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    Hilarious Pure joy Must read

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    OK I admit it I bought this book for someone else, and then read it myself Have you never done that I plead well, I have no excuse really The temptation was just too great.You may well have come across Simon s Cat on YouTube It is an animated cartoon series by the British animator Simon Tofield the Simon of the title , and features an ever hungry pet cat, who uses and absurd tactics to get his owner to feed him Each episode lasts between one and three minutes These videos became so popular that they led to this book in 2009, which was followed by additional titles This book has a few single cartoons, but mostly comprises strips and sequential blocks telling the stories Three years later, the Walt Disney Studios began releasing short films of Simon s Cat, and a cartoon strip of the series ran in a national newspaper, the Daily Mirror between 2011 and 2013 In real life, Simon Tofield has four cats, called Teddy, Hugh, Jess and Maisie, all of whose behaviour provide the basis of his inspiration The cartoon cat has never been officially named, although writer Simon Tofield says that he is mostly based on Hugh Simon s Cat is essentially a greedy puss All the episodes are based either around getting food, or getting creature comforts He particularly enjoys birds and mice, and hooking fish out of his owner s Koi carp pond Although Simon himself is the only long suffering human, other characters pop in and out of the series These include Simon s sister s dog, a rather stupid looking mutt with a daft, lolling expression, whom Simon s cat always gets the better of The dog loves to play fetch, and often does not realise that the cat is making him look a fool There is also a bird, whom Simon s cat instinctively chases However in this case, the bird usually outsmarts him Simon s cat loves to annoy a hedgehog who lives in Simon s back garden He deliberately impales objects such as apples, leaves, and tennis balls onto the hedgehog s prickles This derives from English folklore, where hedgehogs steal windfall apples by rolling along the ground so that the apples attach themselves to their prickles The hedgehog s many children also sometimes feature in the episodes.The garden gnome is Simon s cat s best friend, or so he fondly believes The garden gnome is usually depicted holding either a fishing rod or a net Simon s cat often tries to recruit his pal in his grand schemes to catch food specifically the swimming or flying kind of food It seems particularly humorous that Simon s cat considers the gnome to be a friend, and does not realise that that it is an inanimate object The birds, and a rabbit, who are both intelligent than him, craftily use this to their advantage and make Simon s cat look ridiculous They occasionally run rings round Simon s cat by holding the garden gnome to ransom A toad, and also a frog both live in the garden, and Simon s cat would love to catch either of them, but never does so The outdoor stories sometimes feature a squirrel, who lives in a tree in Simon s back yard Simon s cat chases the squirrel whenever he sees him, but the squirrel gets his own back by pelting Simon s cat with acorns from a safe place.One day, Simon brings home a new kitten, and this member of the family seems to be considerably smarter than Simon s cat, who is rather disgruntled by him, but does not question the kitten s right to be there Another uncertain relationship Simon s cat has, is with a mouse Instinctively he chases the mouse on sight, but the mouse is very clever He knows that Simon s cat is smitten by a female cat, Chloe , and will sometimes aid his attempts to impress this demure, snobbish and rather finicky feline, who turns her nose up even at the delicacy of a fresh mouse, when presented as an offering by her fervent admirer There is no dialogue in the shorts, except for an occasional inarticulate background mumble from Simon, and a cultured miaow from his cat As such, it should in theory transfer well to the page Just as in the films, Simon himself is shown as a happy man, content to spoil his pet, but one who is who is permanently vexed, and occasionally put into dangerous situations by his cat s antics, which usually end up with this image The cartoons are very funny, but it has to be said that the moving images the animated cartoons work better If you are a slave to a cat in your home, you will instantly recognise much of the behaviour exhibited here Whether cute, dangerous, destructive or downright disgusting, it is totally authentic I recommend all cat lovers to watch one or two if you have never done so Here is a link to the YouTube page link hereOh, and by the way I did give the book to the intended recipient and confessed that I had read it myself first

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    If you haven t seen Simon s Cat on YouTube, then you really need to This collection of illustrations made me chuckle from start to finish A fun, relaxing read that did bring back some personal nostalgic moments, since my old high school tutor used to put SC videos on each morning before class

