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    Eric is a once upon a time Los Angeles cinematographer who is currently etching out a living in Chicago, creating videos for weddings, anniversaries, graduations and funerals Lots and lots of funerals In fact it is at one of these events that he meets Alyssa Bradford, who makes Eric a very generous offer to travel to French Lick and West Baden, Indiana where her father in law grew up and to make a documentary based on his early years, which remain shrouded in mystery She has also brought Eric a small bottle of mineral water, from that area, that the old man has kept in his possession for eighty odd years now A small green, glass bottle, unopened all these many years Here s the thing, view spoiler Eric opens that small glass bottle and takes a drink WTF who would do that with an 80 year old bottle of water hide spoiler

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    In this very creepy ghost story, Eric Shaw, a failed movie director who s settled for making videos for funerals and birthdays, is offered a job looking into the life of an elderly billionaire Sent to the small town where the man grew up, Eric is also given a mysterious glass bottle of water, one the elderly man kept hidden from his family for most of his life Curiosity drives Eric to try the water once famed for curing all ills and this tasting and his trip to Indiana sets in motion the release of the malevolent spirit of a man who terrorized the small town in the 1920s and who shared the elderly billionaire s name.While reading the book I discovered that not only is the town of French Lick, Indiana real but the hotel in which much of the action takes place is also real The West Baden Hotel was built in June 1901 by Lee W Sinclair He envisioned a circular building topped with the world s largest dome, decorated like the grandest spas of Europe Architect Harrison Albright of West Virginia accepted Sinclair s commission and agreed to complete the project within a year The new hotel, complete with a 200 foot diameter atrium and fireplace that burned 14 foot logs, opened for business in June of 1902 The mysterious mineral water that is the center of Kortya s tale is also real Pluto Water was a trademark for a strongly laxative natural water product which was very popular in the United States in the early 20th century The water s laxative properties were from its high native content of mineral salts, with the active ingredient listed as sodium and magnesium sulfate, which are known as natural laxatives The water was an extremely popular product and in 1919 it took 450 railroad cars to transport the bottler s output In addition to all the fascinating historical content Koryta introduces a paranormal element that vaulted the story to a 5 star read for me At just over 500 pages this book was a long one but Korytaquickly brings you into the story While not exactly horror, it is very unsettling and suspenseful Clearly drawn characters, quickly moving plot, and a truly evil bad guy made this a great read.Overall this is a very solid piece of American Gothic that slowly pulls you in and once it has you, the story builds like an impending storm, full of threat and menace.The West Baden Springs Hotel in French Lick, Indiana today.

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    This was my second supernatural thriller by master suspense writer, Michael Koryta Once again, he did not disappoint The characters and story are both brilliant SO COLD THE RIVER has such a wonderful atmosphere and otherworldly quality about it AmazingI loved it.

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    Recommended Reading I first read Michael Koryta s, So Cold the River back in January of 2013 It was my first experience with the author for whom I d never even heard of before I d read a few reviews and some compared his writing style to the likes of Stephen King Jeez, talk about putting the pressure on someone I remember like it was yesterday how engrossed I became in the story the mysterious, almost eerie tale so very rich in history I remember vivid descriptions phantom trains and whispering ghosts, haunting hallucinations I recall a well researched story But, most of all, I think back to the feeling I had when I sat the book down I wanted nothing then to travel to this mystical French Lick West Baden in Indiana, to one day visit the grand hotel April 2015 here I am after having just completed the audio book version feeling amazed once again I won t go into a detailed synopsis of the story the description on the Goodreads book page nails it perfectly But, it all starts with a tiny bottle of water that stays unusually cold even in the warmest environment It s strange, she said eventually Don t you think it s strange The way it stays cold, the way it I don t know, feels There s something off about it And it is the only thing and I mean the only thing that he had from childhood My husband told me that he kept it in a locked drawer in his bedside table and said the bottle was a souvenir from his childhood and that no one was allowed to touch it As you can see, it meant a lot to him for some reason That s why I m so curious Robert Petkoff narrated the audio book He didn t have the best voice, but lucky for me, I didn t need to be sold the second time around The violin music was beautiful, but even interesting are the train sound effects I felt like I was hopping a rail The book is a little long 500 pages and, yes it drags a little in the middle, but once you start you won t be able to put it down The plot is solid, and the characters unique Enjoy.

