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Bitter Falls (Stillhouse Lake #4) quotes Bitter Falls (Stillhouse Lake #4) , litcharts Bitter Falls (Stillhouse Lake #4) , symbolism Bitter Falls (Stillhouse Lake #4) , summary shmoop Bitter Falls (Stillhouse Lake #4) , Bitter Falls (Stillhouse Lake #4) 06a22734 She S Investigating A Cold Case No One Else Could By Going Places No Else Would DareIn Spite Of A Harrowing Past Still Haunting Her, Gwen Proctor Is Trying To Move Forward Until A New Assignment Gives Her Purpose The Cold Case Disappearance Of A Young Man In Tennessee Three Years Missing, No Clues Just Ruth Landry, A Tortured Mother In Limbo Gwen Understands What It S Like To Worry About Your ChildrenGwen S Investigation Unearths New Suspects And Victims As She Follows Each Sinister Lead, The Implications Of The Mystery Grow Disturbing Because The Closer Gwen Gets, The Closer She Is To A Threat That Looms Back HomeIn A Town That S Closed Its Ranks Against Gwen Her Partner, Sam And Her Kids, There S No Bolder Enemy Than The Belldene Family Paramilitary, Criminal, Powerful, And Vengeful As Personal Vendettas Collide With Gwen S Investigation, She S Prepared To Fight Both Battles But Is She Prepared For The Toll It Could Take On Everyone She Loves

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    Book three in the Stillhouse series, Wolfhunter River was another powerful thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat throughout, although all of the previous books did as well When book 4, Bitter Falls, become available I rushed to press that button and download this book hoping for the thrill I had experienced with the previous books Thankfully, it was, and I embarked onto another thrilling path with wonderful protagonists and an electrifying read.Looking for a strong protagonist, one needs to look no further than Gwen Proctor Gwen, formerly unknowingly married to a serial killer, is now involved in a search for a missing young man in Tennessee This young man has been missing for three years, and though there are no clues, Gwen, now working as a private investigator, thinks she might be able to find this boy and if nothing else put his mother s heart to rest knowing the fate of her son.Gwen stumbles onto a cult, one whose origins were inherent in Gwen s former life It s a cult that threatens, kills, and enslaves women in their clutches They are evil and the cult s leader mimics those like Jim Jones and others of his ilk Gwen pits herself against the cult leader and this game becomes one that threatens the lives of her children and the man she loves It a battle of wits and strength and once again Gwen proves that she is a formidable opponent She worries about he children, placing them in the line of fire, even though her goal is always to protect them no matter what She constantly finds her town in opposition to her and one family in particular the Belldenes seem to have a personal vendetta against Gwen Gwen is stuck between this family s threat and the cult that is pledged to fight to the death to preserve their evil way of life.I recommend this thriller and ideally the entire series to those who love to be whisked away for many hours eagerly turning those pages as Gwen fires up and let s go on those who seem to want evil things to happen to her family Gwen is the true mama bear, so do watch out to those who dare to cross her Thank you to Rachel Caine, Thomas and Mercer, and Netgalley for a copy of this great addition to the Stillhouse series This book is due out January 21,2020.

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    Rachel Caine Making notes on how to hurt the Proctor family and scare her readers againMe I m ready

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    Wow, this was a major downgrade.I m actually disappointed LGR review to come, or read it early

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    Whew That was In.TENSE Full review to come.

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    i m right in the middle of book 3 and i already know i NEED the fourth one right now

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    Oooh, this is turning into a series Yay The third book hasn t even come out yet, but I m super excited to see that there s a fourth book I wonder what Gina I mean Gwen will be up to in this book.

