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Voyage on the Great Titanic: The Diary of Margaret Ann Brady summary Voyage on the Great Titanic: The Diary of Margaret Ann Brady, series Voyage on the Great Titanic: The Diary of Margaret Ann Brady, book Voyage on the Great Titanic: The Diary of Margaret Ann Brady, pdf Voyage on the Great Titanic: The Diary of Margaret Ann Brady, Voyage on the Great Titanic: The Diary of Margaret Ann Brady 5dbf68f7e3 Margaret Anne Dreams Of Leaving The Orphanage Behind, And She Can Hardly Believe Her Luck When She Is Chosen To Accompany Wealthy Mrs Carstairs Aboard The Great Titanic But When The Passengers Are Woken On A Freezing Night In April , She Finds Herself Caught Up In An Unimaginable Nightmare

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    Of the Titanic story, I always find it most difficult to get through reading or hearing about the crew who sacrificed their lives What amazes me most is that the band selflessly played through the entire ordeal without rushing to the lifeboats and trying to save themselves If there was one thing I could do with my musical career, it would be to play in a time like that to try to keep a panicky audience calmThe cooks, the stewards, the entrie crew and of course the captain went down with the ship Sometimes heroic acts aren t fighting in a bloody war but making the most of what you ve got unfortunately in the case of the Titanic, there wasn t much that they had.At first, I thought that the theme of the Titanic wasn t appropriate for a Dear America book after re reading it, however, I remember that the overall goal was to get to America, and there were several key American characters The book was well written and interesting, as well as descriptive A good read.

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    Robert let out his breath You know, you never told me how old you are, Margaret I will be fourteen in October, I said Except that now I was unlikely to see October For me, it would have been seventeen in August, Robert said.Would have been God help us After reading this line, I said I am not going to cry, I will not make a fool of myself, I will not cry in a bus, in front of my friends But still, I did I made a fool of myself while my friends were watching me like I was a runaway gorilla from a zoo But I have no regrets, I now hold the record of crying in the most absurd places and all kind of transport vehicles So congratulate me Ok , ok, I know I am quite talkative, now back to the book.Now, I come to the legendary tale of Titanic, the story which many authors have tried to re imagine and write for readers But, many few of them succeeded, and this book definitely did.While reading it, I discarded everything going around me I was happy being in the 19th century than in this 21st one Although I don t think I would be able to survive without my kindle and headphones But still living in different era for a day or two was good I went to the Titanic and lived there and survived the danger myself Although this book is not based on a real person It is very true to the core.After reading it, all I could think about was Titanic, Titanic, TitanicIt rings with true history events and has true feelings to the very core And if you re a imaginative reader, the story is bound to make all the scenes float before your eyes I literally cried when it happened with Robert I guess I will not spoil you.In one sentence Stunning book, amazing words, captivating story, great author.

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    Rating 3 starsPlot 3Characters 2.5Writing style 3 Voyage on the Great Titanic The Diary of Margaret Ann Brady by Ellen Emerson White is a diary of an orphan teenage girl that gets to accompany wealthy first class passanger aboard the Titanic It s a well written historical fiction that gives a lot of factual evidence about the time period and the sinking of Titanic I just think the characters could ve been a bit polished LTU vertinimas 3 vaig dut sSiu etas 3Veik jai 2.5Ra ymo stilius 3Ellen Emerson White Voyage on the Great Titanic The Diary of Margaret Ann Brady tai na lait s paaugl s dienora tis, kuri lydi turting pirmos klas s keleiv , keliaujan i Titaniku Tai puikiai para ytas istorinis romanas, kuriama pateikta daug informacijos apie istorin laikotarp bei Titaniko katastrof Tik nor josi, kad veik jai b t labiau i baigti.

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    This was a pretty good book The beginning of the book was a little bit boring, but the end got really good Margaret is a poor girl that is assisting a VERY wealthy woman, so the women takes her on the ship, the Titanic, with her Margaret feels very fortunate to be on such an amazing ship I liked the ending, but it was also really sad because she described the whole event of the ship sinking It made me kind of depressed You could just imagine how she felt and how bad the survivors guilt was for her She never spoke of the experience to anyone.

