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Michael Martone pdf Michael Martone, ebook Michael Martone, epub Michael Martone, doc Michael Martone, e-pub Michael Martone, Michael Martone 4b34f6675ee Michael Martone Is Its Own Appendix, Comprising Fifty Contributors Notes, Each Of Which Identifies In Exorbitant Biographical Detail The Author Of The Other Forty Nine It Is Full Of Fanciful Anecdotes And Preposterous Reminiscences Michael Martone S Self Inventions Include The Multiple Deaths Of Himself And All His Family Members, His Kafkaesque Rebirth As A Giant Insect, And His Stints As Circus Performer, Assembly Line Worker, Photographer, And Movie Extra Expect No Autobiographical Consistency Here A Note Revealing Martone S Mother As The Ghost Writer Of All His Books Precedes The Note Beginning, Michael Martone, An Orphan We Learn Of Martone S University Career And Sketchy Formal Education, His Misguided Caretaking Of His Teacher John Barth S Lawn, And His Impersonation Of A Poor African Republic In Political Science Class, Where Martone S Population Is Allowed To Starve As His Fortunate Fellow Republics Fight Over Development And Natural Resource Trading Cards The Author Of Michael Martone , Whose Other Names Include Missy, Dolly, Peanut, Bug, Gigi Tone, Tony S Boy, Patty S Boy, Junior S, Mickey, Monk, Mr Martone, And The Contributor Named In This Note, Proves As Protean As Fiction Itself, Continuously Transforming The Past With Every New Attribution But Never Identifying Himself By Name It Is This Missing Personage Who, From First Note To Last, Constitutes The Unformed Subject Of Michael Martone

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    At this point I can definitively state that I absolutely, sorta, kinda liked this one a lot A lot Not to the point of Hey, check this one out But, at the very least, to the point of You know, you just might like this one I don t know For whatever reason s , when I see FC2 as the publisher, I expect something edgy, provocative, who knows But this one is a gentler told, humorous rather than funny, endearing, but with a prevailing intelligent sensibility, sort of novel.

    In Michael Martone s Michael Martone, Martone presents a series of Contributor s Notes 42 of em plus an Acknowledgment, an About the Author, and a Vita, each of which begins Michael Martone was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, except for the Acknowledgment and the About the Author After the introductory phrase, each note takes a variant path and seems to describe multiple Michael Martones, in lives that could not have happened, couldn t have overlapped, at odds with each other, but, in a way, from and through which, one begins to have a sense of the author, if not as he is, then as how he might want to be known or not Did I mention that one of his writing instructors, and one of the blurbers for the writing of Michael Martone, not necessarily for Michael Martone, is John Barth, and that, to some, might matter a lot.

    It was hard for me not to read this and consider the writing of C sar Aira, who also will frequently use a character of his own name, and the writing of Enrique Vila Matas Bartleby, Co., each using his Notes in his preferred manner, and at least one of the Contributor s Notes must be said to be hold on, now wait for it even though I know a variant of this word is hard for some to swallow is Kafkavinoesque, in that the Michael Martone presented morphs into a giant bug and the Note begins to repeat itself, as if on a cold winter s night.

    What I can t be sure of what leaves me feeling as if it was the early 70s and I d just put down the bowl rather than a bookmark, is the sense of literariness I get from other works, something lacking in the totality of its incompleteness another throwback to an early consciousness Then, again, sometimes I ramble.

    Since I almost always try to include some quotes

    Of all the things that hadn t happened to Martone during his life to that point both factual and fictional in which, he believes, nothing much happens or is supposed to happen, this event was as much such nothing as ever happened.

    Or Of all the things both factual and fictional that haven t happened to Martone during his life, this event was as much of nothing as he ever experienced.

    Or Of all the things both factual and fictional that haven t happened to Martone during his life, nothing significant than this nothing has ever happened.

    Or Nothing significant than this nothing hasn t ever happened.

    Then, again, I also liked the Dedication For Mother and Father, co conspirators.

