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チーズスイートホーム 1 summary チーズスイートホーム 1, series チーズスイートホーム 1, book チーズスイートホーム 1, pdf チーズスイートホーム 1, チーズスイートホーム 1 f900260b7b Chi Is A Michievous Newborn Kitten Who, While On A Leisurely Stroll With Her Family, Finds Herself Lost Separated From The Warmth And Protection Of Her Mother, Feels Distraught Overcome With Loneliness She Breaks Into Tears In A Large Urban Park Meadow When She Is Suddenly Rescued By A Young Boy Named Yohei And His Mother The Kitty Is Then Quickly And Quietly Whisked Away Into The Warm And Inviting Yamada Family Apartmentwhere Pets Are Strictly Not Permitted

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    Utterly adorable I decided to get this series because I can t officially get a kitten so it s a sort of cheap compromise But now we have a problem, because I want a cat than ever before Seriously, this will warm anyone s heart and we all know winter is coming so go read this book

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    because i feel like i have to review every book i read, i will quickly say that this book is adorable, and chi may be my favorite cat of all time i am not counting doraemon as a cat for the purpose of that statement, because he s like some kind of magical supra cat my favorite stuffed animal, besides my bunny, is the stuffed chi that sylvia sent me from japan oh, he is so tiny and curled up image error

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    All I wanted was something super cute And this only sort of delivered The artwork is bright and stylish and the panels are easy to follow, and Chi the kitten behaves like a real one would trust me, I grew up with cats, lots of cats I was impressed with Konami s ability to convey kittenhood with such simple artwork However Chi the kitten narrates in cutesy wutsey baby tawk Just wike dis Oh, it is so adowable Wight Isn t dis adowable No, no it isn t And that is why this has been upgraded or downgraded from super cute to nauseatingly cute Also, there is no plot, but I didn t pick this up for a plot I just wanted to look at Chi and go awwwwww Even that simple joy was taken from me If you pick this book up, just look at the pictures Put your finger over any text bubbles you may see, even the ones from the humans This should ve been a wordless book, anyway, and you ll be happier I will do this with successive volumes in this long series.

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    Yes, it s an all ages manga about a family adopting a cute little kitten That s it Look, I had a tough week, okay I needed that.

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    Es una relectura Hace mucho tiempo le los tres primeros tomos de este manga, pero ahora me propongo leerlo entero son 12 tomos y tengo que volver a empezar porque me acuerdo de muy poco Me ha gustado tanto como la primera vez, me gusta Chi y su l gica gatuna Por cierto, este manga es a todo color ntegramente.

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    You know what I ve just read 3000 pages over the past month on the history of violence Tonight, I m going to read a book consisting entirely of cat pictures to relax.Much better Hehe Kitty Stop being so silly.

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    I don t think the storyline or the illustration deserve a 4 star rating but it was just so cute it put a smile on my face and that s all I asked for.

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    Chi s Sweet Home is adorable and funny Each little story is just so pure and innocent and fun I love it There s a dash of some deeper emotion like when Chi tries to remember her mom and can t or when her family laments parting with her or when she gets lost Generally though, the tone remains upbeat and sweet with enough comedy to keep you smiling I find Chi being angry to be especially cute and funny there s one comic where she s like all pouting because the dad did something to upset her so she s just laying in a shoe going Hmph I hate you, Daddy Bite me and it s so cute that I saved the scan page.This is the sort of manga you read when you just need to feel good and the exploits of a kitten and the happy little family that s taken her in seem like the best things in the world to read about.Personally, I really enjoy the 2D animated series based on this manga It s so cute and it s really nice to have it play in the background while I work on other things There s a CGI version with a 3D style too, but I don t like the look of it so I ve never watched it One thing that sets this comic series apart is that it s in full color Though because it is in full color, each chapter is very short and the panels are very simple.I ve personally only read fan scans of this series, but I hear that the official translation purposefully writes Chi s dialogue to sound like lispy and babyish which can get really grating, so keep that in mind.It s not anything deep or complex, but it s cute and sweet and I like that it s just a cute, sweet story Sometimes it s exactly what you need.

