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    I finished reading this book in two sittings with my 9 year old daughter and 6 year old son Suspenseful, well written, and filled with interesting characters, my kids didn t want me to stop reading the second night so that it was 10 pm when we finally turned the last page.I had two different reactions from my children by the end of the book My daughter, who is sensitive, liked the story but was so saddened by the tragedy of the Titanic that she couldn t sleep afterwards The author deftly drew us into the story, depicting the sinking and how George, the main character, was touched as he struggled to survive and then watched as others did not At times, during the reading, I choked up and had to control my own emotions I kept thinking of the Titanic exhibition I had seen in Las Vegas in May, where some of the passengers stories were displayed along with some of their still intact belongings recovered from the wreckage Very sobering.My son, on the other hand, said he learned so many new things with this book I am citing his words verbatim He was fascinated by the Titanic, just like George, and kept asking me many questions throughout the reading, to the frustration of his sister Mostly, he was taken with the scientific details of the sinking itself So, I went on to explain and to draw on paper what the actual size of an iceberg is in comparison to the tip that shows up from the waters, how it cut the ship, and how the ship snapped in two before plunging deep into the sea and the effects of the swirling waters that pulled everything with it as the ship sank quickly and deeply.My son in now eager to read the next book in this series I Survived the Shark Attacks of 1916 I m not so sure my daughter would want to read this one, though However, one thing is certain This new fictional series of books based on true events is exciting and brings history alive to young ones Highly recommended for the adventurous and curious kids in your life.

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    Overdrive app Updated with review Titanic is one of those disasters that just captures the imagination My dad kind of started me being fascinated with this when he got the Titanic movie with Kate Winslet way back when I didn t care for then or now the romance beetween the leads and I liked Leo s character than Kate s I remember making my mom laugh when I told her that the parts when the ship starts to sink were exciting I was 13 I think when the movie was out on VHS.I looked up everything I could back then marveling at what happened and everything that happened after Wishing I could back in time to warn people.Rambling aside, this is my favorite one of the series so far Teared up a few times and early in the beginning, rolling my eyes at George and wondering why Aunt Daisy didn t have any grey hairs.Wait till you meet a certain two characters later on, one was especially adorable.This one still goes through my head, playing certain parts over in my mind.Lauren Fortgang 4 stars as narrator She did a bang up job bringing everything to life and really putting you on the edge of your seat sometimes.

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    George Calder is 10 years old and just spent a fun time in England with his Aunt Daisy Now George, his little sister, Phoebe, and Aunt Daisy are all steaming towards New York on board the Titanic George is a bit rambunctious, getting into trouble for things like sliding down the main staircase railing, but he s just enjoying the trip The Titanic is huge, very ornate and there is just so much to see and do It s a bit overwhelming They meet a nice Italian man, Mario, and his 4 year old son Enzo Then the trip changes from joyful to frightening The Titanic strikes an iceberg and begins to sink There aren t enough lifeboats on board for everyone What will happen to all the people on the doomed ship I love this middle grade series Each book is set during a historic event or disaster and tells a fictionalized eyewitness account of a child who survived the event Many historical facts are mixed in with the fictional story The stories have a lot of action and interesting facts and would be perfect for reluctant readers, supplemental reading for history units or just as part of a classroom or school library While the stories do contain details about serious events that cause death, injuries and danger, the details are presented in age appropriate language without giving too many grisly details I Survived the Sinking of the Titanic is the 1st book in the I Survived series There are 16 books currently with a new book coming out in September 2018 The series features a variety of events from modern times 9 11, the Joplin, MO tornado, Hurricane Katrina to long ago events the destruction of Pompeii, the shark attacks of 1916 At just over 100 pages, the books are a good length for middle grade students or a quick read for adults.

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    SUPER FAST REVIEW I like this one It has an interesting story, characters I cared about, very intense throughout and has some cool illustrations though is mostly prose.It is predictable view spoiler the series is called I Survived and is about history which I m already interested in, so won t be surprised if I end up having that problem throughout the series hide spoiler

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    This book is about a boy named Goerge who is on the ocean liner Titanic While he is on board he meets new freinds, explores the ship, and he learns everything he wants to about the Titanic But one thing he doesn t know that the ship is doomed and is caught in the sinking Will he survive Read the book to find out

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    This book is vary detailed, You feel like ur in the same position as the main character.

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    Read this with my students but I m definitely counting it Amazing examples to help teach Symbolism Historical Fiction Foreshadowing ConflictAnd Flashback Among others Highly recommend this series for any elementary and middle school classroom

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    i liked when Enzo hugged George on his leg

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    Owen is obsessed with this series and we ve read at least 10 Just reviewing one for my records I love this series and think it s a great way for kids to learn about some really hard and sad historical events We ve had lots of good conversions Especially after reading the 9 11 one.

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    I read this book on my Kindle, and here is my review I Survived the Sinking of the Titanic, 1912, is the first in a series of historical fiction chapter books written for upper elementary readers The author, Lauren Tarshis, notes that the facts about the Titanic are true, but the characters are fictional Tarshis tells a gripping tale of how George a ten year old boy and his family survived the tragic loss of the unsinkable Titanic on April 15, 1912 The story begins with a flash forward to the dramatic moments when the Titanic slips into the ocean Opening with such a heart pounding scene is an effective way to hook the reader The remaining chapters follow in sequential order over a period of about twenty four hours The story is told from George s perspective Although the story is fiction, Tarshis description of the characters, setting, plot and themes are authentic and universal The book features themes of survival, overcoming adversity, extraordinary bravery and devasting loss I was captivated by the actions and emotions of the characters Tarshis drew me into the story immediately and made me feel as if I was living the experience with George The I Survived series covers a wide range of topics and time periods like Hurricane Katrina, the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the San Francisco earthquake, 9 11, and the Battle of Gettysburg Although, the books are written at a second or third grade reading level, the content of the stories may not be appropriate for young readers, as the events are quite terrifying and feature disasters that were out of people s control I would recommend that an adult read the book first and plan how they might use it as a shared reading experience with a younger reader.

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