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    I am tempted to create a shelf called the gobblers Gobblers are books that you soak up in one sitting and are usually oodles of fun I used to be a gobbler fanatic Picking up these types of books frequently and reading them like candy I miss those days sometimesAnyways this particular story centers on Elise Benton She s moved to a L.A with her family and the changes of course are taking some time Elise is going to a prep school where everyone knows a movie star, and her mother is the principal Ouch There is one class in particular, Astronomy, that will be the most interesting On the one hand in this class we have Derek Edwards, the brooding hunk with famous parents, and on the other we have Webster Grant, the easy going guy with a fun attitude Elise is a girl with a steady head on her shoulders and will not be wowed by the rich people environment, but there is just something about Derek Grant says he s trouble Her sister Juliana is all doe eyed with a boy named Chase, who happens to be best friends with Derek What ensues are misunderstandings and misjudgments that create a big mess A mess Elise is going to have to figure out.Overall the book was fun and sweet and it s not meant to be anything else than that really There are some interesting tidbits like how Derek and his family deal with the fame It even actually got me thinking of how annoying it would be and how much of a tough skin you d have to develop having your every move monitored I do think the book suffered a little though with the characters Elise and her sister Juliana are great together, and the guys were cool too Once we get to the Benton family, well not so cool The younger sister Layla is plain annoying and the mom well she was kind of dim But I get it, in the original novel they weren t meant to be favorable characters either The other characters do make up for it though, so I was content to just watch and see how the relationships turned out The whole group of them Elise, Derek, Juliana and Chase were so cute.What the author did well was make me believe this could be a story that carried itself and not need the layout of Pride and Prejudice A reader can honestly pick up this book and have no prior knowledge of PP, but since I had read it I knew how things would turn out, so some of the fun was probably taken out of it because of that I thought about saying nothing about the cover but alas I can t help myself This cover is kind of misleading The tagline epic fail doesn t play a prominent role at all and the holding of the notes isn t important either About the only thing the cover depicts correctly is that there is in fact a guy and girl in the story I guess the publishing house wanted to appeal to a teen audience, but I m not a fan of the cover Just sayin All that aside though this is a wonderful light read, and I even giggled I don t giggle very much, so I guess that means something right

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    Do you love Pride Prejudice Do you enjoy light hearted YA Do you enjoy a cute love hate bantering relationship YES to all three READ THIS BOOK 3 Five stars for all around adorable Reminds me of a lighter take on Kelly Oram and Meg Cabot Fluffy, fun, light romance.

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    Yeah Fail Still on my phone in the middle of a forest with bad reception So review coming soon D

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    3.5 starsCute.Not mind blowing, but it was a really cute young adult retelling of Austin s Pride and Prejudice.Dereck s Darcy parents are famous Hollywood actors, and he s learned to be cautious around people Naturally, he comes off looking snobbyElise s Elizabeth mother is the new prep school principal, and her father is a teacher Both are embarrassingly strict wackyThe plot sticks relatively close to PP, but it still goes off on its own here and there Only one sister is missing but it was the boring preachy one, so who cares, right , and the Wickham Lydia thing played out a tad differently but only a bit Overall, I thought this one stayed a bit truer to the original than another retelling I read last year, Prom and Prejudice, so I was pretty happy with that part I can t stress enough that this is Brain Candy, because if you go into it expecting anything other than a fluffy Beach Read, you re going to be sorely disappointed.I was hoping for this book to be a nice distraction on a Sunday afternoon, and that was exactly what it was

