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[Download] ➽ The Power of Six By Pittacus Lore – Ebooks2020.co chapter 1 The Power of Six, meaning The Power of Six, genre The Power of Six, book cover The Power of Six, flies The Power of Six, The Power of Six 955ec8ce9b05e I Ve Seen Him On The News Followed The Stories About What Happened In Ohio John Smith, Out There, On The Run To The World, He S A Mystery But To Me He S One Of UsNine Of Us Came Here, But Sometimes I Wonder If Time Has Changed Us If We All Still Believe In Our Mission How Can I Know There Are Six Of Us Left We Re Hiding, Blending In, Avoiding Contact With One Another But Our Legacies Are Developing, And Soon We Ll Be Equipped To Fight Is John Number Four, And Is His Appearance The Sign I Ve Been Waiting For And What About Number Five And Six Could One Of Them Be The Raven Haired Girl With The Stormy Eyes From My Dreams The Girl With Powers That Are Beyond Anything I Could Ever Imagine The Girl Who May Be Strong Enough To Bring The Six Of Us Together They Caught Number One In MalaysiaNumber Two In EnglandAnd Number Three In KenyaThey Tried To Catch Number Four In Ohio And FailedI Am Number Seven One Of Six Still AliveAnd I M Ready To Fight

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    There are probably spoilers Jess Hello there, James Frey, aka Pittacus Lore Welcome to the show.James Frey Thanks for having me How much money did we agree I d be getting for this interview Jess A lot James Frey Good, because I adore money Jess I can tell In the past nine months you ve released two New York Times Best Selling novels, one e book novella, and had a large budget film adaption You must be stoked You and Mr Hughes are rolling in moneyJames Frey Yes, we are Jess Lets introduce your newest novel The Power of Six, sequel to I Am Number Four I just finished reading it yesterday afternoon James Frey What did you think Jess It s shit Total and utter shit Clearly you wrote this quickly, like, no than a few weeks It s very obvious this is some of the most poorly written drivel I have ever read and I ve read Twilight James Frey How dare you Give me three good examples Jess The dialogue is the most awkward thing ever There are hardly any descriptions You did a crap job at building suspense and foreshadowing At some stages you threw in lengthy words that didnt fit, just to show us how smart you are The writing lacks any emotion it could have been written by a robot I could go on and will, when I talk with my next guest James Frey But its an exciting plot, yes I mean, a thrilling read Jess the writing was too distracting, but I suppose the plot is the only thing this book has going for it I suppose thats why its got so many good reviews James Frey And why I get so much MONEY Jess Money, thats all you re about, isnt it Rushing the release of this book, a movie adaption, a novella I swear, you ve just published your first draft Like I said, no foreshadowing or anything Oh yeah, and you know the most annoying thing When you decided to introduce Ella as Number Ten You cant do that Bitch, thats cheating Everyone knows there are nine Garde, then all of a sudden BAM Number Ten No pre warning, no solid explanation James Frey That s a good twist Jess No, a good twist is Snape being a good guy A good twist is Christopher discovering his mother is alive These things had foreshadowing it didnt stick out at the time, but we noticed them later Having a Number Ten is not a fucking twist, its cheating, and for that I hate you James Frey Whatever gurl, The Chicago Tribune said There s genuine suspense Jess No Your shit writing made any suspense thinner than Nicole Richie For example, when Marina heard that Miranda Marquez, a girl who she looks exactly alike, was found strangled This was supposed to make us scared of Mogodorians coming Trying to build suspense Yeah, it might have worked if you had said they looked alike before the line after her death There are many examples, but quite frankly, I hate talking to you James Frey Cool, that interview will cost you 2,500,000 Now Im going home to start and finish the next book in the series before bed time Jess sigh Well, Im not going to be a sucker and give you any of my money Im not buying any Lorien Legacies books Had I been American, I would nt have even brought this one The US cover is the fugliest thing I have ever seen We ll be back after this short ad break with John Smith himself Stay tuned Jess Hello, welcome back to the show Now I have with me the star of the show, John Smith, also known as Number Four John Smith Hey there Jess Im not going to lie, I kind of had the hots for you in book one You were awesome in every way Now you suck John Smith Sorry Jess I hate you Mainly your decision making I mean, did you honestly think it was a good idea to catch up with Sarah You couldnt see that ending badly at all heavy sarcasm.John Smith Thats one poor decision Jess Or dragging Sam Goode along on your adventure That boy is the biggest waste of space I have ever read about later Or how about that time you ran straight into the blue Mogodorian forcefield, knowing full well it would knock you out and made you feel sick That totally reminded me of the time Patrick Dangerfield concussed himself by running straight into the goal post against the Western Bulldogs Oh, and another terrible decision was when you and Six saved that innocent woman from her drunken husband, with the whole no innocent people should be hurt vibe going on Then you throw the Mogodorian tracking devise on the back of an innocent mans truck and laugh about it Contradicting much John Smith I wasnt thinking clearly Jess Oh, and at one stage you say I feel sad Really, thats the best you could come up with John Smith I tell it as it is.Jess Anywho, lets get to the juicy stuff that all our viewers want to know How does it feel being the FBI s Most Wanted John Smith Pretty coolJess Lets get the story straight A small school, in a tiny town, in Ohio is found wrecked in the morning There is ash everywhere and entire buildings are ruined What does this sound like, to