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The Near Witch quotes The Near Witch, litcharts The Near Witch, symbolism The Near Witch, summary shmoop The Near Witch, The Near Witch 8a9a80c2 The Near Witch Is Only An Old Story Told To Frighten ChildrenIf The Wind Calls At Night, You Must Not Listen The Wind Is Lonely, And Always Looking For CompanyAnd There Are No Strangers In The Town Of NearThese Are The Truths That Lexi Has Heard All Her Life But When An Actual Stranger A Boy Who Seems To Fade Like Smoke Appears Outside Her Home On The Moor At Night, She Knows That At Least One Of These Sayings Is No Longer TrueThe Next Night, The Children Of Near Start Disappearing From Their Beds, And The Mysterious Boy Falls Under Suspicion Still, He Insists On Helping Lexi Search For Them Something Tells Her She Can Trust HimAs The Hunt For The Children Intensifies, So Does Lexi S Need To Know About The Witch That Just Might Be Than A Bedtime Story, About The Wind That Seems To Speak Through The Walls At Night, And About The History Of This Nameless BoyPart Fairy Tale, Part Love Story, Victoria Schwab S Debut Novel Is Entirely Original Yet Achingly Familiar A Song You Heard Long Ago, A Whisper Carried By The Wind, And A Dream You Won T Soon Forget

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    Funny how when we start to tell a secret, we can t stop Something falls open in us, and the sheer momentum of letting go pushes us on A dark and magical tale, that reminded me of The Woman in Black.I m a huge fan of Victoria Schwab because her writing and her stories are amazing and unique An expert in world building, character depth and originality, all set in a thrilling and mysterious mood like no other The Near Witch is one of the author s earlier works While it ll never be as good as Vicious or A Darker Shade of Magic since they re both mindblowing , reading it was just as captivating as any other Schwab book.Find of my books on Instagram

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    when i saw this in my local library, i thought VS secretly released a new book that was somehow kept quiet so i was very interested when i found out that its actually a rerelease of her debut novel reading an authors debut novel, especially after having read their other books first, can be tricky all authors have to start somewhere, so if the writing or story isnt as great as a reader might be used to, it can be difficult to remember to not judge but i do think its always enlightening to see an authors roots and their beginnings and i think the near witch does exactly that in VSs introduction, she calls this book strange and quiet, and i cant think of a better way to describe it this is definitely a subtle story, one that takes an effort on the readers part to invest in because its not written in a flashy or enticing way but it definitely has an atmospheric, timeless quality to it, as most witch fairy tale stories do its also neat to see well known schwab themes present in this, just showing how consistent her writing has been over the years in the end, im glad this didnt come off as a negative reading experience and im happy it randomly caught my eye 3.5 stars

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    This book is so so atmospherically CHILLING Also super slow and like, woah hello to the instalove, mate, but this is also by one of my favourite ever authors so I m a bit biased to love it despite it being the forgotten middle child who only gets given socks for christmas Also how weird is to read older books by famous authors Schwab s stye has improved 100 x and like WOW.Anyway So the setting, OK THE SETTING.Insert heart eyes here It s all moors and witches and this like Puritan like colony and I just ajfdkslad It reminded me of The Witch of Blackbird Pond so bad I just really felt in the story, and it take quiet powerful writing to do that TAKE ME AWAY, SCHWAB I WANT TO LIVE IN THE MOORS WITH THE WITCHES Also the stakes of the story were entirely tragic.It s like the Pied Piper is taking smol children from their beds at night and excuse you but hurting smol babies IS A TERRIBLE THING So I was instantly invested And I guess the atmospheric writing was the focus but It was super slow Honestly not a lot happens It takes place over a week and basically Lexi is just running around defying the patriarchy but super passively and kissing a boy who might not even exist BUT HE S CUTE SO I GET IT and trying to find out who is kidnapping the children Day um does this girl get some exercise All she does is run back and forth But like nothing got accomplished for so long She s saying her dad is this great tracker, SO TRACK THEN, WOMAN I actually think it d be 500% interesting if Cole had narrated.He s the stranger that comes to the town of Near where everyone keeps to themselves and bakes bread and shuns anything different Lovely town Definitely raise your kids there Real estate is great because the occasionally murder local witches to death so you totes live in those empty houses The stranger, Cole, is all wispy and thin and seems to melt away AKA I LOVED HIM IMMENSELY His backstory was interesting He was interesting He was a m a z i n g So why the flippity freak freck did we not get the story narrated by him Because Lexi was a little dull.Not to mention how is she allowed to be called Lexi in like this Puritan like commune The name was way too modern Anyhow I appreciated how she didn t care for the patriarchy and punched it WOOO one time But if you asked me her personality I would be like She enjoys um wearing boots instead of slippers DON T WE FREAKING ALL I did appreciate her fierce love for her sister And her ability to run all the time and never consume food.Feed these freaking characters for the love of heck I m getting hungry here So ya know It was GOOD, but it also felt a bit old.Stories have changed a lot in recent years and you can tell when you read slightly older books The instalove was cute so I m not mad LIKE I M INSTA LOVING COLE but it was very rushed I was a bit blank eyed at the hugely sexist society.not that it s unrealistic Just that I m 500% bored of reading that now And I would ve liked some action Like totally expecting the witch to bake this kids into a pie and eat them But no We re not reading Hansel and Gretal and apparently Schwab is nicer a writer than I would be.Ya I ll be quiet soon I love love love witch stories and moors and wispy soft cinnamon boys.So ultimately YES This is a solid yes for me It s the kind of book I m already thinking fondly of and it was inspiring and beautiful, even with a few puddles of a downside I SITLL LOVE IT SCHWAB IS QUEEN.

