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❴Reading❵ ➸ Never Have I Ever  Author Sara Shepard – Ebooks2020.co chapter 1 Never Have I Ever , meaning Never Have I Ever , genre Never Have I Ever , book cover Never Have I Ever , flies Never Have I Ever , Never Have I Ever 89066e30c1447 My Perfect Life Was A LieNow I D Do Anything To Uncover The TruthNot Long Ago, I Had Everything A Girl Could Wish For Amazing Friends, An Adorable Boyfriend, A Loving Family But None Of Them Know That I M Gone That I M Dead To Solve My Murder, My Long Lost Twin Sister, Emma, Has Taken My Place She Sleeps In My Room, Wears My Clothes, And Calls My Parents Mom And DadAnd My Killer Is Watching Her Every MoveI Remember Little From My Life, Just Flashes And Flickers, So All I Can Do Is Follow Along As Emma Tries To Solve The Mystery Of My Disappearance But The Deeper She Digs, The Suspects She Uncovers It Turns Out My Friends And I Played A Lot Of Games Games That Ruined People S Lives Anyone Could Want Revenge Anyone Could Want Me And Now Emma DeadFrom Sara Shepard, The New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Pretty Little Liars Books, Comes A Riveting Series About Secrets, Lies, And Killer Consequences

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    This book was definitely a page turner Even gripping than the first book Things that I liked that were different than in the first book The pacing was much fast There were unexpected twists and turns More characters were introduced Loved how Sutton s flashbacks provided clues to her suspects The writing didn t seem as forcedOnce again, Sarah Shepard does not fail to deliver a light but gripping book that will keep teens on the edges of their seats while relating to how real the characters seem.Many of the characters felt like real teenagers Not smart, but not dumb That s how I consider teenagers these days, including myself The development in the characters was at the same level as the first book, but they had much backstory in this installment.The way the story was set up created a very well balanced atmosphere Still a little similar to the first book, but still very intricate in how she portrayed other aspects.I really like how Sarah Shepard writes Although it s not detailed, which I love it cuts straight to the point while offering the reader perfect imagery on what s going on and flows effortlessly.There were twists and turns in the plot that had me shocked Sarah Shepard had me thinking this, than that, and then this, but at the end of the book I thought, WTF She definitely surprised me with the ending While shocking, I am still not sure if I positively know who Sutton s killer is, which is kind of disappointing In some bizarre way though, I found myself really enjoying how things were put together Looking forward for book 3.Elemental Breakdown Story 8 10Characters 8 10Writing 8 10Plot 9 10Ending 8 10Score 41 50Grade BRating 4 Stars

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    3.5 stars I m really enjoying this series so far It is SO similar to Pretty Little Liars in the sense that there is a suspect in each book and us as readers are led to believe that s who we think killed Sutton Can t wait to read the next book

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    Never Have I Ever, The Lying Game 2 Re reading this review in Feb 2015 and I ve realised this book definitely deserves 5 stars.I read it back in 2012, and literally still remember most of the book, that is how you know the book was amazing, it leaves such an impact Theres so must nostalgia attached to this book for me.I just remember loving the scene in the forest, and the train tracks memory, ah, loved it

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    Another awesome installment in this series I love the mystery and how you re kept guessing I don t trust anyone so far

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    Definitely a fun read and I m glad that Emma is different from Sutton I was definitely on the edge of my seat a good bit The Twitter Twins were so weird and I still don t feel like ruling them out I wish it would stay in 1st person or stay in 3rd person It s weird when it flips from Sutton observing to just 3rd person There are definitely a lot of suspicious characters, but there are also a lot of sweet moments between Emma as Sutton and her friends, sister, and dad I just wish there was a little depth there I know it s told that Sutton was the Ice Queen of their community, but the scenes move on so quickly that we don t get too long of a sweet moment or conversation between her and Laurel or her and Mads TL DR Definitely a fun read, but don t expect much in the way of depth D

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    After finishing the first book in the series I wasn t sure whether I ll continue with the series or not.There are two strong reasons for that 1 Book number one was so much different from the tv show I actually felt hurt because I really liked the show and since ABC family pulled that shitty move and cancelled it, books were my only chance to find out how the things would resolve.2 I spoiled myself and I already know who killed Sutton.So although I was entertained while reading this book I didn t have that reading experience I should have had in order to really involve myself into the story I couldn t enjoy certain moments because I knew what I didn t suppose to know.After reading this, you probably think I gave up and will not continue with the series, but I actually will And there s only one reason for doing so Thayer.Let s see if I ll swoon over him as I did when watching the show

