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    Magic Treehouse also does nonfiction This is my son s latest find from his school library He s been enjoying the Magic Treehouse series, and he s got an interest in the story of the Titanic.I thought this was a nicely paced book for a young reader It had enough detail that I learned some facts from it, but yet never felt wordy or overwhelming While written with a young audience in mind, it does not sugarcoat the tragedy of the Titanic.I was reading the book out loud, and I particularly liked the asides in the voices of the two main Magic Treehouse characters, Jack and Annie It gave my son a connection to the book, and allowed for some variation in the pacing and voice when reading out loud I do wish that effort had been made to bring out Jack and Annie s individual personalities, though I found their bits to be somewhat interchangeable.Unlike a lot of the kids nonfiction out there Eyewitness Books, I m looking at you , this book does not dazzle the reader with digitally generated full color graphics It does have a very good selection of black and white illustrations, along with some maps and diagrams, and there are special sections at the ends of some chapters that use illustrations to accompany profiles of Titanic passengers and heroes.While hardly a comprehensive account of the sinking of the Titanic, this is a great starting point that should hold the interest of young readers It certainly held the interest of mine.

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    It s a very good book, and I learned so much what really happened to the so called Unsinkable ship Tatanic They could have avoid the icebergs if the message was sent saying that icebergs ahead was received by the wireless operator to relay it to the bridge is where the captain and his officer steer the ship Apparently, the crow s nest is a lookout station high above the top deck of a ship who saw the icebergs send a message to the bridge, but the operator didn t get it,since they have a problem with their wireless messages that afternoon It was fixed by night, but the messages from the passenger that morning was filed up, so the message from the crow s nest was at the bottom How sad,just a simple mistake, and has to pay a big prize

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    Megan found this book at her school library and wanted me to read it out loud to her She also read most of it on her own before I read it I ve never really researched the Titanic and my knowledge is basically from the 1997 movie, so I actually learned a decent amount It is not comprehensive by any means, but it s a great starting point for kids Megan is now hooked on reading books about the Titanic Jared was somewhat interested, but he wasn t nearly as excited to read it as Megan.I ve never read any Magic Tree House books, and I still don t feel like I have This is purely non fiction and doesn t put you in the Magic Tree House world at all, but I didn t mind I only cared about the facts anyway.

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    I didn t like this book because I don t like fact trackers I also didn t like this book because I didn t like the part when it told me that the Titanic actually hit a ice berg.

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    1 This book is an awesome book for avid History readers in the classroom It is a chapter book, however it has very few words on each page, and also includes many pictures and fun facts on almost every page Some of the pages include pictures of what the ship looked like inside and where everyone slept The book tells all of the following with great detail how the Titanic was built, the day it first set sail, how life was on the Titanic, how they ran into an iceberg and had to make sure everyone was accounted for, how some were jumping into lifeboats and some did not survive, how the ones that did survive were rescued, and finally finding the Titanic after it had sunk I know this topic always interested me, so I feel as if this book would have the students intrigued to know about it, especially since it really happened 2 Age Level 7 10 years old, Grade Level 2nd 5th grade3 Appropriate classroom use of this book could be used in History to give students a real glimpse of what life was like on the Titanic.4 Individual students who might benefit from reading this book would be students that love History, or just want to know the details and what really happened with the Titanic.5 Small group use of this book could be to make a front page of a newspaper showing in the news how the Titanic sunk, and each group personalize it.6 Whole class use of this book could be to read the book together as a class, and could even tie into a science lesson with asking students different objects and at which they would sink or float if placed in water, and maybe even do some demonstrations, therefore they could understand why the Titanic sunk when it was struck by the iceberg.7 Related Books Tonight on the Titanic, Twister on a Tuesday, and all of the other Magic Treehouse series8 There is a Kindle version of this book available on There is also a movie about the Titanic, but I don t think it would be appropriate to show in elementary school However, there are kid friendly YouTube videos with facts about the Titanic that could be shown in class.

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    The Magic Tree House series is best known for its great research approach to educating our young readers on an array of subjects and facts This book focuses on the sinking of the Titanic and the events that took place April 15, 1912 on an extremely cold night in the midst of the Atlantic Ocean We all have come to know and love the story of the Titanic and this book provides a great resource for young people to develop ideas, get questions answered, and learn facts to where and why things spiraled out of control during the sinking of the unsinkable The book is soft carver and filled with various black and white magic tree house illustrations I would recommend this book to any curious George who wants to learn even on the Titanic story.

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    This book was all about the Titanic Facts, Pictures, and all sorts of information made this book so interesting It talked about before the accident and after I loved this book I usually do not like historical fiction books but I thought this book was so interesting I liked how the book contained many pictures of the actual items and people on the ship I also liked how the ship was labeled in detail This book could be taught in many different ways I think the main way it could be used to teach is when talking about the Titanic or ships in general I also think it could be used to research the people on the Titanic I thoroughly enjoyed reading this fact filled book and would definitely include it in my classroom library.

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    Titanic all started when I saw National Geographic Kids Titanic book on the school reading iPad, and so I finished it and then I found this book at the school library and then I wanted my mom to read it to me So when she was three chapters in, at night I finished it by reading it in bed So then I got obsessed with Titanic It taught me a lot and they got taught a lesson because of Titanic that all ships should have the planned number of lifeboats Sixty years after it sank, people in a submarine found Titanic s shipwreck I am so obsessed with Titanic that I gave it five stars.

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    Eleanor says Five stars because I love the ship so much and I missed it really much I love learning about Titanic It s my favorite ship I was sad when it sank, because so many people died The people didn t have to die but there were not enough lifeboats That was not the people s fault The owners didn t put enough lifeboats on My mom likes to sing me the Titanic song and it gets too noisy She sings it too loud and is so dramatic This is a good book for kids to learn about Titanic There is a lot of information.

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    I have always enjoyed reading Mary Pope Osborne s books and this was no exception I read very few of her fact trackers because I just couldn t stop reading the Magic Tree House series as a child But I saw this on Libby and I love learning about the Titanic and it was a very fast and good read

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