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    4.5 5 stars Bitter Falls is the fourth book in the Stillhouse Lake series These books are mystery thrillers.I have really enjoyed all of the books in the Stillhouse Lake series So I was very excited to get to read this new book It was one of my most anticipated reads of Winter 2020.The main question that people want to know is whether this book can be read without having read the previous books in the series My answer is yes and no The author does give a recap of some of the pertinent information And the mystery is self contained to this story So I do think that a new reader would be able to follow the story However, there is a lot of backstory in this series And the books follow the same characters So you would be missing out on a lot of character development Gwen is back in Bitter Falls and she is now a private investigator I absolutely love this new development She is one of the most fierce and amazing heroines that I ve ever read I love how protective she is of her family And I definitely feel so bad for all that she has to go through.The main narrator of this book is Gwen 1st person POV But there are also 1st person POV chapters narrated by her kids Lanny 16 and Connor 13 and her boyfriend Sam.This book is very chilling and disturbing What Gwen and her family have to go through is upsetting The message boards The stalkers There is so much hate So sometimes that can be hard to read.But I could not put this book down The mystery in Bitter Falls was very strong The story is full of suspense But there is also romance I like the balance and find these books riveting.At around the halfway point the mystery aspect really kicked in And everything started to come together Overall, this was another very good book in a great series.Thanks to netgalley and Thomas Mercer for allowing me to read this book.

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    Finished reading December 16th 2019 Women are always, somehow, to blame for the acts of men that s true now than it ever has been A copy of this book was kindly provided to me by Netgalley and Thomas Mercer in exchange for an honest review Thank you view spoiler I ve been a fan of this series ever since the first book came out, and the first two books are on my list of all time favorites Book number three, while solid, didn t have that same wow factor for me and I was hoping that missing spark would be present again in book number four But unfortunately I m starting to think that maybe this series has been going on for too long, and maybe it s just better to leave things as it is Don t get me wrong, I still think this series as a whole is brilliant and Bitter Falls is without doubt another solid read BUT I guess you can only have that many bad things happening to the main characters before it starts becoming REALLY unbelievable.Like I said, I still think the writing itself is brilliant and Bitter Falls is without doubt an intense, twisted and thrilling ride I still devoured every single page and the story once again had that unputdownable vibe, but I also started looking a bit critical at certain aspects of the plot and that is never a good sign Basically book four, like book three, misses some of that spark that turned the first two books into all time favorites for me With everything that has happened already to Gwen, Sam and her kids, it is extremely hard to put together another believable plot and create a new life threatening situation they have to get themselves out of The plot of Bitter Falls and its cult element is without doubt intriguing and definitely has that disturbing and twisted feel It links back to things that happened in the previous book and gives us another backdrop for a story that will have your heart racing the whole ride BUT Like I also said, I started wondering about the credibility of it all and especially the ending felt a bit over the top I m still on the fence as to what to think of the second half of Bitter Falls It was without doubt highly entertaining, filled with action, suspense and a lot of disturbing scenes, but unfortunately once again that wow factor I was hoping for wasn t present for me.In short I had a great time reading Bitter Falls and it is without doubt a solid and simply thrilling crime thriller, but sadly didn t live up to the sheer brilliance of the first two books If you are a fan of Gwen Proctor and the other main characters and keep those expectations in check, you will find yourself having a great time though A little note this is one of those series that has to be read in order, because you will be missing out on too much background information and character development otherwise And trust me, you definitely don t want to miss out by not reading the first two books especially hide spoiler

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    Did I stop everything and read in one day after getting my paws on it You bet I did And I have zero regrets about that because WHAT.A.RIDE Book 4 is just as fast paced and dark as the other books in the Stillhouse Lake series I LOVE this series and am always anxiously waiting for the next book to come out While this would work as a stand alone, I HIGHLY recommend you start with book one in the series Serial killers, white knuckled adventure, and twisty mysterieswhat s not to love Add a strong female lead with an endearing family and you ve got this fantastic series As always, my time with Gwen and her crew was too short I look forward to escapades with this kick butt family 4.5 Thank you publishing for the advance reader in exchange for my honest review.

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    Part of me still thinks this series should have ended at the end of book two, but I can t help but be a glutton for punishment I know I rated it 4 stars and maybe I shouldn t have, but I am attached to these characters, and being back in their world always sort of wraps me up in a warm blanket of coziness The book, however, is not cozy at all This one is about a cult, and it gets harrowing and dangerous, and incredibly creepy Rachel Caine s writing is strong, as always, but I do feel the plot depth has suffered now that we are just riding along with Gwen as she works as a private investigator.

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