Se f a de Phoebe porque s , se junta con Alex y el tonto de su amigo el actor Lo mejor de ese grupito Owen El principio fue un poco lento para mi gusto pero con ese final alucinante se arregl todo d nde estar Adam Da igual, as seguro que regresa porque amo a Iain y a Adam, eso me convierte en mala Es como amar el fr o y el calor, y eso no es nada malo no

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    Okay, so I loved this book I have to admit that while I liked the first one, I only bought this one because it was 50% off I am so glad I did This was a very fulfilling sequel It s just that everything Kristen Miller had left me wanting for at the end of book one is exactly what she delivered with this one Usually an author promises so much exciting stuff and rarely am I as satisfied as I was this time And on top of that, my one hang up with the first book, which was my dislike of the main heart throb, Iain, was fixed in this book He s still the same guy, but somehow the situation is different and I was able to see past my frustrations with him I liked him a LOT better this time around SO problem solved and hopes lived up to And the best part A totally resolved ENDING That right I said it has an ENDING Let s all shout for joy takes a short break to do a happy dance to have discovered an author who knows how to finish a novel and not just stop writing I was so relieved you have no idea Don t get me wrong, it leaves a few things set up for the next book, but the story told in this book is resolved She doesn t just leave you hanging and expect you to wait for a year to get the next chapter Not that I am not salivating over the next installment of Firelight, or Nightshade, or Kelley Armstrong s The Gathering, or a million other ending less books but seriously people Endings are not overrated I m just saying.

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    As with any sequel to a book I loved, I was equal parts nervous and excited to start this installment I think it is safe to say that this book met my expectations and I may even like it than the first As with the plot of the first book, All You Desire, is filled with twists and turns that leave you excited and alert, but also slightly confused and I say that in the best way possible So I m not going to say too much about the plot I will say that I was impressed with the plot of this installment To me, The Eternal Ones seemed like it could have easily been a stand alone My fear with books like those is that the sequel will be unneeded and disappointing This book was anything but I was happily surprised by the fast paced plot and intriguing new characters So in the first book, Haven sort of annoyed me at times I got over it though, because I loved the book overall I have to say though, she got so much better in this book Maybe it was because I didn t really agree with all her choices in the first book, but I did so in this book I was really happy with her development throughout these two books So overall, a fantastic sequel If you loved The Eternal Ones, I d be rushing to the store next week for this one

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    I ended up really liking this book The last 150 pages really took off and became a fun fast paced romp with just enough temptation for the next book to keep me wanting to read this series BUT I emplore the editor to cut out all this indecisive, woah is me, I cant decide, Im a horrible person, who do I love business that made me want to totally beat Haven with my bare hands Some is fine, but when you stop relating to the character and instead begin to resent them, then its too MUCH ANGST

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    No puedo creer que se acabe asi

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    I was so excited when this book came out because I loved the first one, Eternal Ones But since I read the first one as an ARC, it seemed an extra long time since I d read it So when I first picked up the book it took a little bit to remember the whole story exactly But once I got into the story it all started coming back, and I got sucked right into the story And it got to where all I wanted to do was read, but as seems to be happening since school started back up, I didn t have as much time My adorable little puppy Dora, also kept me from reading as much So it took me much longer than it should have, because if it wasn t for the puppy, I d have probably finished it late one night in bed We start off with Haven and Iain in Italy, Iain is thought to be dead, which they did because he was wanted for a murder, that he didn t commit Also, Adam, the guy who has loved Haven in all her lives, but is evil, has promised Haven one lifetime in which he will let her live her life without his interference Her childhood friend Beau, who she learned also was with her in past lifetimes, calls to let her know that he has met someone who says he is Beau s soulmate from a past life, and Beau is going to meet him in New York Shortly after Beau becomes incommunicado, and Haven receives a call from another friend back home, Leah, who can see the future She tells Haven that Beau is in trouble, and there is a woman in NY that can help her When Haven tells Iaian who this woman is, he tells Haven this woman is really a fake But she has to go anyway as she will do anything to save Beau As Haven is really sure that Adam must have something to do with Beau s disappearance, she accepts the woman s proposal to try to entrap Adam to get him to help her, and maybe find out what he s done The woman is part of an ancient group of women called the Horae, also reincarnated, who are trying to get Adam away from the world so he will quit causing so many people to die But as Haven hangs around with Adam, he tries to show her how he is changing to be a better person for her Haven is warned that he s opened a school to make zombies out of the young reincarnated kids to make them his slaves So she goes to visit the school, and is instead very impressed by what is being done for these kids, so they are not made to feel freaks for the very things she had to go through as a child She begins to really believe Adam has changed for the better, and is not sure she wants to help the Horae imprison him any There are some twists and turns, and the story keeps you guessing till the end on who is really the bad guy in keeping Beau hidden As with the first book, I loved again going back to read about the past lives and how history was worked into them A great book, and I now can t wait to see what happens in the next one as this left off with another cliffhanger in a way.