normal human beings John Smith A fire Jess Yes, so why does everyone instantly presume its a terrorist attack What sort of badass terrorists target a high school in a tiny town which 99% of people wouldn t have heard of John Smith Are you saying my life in the past few weeks isIm on the run for nothing Jess Im saying you re on the run for the most stupid reason No sane human being instantly concludes what would look like a fire is a terrorist attack The school down the road from me burnt down last year, true story All that was left was rubble and ash Does this mean that police should instantly assume crazy terrorists are at work in Adelaide.John Smith I Jess No, let me continue Then when they finally do catch you, Top of the FBI s Most Wanted List for attacking a school , they put you in a cell which has bars, not a solid wall, and guarded by one, single guard Then the guard immerses you in conversation John Smith I started talking to him, actually Jess And he responded, conversation When they had Osama Bin Laden, I dont think he was guarded by a single security officer, who responded to Osama s conversation starters That whole episode was so unrealistic John Smith Its a work of fiction, its allowed to be unrealisticJess Actually no, JK Rowling made her world of magic seem real Its possible to make fiction realistic Also, on a totally unrelated note, what the fuck is up with your love triangle Audience Jess has only said that word once on goodreads.com before, she must be mad Jess Love triangles are so unnecessary Why does every YA novel need to have them Plus, yours with Sarah Six was forced There was no need for it, and you shared no chemistry with either It was literally I like Six, but I have to love Sarah Therefore, my life is to hard and I should go complain and bore everyone with my forced romance John, and James Frey if you re listening, you are PATHETIC Get a proper sub plot and dont come back until you do Jess Now that my interview with John Smith is over, please welcome Unnamed Evil Mogodorian Alien 56 Unnamed Evil Mogodorian Alien 56 Hello Jess Thanks for coming, and thanks for not killing me Firstly, I love your matrix style trench coat.Unnamed Evil Mogodorian Alien 56 Cheers Jess Secondly, whats the deal dude Why are you lot the worst antagonists of all time Unnamed Evil Mogodorian Alien 56 Thats a bit harsh.Jess Its true There were thousands of you, and you cant kill two Lorics and a human boy maybe the Lorics are acceptable, but Sam he researched his fighting from the internet in the first chapters You re badass aliens, why cant you kill him Unnamed Evil Mogodorian Alien 56 No comment Jess Also, why did you strangle Miranda Marquez, the chick who looks like Number 7 Are turning peeps to ash with mega guns and shit not cool any Unnamed Evil Mogodorian Alien 56 No comment Jess Seriously dude, early on when you lit fire to the house Sam was in, I was so happy I was ready to convert to your side, I seriously thought you d just killed Sam, but then he slipped through your fingers Now that you ve got him captive, please torture the shit out of him.Unnamed Evil Mogodorian Alien 56 Hopefully, but James Frey is terrible at creating us, hes in charge of our actions That means Sam will probably escape our evil alien base of evilness Jess Im feeling for ya Hey, Ive got Sam from his cage via skype next, but he is a bigger waste of space than the extra three Mortal Instruments books, and I really dont want to talk to that guy.Unnamed Evil Mogodorian Alien 56 Why so Jess He s just dumb I mean, when he and John had an hour of invisibility to sneak into your base, he set his alarm watch for 60 minutes, so it went off as soon as he was visible again Why not set it for fifty minutes, so when it vibrates they know to get out of there quickly Also, when he needed to go back to Paradise to check the sun dial, he forced Six and Four to go back with him This resulted in them getting caught Why on earth would he have not just called Sarah s mobile, and ask her to check out the necessary stuff She could have told him her findings, and they re all safe Unnamed Evil Mogodorian Alien 56 I m hearing you I dont associate with such fools either.Jess Thank you Say, want to catch up for a coffee after the show Unnamed Evil Mogodorian Alien 56 Sure And I ll show you where I get my trench coats Jess Cool beans Lets go right now I m sure I ll look swanky in one of those trench coatsUnnamed Evil Mogodorian Alien 56 You ll look spiffy as hell Jess Outstanding Well, thats the show for tonight, thanks for your company I m Jessica, and I ll see you next week And cut First Review January 7,2011The description of this book says its about Number 7 I DONT WANT NUMBER 7 I WANT NUMBER 4 I want to read about John Smith, and his friend Sam and his kick but side kick, Number 6 If 7 hogs this book, I will be really upset And Sarah Hart had better make an appearance somewhere, or I will be devastated But anyway, I am super amazingly incredibly excited about this one It had better be nothing short of sensational I AM LIVING FOR THIS BOOK Second Review March 22,2011So, I definitely can not wait until mid August for this I want it now So, in early preparation, I thought some speculation would be in order Even though the blurb talks about Number Seven , I still think the title refers to the character Number Six , and will reveal some sort of freakish awesome power that she posses She will be the focus of this, and 4 7 will be supporting characters The reasons for this are 1 we just met Number Six at the end of the previous book Its to early to introduce a new main character, knowing nothing about Six We need to learn something and let her develop 2 I heard there will be six books If this is true, the second book seems way to early to re unite the entire gang I strongly believe this book will be about John Smith, Number Six and Sam Goode trying to locate 7 after somehow hearing about him her In the midst of their search, there will be a mega giant twist about Number Six, and someone will do something bad to inflict trouble on the group But yes, I am very excited.

