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    A book nobody could writeAlthough this is on my read shelf I didn t actually read it from first to last page But I listened to Bob s albums hundreds of times, reading along the lyrics from this book, although I don t have to, because I know most of the words by heart Sometimes I wonder how a single man could write so many great songs and still going strong It makes me happy to live at the same time on the same planet as His Bobness being able to see him live on stage on his never ending tour.I have the bilingual English German edition that contains translations of the lyrics made by Gisbert Haefs which are actually rather good The literal translation was sacrificed in favor of the song matching rhythm and rhyme, but that s a good thing This is the third edition of the book I own after Lyrics, 1962 1985 up to the album Empire Burlesque and Writings and Drawings up to New Morning This book has accompanied me my whole life.Update 10 13 16 Congrats to His Bobness for receiving the Nobel Prize in Literature 2016 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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    The tune that is yours and mine to play upon this earth,We ll play it out the best we know, whatever it is worth,What s lost is lost, we can t regain what went down in the flood,But happiness to me is you and I love you than blood.It s never been my duty to remake the world at large,Nor it is my intention to sound a battle charge, Cause I love you than all of that with a love that doesn t bend,And if there is eternity, I d love you there again Bilo mi je te ko da pesme koje godinama znam odvojim od melodije i posmatram ih na papiru samo kao re i, ali zato kad sam se skoncentrisala, ovo je bilo pravo u ivanje U ovoj zbirci ima stvarno prelepih stihova i ideja Nevezano za Nobelovu nagradu i temu za to ba on , ovo je vrlo prijatno za itanje Na mahove mi se inilo da ne postoji tema koju nije pesmom obradio dru tvena nepravda, ratovi, ljubomora, e nja, prijateljstvo, priroda, religija svi a mi se njegov senzibilitet Kao kad bi Bala evi dobio Ninovu nagradu, to mi je najbolja paralela Nije da bih se alila

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    okay, i ve had enough what else can you show me

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    Lyrics runs counter to the usually printed collections of lyrics which contain lots of glossy pictures of the artist in action at least this was a recognizable genre in my youth I wonder is it still , perhaps with printed chord changes, musician producer video credits, or even printed music Lyrics consists of nothing but album covers in chronological order, and lyrics from songs and outtakes later released on the albums, printed in black text on white pages So if you are interested enough in this book to be reading reviews and considering spending 45 list price discounted at and other sites for something that is available freely on the internet song by song, the question this review really should answer is why should you buy this book Christopher Ricks, in his seminal Dylan s Visions of Sin, makes the point that music consists of three components words, set to music, performed and must be considered in this context, as Dylan has been a master of all three components and the synergisms they offer But the graphic layout and typography of Lyrics challenges us to view these lyrics as poems There is no attempt to associate the lyrics with the music to which they are set, and to the many performances of the music and lyrics.The challenge is faced and answered This is poetry of a quantity, quality, humor, passion, and depth that is an embarrassment of riches Consider, for example Long Ago, Far Away , written in 1962 when Dylan was a just noticed 20 year old newcomer to New York.One man had much moneyOne man had not enough to eatOne man he lived just like a kingThe other man begged on the streetLong ago, far awayThings like that don t happenNo , nowadaysNotice the wisdom of the restraint displayed in much money , not the normative too much money that could be easily pointed down an accusatory finger at the reader, and the ending lines Things like that don t happen no , nowadays which would find an echo later in the amazing Red River Shore of the mature poet which isn t in this edition because it was released on an official bootleg after this volume was published Note also that, as befits a poetry anthology, this book consists only of songs for which Dylan has the writing credits not other songs he later made his own in performance like The Water is Wide duet with Joan Baez from the Rolling Thunder tour.For another example, lets look briefly at his most famous word poem Like a Rolling Stone In performance, particularly in the searing live performance in the 1965 England tour documented in C P Lee s Bob Dylan Like the Night, it is easy to miss the difference between the first chorus To be without a homeand the subsequent choruses To be on your ownwith no direction home.In the difference lies the poetry in the words printed in black and white on paper separate from the music and the performance.Another evidence of the poetry on the page is the way that reading these words echos inside the mind s ear apart from the music Sometimes the tune comes naturally to mind, but often, even for the poems set to the best known tunes, the mind searches for how to map the words to the music without the performance The poetry stands alone.The poet also grows through cycles, an effect that is noticeable by reading through the collection chronologically front to back The first nine albums show an outpouring of passion and emotion as words express emotion as if tumbling freeform from the mind of the poet Then in the early 70 s during the first downturn in Dylan s never ending career, there is a dropoff in the quality and quantity of the poetry that included even the critically acclaimed Basement Tapes Yes, you heard right These are rightly considered classics of American music, but reading the poetry of the lyrics reveals a profound truth the classic quality of the Tapes are in the music and performance, not the poetry.With 1975 s Planet Waves Dylan began another nine album cycle of high quality poetic outburst that shows the mature poet in full control of his artistry and passion After a second decline in the early 90s Empire Burleque, Knocked Out Loaded, and Down in the Groove , Dylan the poet re emerged yet again this time with poetry of wisdom that matched and transcended his early poetry of passion and his middle poetry of maturity This period continues today in several albums beyond the publication date of Lyrics.So yes, I think you should, if you are a fan of Dylan, purchase Lyrics, even though you, like me, may already have pulled the lyrics down from bobdylan.com and other sites and added them to your iTunes library and your iPod Separating the poetry from the performance will enhance your appreciation of this classic book of poems

