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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 358 pages
  • One Grave at a Time (Night Huntress, #6)
  • Jeaniene Frost
  • English
  • 14 November 2019
  • 9780061783197

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    4 Heretic Ghost Stars Spoilers First read 3 01 2014 Reread 11 30 2015 Do you know Kramer considered women responsible for everything from impotence to failed crops and that s not getting started on his obsession with their inherently evil, insatiable slutty natures, of course Bones s mouth curled Want to kill him a great deal now, do you Oh, so much Cat and Bones You seem pretty relaxed about this whole situation, I said with mild exasperation, noting the nonchalance in his tone and vibe Bones all but rolled his eyes Why wouldn t I be For the first time in years, our relationship is solid, no one s actively trying to murder us, and our closest mates are happy Blimey, Kitten, if I were any relaxed, I d need a smoke Cat and BonesOne Grave at a Time, the 6th book in the Night Huntress Series, was a awesomely action packed read Though I enjoyed it, I didn t enjoy it as much as the others in this series I think it was because there was so much going on with the plot that there wasn t a lot of Bones and Cat time Their relationship kinda took a backseat in this book, and I missed them That s right, honey, state your claim on Mr Yummy Pants I d do the same if I were you Tyler I ve watched you barely escape death several times, and each instance killed me a little inside They may be dormant now, but we have enemies both cunning and cruel Knowing you possess the power to defeat most of them doesn t threaten me, luv It relieves me to my very core BonesThis book centers around Heinrich Kramer Kramer a evil ghost that every year picks 3 women to rape and burn for being witches He can do this because he becomes whole on Halloween flesh and all When Cat becomes 1 of the 3 women he has chosen, will she and bones be able to find a way to stop Kramer Will she be able to save herself and the other two women from a fiery grave There s no need to worry, I said while wondering if I d have to stop some of them from calling the police We don t kill people well, not people who don t deserve it, that is, and Graham screamed, trying to run for the door Bones had him dangling by the front of his shirt in the next blink, throwing me a sardonic look Best not to mention any killing in a reveal speech, luv Cat and Bones The myths got some things right Superspeed is one of them What did the myths get wrong he asked at once Uncontrollable need to kill, wooden stakes, exploding in sunlight, cringing at crosses, lack of reflection, and, oh, the stiff collared capes I mean, honestly, who would go out in public wearing one of those Fashion tragedy, Tyler agreed Cat, Chris, and TylerI really missed Bones and Cat in this one Though there is a few sweet moments and one awesome flying sex scene the lack of Bones and Cat alone time made me a little sad This book introduces us to the next villain that we will see of in book 7, Madigan I also missed Vlad and Mencheres in this book, but I got lots of yummy Ian I really really need Ian s book to come out soon I am so not good with waiting Patience is not my virtue Francine got frightened by a noise and cut herself after squeezing a sage glass too hard, Ian supplied Your mum pounced on her and started sucking away Would ve been arousing if not for all the screaming Ian, Bones drew out warningly He grinned You re right I was aroused anyway Ian and Bones Blah blah blah, I m a slutty witch, and the fires of hell await me, blah You really need some new material My mother can curse me out better than that CatThat being said, Kramer was evil and cringingly disgusting The backstory of his witch hunting and the real book that he wrote gave me a lot to think about as I googled him It s hard to think about some of the things that have happened in history I felt the book moved at a nice pace and was full of action and kick ass fights I am looking forward to Vlad s book next as I am reading in the order of the Night Huntress Universe book list Please Please I am not above begging Please Jeaniene Frost I need Ian s book soon You remember the first time I did that I murmured, slipping my arms around him We were dancing His voice was richer with the desire I felt rising in him And you were taunting me with how much I wanted you I smiled against his skin, tracing another sensitive spot with my tongue and enjoying his resulting shudder I didn t know that then I just thought you were easy His laugh rumbled out, hard arms tightening around me I was, but I still wanted you than I believed possible You don t know how mad you drove me those first several weeks It tormented me seeing you every day and being unable to touch you because you hated me I hated myself Another whisper, but this one he heard You showed me how to accept myself, and I loved you long before I could admit it to you Cat and Bones