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    Michael Martone s got a imagination that ticks, one in which the manifold cogs springs crank up something extra at each revolution of an idea The idea in the case of MICHAEL MARTONE BY MICHAEL MARTONE, a canny disturbing exercise disturbing in best sense, the sense that doesn t interfere w the man s quick finger on the pulsing detail or w his wit, capable of fluxing up to laugh inducing fullness then down to a sobering diminuendo in the space of few perfectly ironized lines the idea, anyway, or should I say ideas, anyway it s self society, or the empirical, historical life the dreamed of, maybe better alternatives, or the multiply reflecting mirrors of who we are what we say we are, we others, plus the ultimate definition provided by death as well Yes, at its most serious, this is a book about death, in particular the death of Martone s mother, so that MM b MM constitutes a lovely valedictory for the woman, a compendium of all the lives her son might ve lived Or then again, maybe I should speak plainly, say rather that the book collects some 45 two or three page riffs, largely but not wholly jocular, each a variation on the Contributor s Notes that run at the back of every literary magazine In the process this author comes his closest to the novel form closer certainly than in my other favorite of his, the sparkling BLUE GUIDE TO INDIANA , though the result has got nothing Aristotle would recognize as a drama, no tragic hero either Hey, everybody dies Everybody has a career, w some interesting intersections along the way this one s also all about those intersections, moments when MM s life was briefly redefined, yet again, by a Kurt Vonnegut or a John Barth or Amanda Binky Urban a so called famous NY literary agent, she already needs a footnote So there s still another way to put the idea that rachets through such fascinating changes, here it s a portrait of US literary life, over the last generation, w nearly every entry beginning in middle American Ft Wayne, Indiana, developing, eventually, all the options of success its opposite a writer might think of To imagine, this brilliant experiment reminds us, takes the best of us to rendering another world on the page, the book, the object the art.

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    Fifty odd contributor s notes a man in full, in some sense Even the blurbs one of which is from John Barth, the author s mentor at Johns Hopkins are part of the game But for all of its formal weirdness, this is a fairly straight faced biography, telling a life story in thick, overlapping brushstrokes, jumping around, curving but not breaking the truth I don t know how long I ll remember it, but it s a unique and worthwhile addition to my collection.

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    Every other note or so I really loved, particularly about his Harvard students, George Plimpton, John Barth, the one that suggests Gordon Lish Clever, good natured, amiable, affable stuff I m glad I read it If the average note were a bit shorter, this would be a great bathroom book.

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    While this book has a clever concept, Martone s attempt at cleverness gets in the way of his execution A collection of contributor s notes , this book is at times humorous, and at other times nauseatingly banal After reading cover to cover, I was still left wondering what, if anything to take from the book.The format was clever, even inspired But Martone missed the chance to subtly tie the individual pieces together to tell a full story or paint a complete picture.

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    As I finish this book I think that this is probably one of the most interesting books I have ever read Composed of Contributor s Notes and a few other sections, it paints the life story fictional or non fictional, I am never sure of the author, Michael Martone Through the repetitious Notes, a whole life is developed and unfolds The reader feels very close to Martone, his family, his experiences, his travels, his writings and Fort Wayne, Indiana Highly recommended.

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    I learned from Michael Martone that the Contributor s Notes in this book he actually sent out to magazines journals and a lot have been printed in them Some even asked for a contributor s note to go with the contributor s note, and instead Martone sent in another fictionalized one, which I find hilarious.Michael Martone is a very funny man, and this is a highly enjoyable book.

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    Charming, lulling, gentle, frolicking, tongue in cheek, painful, precise, very Gogol in many ways.Like Sorrentino, but hopeful Free, easy, autistic, watchful I wish it was twice as thick a book Of destinies all varied all equal All pointless and poignant So extremely human.And yes, it s hilariously tragic and tragically hilarious.

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    Michael Martone was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana You will read that sentence many many times It will be worth it.

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    Michael Martone s book about Michael Martone is the best book about Michael Martone by Michael Martone you ll ever read.

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