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    My favorite quote in the book Had I life to live over, I see now where I could do but neighbor, believe me, my highest aspiration is to be a clean, thrifty housekeeper, a bountiful cook, a faithful wife, a sympathetic mother That is life work for any woman, and to be a good woman is the greatest thing on earth I loved the education the children had The constant learning that was modeled for the children by their father and mother, and the importance they placed on that learning.

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    I ve read this, oh, about 9 times and if that doesn t convince you that this is pure amazingness than maybe I should mention my favorite part Like when Leon has to memorize a Bible verse for church and his mom doesn t double check to see what he chose and what ensues is, well, let s just say the congregation was never the same Or when Little Sister goes on a tiger hunt with the unsuspecting neighborThe time when Leon and Little Sister read about a hanging in the newspaper and wondered what it might feel like How about when the kids were told to feed the geese and yeah, it was fed very wellAlthough the spelling bee was a great moment too oh and the wedding, and when the country school teacher arrives Sigh It ll put you in stitches It s wonderful read it Then let s chat Like my reviews Then you should follow me Because I have hundreds just like this one With each review, I provide a Cleanliness Report, mentioning any objectionable content I come across so that parents and or conscientious readers like me can determine beforehand whether they want to read a book or not Content surprises are super annoying, especially when you re 100 pages in, so here s my attempt to help you avoid that So Follow or Friend me here on GoodReads You ll see my updates as I m reading and know which books I m liking and what I m not finishing and why You ll also be able to utilize my library for looking up titles to see whether the book you re thinking about reading next has any objectionable content or not From swear words, to romance, to bad attitudes in children s books , I cover it all

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    I loved this book because it is the ideal life that I would love my kids to liveon a small family farm, working the land into something beautifulthe family all coming together for every life eventall the women learn everything they should learn about caring for their own home and raising children before they leave homethey all receive a superior education in addition to what they learn in school because their parents are so well educated in classic literature I just love everything about this book It s a good model for how to raise a happy, well educated family.

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    I just reread this favorite and tried to pay attention to why I like it so much It certainly can be a bit wordy and tedious in descriptions at points, unless you Really relate to the descriptions of nature and surrounding Which I usually do I guess It can also be rather glorified and idealistic when describing some of the characters But overall I think I just really admire how the family lives life I think they live each moment to the fullest, putting their whole hearts into it They cry when they mourn, they cry when the rejoice, they refrain from crying when publicly ridiculed, and they are so unified and tender in their feelings for each other as a family I think when I feel really emotional I tend to feel embarrassed and regretful later, but these people unabashedly live life, and I wonder if there is something to that.

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    I really love the natural education of little sister I love how she has so many poems of the McGuffey readers memorized.I love how well trained the characters of little sisters family are I cant get over this remark by mother with all of our twelve never has there been one who and nine months of age did not stop crying if it s father lifted his finger, or tapped his foot and told it to Mother speaks about educating her children to Mr Pryor From the start we have rigorously guarded our speech and actions before them From the first tiny baby my husband has taught all of them to read, write and cipher some, before they went to school at all He is always watching, observing, studying the earth, the stars, growing things he never comes to a meal but he has seen something that he has or will study out for all of us There never has been one day in our home on which he did not read a new interesting article from book or paper work out a big problem, or discuss some phase of politics, religion, or war Sometimes there has been a little of all or it in one day, always reading , spelling, and memory exercises at night He has a sister who twice in her life has repeated the Bible as a test before a committee He, himself, can go through the New Testament and all of the Old save the books of the generations He always says he considers it a waste of gray matter to learn them He has been a schoolmaster, his home his school room, his children, wife and helpers his pupils the common things of life as he meets them every day, the books from which we learn Well there is a great quote about how to educate your children if I have ever heard one Books like these makes me long for the old times And inspires me in new ways to bring what was good about those days back into my life today.