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    This is the only horror novel author Michael Koryta has written as far as I m aware and it s perfect for fans of Stephen King and Dean Koontz Set predominantly in a small town, the book focuses on a couple of hotels and a deep spring with a dark and disturbing secret, one documentary film maker Eric Shaw will soon uncover Despite a hefty page count the novel flows as seamlessly as the underground river alluded to in the title The characters are well fleshed out and read real , not dissimilar to the way King deep dives into his characters backstories Unfortunately there is a lot of downtime in this book and a few side plots which take time to come to fruition but overall So Cold the River is a decent read.My rating 3 5 stars.

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    I m glad I didn t listen to the mediocre reviews I read about So Cold the River I had almost decided not to read it and that would have been my loss All in all I really liked it though it was a tad long and probably could have been wrapped much quicker The strongest element that kept me reading was the back story of the the West Baden Springs Hotel and the French Lick Springs Resort Indiana Having just visited these this past fall I was fascinated by the way Koryta weaved the history of these stunning restored resorts into his tale Pluto water, Sprudel water, The Lost River, and the excellently rendered characters of Campbell Bradford, and Eric Shaw made this a winner for me Good vs evil at its edge of the seat best I liken So Cold the River to a train wreck waiting to happen chug, chug, chugging along to a disastrous end with no way to stop it from derailing. Haven t had so much fun reading a chiller in a long time.

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    I picked this one up at the gift shop at West Baden Springs Hotel in Indiana, the setting and inspiration for the story I enjoyed learning historical details about the magnificent old hotel The story dragged at times in the middle but built towards a very exciting conclusion with tornadoes and dynamite exploding and an evil spirit haunting everything.

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    This book dragged It started it out with a promising premise but half way through the novel I was fed up with the protagonist s resentful, self pitying, whiny personality He felt that he was the victim of powerful men intellectually inferior to him and much less talented and by God, even if it destroyed his career and his marriage, he was the brilliant and wronged victim and wanted everyone to agree The story was sluggish in places and didn t come together very satisfyingly, for me at least, in the end Don t misunderstand me, I m a huge Michael Koryta fan In fact, I have his newest novel Those Who Wish Me Dead on my nightstand right now But this one was disappointing to say the least.

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    Oh man, this book was awful I can t believe I finished it It would have made a good drinking game if you were reading it at a party, though You could do a shot whenever a character started a sentence with hell, or used damn as an adjective or said that something damn near happened It wasn t that they were swear words that offended me, it was that there were a MILLION ZILLION of sentences like that It got to where I had to set the book down and groan at parts to rally myself into plunging ahead to see if the plot paid off.It did not The writing was not only bad, it was lazy He could have been descriptive and created better dialog if he d put any sort of effort into it at all, instead of just going right to, Hell, it was dark but it was a damn good one and he damn near fell off I found myself recreating the sentences in my head as I read, to make them bearable.In a book that s over 500 pages long, you have to use tricks like that to make yourself get to the end, if that s your goal The plot was predictable and forgettable And then he padded it with meaningless drivel to add thickness between the covers There were probably about 498 pages of fluff, seriously, Neil Gaiman could have told this story in three pages and made your spine shiver with it, instead of wanting to throw it across the room when you were done.

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    Moral of the story when someone hands you a greenish water bottle with a grinning devil on it, hand it back, IMMEDIATELY I was captivated by the storyline of this book, and saw shades reminiscent of a Stephen King book in it Michael Koryta was able to blend past, present and paranormal into a interesting and well told story.

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So Cold the River download So Cold the River, read online So Cold the River, kindle ebook So Cold the River, So Cold the River fdb9550df150 It Started With A Beautiful Woman And A Challenge As A Gift For Her Husband, Alyssa Bradford Approaches Eric Shaw To Make A Documentary About Her Father In Law, Campbell Bradford, A Year Old Billionaire Whose Past Is Wrapped In Mystery Eric Grabs The Job Even Though There Are Few Clues To The Man S Past Just The Name Of His Hometown And An Antique Water Bottle He S Kept His Entire Life In Bradford S Hometown, Eric Discovers An Extraordinary History A Glorious Domed Hotel Where Movie Stars, Presidents, Athletes, And Mobsters Once Mingled, And Hot Springs Whose Miraculous Mineral Water Cured Everything From Insomnia To Malaria Neglected For Years, The Resort Has Been Restored To Its Former Grandeur Just In Time For Eric S StayJust Hours After His Arrival, Eric Experiences A Frighteningly Vivid Vision As The Days Pass, The Frequency And Intensity Of His Hallucinations Increase And Draw Eric Deeper Into The Town S Dark History He Discovers That Something Besides The Hotel Has Been Restored A Long Forgotten Evil That Will Stop At Nothing To Regain Its Lost Glory Brilliantly Imagined And Terrifyingly Real, So Cold The River Is A Tale Of Irresistible Suspense With A Racing, Unstoppable Current