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Pictures of the Gone World pdf Pictures of the Gone World, ebook Pictures of the Gone World, epub Pictures of the Gone World, doc Pictures of the Gone World, e-pub Pictures of the Gone World, Pictures of the Gone World 1835639de20 Published To Celebrate Forty Years Of City Lights Publishing, Which Began With The Letterpress Printing Of This Book In It Was Lawrence Ferlinghetti S First Book, And It Has Been Reprinted Twenty One Times, Having Never Been Out Of Print The Original Edition Contained The First Twenty Seven Poems To Which The Author Has Now Added Eighteen New VersesLawrence Ferlinghetti, Poet And Founder Of City Lights Books, Author Of A Coney Island Of The Mind And Pictures Of The Gone World, Among Numerous Other Books, Has Been Drawing From Life Since His Student Days In Paris Where He Frequented The Academie Julien And Where He Did His First Oil Painting

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    They say Beat poetry is a lot like jazz, and I think they have a point But the point I m going to make about jazz is specific and somewhat different East coast Beat verse compares to West Coast Beat verse like old East coast Jazz compares to old West coast Jazz East coasters are likely to be half mad, drug crazed experimenters, wandering spirits and introspective soloists of the avant guard West coasters are likely to be outgoing, comfortable with large groups and popular success, and willing to keep the day job.It s only fair to point out that Ferlinghetti was born in New York, but after Chapel Hill, the navy during WW II , graduate school at Columbia, and a doctorate from the Sorbonne, he settled down at the age of thirty two in the city of San Francisco, where he painted, taught French, and made a little extra money writing art criticism and translations Then, in 1953, he founded City Lights Bookstore, the first all paperback book store in the nation, and two years after began to publish, under the City Lights Books imprint, the legendary Pocket Poets Series Number One in the series was Pictures of a Gone World.If Ginsberg personifies the East, then Ferlinghetti embodies the West His verse is sunny, filled with humor, the beauties of nature, the pleasures of good company and human love Although the structure of his verse owes much to the triads of William Carlos Williams, the imagery and music harks back to the old fashioned, romantic lyrics of E E Cummings, stripped of all but the occasional rhyme.This review is based on the fortieth anniversary edition 1995 , in which Mr Ferlinghetti has added eighteen new poems to the original slim volume of twenty seven Here, for a taste, I give you one of the original twenty seven funny fantasies are never so real as oldstyle romances where the hero has a heroine who has long black braids and lets nobodykiss her ever and everybody s trying all the time torun away with her and the hero is always drawing his sic sword and tilting at ginmills and forever telling her heloves her and has only honorable intentions andhonorable mentions and no one ever beats him at anything but then finally one day she who has always been so timidoffs with her glove and says though not in so many big words Let s go lie down somewheres baby.

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    crazy to be alive in such a strange world , indeed my quotation can t do justice to the way LF spreads his lines out across the small pages gotta love the man responsible for the pocket poets series.25 The world is a beautiful place to be born intoif you don t mind happinessnot always beingvery much funif you don t mind a touch of hellnow and thenjust when everything is finebecause even in heaventhey don t singall the timeThe world is a beautiful placeto be born intoif you don t mind some people dyingall the timeor maybe only starvingsome of the timewhich isn t half so badif it isn t youOh the world is a beautiful placeto be born intoif you don t much minda few dead mindsin the higher placesor a bomb or twonow and thenin your upturned facesor such other improprietiesas our Name Brand societyis prey towith its men of distinctionand its men of extinctionand its priestsand other patrolmenand its various segregationsand congressional investigationsand other constipationsthat our fool fleshis heir toYes the world is the best place of allfor a lot of such things asmaking the fun sceneand making the love sceneand making the sad sceneand singing low songs and having inspirationsand walking aroundlooking at everythingand smelling flowersand goosing statuesand even thinkingand kissing people andmaking babies and wearing pantsand waving hats anddancingand going swimming in riverson picnicsin the middle of the summerand just generally living it up Yesbut then right in the middle of itcomes the smilingmortician

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    Read in 1992 My favorite, which I copied out and put on my apartment refrigerator Number 8It was a face which darkness could kill in an instant a face as easily hurt by laughter or light We think differently at night she told me once lying back languidly And she would quote Cocteau I feel there is an angel in me she d say whom I am constantly shocking Then she would smile and look away light a cigarette for me sigh and rise and stretch her sweet anatomy let fall a stocking

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    Yes, I love beatnik poetry Don t judge me.

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    A delightful collection I was surprised by its lightness luminousness, but then again i guess the Beats were really into Zen, so These poems, most of which describe every day moments, are very accessible and would make a fine intro to poetry to new comers to the genre, i think.

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    Lawrence Ferlinghetti remarked that whereas City Lights co founder Peter Martin was born into an anarchist family, son of Carlos Tresca, I was getting my anarchist ideas from Kenneth Rexroth, adding that his poetry has become political with time One certainly gets the sense that his writing became political when reading Pictures of the Gone World in comparison with, say, Tyannus Nix or Time of Useful Consciousness, or some of the poems from Americus I haven t read it all yet This isn t to say that there are not elements of this in early works, such as Pictures of the Gone World, the first work published in the City Lights Pocket Poets Series, but it is not so pronounced yet Starting out as a painter and still a painter to this day , many of the poems in this collection have visually artistic themes Dada, Picasso, etc but one really gets the sense reading this that Ferlinghetti is here painting with words From the beginning poem Away above a harborful of caulkless houses to the end, the use of language is so rich and the poetry draws such vivid visual images This is found throughout, but, for me, is best captured in such lines as his alabaster ideals in a summer of sauterelles its fountains full of petals and its river thrown down through all the burnt places of that almond world I saw couples going nude into the sad water in the profound lasciviousness of spring in an algebra of lyricism which I am still deciphering and Dada would have loved a day like this with its light bulb sun which shines so differently for different people but which still shines the same on everyone The downside to this work is not really a flaw in itself, but the fact that many of the poems and most of the best ones at that Truth is not the secret of a few In Paris in a loud dark winter It was a face which darkness could kill The world is a beautiful place one of my very favorites and Reading Yeats I do not think I had previously read in the Poems from Pictures of the Gone World section of A Coney Island of the Mind another excellent collection But there are some others here that I can happily say I have discovered for the first time Of these, I most enjoyed Heaven and Dada would have liked a day like this Those that I already had familiarity with I was still happy to revisit.As with later Ferlinghetti works, there are elements of politics and anarchism though not necessarily as pronounced as we find later on , a beautiful world painted in words, an evocation of the past and an appropriation of phrases and ideas by others, such as quotes from Cocteau, Constantin Brancusi, etc In sum, a very fine early work from the singular and always enjoyable Lawrence Ferlinghetti.

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    Wonderful works The expanded collection has 12 or so poems not in the original book Very good.

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    For almost five years, this short book of poetry was never than a few feet from me The idea of Pocket Poetry was never seriously instantiated.

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    TWELFTH PRINTING, the back says in block letters The book is a stunning achievement Particularly considering it is a self published book by all standards I can see.

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    this book is like concept art just really don t get it hey lawrence what u up to

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