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Howl and Other Poems txt Howl and Other Poems , text ebook Howl and Other Poems , adobe reader Howl and Other Poems , chapter 2 Howl and Other Poems , Howl and Other Poems d25ff8 The Prophetic Poem That Launched A Generation When It Was First Published In Is Here Presented In A Commemorative Fortieth Anniversary EditionWhen The Book Arrived From Its British Printers, It Was Seized Almost Immediately By US Customs, And Shortly Thereafter The San Francisco Police Arrested Its Publisher And Editor, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Together With City Lights Bookstore Manager Shigeyoshi Murao The Two Of Them Were Charged With Disseminating Obscene Literature, And The Case Went To Trial In The Municipal Court Of Judge Clayton Horn A Parade Of Distinguished Literary And Academic Witnesses Persuaded The Judge That The Title Poem Was Indeed Not Obscene And That It Had Redeeming Social Significance Thus Was Howl Other Poems Freed To Become The Single Most Influential Poetic Work Of The Post World War II Era, With Over , Copies Now In Print

About the Author: Allen Ginsberg

Irwin Allen Ginsberg was the son of Louis and Naomi Ginsberg, two Jewish members of the New York literary counter culture of the 1920s Ginsberg was raised among several progressive political perspectives A supporter of the Communist party, Ginsberg s mother was a nudist whose mental health was a concern throughout the poet s childhood According to biographer Barry Miles, Naomi s illness gave A

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    Easy to overstimate Allen Ginsberg Easy to underestimate him too.There are if you leave out the political, religious and major historical figures only about two dozen or so 20th century cultural icons, and Ginsberg is one of them right up there with Einstein, Bogart, James Dean, and Marilyn Monroe In the 60 s, his face was ubiquitous, and the Ginsberg poster you picked out for yourself showed the kind of Ginsberg you aspired to be Ginsberg in Uncle Sam hat, naked Ginsberg embracing naked Peter Orlovsky, psychedelic Moses Ginsberg holding up two stone tablets of the Law of Who to be Kind to, or Ginsberg protesting in the snow and wearing a big sign that says Pot is Fun He was a hipster, a hedonist and a holy man, standing up for every form of free expression you could imagine, smiling from the walls of every coffeehouse, every bookstore, every other two room apartment that you knew And it was hard to get past all those posters and just sit down and read the poetry.But if you got past all that, it was still hard to separate the political from the poetic His most famous poem Howl was the center of a notorious free speech fight, and many of the later poems, from America to Wichita Vortex Sutra and beyond, could not be fully understood without some knowledge of the protest movements of the time However, if you did actually sit down and read some of his poetry away from the context, away from the intoxicating counter cultural atmosphere you might begin to suspect that Ginsberg the Poetry Icon was superior to Irwin Allen Ginsberg from Newark, New Jersey, the guy who actually sat down and wrote what is often frankly mediocre verse.Part of the problem stems from the length of Ginsberg s free verse line it is indeed a very long line, habitually a few beats longer than a dactylic hexameter Even when he breaks a line into W.C.Williams triads, it still seems to be long Most poets who choose such a line as their vehicle Kit Smart, Martin Tupper, Whitman, Fearing, Jeffers, Ginsberg come off sounding biblical and orotund in long passages which lack lyricism and are often indistinguishable from mediocre prose C.K Williams perhaps because of his narrative drive is the notable exception here When you add to this the fact that Ginsberg delights in improvisation, and once embraced as his model the no revisions necessary Kerouac prose style, it is little wonder that many of his lines fail to sing.But, as I said, it is easy to underestimate him too, particularly if we just sit down and read his poetry, divorcing it from the world of cultural influences and public performance that he loved For example, if you sit down to read Howl, and it seems too ponderous, too much like the prophet Jeremiah wailing for all the pitiful beatnik dead, just stop for a minute and go download some early 50 s jazz Herbie Nichols maybe, or Lee Konitz or the MJQ and play it quietly in the background while you stand up and recite the poem aloud to yourself swaying a little, perhaps even snapping your fingers You may begin to discover unexpected deposits of gentle humor, the occasional pocket of sick humor, and even a little slapstick from time to time, and also sense knitting the four movements of this magnificent performance piece together an overarching, self conscious hipster irony which refuses for even one second to take Ginsberg the Prophet or Ginsberg the Poetry Icon completely seriously.As you probably can tell, I love Howl I think it is a masterwork of American poetry, unique and irreplaceable This collections also contains four shorter pieces almost as good A Supermarket in California an encounter with Walt Whitman, who is eyeing the grocery boys , America a love letter to the USA and a protest poem at the same time, ending with the memorable line, America I m putting my queer shoulder to the wheel , Sunflower Sutra a conversation with Kerouac in Frisco about a gray dead sunflower which ends with a sermon proclaiming that we are all beautiful golden sunflowers inside , and In the Baggage Room at Greyhound Irwin Allen Ginsberg s farewell to a job he obviously hated.These five poems make up only 70% of this small 50 page collection, and the rest of the poems included here I don t think are worth reading at all But then I didn t experiment with jazz in the background So I just might be underestimating Ginsberg once again.

