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Stormlord's Exile explained Stormlord's Exile, review Stormlord's Exile, trailer Stormlord's Exile, box office Stormlord's Exile, analysis Stormlord's Exile, Stormlord's Exile 0476 SHALE Is Finally Free From His Greatest Enemy But Now, He Is Responsible For Bringing Life Giving Rain To All The People Of The Quartern He Must Stretch His Powers To The Limit Or His People Will Die If They Don T Meet A Nomad S Blade First And While Shale S Own Highlords And Waterpriests Plot Against Him, His Reduner Brother Plots His Revenge TERELLE Is Shale S Secret Weapon, Covertly Boosting His Powers With Her Own Mystical Abilities But She Is Compelled By The Strange Magic Of Her People And Will One Day Have To Leave Shale S Side No One Knows What Waits For Her Across The Desert, But Her People Gave The Quartern Its First Stormlord And They May Save Shale And His People Once Again Or Lead Them To Their Doom This Is The Final Volume Of The Epic Stormlord Series

  • Paperback
  • 590 pages
  • Stormlord's Exile
  • Glenda Larke
  • English
  • 15 January 2018
  • 9781841498133

About the Author: Glenda Larke

Glenda was born in Western Australia, the daughter of a farmer She was educated at government state schools and the University of Western Australia, where she obtained a degree in history and a diploma in education Married to a Malaysian scientist, she has grown up children, and now lives in Malaysia, where she is actively involved in rainforest conservation Author of The Isles of Glory trilogy

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    This has been a great and really enjoyable series I think I five starred the first two This one is four but only because it lagged a bit in parts and caused me to do a bit of skimming I can t five star a book that does that Nevertheless it was still a really good book and it tied up the trilogy perfectly Some of the newer characters such as Rubric and Umber were just delightful and as for Kedriwell That scene towards the end when he shows his capabilities was amazing At that point I wished that the author was going to continue the series I would love to see him growing up He could even marry Amberlyn Oh well, in my imagination he does.Thank you Glenda Larke for a fascinating and very well written trilogy Now I must go and see what else you have written.

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    I loved this series The fact that I finished all THREE books in the series is a BIG deal I ve only finished a handful of series recently Back when I was in university, I read a bunch of epic fantasy series, but now I don t have the time or the patience to read them This series focuses on the characters, but I loved the world building as well I want to ride a Pede over the red dunes This last book met all my expectations and I tore through it at a fast pace and was totally satisfied by the ending I think each book was better than the last one, but upon reflection they all deserved five stars Bonus Glenda Larke is a sweetheart and I plan to find her other books and read them as well.

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    4 stars Very, very good, almost brilliant.

