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➥ [Ebook] ➠ 吾輩は猫である [Wagahai wa Neko de Aru] By Natsume Sōseki ➯ – Ebooks2020.co chapter 1 吾輩は猫である [Wagahai wa Neko de Aru], meaning 吾輩は猫である [Wagahai wa Neko de Aru], genre 吾輩は猫である [Wagahai wa Neko de Aru], book cover 吾輩は猫である [Wagahai wa Neko de Aru], flies 吾輩は猫である [Wagahai wa Neko de Aru], 吾輩は猫である [Wagahai wa Neko de Aru] 585a49763b51b I Am A Cat As Yet I Have No NameSo Begins One Of The Most Original And Unforgettable Works In Japanese LiteratureRichly Allegorical And Delightfully Readable, I Am A Cat Is The Chronicle Of An Unloved, Unwanted, Wandering Kitten Who Spends All His Time Observing Human Nature From The Dramas Of Businessmen And Schoolteachers To The Foibles Of Priests And Potentates From This Unique Perspective, Author S Seki Natsume Offers A Biting Commentary Shaped By His Training In Chinese Philosophy On The Social Upheaval Of The Meiji Era I Am A Cat First Appeared In Ten Installments In The Literary Magazine Hotoguisu Cuckoo , Between And S Seki Had Not Intended To Write Than The Short Story That Makes Up The First Chapter Of This Book After Its Great Critical And Popular Success, He Expanded It Into This Epic Novel, Which Is Universally Recognised As A Classic Of World Literature

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    One of my favourite books of all time, I Am a Cat by Natsume Soseki is a comic masterpiece Set in Tokyo before the WWI, the primary character is the author s cat who wanders around the neighbourhood picking up bits of conversation and making fun of its owner and his relationship with his wife and neighbours and students Words escape me to describe how incredibly funny and perceptive this book it and what a pure pleasure it is to read If you read one Soseki book besides Botchan, make it this one

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    I ve been a cat now for what seems like an eternity If anyone asks you what it s like to be a cat, hand them a copy of the book and walk rapidly away Reading the book has been a lot like having a cat as a pet occasionally delightful, sometimes insightful, and frequently annoying I Am a Cat was written by Japanese author Soseki Natsume at the end of the 1800s and the beginning of the 1900s It s a gentle satire told from the point of view of a household cat in the home of a teacher of modest means and abilities Most of the book listens in on the discussions the teacher, his wife, and his friends have about everyday life, love, and bureaucracy It s insightful than I feared it might be, but less engaging than I hoped it would be, mostly because the household that the cat occupies is a humdrum one An occasional visitor provides most of the liveliness he s a wit with a propensity for telling silly stories that promise a great payoff and usually fail to deliver If you re curious about Japanese life around 1900 or you really, really, really love cats, then read the first 100 pages of this book That will give you than enough of an idea of the book as a whole.

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    I ve had enough of being farted at by weasels and crippled with side swipes from the fishmonger s pole I feel your pain Rickshaw Blacky I feel your pain This book is best read with a nice fat cat curled up in your lap purring away while you are fidgeting, ever so slightly so as not to disturb the cat but attempting to figure out how to comfortably read since the cat is sleeping precisely where you would usually rest this nearly 500 page tome The cat is sitting there thinking heh, what a moron and before you know it you have been punk d my friend suckered in and made a total fool of You are that feline s bitch And if you re not careful you just may find yourself the subject of a hysterical book that is a wonderful social satire through the eyes of a cat.Now you don t actually need to be a cat fancier to enjoy this book It s simply a device used as an external viewpoint on us crazy humans While there are occasions where the appreciation of the feline species will give you some extra laughs, the majority of the book feels like an old fashioned omniscient narrator tale Even the no name cat remarks on his uncanny ability to read human minds and decipher the psychology behind our actions.Soseki studied taught English literature and spent some time in England and while you never forget that you are in Japan, this reads very much like a turn of the century 19th 20th British farce la Oscar Wilde or P.G Wodehouse Though some of this could also be due to the translation but the kind of social send ups seem very anglo saxon to me misunderstandings and or disregard of social rank, malaprops, confused identities Nearly every page has a juicy quotable tidbit It did get unexpectedly slightly heavy at the end which wasn t quite in tune with the tone of the rest of the book but wildly amusing throughout and a perfect summer read.