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    Little did I know that all of my works would center on those who felt lost inside their own worlds, or found in someone else s. the new cover of this is. so stunning

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    There are no strangers in the town of Near Lexi s heard this all of her life, so her home becomes an unusual place when a very odd stranger appears and events turn darker still when his new presence coincides with the nightly disappearances of young children. Long, long ago, the Near Witch lived in a small house on the farthest edge of the village, and she used to sing the hills to sleep.It s probably pretty evident by now that I am trash for Victoria Schwab s stories I think she s one of the most masterful, brilliant creative minds I ve ever had the pleasure of meeting, and frankly, she could publish grocery lists and I would pay good money for them. All of that is to say that, when I learned her long out of print debut novel was being re released, I was beside myself with glee, but also a little bit nervous, because it can be hard to go back to a beloved author s roots after all, not everyone starts out a pro, right If the moor wind ever sings, you mustn t listen, not with all of your ears Use only the edges. Well, ha. I worried for nothing, because I opened this gorgeous book, read the first paragraph, and, friends, I m not exaggerating when I tell you I gave the loudest, most wistful sigh I was home. Victoria s writing was just as gorgeous then as it is now, and frankly, if you don t like rambling gush reviews, you might as well close this now, because I just want to get emotional and cry at you all a little over how much this story meant to me The wind is lonely, love, and always looking for company. First, this setting Flawlessly atmospheric Never once does the plot or character development suffer for the sake of setting, but I felt so sucked into the town of Near that I could practically smell and feel and hear the moor, right here I adored every moment well spent on the grassy hills, the rain, the stones under Lexi s feel, the old hut the Sisters lived in it was all so wonderful and poetic They are closer to nature than any human, because it is a part of them But most people think witches are cursed But when I say this story meant something to me personally, friends, I m talking about the incredible care Victoria took while crafting these witches If you ask any pagan or craft practicing person, they ll tell you that we re not used to being painted in such a nuanced light, but here, that s what I got, and it was wonderful Now her blood is made of moor rain Now her voice is made of moor wind Now, I won t spoil the story by saying if the witches are good or bad, or both, but what I ll say is that there s a pair of characters two elderly sisters, who the town is convinced are old witches with no access to the powers of their youth and they meant everything to me I m a sucker for the elderly mentor characters, regardless, but these women, despite being spurned by the town of Near for simply existing, spend their time crafting wards and blessings for the people who abuse them, and something about that just made me downright emotional The idea that they could be so complex, and that they would continue to take care of people who didn t deserve their empathy that s everything I didn t know I needed from Magda and Dreska Fear is a strange thing It has the power to make people close their eyes, turn away Nothing good grows out of fear The witches weren t the only characters I adored, though Lexi and Cole are both incredible in their own rights, but there were quiet, secret, ordinary heroes, too, in Lexi s mother and her late father I loved the stories from her dad, and I was cheering every time her mother stepped up to help her or protect her.I just fell so ridiculously in love with so many of the citizens of Near, just like I always do with V s characters, and I never wanted to leave them I feel like The Near Witch is the sort of story I m going to reach for over and over again, for years to come It is the most gorgeous kind of fairytale, yet it feels like the kind of thing that s just odd enough to be real, and I mean it when I tell you that this was easily one of the best books I ve read all year, and will undoubtedly go down as one of my favorite books, period Thank you so much to Titan Books for providing me with this finished review copy in exchange for an honest review