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    My 9 year old niece, Allison, is currently obsessed with the Titanic, so I picked this book up for her birthday I thought I d give it a quick read before I passed it along to her.I can t say this this was the most engaging book I ve ever read Though the main character, Margaret, was well developed, I didn t necessarily feel like I got to know the other characters very well That s not too shocking, though, for a book for this age group, and I doubt my niece will care There was a lot of background and descriptive info on the time period and the Titanic in particular The choice of having a lower class girl travelling with the first class passengers was a good one, as it allowed the author to showcase specific class differences at the time Especially poignant, as always, was the gross differences in loss of life when the Titanic sank.Overall, I think my niece will enjoy this one, and hopefully it will be a good gateway into her wanting to read and learn about history.

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    This has to be one of my favorites from the Dear America series No girl should pass up this lovely book It is the fictional story of Margaret Ann Brady as she sets sail on the Titanic s first voyage Amidst all the excitement, no one realizes the devastating fate of that ship It will be a horrible shock to all.I immensely loved Voyage on the Great Titanic It s worthy of being read a second time.

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    Margaret sets sail on the Titanic and I enjoyed every minute of her voyage Margaret has an excellent sense of humor and the writing was clever and the story moved forward nicely.

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    Although the Titanic s 100th anniversary has come and gone, it s a story that never grows old As James Cameron s Titanic starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet entrances a new audience now viewing it in theaters in 3D and countless television specials and books continue to be released, the tragic tale of man s arrogance and nature s power still intrigues the public.Margaret Ann Brady is an orphan living at St Abernathy s Orphanage for Girls in Whitechapel, London, England Her older brother William has gone to America a few years earlier, after both their parents died One day she is offered passage to join her brother by a wealthy American woman who will be sailing on Titanic s maiden voyage Margaret agrees and her adventure begins On board the ship she meets interesting characters, sees how high society lives and becomes friends with a cabin steward by the name of Robert.Every detail of the magnificent sailing vessel is described in Margaret s diary from the enormous black funnels of the steam engines to the intricately folded napkins on the dinner tables Margaret learns what caviar and wine taste like, as well as what it feels like to wear satin dresses and fancy evening gloves.The diary of Margaret Ann Brady even explains what it was ike from the moment first class passengers felt a slight jarring in their beds to that terrible moment those in the lifeboats watched the broken ship sink beneath the icy waters of the north Atlantic.So many lives were lost in the horrific events of April 14 15, 1912 that no matter how many times one reads about it, there is always one story to discover This book is written for readers ages 8 and up, however, adults will likely enjoy it as well.Read of this review

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    I absolutely love the Titanic story I love the heroic people who stayed on the boat, and who gave up their places on the lifeboats for others, and above all the band who stayed at played throughout the whole sinking It s such a heartbreaking story, but it makes me realise how amazing people are So when I read a historical fiction book about the Titanic, I expect a lot Luckily, I think this book did them justice Margaret, the writer of the diary, realised how truly amazing these people were She appreciated them And they deserve every bit of appreciation she gave them, and However, I felt it wasn t written all that well The first half of the book dragged, and the second half only picked up a little I know, that s what life was like back then They, especially women, didn t really do much But I ve read books set in the same era, and really enjoyed them There s ways to make a boring life seem interesting.The ending was incredibly disappointing It s meant to make me cry, but I barely felt sad at all Of course, it was a children s book, so I didn t expect it to be that detailed, but I still think it could have been done a lot better I don t need to know every detail of every character s death The dead were given justice, but not in this part I wanted to miss them, and worry about them But I just Couldn t No matter how hard I tried.Don t get me wrong, I love the My Story books Actually, I think these ones are called Dear America In New Zealand they re called My Story Anyway, this one was not nearly as good as the other ones I ve read This series really let me down

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    This is another one of those books which I read several years ago, and finally picked up again.Yes, I remembered it perfectly.Yes, I cried again.

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