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    I Am a Cat is a long book full of wordplay, complicated farcical sequences, obscure cultural references, long philosophical digressions and obtuse allusions to Chinese literature It reminds me in parts of P.G Wodehouse, Monty Python, Studio Ghibli films and Roald Dahl Our lovable narrator is an unnamed cat lounging around a Tokyo household in the early years of the 20th century We learn a lot about feline behaviour but this is mostly a book about people the cat is always listening, and judging Through kitty eyes Soseki leaks his compassionate but cynical view of human nature and life in modern Japan His humour is archaic, rambling, at times difficult in its excess but very rewarding Aiko Ito Graeme Wilson have done a great job of the translation which I m sure wasn t easy Anyone can write a disturbing novel, but I m really impressed when I laugh.

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    Cu i c ng c ng xong y l cu n ebook d i nh t m m nh t ng c Cu n n y ph i c ch m , l u l u gi ra nh m nh p v i ch ng th th y r t th C c nhanh th th y ch ng ra sao v cu n n y ch ng c di n bi n cao tr o g c N i g i l i , cu n n y l nh t k c a m t con m o n i nh m v cu c s ng v nh ng con ng i xung quanh n M t con m o n i nh m m c n nguy n quy n s ch d i m y tr m trang l i u v c ng c o trong v n h c Quan tr ng l , con m o n y n c c k m t d y N kh ng ngh n nh ng i , n ngh n h n con ng i k a M x t t ng th gi a nh ng con ng i c mi u t trong truy n th m o ta ng l kh n ngoan nh t , bi t l l nh t v do , ng i nh t Nh ng c ng o ng th i , r t m o Ai nu i m o m c cu n n y s th y r t th v , v li n t ng n m o nh m nh R i t nhi n t h i c khi n o n khinh b , ch i m nh ngu trong b m t nh c i con m o m t d y n y kh ng N i chung l th v Cu n n y c nh ng tri t l hay ho , c r t th m , nh ng nhi u l c nh m nh m d i d ng qu n n th y c ng m t Ngo i ra , ai mu n bi t v cu c s ng con ng i n c Nh t cu i th k 19 th c cu n n y r t c i m tr l c i k t chu i v t t ng coi th ng ph n c a t c gi Nh ng cho r ng tay th 4.5 sao c ng c

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    Cinque stelle perch nonostante non ci sia praticamente azione e l intera vicenda abbia il setting di un unico quartiere, le quattrocento e passa pagine del romanzo scorrono via in maniera estremamente piacevole e divertente C un ironia che non credevo familiare alla letteratura orientale di cui peraltro non ho mai letto niente, quindi era solo un pregiudizio e un inaspettato ma continuo riferimento alla cultura occidentale mi sono stupita di sentir parlare di greci, romani, inglesi da un autore di inizio Novecento, ma la quarta di copertina mi ha giustamente illuminato sul fatto che ambientato nell era Meiji, famosa per l apertura al mondo aldil dell Oceano Per il resto si tratta di un espediente per riflettere su tutto ma veramente tutto con gli occhi disincantati di un gatto intelligente e la pigrizia flemmatica di un professore debole di stomaco, alle prese con amici culturalmente elevati proporrei ad uno studente di Biologia il seguente titolo di tesi L effetto dei raggi ultravioletti sulla funzione galvanica del globo oculare della rana , matrimoni da combinare e una moglie dotata di parola tagliente che non si lascia certo mettere i piedi in testa dal consorte Gente rigorosamente vestita in kimono, seduta sui talloni sui tatami lo sapevate che un unit di misura per l ampiezza delle stanze e a mangiare quintali di riso, a ogni pasto Il tutto reso con una scrittura estremamente brillante e vivace, con dialoghi da sketch cabarettistico e lunghe digressioni da monologo del variet Una bellissima scoperta.