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    And so on to the final part of the Watergivers Stormlords trilogy At this point, I m sufficiently invested in the characters and their world to care deeply about what happens to them I have no expectations, going in, as to where the story will end up The obvious possibility is a simple return to the status quo Shale and Terelle will succeed in finding a new source of water power whether from the mysterious Khromatis or elsewhere and everyone will settle down to rebuild the Scarpen cities with water supply assured But there are other potential outcomes too It may be that the stormlord approach will fail utterly, and there will be a return to the time of random rain and everyone will have to adjust to a new, flexible, way of life But there is also the question of why there is a problem with rain in the Quartern at all, given that elsewhere water is plentiful So it may be that some way will be found to change the climate entirely This will still require a lot of adjustment, but it might be a better long term solution So the author could go in any one of a number of different directions, all with satisfying and emotionally resonant endings There are some implausibilities creeping into the plot, the convenient secrecy of the Alabasters, for instance And Shale s propensity for rushing off to deal personally with whatever crisis is going on makes for an exciting ride, and is consistent with his personality and age he s still a teenager, after all , but it isn t very sensible, given that he s the only stormlord left in existence And I have to agree with the several characters who pointed out to him that going off to talk to his hostile brother in his own camp, and almost unaccompanied, is a seriously stupid thing to do And then there s Bice and his motley collection of sons The bad guys have been a little too openly evil right from the start, but at least the likes of Taquar and Laisa have a certain charm Bice, however, has none, and I find it difficult to accept a character who is so instantly aggressive and murderous I like my villains to have at least a little personality Besides, the obvious response to Terelle turning up out of the blue in Khromatis is to disbelieve her story entirely She can t become Pinnacle unless she is accepted as the rightful heir, yet Bice never questions her ancestry.Somehow this book seems a little uneven than the previous two Minor skirmishes early on become unexpectedly fraught, while other situations which should have been hazardous or difficult pass off unexpectedly easily, almost frivolously The acquisition of new stormlords passes almost without comment, even though all indications are that the Khromatis will be highly unwilling to help out, and one of them, at least, is taken forcibly Virtually nothing is said about whether their powers are even suitable I recall just one casual comment , even though this is a crucial factor in the entire trilogy Some aspects of the plot, and some minor characters, are dealt with in an almost perfunctory way There were a number of places, too, where I lost track of who was speaking and had to reread carefully to work it out This happens occasionally in every book, but it seemed a lot frequent here than in the previous two And there were quite a few small typos towards the end, as if the author was rushed.I also felt there were some loose ends left dangling I half expected Bice to make a reappearance, for instance, and I was surprised we never heard how Jade learned of what happened to her two sons Much was made of keeping this from her, so I would have expected the point to be resolved Nor did we ever find out how Khromatis coped with the loss of the rightful heir Again, much was made earlier of the point that the position of Pinnacle was inherited and there could be no other option And we never did find out exactly why the Quartern had so little rain when seemingly other parts of the world were generously supplied I suppose it was just a climatic shift, but it would have been nice to know if this was natural or man induced or magical, at the least.But, niggles aside, the major plot points were resolved in suitably dramatic and satisfying ways some twists I saw coming, but others were a complete surprise The final confrontation with Ravard was particularly poignant, encompassing both tragedy and humanity I didn t foresee Shale s final decision, but it made sense The last chapter felt slightly rushed, though not much than a quick summary of where everyone ended up, almost as an afterthought.Overall, this is a nice example of what fantasy should be Larke s world building is excellent, and while the level of detail is no than in many other books, she is quite brilliant at keeping the reader fully immersed She is a painter with words, using just a few brushstrokes here and there to sketch in the background in the most economical way She uses a few simple tricks ye be going or t see to suggest the dialects of the White Quarter and the Gibber Quarter, and even the multitude of swearwords sunfried, sandbrain, pedeshit constantly reinforce the hot, arid nature of the Quartern and its sheer differentness It s great fun to visit Khromatis in this book, and encounter natural rain and even snow from the perspective of the water starved Quartern folk The plot rattles along nicely, building slowly but inexorably to the major confrontations, which are not always resolved by brute force In addition, the main characters are likeable, but with enough quirks to make them interesting, the magic system is both simple and powerful and creates numerous entertaining and original ways of fighting and overcoming obstacles , and the plot derives almost entirely from the situation Only the slightly over the top evilness of the bad guys detracts, and mostly there is enough depth to make them believable.I always like a book that makes me think, and there s plenty here to ponder the origins of religion, for instance, or the nature of prejudice each of the regions has its own set Scarpen folk are scathing about dark skinned Gibber grubbers , but perfectly accepting of sexual preferences , or the necessity for killing, even in time of war, and whether you would ever sacrifice the life of your own child for the greater good Then there is the matter of family loyalty and how far it should stretch And perhaps the largest question of this book, set in a land of severe water shortages how to distribute what resources you have, and whether it s better to build vulnerable cities or try to live simply in harmony with the landscape Cleverly, Larke never beats the reader over the head with her own views Rather she allows her characters to put forward the alternate positions, so that, for example, when two infants are separately held as hostages, their fathers take different stands on whether to try to preserve the child s life, whatever the cost All in all, this is very elegantly done.I have to say that it s a long time since I ve enjoyed a fantasy trilogy this much Often they start well, but bog down in overly complicated plot developments, or the characters fail to develop believably, and often than not they concentrate on the action scenes or the grand confrontation in book 3 to the detriment of everything else Larke avoids these pitfalls, and adds a layer of subtlety, and a spare, clean writing style, which make every chapter a joy to read I don t often give 5 star reviews, and by itself this book would perhaps just fall short, but the overall quality of the series deserves it.