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    I ve finally read the highly anticipated sequel to I Am Number Four I love how the author wrote it in two perspectives John s and Marina s.The Power of Six is much action packed than the first There are some issues of betrayal and love and sacrifices Six, you badass alien, I think I like you too.It s definitely worth the wait and when s the third book coming out I NEED MORE.

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    If you ever know a man who tries to drown his sorrows, kindly inform him his sorrows know how to swim The Power of Six was not what I d expected, the book was slow in the beginning, its story revolves around Number Seven I think most of her parts were boring I m curious, in spite of the title about Number Six, why this book is all about Number Seven Her character is not strong as the others, and not for my taste, yet I hope that Pittacus put her here for some reason I just hope The key to change is letting go of the fear However, I didn t like John s lovetriangle, it was so weird and awkward I was quite disappointed with this book, it should have done better with its fabulous plot and pace like the first one I hated John, too, he was changed and very shilly shally, he s supposed to be dependent after all he has been through Never lose faith in yourself, and never lose hope remember, even when this world throws its worst and then turns its back, there is still always hope But all I can think is that the disappointing things in this book were happened for some reason because the next one is the best I can t believe it that Pittacus could redeem this series perfectly.Thai review

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    Rating Clarification 4.5 StarsAbsolutely INTENSE There are only six of us left Six of us against any number of them And no way of knowing how we might possibly find one another We re the only hope Strength in numbers The power of sixWow Now this is what I call adrenaline pumping, high impact action I felt I was on a turbo jet ride that wouldn t stop O.O There wasn t one moment in this book where I let my guard down or allowed myself to settle into a false sense of security or saftey Hell, even I felt hunted There was just so much happening that by the time I was done with The Power of Six I felt absolutely exhausted Loved it And call me crazy, but I m ready for Bring it on DThe Power of Six is the next installment in the Lorien Legacies and let me tell you, whether or not you re a fan of alien SciFi, this book will grab you and take you on an adventure the just won t quit This book kicks off immediately after the disastrous events that took place in book one and Sam, Six and Four are not only on the run from the Mogs, but now the FBI is after them for what went down in Paradise Ohio This loyal trio uses their time on the road to train and try to uncover the secrets to their past that will hopefully help them see a future in Loric The The Power of Six also introduces the second POV of number Seven as Marina narrates her journey where she s hiding out in a small Spanish village among the Sisters Her Cepan Adeline has decided to abandon her responsibilities of training Seven for survival against the Mogs, but that doesn t stop this determined character of discovering her legacies and trying to locate her inheritance What unfolds is a series of dangerous encounters between members of the Garde and Mogs and a ton of action that keeps you on the edge of your seat.I will say that I m disappointed in two characters, including Marina s Cepan Adeline It sucked to see this Cepan let number Seven down by giving up on her mission to train and help Marina prepare for survival in this battle Her change of heart towards the end was a little too late, and I was proud of Seven s ability to power forward and figure out a way to survive on her own In addition, what Sarah did to Four I feel was unnecessary I think it was a convenient plot twist to open the way for Four and Six to explore a possible relationship, which by the way I m all for It was great to meet three members of the Garde, and I can t wait to discover the final two The two major twists in this book really changed the direction of the story as we find not only the two new members of the Garde Seven and Nine but also discover there was a second ship the left Loric with number Ten She s younger than the others and so far, she s only revealed one legacy because of her age Also, we meet the leader to the Mogs, Setrakus Ra that s just arrived to Earth and sure to bring this war to a whole new level.Overall, the characters are