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    Spanning the gamut from eye rolling to laugh out loud funny, with the majority of the book falling into the mildly amusing middle, Michael Martone s nearly true travel companion, The Blue Guide to Indiana, seems best suited as a welcome gift for those newly transplanted to the almost mottoed Heritage State if then Secretary of State Ralph Otter s first official act of office in 1979 hadn t lead to an insurrection and bloodless coup or as gag gift stocking stuffer for the Hoosier native Having been born in Indianapolis in 1973, and having attended and graduated from high school on the Southside fourth generation Cardinal and Indiana University Bloomington, I myself fall into the latter category.Some sites that will be on the top of my list the next time I go home to visit family The Tomb of Orville Redenbacher in Valparaiso, The National Monument for Those Killed by Tornados in Trailer Parks and Mobile Home Courts in Goshen, The Trans Indiana Mayonnaise Pipeline at the intersection of US 31 and Indiana 18 between Miami and Cassville , The World s First Parking Lot in Plato, the Grand National Locomotive Drag Racing Finals in Whiting, Eli Lilly Land outside Martinsville, the First and Second Daylight Savings Wars of 1948 and 1955 in various locations north of US 24, and the Mus e de Bob Ross in Muncie.

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    The consensus by other reviews seems to be that the people from Indiana liked it, and the people from elsewhere hated it Please allow me to submit another review in the latter category, albeit from someone who actually lived in Indianapolis for four years and doesn t dismiss Indiana because it s not New York I dismiss Indiana because it s a stubbornly mediocre society that not only happily embraces its bottom 10 educational achievement, healthcare costs, executive worker pay gaps, worst place to work rankings, and Kentucky lite quality of life, but actively and self denyingly goes out of its way to make all of those things worse because it can There are plenty of valid cultural criticisms of Indiana that would make excellent satire without resorting to the whole ignorant elitist it s Podunk because it s not New York and it votes Republican trope, so I was cautiously optimistic when I tried to read this book, especially because some of the actual entries, such as the trans Indiana mayonnaise pipeline and the site of Wendell Wilkie s ascension into heaven had the potential to be quite funny I was not impressed This book is stilted and unfunny not quite humor and not quite not, in a way that s just not enjoyable in either direction Either Martone was trying to be as subtly pretentious as possible in a very arthouse, outside looking in way that will only appeal to a handful of other Indiana artists who wish they were New Yorkers but will never pull it off, or he s a product of Hoosier culture s trademark obliviousness and lack of self awareness or imagination and is consequently not very skilled at actual satire In either case, this book is a slog to read and I wouldn t recommend it to anyone who actually understands what satire means.

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    Based on my present reading lately of the first three essays in Martone s The Flatness And Other Landscapes , slipping this Blue Guide into my currently reading list was a mistake This book should have been deep six d and allowed to never ever see the light of day Come on here, Martone is no Bob Dylan who can play with his audience anyway he sees fit and still come out on top as big time Creator At best a juvenile retreat into indifference and unimportance, Blue Guide sucks dirt in every way possible I found nothing even remotely interesting for me, and most everything I looked at was a complete waste of my time, of which, really, I have none left to spare It is hard enough for me to even have an open mind when it comes to a thing called a Hoosier , but I came to the reading of this book as Jesus would, my tolerance at the forefront of my label, and still I could find nothing to make parable or exact my talents on to make this putrid water into a drinkable wine But in the meantime, after getting this nasty taste out of my mouth, I will happily continue on with Martone and my intensely serious reading of his The Flatness And Other Landscapes and be glad, I am certain of it, that I did, and do not hold as a grudge this awful joke of a book against him.

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    Very slight work from a very good writer That said, it s pretty funny, especially if you re the sort of person that enjoys reading about made up things that sound sort of like they could be real things This is a minor entry in that canon, but if you ve already read everything by Donald Barthelme and John Hodgman, this is worth a look In fact, now that I think about it, I wonder if Hodgman s very Martonesque paragraph on Indiana in The Areas of My Expertise is a subtle nod to this book.

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    I m from Indiana, so let s get that out of the way This book is a fake travel guide to my home state and, while I was worried the premise would stretch thin for me after about 50 pages, I stayed amused and engaged the whole way The humor works at different speeds some entries are only so slant that it d be easy to mistake them for true, others revel in oddity like a Barthelme fever dream but every now and then there s a little sadness, too Just a touch, but in that touch and in the command of the public relations voice that allows for very little striking language is the real artistry of the book and keeps it off the Humor shelf.

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    Very disappointing I am very into the idea of a fictional travel guide of Indiana, and I was looking forward to reading this I ve read books by John Hodgman and Ben Katchor that do similar things, and I love them Alas, I did not love this Some of the ideas are clever, but the execution just doesn t pull it off More often than not, it felt like I was reading an actual travel guide, which is not a compliment The only time I felt genuinely intrigued was when an entry started to become presumably a portrait of the author s forebears, but that moment ended too quickly.

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    Clever and surprising, this book, unfortunately wears out its welcome The biggest draw of this text is the weaving of true and false, in which truths are sometimes wholly true, or sometimes just false enough to mess with the reader The result is that Indiana feels both smaller and larger than it is, and this works marvelously Unfortunately, it s just a dry guide, and while it s always funny, it never fully materializes into something actually great.

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    I m a big fan of fictions that pretend not to be fiction On that level, it certainly scores high for me However, I found Martone s humor to be a bit played out His attempts as satire seemed obvious and overdone As a result, a book which held immense promise, to me, ended up producing not much than a yawn Nice idea lacking execution.

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    Enough with the Indiana already Not only is Michael a master of the hypoxic short fiction workshop, anti narrative freight train, but he s also a pretty good writer This collection, parodying the Blue Guide travel series, gives one an insight into the heart of darkness, the state of Indiana, both real and imaginary.

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    This book is really funny but it isn t the kind of book you just read cover to cover It s a lot better in small chunks Also the jokes get funnier the longer I am Indiana, so rereading sections is often a good experience.

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