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    Of every aspect of the moor, the earth and stone and rain and fire, the wind is the strongest one in Near Here on the outskirts of the village, the wind is always pressing close, making windows groan It whispers and it howls and it sings It can bend its voice and cast into any shape, long and thin enough to slide beneath the door, stout enough to seem a thing of weight and breath and bone There are books I like that most people hate There are books everyone loved, which never appealed to me And then there is That Book The one that manages to draw you in from the very first line, and keep you captive The one that takes simple words and weaves them into a seamless tapestry of colour and feeling The Near Witch is That Book.If I haven t gotten the message across yet, I loved The Near Witch I ve said it before, and I ll say it again, YA fantasy deserves attention This book is a beautifully written, magical fairy tale that keeps you enchanted from the very first line, right up to the last And, it gets an extra invisible star yeah, thanks a lot, Goodreads for being a stand alone.The story starts off vivid and lyrical, redolent of the mystery and isolation of the moors Victoria Schwab, who has the kind of talent I envy, manages to draw a clear and eerie picture of the village of Near, edging the moors, set in stone and steeped in dogma There are no strangers in the town of Near, Lexi says.But there is a stranger in Near, and suddenly, everything Lexi ever knew is turned on its head The stranger belongs to the dark and windy night, and despite all of Lexi s efforts, she cannot find him at first, even when she knows he s there, and can hear him breath But the very next day, a child goes missing from his bed, and the already suspicious village of Near points a finger at the stranger Lexi knows he is not the one, with an instinct she trusts She can hear the wind calling in the night, if she listens from the corner of her ear Her little sister tells her that the missing children are calling her to come out and play And with every missing child, the people of Near get frantic and look harder for someone to blame But will they believe Lexi when she discovers who the real culprit is It s not just the pretty prose that makes The Near Witch such a compelling read The story is tightly plotted and the pace of story telling gradually increases from a mysterious, measured tread to a quick, breathless run to a rousing, pulse pounding finish This is children s fantasy at its finest, with a dash of mystery, a dash of magic and a side serving of romance Victoria Schwab s talent lies in her ability to draw an entire portrait with a few words She never goes into detailed descriptions of any characters, save the two sisters, Magda and Dreska, and the stranger, Cole The rest are quick sketches of a few words, but those words convey a wealth of impressions There is Lexi s mother, struggling through a fog of grief, but there when her daughters really need her Her uncle Otto, fumbling to find the best way to keep his word to his dead brother and protect Lexi and Wren Otto was one of my favourite characters in the book it would be so easy to hate him for being such an over protective, macho fool, but one can see, in brief flashes, his genuine concern for his nieces and his desire to do the right thing for his village Then there is Bo, cool and somehow evil, lurking on the periphery of this story, but still managing to capture the reader s attention.To be honest, I could just go on about every character in this book including the dead ones each of whom gave me a different vibe I m a person who was reared on fantasy, and this book was like my very own gummy bear factory Random fact I don t like chocolate, but I DO like gummy bears The only thing that didn t really wow me the way it was supposed to was the romance At least at first Don t get me wrong, I loved Lexi and I loved Cole, and I thought they made a great team, but I was so busy worrying about the villagers targeting Cole and the hunt for the children and the fate of the two sisters, I simply didn t have the emotional energy to spare for true love Also, I ve been told that the cover for this book has not been finalized, but I would like to add my own plea Please, pretty please, Disney Hyperion, DO NOT market this awesome fabulous book with this unbelievably hideous cover It is WRONG and it doesn t convey any sense of the beauty of this book All in all, my friends, it is time for you to groan and shudder because you know I have found a new book to beat you over the head with I loved The Near Witch, and as per SoP, it is time for me to zealously ensure that everyone around me does as well All quotes in this review are from the ARC and will be checked against a final print edition.Disclosure I received this ARC from the publishers via Net Galley No external considerations affected this review.

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    IT S TIME FOR MY VICTORIA SCHWAB BINGE Remember when I said I d read all her books Well, I m finally doing it Fingers crossed it s good MY STATUS 1 The Archived Read2 This Savage Song Read3 The Unbound Read4 Leave the Window Open Read5 A Darker Shade of Magic Read6 A Gathering of Shadows Read7 A Conjuring of Light Read8 Vicious Read9 The Near Witch Currently Reading10 New Beginnings To Read11 Second Chances To Read12 Last Wishes To Read13 The Ash Born Boy To Read14 Warm Up To Read15 Broken Ground To Read16 The Invisible Life Of Addie La Rue To Be Released17 Vengeful To Be Released18 Our Dark Duet To Be Released19 The Returned To Be ReleasedOH MY GOD THERE ARE NINETEEN BOOKS.