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    Haven and Iain have been living happily ever after in Italy for the past year Iain has been laying low after his assumed demise, Haven as a clothing designer with her own modest shop But paradise isn t in the cards for the soul mates Haven s inheritance is being contested and her best friend Beau has gone missing, everywhere Haven turns she thinks she s being watched, followed Of course number one bad guy Adam Rosier is the prime suspect but he s not the only one keeping tabs on Haven She ll seek the help of the Horae an ancient line of eternal ones She s sure the key to finding Beau is in one of her past lives and the leader of the Horae is the only one who can show her what she needs to see But there s a high price on help that could cost her Iain Moore will have to infiltrate the Ouroboros Society and get close to Adam, yet the deeper she investigates the OS and their school the unsure Haven becomes of Adam s nefarious activities Rosier seems sincere in his endeavors to reform the society and help it s youngest members by providing a school to cultivate their unique skills Is this all an elaborate plot by Adam designed to draw Haven closer to him Or is someone else entirely pulling the strings One thing s for sure, Haven s in deep over her head With lives at stake and a prophecy of plague at hand Haven and her friends are going to have to make all the right moves to insure their future All I desired throughout this book was a strong non annoying lead character Kirsten Miller s followup to The Eternal Ones has an almost solid storyline and a great line up of interesting personalities but I found Haven Moore grating She was a constant in naivete and gullibility, Haven believed everything anyone told her without question, especially from people she hardly knew or had lied and deceived her in the past Not trusting in the people she clearly doesn t deserve I actually enjoyed the supporting cast than the lead Beau, Iain, Leah, and the other secondary characters are the only redeeming factor in the book, which could at times drag things out or feel like it was going in circles By the end I felt for Adam than Haven This was not as good as the first book for me I give it one star for the ok story and one for the supporting players If you loved the first, you might like this If whinny heroines are your thing than this is for you It s quite possible that if you read this book All You Desire could be the end Or your money back.

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    Haven Moore and Iain Morrow thought they could escape the Ouroboros Society and everything else by running away to Rome They re happy enough, even when Haven starts to suspect that they are being watched and followed But their bubble of bliss is finally burst when Haven finds out that her best friend Beau has gone missing There s nothing that Haven wouldn t do for Beau, so she and Iain return to New York City to begin their search despite the very real danger posed by their close proximity to the Ouroboros Society s headquarters Haven knows that the search won t be easy, but she s still not completely prepared for being thrust back into the deadly politics of the Eternal Ones Confronted with enemies new and old, Haven will have her trust tested, her feelings challenged, and her sense of self questioned until she no longer knows what kind of happiness she really wants in this life or the next It seems strange that after reading All You Desire, I had almost forgotten that I had not been the biggest champion of its prequel The Eternal Ones because I found All You Desire to be an absolutely enthralling read Miller keeps readers hooked by a stream of surprises which leads readers to trust one character and then doubt that same character the next I tend to get annoyed when I feel that there s too much conflict of who s the good or bad guy, but Miller manages to make each new assumption compelling especially when seen from the bigger picture of the deception of limited perception Additionally, though the good guy bad guy dilemma has a relatively short plotline for most of the story s characters, I didn t feel like things just kept happening because Miller maintained several overarching goals throughout the novel With realistic character development in response to believable problems and many other interesting complications, All You Desire shows marked improvement over my early impressions of its prequel The Eternal Ones Fans of The Eternal Ones will not want to miss its sequel in All You Desire This novel may also be enjoyed by fans of Fallen by Lauren Kate, the Blue Bloods series, and Reincarnation by Suzanne Weyn.reposted from

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    DNFThis book so far has pretty good reviews ratings But this doesn t seem like the one for me though I couldn t even finish it, may be it will get better but I didn t have patience to finish it.I didn t like The Eternal Ones much either and this just got worst It went from bad to ugly I got bored and was reluctant to even return to it I had to practically force myself to continue and I gave up after about 1 3rd of the book.Haven is just annoying like hell and can t seem to make up her mind She makes a lousy Nancy drew with no detective skills She manages to express her undying love for Iain and doubt herself in the same sentence She also seems to be going soft towards Adam, so far as I read How can anyone think of liking someone who collected your dead bodies is beyond me That s just creepy.Also everytime Haven turns around, she seems to encounter re incarnated people After a while re incarnation does indeed sound like a jokeand I am a believer in re incarnation, go figure.Overall, I didn t like this book at all I don t know if I will pick it back up in future or not, but for now, I am happy to pretend this excuse for story ended with the first book.

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