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    El libro trata de un gato sin nombre que nos relata, armado con gran sarcasmo y un aparente desprecio por la humanidad, su punto de vista respecto de la sociedad japonesa de la era Meiji en especial para con los intelectuales y la burgues a He aqu uno de los mejores pasajes del libro Por qu usan s lo dos piernas para caminar cuando resulta que tienen cuatro extremidades disponibles Qu enorme desperdicio de recursos naturales Si utilizasen las cuatro patas podr an andar mucho m s aprisa, sin embargo, insisten en seguir usando solo dos y llevar las otras dos colgando de los hombros como si fueran un par de bacalaos secos De todo esto solo se puede deducir que los seres humanos, con bastante m s tiempo para desperdiciar que los gatos, combaten su aburrimiento cong nito dedic ndose en cuerpo y alma a actividades que les hacen perder el tiempo Pero lo m s curioso del asunto es que cada vez que no de ellos se encuentra con otro no hacen m s que hablar de lo tremendamente ocupados que est n En ocasiones, he tenido la fortuna de que se fijen en m , le he o do hablar de como envidian la vida tranquila y relajada de los gatos Pero podr an llevar una vida as si quisieran Ellos son los que se sobrecargan de tareas que no pueden atender Si uno prende una hoguera, que luego no se queje del calor que hace Incluso nosotros, los gatos, si tuvi ramos que dedicarle el mismo tiempo que ellos a pensar en las diferentes formas de cortarnos el pelo, no podr amos seguir llevando la despreocupada vida que llevamos Me encanta este tipo de sarcasmo y leer cr ticas a la humanidad Tengo un gato y, a veces, cuando ste me mira fijamente, como observando todo el ambiente que lo rodea, no puedo menos que indagarme en qu piensa Creo que gracias a Soseki ahora puedo hacerme una ligera idea de lo pasa por la mente de mi gato y esto es un sarcasmo.No obstante, la lectura me cost bastante y explicar la raz n y ello igualmente explica las tres estrellas con las que he calificado este libro Los primeros cap tulos, no sabr a decir si los cinco o seis primeros, se han pasado r pidamente y fueron de agradable y divertida lectura, pero luego el libro se ha complicado Con mucho esfuerzo logr superar la mitad del mismo, y me cost pura fuerza de voluntad resistirme a abandonarlo Soy un gato a pesar de ser un libro brillante y una cida cr tica a las actitudes de la sociedad japonesa y aunque muchas de sus reflexiones puedan ser aplicadas a nuestra sociedad occidental, es un libro con una historia cuasi est tica, desprovista de dinamismo, sobre todo en los divagues de los personajes que se tornan en exceso largas y mon tonas.En su b squeda de retratar el d a a d a de la sociedad de la era Meiji, Natsume Soseki no establece un punto de conflicto principal siquiera el inter s matrimonial de uno de los personajes es una trama principal aunque es un tema recurrente en toda rla extensi n del libro , s establece varios focos de conflictos secundarios pero que resultan de escaso inter s Los personajes llegan a resultar cansinos e incluso el sarcasmo del gato el verdadero punto alto del libro se hace menos presente y disminuye en intensidad En realidad, el mismo se hace m s humano cuanto m s avanza el libro y llega casi a pensar de la misma manera que su amo.De ah las tres estrellas Otro punto alto de la lectura de este libro ha sido, sin lugar a dudas, la magn fica edici n de esta obra de la literatura japonesa.

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    Dichiaro ufficialmente la mia resa, mi sono spinta ben oltre la met di questo romanzo ma proprio non mi prende Il gatto che dovrebbe essere l elemento principale pedante e saccente, anzich concentrarsi sulle faccende da gatto si focalizza sulle disavventure del suo padrone ed anche quest ultimo non brilla certo per delle spiccate qualit La narrazione monotona, manca di mordente e ci si dilunga troppo in discorsi evanescenti senza capo n coda.

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    5 5 stars Favorite StandalonesDecided to bump this up because it s definitely a book that s stuck with me and has a firm place in my heart Still deciding whether or not to deem it as an official fave or not though 4 5starsNow, that rating might seem a bit low considering how, if you ve spoken to me or seen my videos, you know I was obsessed while reading this book But I shall explain.Let me begin with I LOVED the idea of this book Anyone who knows me knows I ADORE cats my cat Cody is the light of my life, I coddle him and love him than anything So when I heard about a novel that is literally told from a cat s POV, I HAD to get it This story is a bind up of 3 volumes told from a stray tabby cat with no name who wanders into the mansion of a professor who decides to let him stay and live there It is about his years living with his owner and all the drama and adventures throughout his life I really enjoyed this whole idea because it was basically just a very unique way for the author to poke fun at the human race and all our flaws because mostly this little unnamed tabby cat would watch his owner do something and then make witty comments about how stupid and horrible humans are such as how heartless they are when the unnamed cat s friend had kittens and her humans killed them all, how abusive they can be to animals who they think are lesser than them by not feeding this little cat, how stupid they are for walking on two legs when they have four available to them, and how they selfish they are.This book is 100% for any cat owner because, at least personally, I found myself laughing outloud at some of the comments this cat made, but also staring at the page in awe realizing I did the same things that this cat was pointing out were so horrible I also thought the cat s voice was wonderful because he sounded exactly how I imagine my cat, Cody, sounding if he was every able to speak.The reason this wasn t a 5 5stars was simply because, by the end, I was skimming through PAGES of this novel because I was so bored with the human s drama There were very long winded paragraphs and pages detailing the tabby s owner s life and drama with his friends, and most of their stories were very boring and I found myself just not caring to read them and skipping to when the tabby was going on his own adventures Therefore, since I skimmed a good chunk of pages, I felt it wasn t right giving it 5 5stars.Also, that ending though, wtf Natsume Soseki that was fucking uncalled for.Amazing book Highly recommend