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    Rating 1.5 STARSThe way I see it, Epic Fail was a pretty bad book with some ok moments That s my overall reaction Maybe it s not an EPIC fail, but it is somewhat of a fail nonetheless It s just confusing, the characters are weird and flat, and in my opinion it s all quite boring The majority all of the characters annoyed the hell out of me at one point or another, there a lot of stupid situations, and not many good developments of anything, but at least there are a few keyword few fun moments in the end to make it an ok option when in the mood for a quick, light reading, that won t leave you with anything substantial Elise Benton s family moves to Los Angeles after her mother gets a job as the principal of a private school there, school which Elise and her three other sisters will be attending In this school there are many rich kids, famous kids, kids with famous parents, etc One of them is Derek, son of the hottest couple in Hollywood Elise notices how everyone seeks Derek s attention and she vows to not be that type of girl , befriending instead the loner Webster Staying away from Derek proves harder than it seems though when her sister Juliana starts dating Derek s best friend Tun Tun Tun Not The biggest problem I had with this book is that all the characters were morons, seriously From the principal mother, to the younger sister, it s like they were all lacking serious social skills or something They get better at the end, but for 3 4ths of the book, I didn t know which one I wanted to slap first Elise s constant need to prove to everyone how different she is not from other girls in that she will not be following Derek around or giving him any special treatment because he s semi famous is particularly irritating Especially because in this quest to prove how much better she is than everyone else she ends up being the first one to judge, she s seriously hypocritical, and just the fact that she was so proud of herself for befriending Webster says it all It s like the only reason she was befriending him was because he was a loner and this proved how much better she was than the rest of the school s population Gaah, I wanted to yell at her to get off her high horse and get over herself She never even gave Derek the benefit of the doubt Not that Derek was without flaws, I mean somebody teach the guy how to smile, seriously Derek, you can smile for free Just turn the corner of your mouth up, almost no effort at all Try it But still, in the Derek vs Webster situation, you could spot from a MILE AWAY who was the good guy and who wasn t I mean from the second Webster appeared he just acted cocky and too full of himself for me to have any doubts And that fact just made Elise attitude that much unlikeable Maybe if the author had written intrigue, like if we the readers weren t able to tell who was trustworthy and who wasn t, maybe then we would be able to sympathize with Elise But the fact that I knew from the beginning and Elise kept being all like I m better than everyone because I don t want to be friends with Derek and I choose the loner one just had me rolling my eyes so much it actually started to hurt and I had to stop and give my eyeballs a rest The fact that Elise was so close minded to even consider anything outside her quest to be above the rest was exasperating.Of course, she eventually comes to the realization that she s wrong and gets a bit likeable, but that s close to the end of the book Derek also becomes likeable once he spits out Webster s mystery , which he should have said from the beginning, but whatever And Webster, well he gets a two dimensional character with not depth at all In the end, I was somewhat excited to see Elise and Derek together, I mean I did get this book for a fun guilty pleasure romance after all, and they did have potential Even if Elise had annoyed me the whole book and Derek had basically been given no development as a character, I kind of liked the idea of them together Yet when it s about to get better the book suddenly ends So abruptly in fact that I considered the possibility that I had gotten a bad version and was missing the last pages or something Apart from Elise and Derek getting together come on that s not a spoiler, we all knew it nothing gets resolved I mean nothing The book actually spends time dealing with issues such as the family conflicts, the Webster thing, etc than the DerekElise romance, at least from my point of view, and yet in the end when they get together none of the other stuff is even addressed For example, the family dynamics First there s Layla s strained relationship with her family Even though she was a bit annoying, I felt really bad for her, she kept being excluded from everything and of course it was going to make her mad and had her acting out There was no satisfying conclusion to this, I was hoping for maybe one last sister bonding or something where they show her that they don t exclude her from everything, or some character growth for Layla, or something but no Also their parents and their rules proved a bit too much at some points Seriously what was up with all of them going to greet whoever was at the door TOGETHER as a big group all the time Couldn t one person go alone If I ever rang the doorbell to someone s home and I was greeted by six creepy smiling faces I would just run the other way On that note, when Derek mentions this to Elise, saying her family is a bit intense, SHE FREAKS OUT AND GET MAD AT HIM WTF I mean Elise your family is intense, embrace it It s not like he was insulting them, just pointing out the obvious, a fact which Elise had also pointed out on numerous occasions by the way I mean Elise is sixteen years old and isn t allowed to wear make up I m not a huge make up fan myself but give them the choice gosh And get this, they all can have cellphones but they can t use them inside the house Not even a text message OK None of these family issues were ever addressed, there was never some development to this, or the their dynamic, which would have been interesting to read But no, like most of the book, it stayed in its comfortable two dimension On top of that, the mom s attitude towards Derek s famous parents was creepy to say the least Seriously, she is a grown woman, what was she doing getting all fan girly at a pseudo celebrity Cause he wasn t famous you know, his parents were Someone tell the mom that Her whole attitude was just plain strange, not even a little bit professional, and I found it very hard to believe considering she was the principal of his school Moving on, then there s the Webster thing The guy was going around seducing younger girls to take advantage of their rich families and he never gets into any trouble for it Nothing comes of it In the end it was just a plot device to have some drama between Elise and Derek, sigh Still the author brought up a serious issue like this and, once her characters got together, forgot about it It would have been much exciting to see Elise and Derek team up to make sure he stopped taking advantage of younger girls for his own benefits, or something along those lines At least some kind of conclusion, Elise s mother is the freakin principal, DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS Again nothing.So much of the story revolves around Juliana and Chase yet there is no substance there We are told they like each other from the beginning and that s it I know it s Elise s story but seeing as they are always together maybe we could have gotten to see some interactions often, but no The one conflict between Juliana and Chase is pretty moronic and made no sense I mean it seems like Chase would have told Julianna he wasn t taking his cellphone seeing as he knew it was forbidden And then if they were normal people they would have talked about it rationally once they were back instead of avoiding each other for reasons NEITHER OF THEM UNDERSTOOD Plus Chase s sister, the reason behind the cellphone conflict, is just another two dimensional character to add to the list, not to mention a huge clich.So in conclusion, I didn t really enjoy this book at all The characters were flat, not one of them was well developed or given much depth at all I really didn t like any of them enough to care about what happened in the book Also, I feel like there were too many issues introduced and yet most of it got forgotten along the way If the book had just focused on the romantic aspect, on developing a nice relationship with interesting characters then I probably would have liked it better Instead of developing the characters, the author favored the inclusion of several issues that just served as conflict to further things along, and when the main characters go together forgot to give them any kind of resolution I d rather the book focused on ONE thing and develop it thoroughly than have several plots opened and never go too deeply into any of them.