fierce, the narration is fast paced, and the storyline is by far out.of.this.world As the previous installment, the ending is cliff hanger painful and despite the constant action and continuous mental energy required to keep up, I can t wait from the next installment We re missing two Lorien Gardes and I m eager to meet them The power this group can combine is going to bring this end game to a collision course of epic proportions Excitement Members of the GardeNumber Four John Resistant to fire, telekinesis, lumen Cepan Henri dead Lara and Liren Four s parents Number Five Number Six Maren Elizabeth Invisibility, telekinesis, change weather Cepan Karatrina dead Number Seven Marina Breathe under water, telekinesis, can undo damage inflicted on those who don t deserve it, heals others and herself, nocturnal vision Cepan Adeline dead Number Eight Number Nine No Name Yet Xray vision, antigravity, superior hearing, can transfer powers Cepan captured, assumed dead Number Ten Ella Can change her age Cepan Crayton alive Book Pittacus of Mytilene and the Athenian War

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    It took me a while to get a copy of this book and at one point, I sort of lost my enthusiast in reading this sequel to I am Number Four, because I guess, I waited too long But when I read the book ,it was as if I haven t left the prequel at all This book grabbed me from hanging off the cliff as the members of the garde gradually find one another I just felt a bit annoyed at Four for his fickle emotions for both Sarah and Six.

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    I received an ARC copy of this book from the publisher for a honest, fair review This is me being honest I m not sure if it s fair I did not like the first book of this series, and I had decided not to waste my time on the sequel I should have gone with my gut reaction and stayed far, far away from this book Why did I read it The better question is, why did I bother seeing the movie after disliking the book so greatly The answer to that question is simpler, the tickets were free How doth one pass up free stuff Oh I know, when they lead to crap.Where was I Oh yes So I saw the movie and thought, hey, this didn t suck complete arse, I wonder what is going to happen next Then we Bookworms got a free copy of The Power of Six from the publisher and I thought, Self, how bad could it really, truly be Give this series another chance Damn my curious soul.5 reasons why I just don t like this book 1 The Power of Six switches back and forth between two different perspectives that of Number 4 and Number 7 The only link between the two perspectives is that they are both Lorien Their stories never coherently messed together and going back and forth was jarring and often took me out of the story.2 Forced love triangles I despise them when they are well done, and I loath them when they are forced into a story just for the hell of having one The love triangle square in this book was a nightmare.3 This book lacked passion, tone, voice, and in general, felt like a robot wrote it It just made me sick to my stomach.4 Simply stated NOTHING HAPPENS Once again, I spent most of the time I was reading this book literally and figuratively twiddling my thumbs When things did happen they were so cliche and just empty that I couldn t help the eye rolls not to mention snorts.5 I NEVER connected with any of the characters They were all one dimensional, saying and doing things that just didn t made sense John Number 4 might be the worst protagonist ever written And Hector the drunken pedophile might be the creepiest secondary character love interest ever written shudders My biggest beef, however, has to do with the authors infamous James Frey unknown Jobie Hughes I just feel like there is something wonky about these books, their exploitation of the Twilight craze, and their willingness to be formulaic and barely mediocre just to make a buck I m sorta ashamed of myself for reading them.It is rare that I will hate on a book and even rarer that I will do it publicly I feel that every writer deserves respect, that their stories are their children I would never walk up to someone, no matter how much I disliked their child, and tell them their son daughter sucks and they created something terrible But in this case, I feel that the authors of these books are not only giving a bad name to YA literature, but taking their fans for a ride They don t seem to have a passion for the craft, but simply a passion for the almighty dollar This isn t their child, it s their meal ticket It s shameful It s sad And it makes me all ranty and angry The end.

