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The Happy Birthday of Death quotes The Happy Birthday of Death, litcharts The Happy Birthday of Death, symbolism The Happy Birthday of Death, summary shmoop The Happy Birthday of Death, The Happy Birthday of Death e48ab2c8 It Is True That He Has Been One Of The Inner Circle Of The Beats From The First, But Many Admirers Of His Poetry Feel That It Belongs Quite As Much To Other And Older Traditions In World Literature One Of These Is The Revival Of Pure Poetry Whenever An Original Be It Rimbaud Or Whitman Has Broken With Current Verse Conventions To Give Free Rein To The Magic Of Language Another Is That Ancient Pre Occupation Of Poets The Sense Of The Immediacy Of Death Like Villon Or Dylan Thomas, Corso Lives Close To The Mystery Of Death It Is, Perhaps, His Central Theme, On Which Variations Ranging From The Terrible To The Comic Are Sounded But Corso Is Seldom Macabre A Bursting Vitality Always Carries Him Back To The Sensations Of The Living, Though Always It Is The Reality Behind The Obvious Which Has Caught His Eye How I Love To Probe Life, Corso Has Written, That S What Poetry Is To Me, A Wondrous Prober It S Not The Metre Or Measure Of A Line, A Breath Not Law Music But The Assembly Of Great Eye Sounds Placed Into An Inspired Measured Idea

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    It was strange, I still don t know exactly what to think of it except that I enjoyed it greatly At first it seemed almost like pure chaos The words barely held in relation to the other Sometimes they appeared as if chosen at random Perhaps they were In every poem there was a meaning that defied reason, even by the standards of poetry, but something was there that held it together An amorphous purpose that can only be communicated in the funky style that Corso writes in.The guy has a sense of humor Marriage isn t too far from stand up comedy Then there s angered poems like Bomb which exposes raw, angry horror of war His work must be read out loud.I could only take so many poems at a time though The anarchy of his poems wears me down after 3 or 4, in which I had to duck out for a minute Each time I came back And I will read the rest of his works.

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    The absolute exuberance in many of these poems is perhaps due to the time it was written still totally earnest and to me completely unironic the tone of these is built around the preeminent puncuated display of exuberance and excitement the exclamation mark from Hair Come back, hair, come back I want to grow sideburns I want to wash you, comb you, sun you, love you As I ran from you wild before I thought surely this nineteen hundred and fifty nine of nowthat I need no longer bite my fingernails but have handsome gray hairto show how profoundly nervous I am.Damned be hair Hair that must be plucked from soup Some of Corso s most famous and best poems are here, such as Marriage and Bomb, but what makes this book really work as a collection of poems is the recurring images ideas that are often very commonplace or simple, the most notable being hair itself, which gets its own titular poem and touchingly reflected on again in I Held a Shelley Manuscript, Quickly, my eyes moved quickly,sought for smell for dust for lacefor dry hair Still, some of these don t age so gracefully as others, and I skip many when I read through it, often for the same reasons that I like the others listed above when his fascinated hyperness with language or punctuation is applied to some themes or ideas the poems can elicit some eye rolling with a contemporary this is not the very beginning of the 1960s mode of reading or thinking about poems However, these don t detract from the energy or enthusiasm of the other poems or the book as a whole, and in many of the darker poems the subdued animation is still used to great and opposite effect.

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    Gregory Corso makes my brain burn He s a wonderful poet who creates passages you can t get out of your head Here s a sampleYes One momentflash BANG and boiling boywar Police The dead are born in Cheeryland, their buttocks neigh Heave The Hive With New Bees She Doesn t Know He Thinks He s God poem title My beautiful hair is dead, now I m the rawhead Hair My sea ghost rise, and slower hair, silverstreaks my eyes, up up I whirl Seaspin Images of clowns crying into fistfuls of money and Ted Williams leaning against the Eiffel Tower can be found in this book, too Greg s got something for everybody.

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    Corso is mighty, but I ve struggled with this tome His poetry is in equal measure heavy or flowing When it gets heavy, you wonder how many lines have left.When it flows, you get POETS HITCHHIKING ON THE HIGHWAY about the fight of two poets I was feeling like a demon againSo I said But the ocean chasesthe fish This time he laughedand said Suppose thestrawberry werepushed into a mountain After that I knew thewar was on

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    There are moments in this book that took my breath away Some of it is so wonderful and funny I wanted to run outside and show it to strangers in the street He has this way of putting words together that makes them seem like shiny toys, like we ve been storing them on shelves, and he s going, No, take them out and play with them My favorite line of all witch pickles dilled in broomsweat Those words have been waiting all their lives to be lined up like that That said, some of the poems flew right over my head It isn t that I didn t get the overall gist of what he was saying, it s that there were entire sections that seemed like incantations or verbal salad I m not sure if I wasn t smart enough to understand the word combinations, or if he intended them to be so playful they almost lost their meaning Strangely, even the poems that were most baffling were a delight to read out loud The emotion was always clear, and the jumbled words came to life in spoken rhythms.I highly recommend this Even if you skip all the poems that make your eyes cross, the rest are worth far than the price of the book.

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    Corso was right there with Kerouac, Ginsberg and the rest of the Beats, and he wrote some pretty marvelous poetry It s gritty, real, angry, and somehow uplifting, despite all that When someone s reaction to the horrors of the world is to create art for others, that tends to happen Bomb is probably his most famous poem, and it s excellent, and has the added gimmick of looking somewhat like a mushroom cloud, which becomes than a gimmick when you think of how many disillusioned kids and Beats probably tore it out and taped it to their walls to memorize and impress friends with Corso s often overlooked, but he shouldn t be Also, I bought this at City Lights in San Francisco, so that s an extra piece of awesome right there.

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    the faint glow in the belly of enlightenment, is the old spouting their know Read it and THINKMerged review How to love the bomb an stop worrying

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    Corso has a bit of a clang to him Read it and you ll immediately understand what I mean The foldout for Bomb was worth my secondhand 6.

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    BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM ye skies and BOOM ye suns BOOM BOOM ye moons ye stars BOOM nights ye BOOM ye days ye BOOM BOOM BOOM ye winds ye clouds ye rains go BANG ye lakes ye oceans BING Barracuda BOOM and cougar BOOM Ubangi BOOM orangutang BING BANG BONG BOOM bee bear baboon ye BANG ye BONG ye BING the tail the fin the wing Yes Yes into our midst a bomb will fall Flowers will leap in joy their roots aching Fields will kneel proud beneath the halleluyahs of the wind

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    Poetry has alwas been a favorite genre of literature for me Being fascinated with the artistic representation of death and the negative side of life, when I saw my copy of The Happy Birthday of Death at one of my favorite independent bookstores, I had to buy it and I had to read it.While I did not like all of the poems, there were many poems that I enjoyed such as Death, Clown, For Bunny Lang, Owl, 1959, Marriage, Bomb, Gargoyles, and The Sacr C ur Caf Check these out The clowns allowance of joy to man is useless Man is glued to sorrow and there is no escape All your slapstick golduseless Clown

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