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    3 starsAnd yet. This was so adorable It followed the main points of Pride and Prejudice but still had it s own story, which I really appreciate It wasn t perfect, and honestly I think that it should have been longerthere was a lot material the author could have worked with Overall it was a fun read I definitely recommend it if you are looking for a good PP retelling that doesn t have zombies Pride and Prejudice set in high school

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    Rating clarification 1.5 stars I didn t like that book Some parts made me roll my eyes Others made me cringe Anyway, that s only my opinion and I can totally understand why readers might love it No judgment here The plot was predictable Highly, highly predictable I know that s a retelling of Pride and Prejudice but come on That s annoying to guess everything before the characters, because you end up doubting their common sense Buuut I ll come back to that And for those who d tell me that I mustn t expect something unpredictable when I read a YA contemporary romance, I d answer that 1 There are some pretty good contemporary YA out there, like here or here or here but obviously that s only my opinion and 2 Of course if the romance part is predictable I haven t any problem with it But the whole who can we trust thing is only boring when the only person for whom that s not obvious is the main character.The Epic Fail was the characterization Sorry about that, but I had to throw that joke, you know 1 Elise was a moron A stupid moron Seriously She likes to think she s different from other teenagers who judge people by their parents but she does the exact same thing Okay, I must admit that Derek doesn t help her here at first but come on, take Webster for example that s pretty obvious he s hiding something from the beginning Okay, maybe not the very first time they met, but when he begins to basically bitch about everyone and play with her forteen years old sister at lunch, I must admit I had like, thousands doubts 2 Derek was okay, I mean, the guy is cute And bi dimensional And boring OMG, he was so damn boring the dude is a freakin smiley basically he owns 2 facial expressions He grins, he doesn t grin Annnd he grins, he doesn t grin Then he grins, he doesn t grin Well You saw my point But he was a cute little smiley, I give him that 3 Chase and Juliana were decent enough oh, except the whole love at first thing nobody never explains Duh They just met and they re in looooove, what a pain in a ass I am to not understand 4 Chelsea is a huge clich Oh, welcome mean blond cheerleader It s been a long time Her character is simply bi dimensional and some of her actions just not make any sense view spoiler I still don t understand why she tried to ruin Chase and Juliana s relationship I m not buying the your mother grounded me explanation hide spoiler

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    Epic Fail to me this book was an epic fail indeed I did not like this book The characters were boring The storyline went all over the place At time, I almost wished we could read about Juliana and Chase because Elise and Derek were so boring There s just too many things I didn t like in this book How the parents were so controling and old fashion For example, the girls all have a cell phone but they can t use it at school or at home So I guess that gives them the ride back from school to use it The thing is, there was potential It could ve been better if the parents didn t work at the school If the girls weren t total goodie two shoes If the ending was differentThe ending Really what was that about I turn to the next page expecting and I see About the author For a minute I was wondering if I d skipped ahead without noticing I m on a Kindle It just felt unfinish, but no it truly ended this way I get that this was supposed to be a modern twist on Pride and Prejudice, but I have never read it GASP I know How could this be possible So I have nothing to compare it too All I know is that to my illiterate eyes, this story was missing something.

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    Epic Fail Epic FailI didn t like the story at all Nah An elite school filled with rich spoiled bastards and bitches The main characters are pretty unlikable count the other characters as well Whiny damn sisters Elise is too whiny and Derek is an arrogant jerk I m so annoyed with these two and they are not cute They are both boring in my opinion This book is just plain boring.

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    I simply loved this book Period No More No less Contrast to its title Epic Fail , this one is an Epic Win for me It s a great modern rendition of Pride and Prejudice that has kept its own identity separate from the old classic Its a great re imagined version or counterpart to the classic love story of the headstrong and opinionated Elizabeth Bennet and the intimidating, aloof,and handsome Mr Darcy which was retold in a modern day setting of outrageous teens with the characters Elise Benton and Derek Edwards.Though its just a retold story it seems to be a different one A typical person who doesn t have a clue about the story of Pride and Prejudice would never think this is a retold story to that one The author seems to bring out something new through the structure of Elizabeth and Mr Darcy s life and that what makes me love it Its a typical lovey dovey kind of read, Yes, but i really do enjoyed it It was funny and sweet The characters are well flourised It consists of all the classic argues present to a typical high school relationships It was a beautifully written novel and I can t really deny the fact that i do really love the story of Elizabeth and Mr Darcy, its a simple one yet full of love, happiness and trials and as i ve said often time i m a sucker for happy endings and stuffs So, yea

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