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    Oddly enough, I actually felt like reading Danielle Steel last night Although I own at least ten of her books, she is not an author I read often, and in this case, actually reread I enjoy her books, but it s a kind of guilty pleasure, like watching days of our lives or something But still, I read it in one sitting, so it s all good.Firstly, the Titanic disaster has always been something I read about with deep sadness, and this book is no exception The first time I read this book I was in tears for most of it, although the second time round I remember the sad parts and kept myself together It is a really great story, of romance and loss and especially of sacrifice.Years ago, when I was 11, I first picked up a Danielle Steel novel It was Accident It just proves that these books have broad appeal, and now years later I can still read them

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    Once upon a time many years ago a teenaged me loved this book That girl loved the history and romance of ocean liners and everything Edwardian That girl also didn t know how many other well written fiction books were written about Titanic Teenaged me grew up and some twenty give or take a year or two years later picked this book up again to see if the magic was there It wasn t I barely made it past the Titanic chapters I was so angry The history was not only off, but she basically made it seem that real passenger Bess Allison knowingly saw her infant son into a lifeboat with a nanny while she and two year old daughter Lorraine decided to die together with her husband Anyone with remote knowledge of the story knows that this was not true The Allison baby was kidnapped by his nanny, they got into a boat while Mrs Allison searched frantically for them refusing to leave without her boy By the time she realized that he was in a boat, it was too late, and she and her toddler daughter went down with the ship, Lorraine Allison being the only first class child to die that night That alone ticked me off rather irrationally I know and I was so angry I couldn t even finish the book again Sadly the magic has gone for me Was it maturity, the fact that I ve found better written Titanic novels or maybe the book was never that great in the first place Who knows All I know is if this book angered me I m staying well away from Zoya, which is set in Russia in 1917 That one might make my head explode with rage.

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    This is yet another beautiful book written by Danielle Steel Being inspired by the tragedy of Titanic, Danielle Steel weaves a story about a family who survived the tragedy Having lost both parents and finance, Edwina struggles to bring up her siblings and run the family business Although suffering from her own grief, she nevertheless put her feelings secondary to play both the mother and father role to her younger siblings In Edwina, Ms Steel has created a strong, courageous woman whom readers can take instantly to their hearts I believe every reader of this story felt admiration towards this character, for I certainly did Although there wasn t anything remarkable in the subsequent story line in the aftermath of the tragedy, the emotional journey of Edwina kept me engaged with the reading The end was somehow predictable, for that is how the romances end But in this case, I was happy that Ms Steel didn t neglect Edwina at the end and allowed her to have a happy ending which she thoroughly deserved.

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    I cried through this entire book but it was really good

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    What a soulful book this is I loved each and every part of this tantalizing tale I have never read any character as charming as Edwina This is one such book that can move you to tears The kind where you get emotionally connected to the story Danielle Steel s magical words will stay in my heart forever Looking forward to read of her works.

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    No greater bookI have read many books by Danielle Steel but none have ever moved me the way this has No greater love is a story about courage human endurance and most of all love The book is based around the Winfield family and there tragic trip aboard the fated Titanic The Winfield s have travelled to England in order to celebrate there eldest daughter s engagement to a young gentleman who is now accompanying them home to America onboard the Titanic for her maiden voyage The tragedy unfolds as Titanic sinks and the family loose both parents and the daughter her fiance in the sinking Upon being rescued Edwina takes on the huge task at just 19 years old of raising her 3 brothers and 2 sisters the youngest of which is just 2 Devoting her life to the children and mourning the Fiance and parents she lost her life is no longer her own No greater love is a sad yet bittersweet look at what life was like for so many that lost loved ones the night Titanic went down It is testimony to the strength people find out of tragedy and the way people adapt and grow despite suffering great loss I give the book 5 stars because it is so.well written there are many books pertaining to Titanic and many love stories have been written surrounding her but very few touch the heart or speak to the soul the way this one does This book brings tears to your eyes as you read it tears for all the lives that were lost and tears for Edwina and her family as they struggle to cope with the loss of their parents in very different ways I strongly recommend that anyone who has an interest in Titanic reads this book or even just anyone who wants to read something that gives them hope as this book does exactly that.

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    Because I m a sucker for all things Titanic, I grabbed this book from the library booksale shelf several years ago This is the first Danielle Steel novel I ve read I liked it a lot because of the subject material, because it falls into my favorite genre historical fiction , but mostly because it was a really good story Edwina s unselfish care of her siblings after the deaths of her parents and fianc is heartbreakingly beautiful She never thinks of all that she is missing in life except in quiet, dark moments Her whole life is devoted to her brothers and sisters and she loves them absolutely As they begin to grow older and move away, she learns how to live and love again Favorite quotes You ll never be quite the same The world will grow, and you ll see us differently when you come home We ll seem very small to you, and very provincial Edwina to Phillip Thoughts of the Titanic kept drifting into her head the night of the ship going down the screech of the lifeboats being lowered the wails of the people in the water as they drowned How did one forget memories like that When did it ever go away Big challenges aren t for everyone Just a rare few And the people outside those magic circles never really understand it Edwina Winfield

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    Lovely and believable storyalso about the courage of human endurance through everything family growth,terrible heart wrenching tragedy,mystery,then healingwell written and highly recommend to everyone paperback

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    If you enjoy fiction reads based around The Titanic, then you NEED to read this book So heartbreaking and emotional, looking at that fatal night and beyond and how survivors had to learn to cope A must read

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    This was a very good story It pulled my heartstrings with all the tragedies that happened but still love will prevail.

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No Greater Love download No Greater Love, read online No Greater Love, kindle ebook No Greater Love, No Greater Love 64d575d71e9e While Hearts May Go On After A Tragedy Occurs, They Are Never The Same Prolific Bestselling Author Danielle Steel Revisits This Familiar Theme In No Greater Love Twenty Year Old Edwina Winfield Is Forced To Assume The Role Of Head Of The Household, Becoming Both Mother And Father To Her Five Younger Siblings After Her Parents And Beloved Fianc Drown During The Disastrous Sinking Of The Titanic Determined Never To Marry, Edwina Must Also Run The Family Newspaper Until Her Younger Brothers Are Old Enough To Step In But Next In Line Phillip Heads First To Harvard And Then Is Tragically Killed During World War I Fun Loving George Is Wooed By The Lights Of Hollywood And Exquisite Sister Alexis Follows In His Footsteps While Tending To The Youngest Children, Fannie And Teddy, Edwina Must Assist The Rest Of Her Siblings Out Of Their Many Scrapes And Escapades Along The Way, She Comes To Terms With Her Loss And Is Finally Able To Put The Events Of The Fateful Night Of April The Night The Titanic Made Its Final Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea, Behind Her And Let Love Into Her Heart OnceAlison Trinkle