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    This book unfortunately did not meet standards already met by previous stories There were a whole bunch of new sudden developments that seemed very left field, but that wasn t the issue The issue was the fact that all of a sudden, in the last fifty or so pages, all the final battles are done, everything is resolved, and now we re good to go, happy ending They traveled across not just the entire Quartern in the space of one paragraph to the next, but through an entire other country as well Characters who had solidly maintained one side The wrong side, but they were consistent , suddenly at the most convenient moment, were jumpin on the bandwagon to finish the book It left the final sequences very lame and me as the reader with a very unfulfilled feeling Of course, there was also the opposite issue to the sudden change in loyalties, in that one of the key characters changed sides for convenience about two to three times a book, and while I could see the main bad guy not doing anything about it because it would mean his random freedom from imprisonment, or leverage over the main character, or whatever, there was no reason, none, that she would have still been alive, or even barring that, in any kind of position to make decisions or have authority 90% of the final book wouldn t have happened , had after the tenth time this person switched sides, someone said Hey, why don t we take her water as a traitor, OR if you are too soft to do that, imprison her Most of the time, books don t do that, leave a character alive simply as an easy tool to perpetuate story You see if often in a movie The main character makes some retarded move five minutes in, that then starts the chain of events that lead to the movie And you the audience are going who in their right mind would make that decision, ever Oh right, so they could have a movie This character was very much that Put on the side when she wasn t needed to betray her current side, and brought out at precise moments to suddenly throw a monkey wrench, with no build up in the story to make it seem planned So I am sad to say, I finished the series annoyed and disappointed I had been thoroughly enjoying it up till about halfway through this book Frustrating, because you can SEE how had things been written out in this way or that, it would have finished strong and just left you wanting in the world But, it doesn t.

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    Glenda Larke s final book in the Watergiver s trilogy, Stormlord s Exile , is finally out I ve been looking forward to this one for a long time It s 720 pages long, which is who knows how many on the kindle If maps are important to you in a fantasy novel, you ll want to pick up a print copy The kindle copy s map is very poor, like most maps in the e reader versions There s no synopsis at the beginning, so you ll definitely need to start at the beginning if you re interested in the trilogy I personally think that the first book in the trilogy is the best, though all of them are great.I m a fan of fast pace endings, but I know that some people think that this leads to slow beginning and middle bits I don t think this is the case with this book There s so much that needs to be wrapped up in this installment that it seems like Larke has us tumbling through the geography Some of the travelling sequences that plagued the second book are cut out of this one, probably for length purposes.One of the best things about this series is how complete the world is These people live in a dry land where the natural rainfall can t sustain the population Not for long anyway Magicians, called Rainlords and Stormlords, draw water from the ocean to water cisterns that irrigate the area through a vast system of pipes and reservoirs throughout the land The way that the preciousness of water effects all the characters in the book is one of the things that makes the book so immersive, which extends to the language that the characters use Sometimes this sort of language can be jarring, like the ubiquitous Oh my gods but it s very well done in this one.The themes of fatherhood in the book were very interesting, though I think that Larke leans a little too much on that theme as a way to get characters where they need to be for parts of the book Waterpainting in the book also feels like a deus ex machina sometimes, but I guess the characters are in enough risk most of the time that it doesn t take away from the tension too much.The ending is a bit fast, even faster than some of Brandon Sanderson s endings, but it does wrap up everything that needs to be done No untied threads in this one.I recommend picking up this series, it s gold all the way through to the end Check out my other reviews at my blog