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    I grew up reading the classics, mostly from my Grandfather s library, but it was my Dad who introduced me to S P His favorite book growing up were Freckles, Laddie, and anything by Horatio Alger Re reading Laddie and Freckles many years later I can understand why my Father loved them, and see how the boy who delighted in these stories chock full of natural history became the man who swerved the plow to miss a nest of baby rabbits in a field and came home every day reporting on their growth Laddie, especially, is a paean to rural living and S P fills her books with details of birds, trees, insects and flowers Laddie is told by Little Sister , the youngest of a family of 12 children, and centers around her experiences as the older ones grow up, fall in love and marry The MC loves being outside than anything except her big brother Laddie, who is her hero Like other books of this time period the family life is idealized, especially when it deals with the parents and life on the farm, though there are disagreements among the children, troubles and some heartbreak, but laughter and fun.There are times when I just can t find a book that pleases me I may try one after another, but they all feel shallow and superficial Then I know I need to step back and read the books I grew up with, the older stories full of sentiment, true affections and ideals Books written for people who don t hate description and laugh at talk of God and prayer, and know that there are many types of love, and none of them are lust Also, books that can make me smile This is one of those books, and I ve enjoyed reading it over the years, when I need a touch of sunshine and nature It s a clean, wholesome story you can read with pleasure, to yourself or aloud to your family.

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    A goodie from 1913 A story that Little Sister tells about her large sized family, but most specifically, about her older brother whom she simply adores, Laddie.It is a rather pretty type of story from the late 1800s in Indiana Written in descriptive prose, similar in style to perhaps L.M Montgomery or Louisa May Alcott a favorite type of writing style for me It contains many great lessons pertaining to a loving family and an Almighty God I enjoyed how much of the family s Christian faith was infused into the entire book.The descriptions and textual imagery are perfect, providing an authentic country kind of feel the story, and often describing gorgeous nature scenes so perfectly, I can see it before my eyes Quality values and old fashioned traditions seep through the pages Whatever the predicament or joyous occasion taking place, you re always rooting for Little Sister and for Laddie Laddie stooped down to kiss me good bye and he said Don t cry, Little Sister The way to be happy is to be good CHAPTER XVII, Laddie This is the epitome of wholesome literature.If you like reading ebooks, grab a free copy of Laddie from or Project Gutenberg

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    Another re reading of Laddie only cements it as one of my favorite books of all time As it is said to be based on Gene Stratton Porter s childhood, I can only wish I had known her family The values espoused by her parents deserve to be emulated If you have never read this book, you are missing a great treat.

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    I just finished reading this gem aloud to my kids, and out of the dozens and dozens of read aloud books we ve done I m sure this is our favorite Little Britches would be a close second Unlike some readers who ve understandably needed time to connect with the book, we all loved it from the start Little Sister s innocent devotion to her older brother and her passion for nature and family, as well as a startling spiritual maturity made us all enjoy her right away The family is a certain kind of ideal that makes me sad for our weaknesses but also inspires us to treasure our family The kids all enjoyed the comedic moments and the drama My girls loved the courtships My oldest correctly predicted the ending, but it only made it satisfying for her It s a wonderful hidden treasure of classic children s literature This book would probably be receptive read aloud to kids already accustomed to read alouds I would also recommend saving this one for pre teen ages and up.

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    I wanted to read this after I finished the Gene Stratton Porter biography that I read last week called Nature s Storyteller I was struck by how many small little details that Gene included in Little Sister s character and life that were straight out of Gene s own life not enjoying her Saturday night hair washing, taming birds to the point of dressing them in little clothes, her adoration of her parents and just so much The same with her family and certain incidents in their lives The property described, the church they sold land to, the incident with Little Sister at school where she told the teacher she was wrong about a fact these are all true and straight from Gene s life.Much of the story is fiction too, for in real life, Gene s beloved older brother Laddie died when she was a little girl I like to think that this book is the way that Gene would have wished for things to have been had her valiant Laddie lived on.

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