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Return to Foreverware (Eerie, Indiana) txt Return to Foreverware (Eerie, Indiana), text ebook Return to Foreverware (Eerie, Indiana), adobe reader Return to Foreverware (Eerie, Indiana), chapter 2 Return to Foreverware (Eerie, Indiana), Return to Foreverware (Eerie, Indiana) 8348a1 Based On The Hit Fox Kids TV Show Eerie, Indiana, This New Series Is Sure To Be A Hit Among Young Readers This Specially Priced Introductory Novel Finds Marshall Teller And Simon Holmes Working At Cleaning The Basement And Attic At The Stewart S House The Boys Think Their Employers Are Strange Everything About Their Habits And Clothes Wreaks Of Years In The Past Back Then, Mrs Stewart Was A Foreverware Representative She Sold The Creepy Containers That Can Keep Anything Fresh Forever Any Why Does She Look At Simon Like He Might Be The Next Visitor To Her Foreverware Room Permanently

About the Author: Mike Ford

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Return to Foreverware (Eerie, Indiana) book, this is one of the most wanted Mike Ford author readers around the world.

10 thoughts on “Return to Foreverware (Eerie, Indiana)

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    Man, this book was weird as hell But it was incredibly clever and funny too it s almost like taking the nostalgia of 1960 s Tupperware parties and turning it all into a black comedy or satire For what it was, I loved it, it was a laugh riot and brilliantly written.

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    I loved, loved, loved the first series of Eerie Indiana as a kid so I thought I d read the books after having a serious bout of nostalgia I think this book held the feel of the original series but there were some bits were I didn t think the characters or the pilot made too much sense but that s ok because there were small holes in the show I can t say I didn t enjoy it and it brought back all those good feelings Hey, it s better to be weird then dead.

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    Loved this Loved being back in Eerie with Simon and Marshall

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    Bizarre book, but I couldn t help but fall in love with it wholeheartedly The Sixties nostalgia and geeky characters made it to worth every word.

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    i can t remember where i found this series it was either here on goodreads or on . but regardless, it looked vaguely familiar to me although now that i ve read the first one, i can t say that i remember ever reading it before maybe i remember commercial promos from the show who knows.but this was REALLY good to be honest, it blows all of r.l stine s shit out of the water it s written a lot better for one less broken sentences and obvious tropes and 90 s weirdness it s almost 90 s nickelodeon y it brought to mind the weirdness of the are you afraid of the dark episode the tale of the full moon, specifically the mother of the main character and her gaudy outfits and makeup and the weird, distorted but peppy music that would play in all of her scenes to let you know she was bat shit crazy same with the parents in the tale of the ghastly grinner after the shit hit the fan there love itttt loved the 90 s weirdness and the fact that each chapter just got fucking stranger and stranger, culminating in santa coming down the chimney and his elf walking in the front door and a whole bunch of tupperware stuff and that ending though eerie can t wait to check out the rest of the series would have loved this as a kid and as always with most 90 s things, i still love it now D

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