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    I am afraid that this review is going to be a bit unbalanced The reason for this is relatively simple The book itself was a bit unbalanced.The weird thing that happened here, is that this book actually felt like a middle book, and not a conclusion I honestly can not remember experiencing anything like it before I mean I have read alot of series that felt likelead ins to a bigger story, but I can not remember a second book being so much faster than the third Book one was a very interesting setup for the series with lots of worldbuilding and character development Typical of a first book which pretty much has to hook you into the story Book two continued in the same vein but added an all out war, making that volume fast paced and exciting Wow What is next And so we come to book three which starts out with most of the main characters all traveling from here to there and back again Nothing wrong with traveling mind you Immersion in the worldbuilding is alot easier to achieve when you explore new and old landscapes through the eyes of the characters However, the amount of traveling in this book was unexpected I am used to this type of story building in a middle book, not in the first half of the series conclusion.This leaves me to my second problem, a rushed ending that did not even begin to answer all my questions I closed this book feeling like I had just watched the ending of season one with no guarantee that season two would be picked up by the network I hate it when that happens.Now I promised you an unbalanced review and I am going to deliver on that promise I like this series I like the magic, I love the characters, and I enjoyed the varied landscapes The whole premise of no natural rainfall and the difficulties that would create simply fascinated me I thought Glenda Larke s portrayal of the types of societies that might develop under those conditions to be masterful Even better, she creates great characters to both love and despise, even as you understand exactly what makes them the hero or villain that they are And that could very well be my problem I wanted to experience Much .Read More Here Dragons, Heroes and Wizards

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    I m going to miss the world that this series created I had initially picked up this book because the premise of the first in this series caught my attention Anything that deals with manipulating water gets a thumbs up from me I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was The world is particularly interesting as life relies on a handful of people who are water gifted and can shift water Also, this tale is not set in a Western medieval setting like a majority of fantasy books Instead we are placed in a dry, torturous world where water is scarce and valued above all other things There is also a distinct lack of horse like creature in this world which is great Their main method of transportation are pedes which I picture as some centipede millipede looking creature I would like one I greatly enjoyed everything about this series The fight scenes, though not elaborate or in depth, gave us some interesting fighting abilities of Rain Stormlords The entire ability for Rainlords Stormlords to pull water from humans is quite terrifying when you take into consideration that the majority of the human body is water Most of all, I am going to miss the characters I fell in love with Shale Jasper and his determination to do what is right, sometimes at the expense of himself Tyrelle is an excellent and strong female character who matches perfectly with Shale Japser The villains are memorable and are of a grey evil except for Senya who is in a class of her own I also absolutely LOVED Ryka One word of warning, if you are looking for a really complicated story where you never know what is going to happen next this is not it Yes, it has it moments but a lot of future events are predictable As you get to know the characters it is easy to see the decisions that they are going to make Nonetheless, it is an entertaining and enjoyable read.

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    Epic conclusion to the Watergiver series What I love about these epic fantasy series is the way they weave a hundred plots together and in the end manage to lead us to a satisfying conclusion After three 500 pages plus volumes, I m going to miss the characters and the world Glenda Larke has created And let me tell you, it is a truly fascinating and unique world with cleverly wrought plots of love, politics and religion in an unforgivably harsh dry land I have to say that what I liked the most about this world was how it all was made to fit Because of the lack of water issue, in the world you ll find cisterns and the pipes leading to the main cities But the cisterns have to be filled by their stormlords who have to make water vapor out of the sea then lead the rain to each cistern Also the types of animals that can be found in the land, ones that don t require a lot of water to survive, like the myriapedes and the zyggers It all shows that Larke put great thought into her world and how it would all work together.And the characters You can t help but to fall in love with the heroes and truly despise the archenemies I swear every time Russet, Laisa, Senya or Lord Gold appeared I just wanted to hurl my book across the room in anger That s how much into this series I was Reading about the lives of Shale and Terelle and their friends was a journey in itself And now that it has ended I feel a bit sad but satisfied There were a couple of cool characters that appeared in this book, and if there s anything to complain about is that they didn t make it into the series sooner.

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    This is a great end to Shale s story I love the world the author has created Even though it is a light read, it is a lot of fun, and I would definitely recommend this series.

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