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    I began One Grave at a Time with this expression and ended with this one The main reasons why I adore the Night Huntress novels 1 Bones.2 Cat.3 The romance between the two.4 Amusing and awesome side characters Vlad.5 Lots of awww worthy scenes 6 An utterly engaging plot Of those six reasons, only one of them is found in One Grave at a Time in abundance, and that is Cat There is not nearly enough Bones, none of Vlad, almost no cute and heart stopping fights playful bantering between Cat and Bones, and a terribly boring plot Yes, I love the way Cat and Bones s relationship has matured No, I do not like the fact that it is apparent only in a few select scenes throughout the entire book while the rest of the book is dedicated to Fabian and his ghostly friend s problem A wave of pleasure brushed against my subconscious, drifting out from the shields Bones had erected around himself as soon as our helicopter landed He liked that I d added the last name he d been born with to my own That was all the officiating I needed to decide that I d be Catherine Crawfield Russell from this day forth. And who the hell led me to believe that there was lots of Ian in this book Yes, Ian was in a lot of scenes, but he was never the center of attention in said scenes He appeared, imparted some witty comment, and disappeared I don t think he even said than 10 sentences in the entire book And I ask once , where has VLAD disappeared off to If this is Frost s way of making us anticipate Once Burned even , it s working A lot of people disliked the previous book, but I loved it because there was plenty of the main attraction this series holds for me in it the characters That is definitely not the case in OGT This book had a lot of action, but none of it stands out against any of the other UF PNR novels out there OGT reminded me of Sookie Stackhouse and most of the novels in that series, with a lot of mystery and action but not enough story While that doesn t bother me in SS, it does bother me when it happens in NH because I simply don t read NH for the action or plot I read it for Bones, Cat, and their relationship with each other and their friends The plot itself isn t really that bad The chasing the criminal routine is way dragged out than needed, but my main problem is still the fact that this is not what I look for or expect or want when I read an NH novel I expect myself to be wowed and wooed, not bored and disappointed This book is extremely short, and I m not referring to the page count I really hope the next book is dynamic and epic and extraordinary, or I might just lose interest in this series altogether.For reviews, visit my blog.

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    Reread Mel

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    Does anyone want to explain why the hell I can t seem to leave Ghosts and witches and Halloween.And of course our friendly and unfriendly vampires.Cat still carries the residual effects of Marie Laveau s blood magic, so expect lots and lots of ghosts in this book.Heinrich Kramer is an evil ghost who hates women When he was still alive he used to burn women accusing them for witchcraft When he died, his very strong spirit stayed so now every year around Halloween, his body becomes physical again and he chooses women to torture and burn for being witches Cat tries to find him and destroy him in order to help her ghostly friend, Fabian who wants to help his ghostly girlfriend Elizabeth Obviously ghosts do not like loneliness But soon Cat will realise that she is one of the chosen women by Kramer and her life is in danger.About the rest of the characters Mencheres and Vlad are not present in this book, while the rest of the characters make small appearances especially Spade and Denise You re shagging a woman who can turn into a dragon Blast you, Charles, I am sick with envy Tyler is a cute new character, a psychic who can communicate with spirits I thought Bones looked like a little slice of heaven, but you re the whole cake, aren t you, sugar Moreover, Cat s uncle, Don, has apparently stayed around as ghost, while Madigan an old rival of Don will take Don s place A new enemy maybe Overall the book was entertaining Kramer was the most perfect, most cunning, nastiest bad guy His story is rather spooky and less adventurous, so it is perfect for a Halloween read.