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    Preface Though I enjoyed this book as a whole, the focus this evening will be on Howl Why this one alone Simply put, I am writing these jumbled thoughts as a dedication to a friend Rather, I am dedicating this to a cluster of friends, each of whom have chosen, in one form or another, to leave this earthly plain and shatter vehemently into oblivion Suffice it to say that this series of words and interpretations will be highly personal, and therefore guided by inflated emotions which have forcefully skewed my view in favor of this poem It was just too relevant, too well timed, and exactly what I needed to hear at precisely the moment I was hearing it Then again, perhaps that means that, in my raw state, I actually DID hear it and can give an experience based, honest opinion founded in emotional relevance I mean, it s poetry, right That is for you to decide, I suppose Keep in mind, I know this is ham handed I find expressing myself to those that I love to generally be difficult, so since I cannot bring myself to tell them how I feel I will just spew it here to a bunch of mostly strangers My apologiesit just had to be done Also, it highlights the reason that I am so keen on this poem and this collection, which is excellent as a whole As I sat at my desk on Monday evening engaging myself with Howl and the internet in varying doses, I received a call from an old friend This call informed me that our yearly pattern had not ceased its locomotion another friend had taken his life another spastic, trouble making, genuine, crass, rambunctious, unique, ever smiling, glorious, damaged person had rippled the rivers with what we didn t know about his insides Like those before him, the type of person that no one forgets, even after a very brief encounter Those who demanded too much of you their presence called for your eyes, their voice your ears, and their memory a sturdy bedroll in your cranium People who will be missed by many, and, oddly enough, exactly the sort of people with the type of pain, obstacles, self doubts, self deprecating rants, and self destructive tendencies that Howl addresses The wonderful and wounded Or rather, the wonderfully wounded You are all familiar with the intro, but it begs repeating for the sake of this dedication I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked, dragging themselves through the negro streets at dawn looking for an angry fix, angelheaded hipsters burning for the ancient heavenly connection to the starry dynamo in the machin ery of night, who poverty and tatters and hollow eyed and high sat up smoking in the supernatural darkness of cold water flats floating across the tops of cities contemplating jazz, who bared their brains to Heaven under the El and saw Mohammedan angels staggering on tene ment roofs illuminated, who passed through universities with radiant cool eyes hallucinating Arkansas and Blake light tragedy among the scholars of war, who were expelled from the academies for crazy publishing obscene odes on the windows of the skull, who cowered in unshaven rooms in underwear, burn ing their money in wastebaskets and listening to the Terror through the wall, who got busted in their pubic beards returning through Laredo with a belt of marijuana for New York, who ate fire in paint hotels or drank turpentine in Paradise Alley, death, or purgatoried their torsos night after night with dreams, with drugs, with waking nightmares, al cohol and cock and endless balls, incomparable blind streets of shuddering cloud and lightning in the mind leaping toward poles of Canada Paterson, illuminating all the mo tionless world of Time between, Peyote solidities of halls, backyard green tree cemetery dawns, wine drunkenness over the rooftops, storefront boroughs of teahead joyride neon blinking traffic light, sun and moon and tree vibrations in the roaring winter dusks of BrooklynPerhaps part of what made people feel so invested in and comforted by the beat movement wasn t just the hip facade, the cool kid, rebel without a cause nonsense, or even the fact that the stream of consciousness writing style and often lurid subject matter was just weird and fresh I think a part of it was also the fact that it was purifying, like how they say a fast makes you feel sick at first, and yet in the end clean Verbal vomit, is what I mean to get across Maybe the notion that the cyclical, shrapnel like thoughts of the scatterbrained, those individuals unnaturally removed from modern society or even, sometimes, from Reality still had a niche of people willing to listen to, and maybe even understand them in a million different and ever changing ways, was a truly comforting thought to many of the insane and irreplaceable, no matter how good or bad they may have been at expressing themselves, and no matter how awful and isolating it may have initially felt to actually do so I certainly related to Ginsberg s underbelly of people I additionally relate to his pain at their loss I find great tragedy in the fact that some of the most fascinating people I have ever known thought for so long and so hard that they talked themselves into habits, out of love, and away from a world that endlessly appreciated them Ginsberg felt this, toothe way that modern society chews up and spits out some of its greatest members simply because they cannot cope with its pressures, its rules and expectations, its ugliness and fright those who left because they falsely felt that they either were unprepared to endure it, or simply didn t deserve it Howl is a poem for mourning the odd, endless ones It carves with a jagged blade straight into the bellies of those both saintly and furious, but it is simultaneously the anti venom for exactly the type if poison that it emits Embrace in when the time is right wrong And please, be good to yourself

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    Allen Ginsberg, a sad and lonely man, wrote this to impress Kerouac, another sad and lonely man Over the years, a lot of sad and lonely people haven t gotten over the how much that first fucking line resonates with them The whole best minds generation destroyed madness line.Ten years ago, this was a 5 star poem Ten years from now, it will be a 3 star poem That s just called growing up, folks.