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    Never Have I Ever the second installment in The Lying Game series is better than its predecessor, The Lying Game. That s why I really love this book, especially the so awesome ending Never Have I Ever follows where the previous book left off, Emma Paxton continues on pretending to be her dead twin sister, Sutton Mercer As Emma goes deeper into trying to find Sutton s killer, she realizes that the killer might just turn out to be the one she least expected it to be Never Have I Ever in my most honest opinion is much better than The Lying Game perhaps in terms of the mysteries getting darker and it getting tangled up in a positive way I love how Sara Shepard makes you think like that s the killer but in end it s not who you think it is and you re still a long way to go She absolutely convinced me that I ve found the answer, but disappointingly not yet.I love how Emma s character really developed since the last book and I definitely liked her character here She s fierce and determined to find her sister s killer and she begins to analyze angles and motives in a critical way, WOW I see that she tries really hard to adapt to Sutton s lifestyle I also liked how I finally get a glimpse of Sutton g family life, something to watch out there.While Sutton s friends, including Lauren for that matter are getting in my nerves They love and hate her, well which seems a bit fake to me You can t really love and hate your friends I mean sure, they have their bad traits and you don t like it but you don t hate them in the point that you just slap whatever they did to you in your face I know Sutton s not really an angel here so there s a reason to hate her but there s also a lot of fakeness going on.While Ethan and Emma s romance, oh guys don t bother asking Smiles You get what that smile means.Though Sutton s memories tend to come back to her out of nowhere, I just hope she ll be a bit useful And Thayer s character Man, I so wanna know what role he is going on play here I m really excited I just have to say that the mysteries are deeper and much harder to put together, I love how Sara Shepard reveals so little yet in the end she ll make you go I knew that I love how she connects everything until the end.Excited for Two Truths and A Lie

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    I didn t like the first book as much, but it s written by Sara Shepard so I thought I should give it a chance And so I did exactly that and borrowed the second book from the library This book is honestly just so so good Even though I didn t really read it in a day or anything, I loved almost everything about it The pace was quite fast and I just kept and keep wanting and .There isn t really anything else I could say besides jUST GO AND READ THIS SERIES OKAY It s so amazing.I already made a reservation on the third book at the library so now I m waiting for that one to arrive and then I ll jump into this once again.

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    Review TBCI must commend Sara Shepard for such a winning debut installment in The Lying Game series Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for Never Have I Ever Book 2 as it fails to continue the fast paced action and adventure one hopes for in these types of mystery romance books.It continually bothers me to see not only Pretty Little Liars but also The Lying Game series dragged out over so many installments I can t seem to understand how these books continue to be so popular when barely any clues and or suspects are revealed in each sequel I m barely three quarters the way through the PLL series and can see myself also loosing interest with The Lying Game series if it doesn t perk up a little in the next installment A few minor incidents do happen along the way aka the book isn t a total bore but most of the happenings in this book have absolutely nothing to do with the final outcome of the mystery as initially believed by the reader There were a few minor incidents along the way but just not enough progress made in the mystery of Sutton s death disappearance Although we did find time to cross off a few suspects for the time being but I m sure they will be cast back into the spotlight further down the track If my suspicions are correct, Emma should be taking a much closer look at the one trusted ally, Ethan as I believe he would make the perfect culprit If at error, I m forced to select Laurel Sutton s sister as the lead suspect Truthfully, I am still keen to find out how this series plays out so I ll hopefully be won over once again by the next installment Two Truths and a Lie Feb 7th 2012 where we will delve into Thayer s role in the death of Sutton Mercer Oftentimes, I found myself drifting off the page while the author took us down the track of clues that obviously had nothing to do with the case at hand We left off with continues the hunt for Sutton s killer Unbeknowst to her family and friends was just a set up from an alternative story line and nothing to do with the overall murder at all.IAt times, I felt like I was reading a modern day Babysitters Club mystery or the like.

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    DNFI m over it I feel like maybe I m too old for this book If I had read it earlier in life, I might have had the patience to finish it I may give it another chance at some point.