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    Nothing like a bad guy that you truly hate, and this book has one The guy is a ghost who used to torture women and burn them at the stake as witches all while spouting bible verses at them Thank God that men don t use the religion to hurt and oppress women in this day and age Those were barbaric times.Cat and Bones are trying to figure out how to kill a ghost when he s already dead Turns out that it s kinda hard Who knew So, Ghostman is really screwing with them He keeps materializing and kicking their asses He s the king of the unwanted pop in Oh, no, please don t call first Have a seat and tell me why you are invading my space.The book kind of dragged on It was just them running from one place to another and then getting their asses handed to them over and over again So, it got a bit boring because of this And, then finally, when there is going to be a final showdown, Cat makes some stupid decisions that really pissed me off She agrees not to go off on her own, which was good, and then she goes off on her own To a ghost who kicks her ass and knows how to kill her To a guy who she KNOWS is planning to rape her, torture her, and then burn her to death I was so angry that I had a hard time finishing the story I also was thinking she deserved everything that she got because of her own stupidity So, there is one book left and I am reading it for closure, but still

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    I didn t like it I didn t hate it I did expect Part of the allure of this series is the great cast of characters Cat and Bones and their amazing secondary characters Ian, Spade, Mencheres, Marie, and Justine This book fell flat for me Once again, I found myself with the dreaded book ADHD I constantly put down the book and did other stuff I never did that with the earlier books.Here s the thing Cat and Bones have lost their sizzle Yes, Bones is still hot and he has rippling muscles, yada yada Bones is oh, so sexy But the heat of the first 4 books is lost and nowhere to be found Yes, there was a sexy chapter, but nothing like the infamous chapter 32 of book 2.The secondary characters have always added a lot to this series Sadly, Vlad and Mencheres were missing in action Marie, the ghoul queen, was mentioned many times but did not even merit a cameo appearance Cat s mom Justine, the woman we all loved to hate seemed to have been neutered And to make her a vegetarian vampire What s up with that Of all the people who have been made into vampires, I imagined Justine as a bloodthirsty, scary vampire Instead, she was trying to get sustenance from meat packages at grocery stores Ick Spade was boring Denise was a welcome surprise, too bad her role could not have been expanded.I think that Ian and Tyler saved the book with their well timed lines.I did find the book a little repetitive at first There seemed to be a lot of recapping of events I also found that the secondary story line revolving around Madigan and Don did not seem to fit, or maybe I just didn t care about it.Big Bad or Heinrich Kramer was repulsive I found that he just annoyed me and got on my nerves towards the end Not sure if I can recommend this book to anyone If you are a die hard fan, I m sure you ll enjoy this book Otherwise, it s best to stop at book 4 Some great quotes I loved

    You re shagging a woman who can turn into a dragon Blast you, Charles, I am sick with envy

    Family Aren t they a motherfucker sometimes

    Check out my review and at Badass Book Reviews

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    It seems that the cover for the 6th book is out alreadyAnd guess what, they change the model I admit I like the previous model, but this one not bad either Her hair is down, and the cat finally make appearance hello Van Helsing I love the stepback tooLike always, we can t see ALL Bones s face, but no problem PThe release date is August, 30th, so we just wait 3 months to read this Good, I really hate waiting so long Just ordered my copy LOL UPDATE The trailer of One Grave at a Time and BONES