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    Cosa pensano i nostri amici animali Quali sono i loro pensieri Le loro emozioni Cosa sognano Molti si saranno posti questa domanda Ebbene, la risposta la fornisce Soseki dando voce a un gatto E proprio attraverso la figura di questo gatto, che non ha un nome e che svolge il ruolo di narratore, ma anche di colui che vede e vive tutto in prima persona, che impariamo a conoscere il Giappone del XX secolo e i suoi abitanti Il gatto filosofo, con le sue massime zen, ci invita alla scoperta del popolo giapponese, mostrandoci tutte le bizzarrie, ma anche la stupidit degli esseri umani Il lettore vede il mondo giapponese, e non solo, attraverso gli occhi di questo gatto, poco considerato dal resto della famiglia, che ci descrive con sguardo critico e attento, la societ , i suoi usi e costumi Il finale, un po troppo affrettato, ma molto malinconico, come tipico di molta letteratura orientale, lascia un senso agrodolce, ma anche tanta poesia.

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    Reading Challenge Pop Sugar 201710 Un libro con un gato en la portada21 Un libro desde una perspectiva no humana Siento que literalmente tard a os leyendo esta novela Se me hizo pesad simo, a pesar de que el lenguaje y la estructura son sencillos La premisa es muy buena, pero fue demasiado Le sobran p ginas, situaciones y divagaciones Soy un gato es la historia de un gato, sin nombre, que llega a vivir a la casa del maestro Kushami ya ni recuerdo c mo lleg all Desde ese lugar se relacionar con otros gatos no mucho, la verdad y con las amistades si se pueden llamar as del maestro Busca mostrar desde su perspectiva sat rica y llena de humor la sociedad japonesa de aquella poca principios del siglo XX Todo muy bien, los personajes est n desarrollados sin ser caricaturescos, aunque s graciosos Pero son taaaaan insoportables, fastidiosos y arrogantes, que de verdad me da miedo pensar que los seres humanos seamos realmente as Creo que se salva un poco la se ora Kushami, porque me causaba gracia el hecho de que le respondiera al esposo y, de cierta forma, no se dejara amedentrar De resto, un mont n de hombres divagando sobre nada.Como ya he dicho, no es dif cil de leer, pero s se vuelve denso por tanta divagaci n, que est all por un motivo, pero me result demasiado superflua Cada vez que tomaba el kindle para leer, le a unas 10 p ginas y en seguida me entraba sue o Es un poco sopor fero Y es una l stima, porque el humor y la s tira dan un estilo fresco y desenfadado, que se trastoca por tanta divagaci n y ch chara insoportable.Me alegra haberlo terminado.

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    M c d m nh r t th ch m o, m c d nh nu i r t nhi u m o, m c d b n th n c ng bi t l l m o r t l o nh ng con m o trong tp n y ng l qu th m o M nh con m o l m nh m c n nguy n cu n s ch D Kh ng bi t n ngh n l ai nh ng trong m t n , lo i ng i ch ra c i th g , v a b t t i v a th t c L o qu , b i qu , kh ng nh n v n t n o Nh ng b n d ch th h t s c d th ng, r t t nhi n C m n d ch gi m i n ng 1

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    I am a cat is a slow reading book There s not much action in it and it s all about the cat s opinion on everything especially people It actually speaks, in a very particular way, of mediocrity The cat describes the routine of its master, a japanese man that teaches english in 1904 Japan, and the way he deals with life The descriptions are very rich and the references to other works are diverse and intriguing, compelling you to know about japanese classic literature All things considered, it s an entertaining read with substance Good for reconsidering your self image.

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    Recomendad simo Cuenta la vida de un gato en casa de un maestro japon s desde el punto de vista del gato, claro est Las reflexiones gatunas y humanas que va exponiendo son geniales Adem s, tiene muchas situaciones desternillantes, y otras tantas muy interesantes para pensar sobre ellas.Es un libro para leerlo con calma y disfrutarlo a ratos si te lo intentas leer del tir n s lo coger s un empacho , y desde luego, para m ha sido una de las mejores lecturas de este a o.