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    I had, perhaps, unrealistically high hopes for this graphic novel after the mammoth success with my kid that was I am Pusheen the Cat, but, sadly, we are back to where we started with my reluctant reader She wouldn t even open Simon s Cat The graphic novels are alike in that both feature kitties, but their approach is very different Pusheen is about how cute and colorful Pusheen is Simon s Cat is about the cat s behavior and interaction with his human Pusheen had a few words in it Simon s Cat is told entirely through pictures.I enjoyed this book because I have a bunch of cats and I know exactly what its like to be awakened in the middle of the night, forced off the bed, and have my luggage pirated by a strong willed feline For the under ten set, they may get some of the obvious jokes like any of the hunting or want food moments, but otherwise, this comic may not appeal I suspect that she didn t open this one because it is completely in black and white and she s drawn to the bright and colorful I actually rather liked it myself, read through it with my husband, and got a few chuckles out of the misadventures of Simon s cat Oh well.Recommended for anyone with a cat who enjoys funny situations and simple pictures If your reluctant reader doesn t enjoy this one, pick up I am Pusheen the Cat by Claire Belton.

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    I wish I had a cat

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    I just could not get that interested in this one While there are a few sketches that are unique and funny, many are repetitious in different contexts I mean how many times can Simon pose as a birdhouse, for example I hope the YouTube videos are worthwhile.

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    Sigo as aventuras de Simon s Cat h anos no youtube e no The Guardian, sempre divertido, mas muito me espanta a cara de desolado que o Simon faz toda vez que seu gato apronta, onde est a alegria de conviver com gatos Este tamb m um timo presente para gat filos de toda esp cie, numa linguagem universal que se at m apenas aos tra os do desenho sem legendas, divertid ssimo porque realmente faz um resumo do comportamentos dos gatos em geral.

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    This is a quick, funny read based on the YouTube videos Being owned by 2 cats, I can relate to a lot of these comics.

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    If you ve ever watched Simon s Cat on YouTube then you should know what to expect here It s basically a collection of different drawings of Simon s Cat getting up to no good, but because there are no words and no dialogue, sometimes it takes you a while to figure out what s actually being depicted.I actually didn t enjoy this as much as I thought I would, which is kind of a shame A lot of the cartoons didn t really relate to my own cat and so it wasn t always relatable, and by the time I reached the end of it there were only two of the cartoons that I took photos of because they reminded me of Biggie Still, it was cute enough, despite the fact that it s kind of pricey for what it is I don t think I d recommend buying a brand new copy, especially at today s prices, but if you can pick it up second hand then why not Really, though, I would have liked to have seen some sort of dialogue, some words that I could read instead of just pictures to look at As it is, it s really something that you just flick through in twenty minutes or so and then you re done with it And to be honest, it was kinda dull after the first five So yeah.

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    I ve been a massive fan of the Simon s Cat videos on YouTube for several years now so when I found out a book was being released last year it was the top of my Christmas list I was very excited to receive a copy from my friend This is a book I ve dipped in and out of regularly throughout the year it always manages to make me laugh, even if I m having a bad day Simon Tofield has perfectly captured the mischievous nature of every cat I ve ever known and nearly all of the antics his cat gets up to are based on a behaviour I have seen in one of my 2 cats.If you re a cat fan or just in need of a pick me up you can t fail to laugh at the Simon s Cat videos and the book is just the same I d recommend this to anyone, it makes a great coffee table book and is something you will return to again and again The second book Simon s Cat Beyond the Fence was released in October and once again it is at the top of my Christmas wish list If you ve not come across this series before check out the Simon s Cat website and if the videos make you laugh you can t go wrong with this book.I couldn t resist including a couple of pictures in my review, these all struck a particular cord with me reminding me of my own cats My youngest cat has an obsession with climbing the curtains, she hasn t quite made it to the ceiling yet but I wouldn t be too surprised if she makes it one day There are several pages devoted to the difficult task of getting a cat into a basket for a trip to the dreaded vets that I m sure any cat owner will be able to relate to, I have numerous scars from scenes much like the one above Yes my cats do have an expensive climbing frame Do they use it Of course not they d much rather play with an empty box

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Simons Cat (Simons Cat, #1) download Simons Cat (Simons Cat, #1) , read online Simons Cat (Simons Cat, #1) , kindle ebook Simons Cat (Simons Cat, #1) , Simons Cat (Simons Cat, #1) 01018c5a7771 Simon Tofield S Animations Have Taken YouTube By Storm Now, The Feline Internet Phenomenon Makes His Way Onto The Page In This First Ever Book Based On The Popular Animated Series Simon S Cat Depicts And Exaggerates The Hilarious Relationship Between A Man And His Cat The Daily Escapades Of This Adorable Pet, Which Always Involve Demanding Food, And His Exasperated But Doting Owner Come To Life Through Tofield S Charming And Hilarious Illustrations