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    Loved this sequel We meet of the Legacies in this book and I loved every one of them I love the interaction between the characters and oh my god this book was so griping it s crazy The story is definitely moving forward fast and there was so much action just like the first book My only complaint about this book was the romance was a bit cringeworthy and childish and I m also not loving Sarah any She needs to leave Other than that, the book was all kinds of fun

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    Sorry but if you are not going to be constructive then why are you dragging on about hating the book and only reading it because the guy who played Alex rider in stormbreaker is in it P.s You can t really comment on a book that isn t out yet and therefore you can t have read Goo drool over Alex whats his name.

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    The first volume I sort of read by mistake last year but it was ok Obviously I am not exactly the target audience so would not expect my excitement to have me rush to the bookshop and batter on the door till number two volume was handed to me but even i was amazed that i ambled along quite merrily for months without giving the slightest stuff about number 4 and his collected band of Mog battlers And is it only me who keeps imagining dear old Judith Kerr s creation standing in the middle of the book yowling why, why all this hate for poor little me JK Rowling evidently had the whole of the Potter saga in her head when she began and though people may criticize her for many things I do not think anyone gets the impression that she suddenly, halfway through a novel thought, Oh lets turn the whole concept on its head by changing things or creating characters who are fundamental but did not exist anywhere before.Let me list some points to ponder.1 Adelina.what was her faith journey abouttotally unbelievable and ridiculous Why would she deny her vocation to fight the Mogadorians who she tried to pretend didn t exist by taking on a vocation to be a nun.2 John.the hero Last book he loved in a way he had never loved before.yeah right John that is because you were 15 so how much opportunity had you had Last book he found his first real best friend ever.this bookwhilst going on and on and on and on about the lovely Sarah, he lusts after, and not in a controlled or demure way, Number Six who just happens to be the girl his BEST FRIEND has told him he is in love withtotal arse Oh and he leaves aforsaid best friend to torture and death at the hands, the many hands, of the frankly crap alien fighters I mean come on, these are the hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of enormous, evil, muscular alien soldiers bred and trained to capture and kill two or three people at a time They are hopeless the phrase crash and burn was made for these badass dudes.sorry i have been reading the tripe that is Pittacus Lore s youf speak for a day and a half now and I think it might be catching 3 If the hero and his bunch or indeed any of the stars were running out of one place where they were cornered and happened to stumble, quite by chance, upon the very thing they were looking for..you know things like chests, daggers, keys, real character development, natural plot progression , then I was going to scream Actually i made those last two up obviously cos they are nowhere in sight but you probably get my drift.4 At all costs the innocent must be protected Now of course sometimes the attacks of the Mogadorians were not the fault of 4, 6, 7 etc so view spoiler when the convent is destroyed and presumably all the nuns and orphans toasted well that s war hide spoiler

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    I think I may have actually enjoyed this book than the first in the series Scratch that, I definitely enjoyed it I was actually hesitant to start it because I enjoyed the first so much and didn t see how this one could live up to it But not only did it live up to it, it completely blew it out of the water This book is pure action from the very first second, with the group on the run from the authorities And we re also introduced to a second view point, another Loric in Spain and it only gets and interesting and crazy from there I really loved getting to know about the remaining Loric, their Legacies, their Chests and most of all, the Mogadorians Everything about this series is so damn interesting, I m officially completely and totally under its spell There were some crazy reveals and events that literally had my mind spinning and my jaw dropping, especially right at the very end I m really really loving this series and I can t wait to dive into the next book and see what it brings