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    It s really easy to see how much time and thought debut author Victoria Schwab has successfully invested into the wording of her witchy kidnapping tale Each sentence has been set carefully into the mosaic of legends, winds that have a soul and everyday life inside of the small town of Near, which is located within an endless stretch of moor and forest, far away from the rest of the pre industrial civilization Although the description did not interest me at all, when I first encountered an announcement of its publication, enthusiastic reviews of fellow readers whose opinion I value high, made me change my mind The language skill, the fairytale like atmosphere, the notions of horror and suspense and a sweet supernatural romance with an unpredictable boy convinced me that I had dismissed a probable future favorite too carelessly I bought the book and I moved it up the waiting line I started reading and although I truly admired the style, and although I can understand how talking winds, buried witch bones from centuries before and boys that fade in the air lead to fairy tale comparisons and how the disappearance of one child per night in a tiny, inaccessible community can be labeled thrilling , I felt neither noteworthily thrilled or bespelled or horrified On the contrary Apart from being angry at sexist and mulish uncle Otto, his side kick Bo and occasionally heroine Lexi herself, I just felt disappointed and rather bored The title of the book gives a lot away, so I practically knew what caused the disastrous deduction of the town s number of inhabitants even before Lexi, who was only convinced of mysterious Cole not being the culprit and who wanted to track and play detective just like her deceased father, who in contrast to Otto and chauvi childhood buddy Taylor in search of an obedient little wife among the handful of maidens did not look down on his daughter for wanting to do men s work In addition the rather slim volume turned out to contain a lot of repetitive scenes looking for clues in the village, listening to the wind, trying to steal out of the house etc., etc Maybe the love story will be grand, I still hoped after a third of the story had been ingested with some drag to the spoon Well You have seen my rating You know how this story ends Looking leads to wanting to meet, meeting leads to hand holding, hand holding leads to kissing and to blind trusting and to secrets being revealed and so on Instant attraction or cabin lust for a raven eyed, silent stranger, because all the other boys are like brothers Besides, all the time Lexi has no problem at all finding Cole when she wants to, although the angry mob of the whole male population is out for his blood.Both the dark, restrictive, claustrophobic community and the relationship the heroine had with the boy everybody expects her to wed reminded me strongly of The Forest of Hands and Teeth , although the latter is a post apocalyptic zombie story and develops a completely different story line If you got the same vibe and know why, please tell me.I do not want to persuade anybody against reading or buying this beautifully written story with its fitting cover But if you are still undecided and on the verge of being pushed over the brim by infatuated reviewers, I do advise you to wait a little longer For reviews balancing things out and making things clearer or simply for the paperback.

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    This is so underrated I want to punch someone.The Near Witch was Victoria Schwab s debut novel, yes, the same author of Shades of Magic series It s actually one of the first yafs I ve ever read and loved I had the pleasure of reading this right after it was released 5 years ago and I still read it from time to time I read it whenever I feel a slump looming in the background I reach for it whenever I want something ya but not romance centered It s like my go to book to be honest It reads like a fairytale The writing was beautiful and lyrical and captivating The vivid descriptions sucked me right in with the first few pages The story was eerie and had a creep factor It was eerily and creepily enough to haunt you right after you put it down I cannot talk about this book without going into full fangirl mode I can t believe how overlooked this is when it s positively one of the best books ever Sigh If you loved Vicious and or A Darker Shade of Magic but haven t read this one yet, why the f not You have no idea what you re missing out This one here is timeless and breathtaking, an infallible classic.

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    Read the full review and at Blame Chocolate A big thank you to Titan Books for the review copy This has not influenced my opinion in any way. Unfortunately, this wasn t the book I was hoping for Maybe my expectations and all the hype surrounding everything the author puts forth ended up interfering with my enjoyment Either way, I just didn t feel the grip and excitement I was expecting.I did enjoy parts of it, don t get me wrong, but I also felt very frustrated by others and especially by Lexi, the main character I didn t connect with her and it was hard to understand her very poor decision making Also, there wasn t much about her or her personality that I could pinpoint or pay special attention to because it wasn t really shown.I liked the setting and how the characters were made to be perceived, surprising me in turns I also loved the atmospheric feel of this book and the cleverness Schwab injected in some of her scenes I mean, I love witches and magic and anything taking place in the moorland will have a place in my heart.However, the romance felt incredibly dry and unnecessary, and the pace made it hard to stay focused.I think I ended up enjoying The Ash Born Boy better than The Near Witch itself, maybe because it was just so much raw, emotional, and revealing of the main character s true essence.While a valiant effort on the author s part, this is undoubtedly not her best work But it wasn t supposed to be It s clunky and awkward, intriguing and endearingly na ve And it s still a nice story if you re a fan of hers and would like to see where her career started and how much she has grown It just isn t the best she can do.Edit after careful consideration, I ve decided to drop half a star as it just didn t feel on par with other books with the same rating Original rating 3 stars Blog Goodreads Twitter Instagram Pinterest Tumblr Bloglovin

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