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    DARK EYESOh, the gentlemen all are talking And the midnight moon is on the riverside,They re drinking up and walking,And it s time for me to slide I live inside another world Where life and death are memorized,Where the earth is strung with lovers pearls And all I see are dark eyes.A cock is crowing far away, Another soldier s deep in prayer,Some mother s child has gone astray, She can t find him anywhere.But I can hear another drum Beating for the dead that rise,Whom nature s beast fears as they come And all I see are dark eyes.They tell me to be discreet for all intents and purposes ,They tell me that revenge is sweet And from where they stand, I m sure it is.But I feel nothing for their game Where beauty goes unrecognized,All I feel is heat and flame And all I see are dark eyes.Oh, the French girl, she s in paradise And a drunken man is at the wheel Hunger pays a heavy price To the falling gods of speed and steel Oh, time is short and the days are sweet And passion rules the arrow that flies,A million faces at my feet But all I see are dark eyes.

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    I first got into Dylan by listening to Slow Train Coming and Street Legal on borrowed records from my godfather Particular amalgam of his lyrics and music with his voice was so unique and contagious that some of the songs immediately got under my skin and stayed there for ever While reading this book I got familiar with Dylan s huge discography, listening to some of the songs for the first time The fascinating thing is the broadness of topics and approaches he took, as well as the ease with which he is changing songs or should I say poems structures Obviously not meant just to be read too many repeats in some of the songs it is like a record of old folk tales and it reads with the same intensity.

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    I was hoping to learn a little bit about Dylan and how he went about his business of writing song lyrics by reading them myself Much has been said about Bob Dylan The Poet , but nobody has really said he isn t, until me Yes, Bobby can rhyme He can write great lyrics But he is not a great poet I am not concerned what the experts have to say on this matter regarding the merits of his poetry I am telling you, stick to Wallace Stevens, Emily Dickinson, Jack Gilbert, or me, if what you need is an authentic poem If a good rhyme is all you need, and you want to call that poetry, then I say stick with Dr Seuss.

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    I loved just reading Bobs lyrical genius I listed this as poetry for a reason and it is well deserving of that title This book also went about the task of introducing me to less well known songs that I had not heard before So here s to Bob Dylan, the man who helped bring politically charged music to the forefront of the 60 s.

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    The first edition of this book long out of print was probbaly the best It included drawings by Dylan and some brief typewritten stream of consciousness stories Very cool That edition, however, cuts off at 1971 or so It remains one of my favorite books from my high school years The current edition has all the lyrics through 2001.

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    I read this book several years ago It was assigned for a college literature class The professor was a huge Dylan fan and it was very interesting as he talked on the world happenings and influences that produced these lyrics I am not a particular fan of his music style but the class and his lyrics did change my appreciation for his talent.

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