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    Cat s got her hands full in this one As the Red Reaper, she s been on death s door plenty of times But when a threat to all women arises, Cat can t seem to keep her temper at bay Vengeance must be served and Cat is than willing to dish it out.Kramer, a sick minded ghost who has the ability to become flesh and bone on All Hollow s Eve is on the rampage, willing to brutalize women he believes to be witches In his human years, he has brutalized woman and burned them alive Beyond death, he still poses a threat to woman as each year, on Halloween, his body becomes physical again At this time, Kramer continues his sick ways, doling out death to those he doesn t think deserves to live.While One Grave at a Time was filled with blood and gore, it wasn t my favourite of the Night Huntress series I thought that the action really picked up towards the end of the book, but the beginning was a little lacklustre for me It wasn t uneventful But it just wasn t as engaging as some of Frost s previous instalments in the series.I missed the presence of Vlad and Mencheres Both characters have become crucial members of the Night Huntress gang and I really missed reading about them While Ian and Tyler get in some really great lines once in awhile, I still felt that something was missing a bit.I know you re wondering if there s Chapter 32 3.0 There s a nice scene that gets the heart racing, but it s heart than heat I loved these moments between Bones and Cat It s these scenes that I wish I were Cat Sex with Bones gives Boning a whole new meaning Overall, this book was still a solid instalment to the ever growing series I m anxious to read the next one Favourite Quote Ian, ever tactful, had another form of hello Christ, Reaper, with your bald head and all that soot, you look like a mannequin someone attacked with a blowtorch Ian, if I weren t holding this sod, you d be on the ground right now, Bones gritted out I m not holding anyone, Spade said, and whacked Ian hard enough to make him stagger.

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    The Night Huntress series is a big guilty pleasure of mine I love the characters, the dialogue and each new challenge presented to Cat and Bones in every book They are not deep stories and there is quite a large emphasis on romance and sex, rather than mysteries, but they re pleasurable and addictive like chocolate And they re also better than a great deal of the paranormal genre because Jeaniene Frost writes fantastic characters and banter between them.It s than just paranormal romance but less than your typical urban fantasy, it s what I will refer to as paranormal chick lit because it has the same light hearted, feel good factor of the best chick lit novels but with an array of colourful and interesting supernatural creatures And it is so funny And sexy All the characters have well written personalities that lead to fantastic scenes that you can actually picture being real because Cat, Bones, Vlad, Spade, Ian and whoever else all have very distinct voices and I love them all for different reasons.I did miss Vlad in this installment but luckily it seems he s getting his own spin off series soon, so major YAY Basically, if you enjoyed the rest of the Night Huntress series, chances are you ll love this one too.

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    I own every book Jeaniene Frost has written I Love Cat and Bones The first four books in the series are just plain old awesome The last book 5 was just OK, it wasn t great, but it wasn t bad I think I rated it four stars, but of 3.5 This latest book One Grave at a Time, just wasn t that good I m sorry to say it, because I really love Ms Frost, and I don t want to insult her hard work, but I owe it to my blog readers to put aside my personal feelings towards the author, and give my honest opinion about the book that was written.For the rest of the review please visit Badass Book ReviewsI don t get this book at all It was like an outline that needs to be filled in, but for some reason, went to print early without all the necessary parts Ian wasn t funny Bones wasn t sexy Cat wasn t badass Denise and Spade were therebutnot Justina didn t have any quips, although she does almost eat someoneI sensed a twilight moment there for a second.

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One Grave at a Time (Night Huntress, #6)characters One Grave at a Time (Night Huntress, #6), audiobook One Grave at a Time (Night Huntress, #6), files book One Grave at a Time (Night Huntress, #6), today One Grave at a Time (Night Huntress, #6), One Grave at a Time (Night Huntress, #6) 3a433 How Do You Send A Killer To The Grave When He S Already Dead Having Narrowly Averted An Under World War, Cat Crawfield Wants Nothing Than A Little Downtime With Her Vampire Husband, Bones Unfortunately, Her Gift From New Orleans S Voodoo Queen Just Keeps On Giving Leading To A Personal Favor That Sends Them Into Battle Once Again, This Time Against A Villainous SpiritCenturies Ago, Heinrich Kramer Was A Witch Hunter Now, Every All Hallows Eve, He Takes Physical Form To Torture Innocent Women Before Burning Them Alive This Year, However, A Determined Cat And Bones Must Risk All To Send Him Back To The Other Side Of Eternity Forever But One Wrong Step And They Ll Be Digging Their Own Graves