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    I think very highly of this series so far True, not much goes on, but Chi is delightful If you have ever lived with a cat, you will probably find quite a bit of Chi s behavior and the Yamada family s experiences to be familiar And, if you re like me, you may find yourself wishing you could have a big Chi poster to plaster on one of your walls.The things the Yamadas go through with Chi are things many cat owners or pet owners, in general go through when they get their first cat, especially when the cat is a found stray My own cat, who I have now lived with for almost 8 months, was found under a car when she was a tiny kitten I had a bit time to adjust to having her than the Yamadas had with Chi, but I remember getting all of her things, figuring out where to put everything, making sure she knew how to use the litter box, and, in general, just trying to figure out what her personality was like and how she was going to fit into my life Remembering all of that, I had to smile while reading about the Yamadas doing some of the very same things I did.Although the danger that Chi will be discovered is very real, this volume, at least, focuses primarily on humor and sweetness Even during the times when Chi is almost discovered and Mr and Mrs Yamada worry that they might be evicted, Kanata doesn t weigh things down with that worry and keeps things light with fairly humorous solutions As anyone who has ever tried to hide owning a cat knows, however, this situation can t last long, and I wonder how Kanata will be able to keep the tone of the series light For now, for example, the Yamadas have managed to camouflage Chi s habit of sitting on the windowsill, but Chi will soon get much bigger and obvious Also, if apartment living in Japan works the same way as apartment living in America, the Yamadas will have to figure out what to do when they need maintenance work done or when someone comes to do apartment inspections or pest control.For those who are wondering, Chi is anthropomorphized somewhat she meows rather than speaking, but readers are shown her thoughts, which are done in a somewhat inconsistent babytalk While the babytalk helps emphasize how young Chi is and may have been a feature of the original Japanese , the inconsistency bothered me a little For instance, Chi will say something like, So scarewy Shouldn t that have been, So scawey Sometimes her l s and r s are replaced with w s and sometimes not While I m sure readability might have been compromised if that had been done, I couldn t seem to keep myself from noting every time Chi s l s and r s were fine It was a little distracting, so I hope that Chi grows out of her babytalk in future volumes.Chi has happy, sad, angry, and scared expressions, just like any of the human characters in this volume However, I thought Kanata did an excellent job of making Chi s expressions seem believable on a cat In fact, I m pretty sure I ve seen some of those same expressions on my kitten s face, particularly serious face and happy purring face Kanata can definitely draw cats well As an added bonus, the entire volume is in color Manga lovers know how amazing this is All of the manga I ve ever read has been black and white If any pages were in color, it was usually only a few extra drawings of the first few pages of the manga, and US companies don t always release volumes with those color pages actually still in color I don t think I ve ever read anything published by Vertical before, but they ve impressed me with this volume, which has gorgeous color throughout, feels well made, and is still somehow only 13.95 and that s the cover price you should be able to find it cheaper.As a cat lover, I can t help but worry about Chi s future with the Yamadas and feel sad about her continued futile search for her mother Chi wants to find her mother but can t, or, being a kitten, gets distracted during her searches She dreams about being with her mother and remembers her mother grooming her when Mr Yamada pets her in her sleep It s the kind of thing that makes me want to go hug my own kitten.Overall, I loved this volume I loved it so much, in fact, that I plan on buying the later volumes as I can afford them This is one of those series that I think I would regret not having bought if it ever went out of print, so I m going to make an effort to collect it Original review, with read alikes and watch alikes, posted on A Library Girl s Familiar Diversions.

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    Yet another in the adorable cat graphic novel genre, this time from Japan This is a really lovely book As a person who got a kitten for the first time in the last year, I can verify that it is very accurate The thing I really like about this is that it s not just accurate about the cat s behavior, but how humans act around cats And how awesome cats are and how they so quickly become integral to your life if you have one Yes I am a cat lady It s my cat s fault This first volume very accurately portrays the swift descent into cat obsession dom that occurs when a kitten falls into your life It s sweet and lovely, and well done.I wish that some of the translation made sense I guess Chi is some sort of slang for peeing in Japan Or something I think this would have been funnier if I knew Japanese and read it in the original language , but overall this is a well done import.Also, the art is BEAUTIFUL So detailed and accurate all of those expressions are accurate cat expressions I know I am a cat lady, remember , and the color is just lovely The whole thing appears to be water colored I hope the second volume shows up on my hold shelf soon

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