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    You will not like this Like we use to say, vengan de a uno.So, Howl My rating is based mostly on my experience with that long poem.I admire any work filled with sincerity and lyrically intense lines when found Powerful, raw images that expose an unknown world I understand this book s historical context and what it represented at the time storming in with a breath of fresh air, breaking the mold and dealing with some themes and views I also agree with Well, except for the endless references to drug abuse and alcohol, regarded, through the years, as a source of creativity and a way to express yourself against reigning social conventions a dangerously infantile waste of a life in some cases Debauchery, consumption of drugs and alcohol as a statement, a sort of protest against materialism and conformity Mindless attitudes that make you different, that keep you safely away from anything mainstream and doesn t lead you to an unbearable feeling of emptiness Sexual liberation being free of any dogma, any prejudice, being able to enjoy complete freedom to love understood as sleeping with whoever crosses your street and then writing yourself an ode celebrating those actions trying to be so different that you end up being as ordinary as any other mortal It was their times, of course And this is simply an opinion.Anyway, whereas I do appreciate the honesty and the experiences and sentiments that Ginsberg brought to these pages, I feel like many significant matters get lost in a haze of pretentiousness, self indulgence and not an extraordinary writing I take away the political context and there s not much to hold onto , in this particular case and from my perspective A perspective that, needless to say, doesn t epitomize the absolute truth nor tries to I was not expecting a bunch of puritan euphemisms and songs on a prairie, but it was simply too much and I struggled to finish the whole thing Even though I always say to myself that literature does not have to be a source of misery so if I am not enjoying a book, I can leave it behind, I did try to finish this one because, well, it had less than 100 pages don t be so lazy, girl.A really short book that became too painful to finish You can imagine You can also say Two stars Are you out of your mind This is pure sentiment, pure poetry meant to stir your most hidden emotions Oh, grow up with a Joan Rivers kind of tone And I will respect that However, for me it was not and the only thing I stirred was some benevolent coffee that helped me throughout this arduous journey.The rest of the poems were a little less painful nothing I kind of liked Transcription of Organ Music Some good lines, from time to time America is a decent pearl containing the essence of the Beat generation Song was a nice change of pace.Beats and me just don t get along I still have Naked Lunch to read I wonderNov 24, 2015 Also on my blog.

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    Muddled, addled and overrated In fact, any rating, even a single star or half moon, is too much for this amateur hour of a poem It might have played well when shouted out to a roomful of arrogant drunks, but on the page it droops, it teeters under the weight of all of those ungainly adjectivies and finally collapses in a fog of its own flatulance I saw the best minds of my generation ignore this long, long limerick Now, only nostalgists and know naughts still cling to its pages of ill repute Why

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    My god.Reading Howl was like getting stuck for an hour in the brain of a rebellious, pubescent, sexist loudmouth Between every sentence transpires the hubris of being THE NEW POET, and of being A COOL OUTCAST, and a member of that little BOYS CLUB Ginsberg brings up again and again although it weakens his writing every time There s a faint, insufferable music of puerility behind it all most notably when Ginsberg brings up constantly the names of his famous friends, brings down women and ew vaginas, and of course relapses into phallic metaphors every two pages Love child of an angsty teen, a 1950 s jock and a wannabe anarchist, the book is always on the verge of being good, always grazing brilliance for a word or two, for a verse or two, and then back to complacent, biographical, drunken mediocrity.I heard so much about his poetry I heard so much about the Beats Generation My bookstore has a special, swagger section just for them pretty boys, you know The I read them though, the I see how terribly overrated they are, just as a bunch of privileged bullies would be in a common high school For a reason I cannot begin to fathom, they just kept up the illusion going in the literary community instead of peaking at 17.I don t see what Ginsberg brings to the table what he invented, what he created with this I don t see, read, feel the HOWL he s trying is he even trying to express.

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    Nothing like a bit of controversy to keep the establishment ticking over, and in Howl it s easy to see why as this was seen as a shocking and powerful piece of obscenity in the eyes of some, but for many it s viewed as a celebrated manifesto of great importance for the beat Generation of the 1950s that helped to stick a big fat middle finger up to sexual repression and capitalism This is a vital collection of Ginsberg s work that will always stand the test of time.

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    It took awhile for me to finally determine where exactly Allan Ginsberg sits in my book reviewer rating scale Truth is, I was lured in by all the hoopla this collection received in 1956 when it was seized by U.S customs It s just not easy for me to review poetry.Do I understand why AG set the world on fire in 56 Totally Was it the type of writing that made me HOWL Mmmm..maybe like a whimper Goodreads Review 24 06 19

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    I feel similar ways about Allen Ginsberg and Adele While I appreciate the skill behind both of their work, I find both of their material overwrought, contrary to popular opinion Yes, I see how Ginsberg s poetry revolted against oppressive forces and mainstream, heteronormative America Its lack of style and nuance still frustrates me Props to him for lending fire to a revolution that uplifted marginalized voices, even if I myself find his writing unfulfilling and too frantic, despite the positive impact of its shock value.

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    I had goosebumps while reading Howl It s like nothing I have ever read

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