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Turtle Island pdf Turtle Island, ebook Turtle Island, epub Turtle Island, doc Turtle Island, e-pub Turtle Island, Turtle Island 8a38f39ace5 Describing The Title Of His Collection Of Poetry And Occasional Prose Pieces, Gary Snyder Writes In His Introductory Note That Turtle Island Is The Old New Name For The Continent, Based On Many Creation Myths Of The People Who Have Been Here For Millennia, And Reapplied By Some Of Them To North America In Recent Years The Nearly Five Dozen Poems In The Book Range From The Lucid, Lyrical, Almost Mystical To The Mytho Biotic, While A Few Are Frankly Political All, However, Share A Common Vision A Rediscovery Of This Land And The Ways By Which We Might Become Natives Of The Place, Ceasing To Think And Act After All These Centuries As Newcomers And Invaders Of Particular Interest Is The Full Text Of The Ever Relevant Four Changes, Snyder S Seminal Manifesto For Environmental Awareness

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    My Favorite collection of Snyder s poetry.For AllGary SnyderAh to be aliveon a mid September mornfording a streambarefoot, pants rolled up,holding boots, pack on,sunshine, ice in the shallows,northern rockies.Rustle and shimmer of icy creek watersstones turn underfoot, small and hard as toescold nose drippingsinging insidecreek music, heart music,smell of sun on gravel.I pledge allegianceI pledge allegiance to the soilof Turtle Island,and to the beings who thereon dwellone ecosystemin diversityunder the sunWith joyful interpenetration for all.

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    One of many, many under mentioned, under appreciated texts of the Beat generation s impact on writing Burroughs, be he successful, enigmatic and insanely smart, had too much self destruction and hatred in him to consciously benefit anybody besides himself I read some of his novels and just didn t appreciate the sarcasm, irony, cynicism, anger, spite, whatever you want to call itBurroughs shot his own wife As a bar trick The fact that he got away with it, I think, is what makes a lot of people respect and fear his writing Here I am, writing about Burroughs in my Snyder reviewweird I should have read Gary Snyder a long, long time before reading Ginsberg, Bukowski, Burroughs, Kerouac, Tom WolfeI d guess there were a lot of other writers working during that time I d recommend almost anyone besides the names you most commonly hear in association with the Beat movement, in order to study the beats it helps to know what they were writing against.Fresh air has a value you can not quantify.Sunlight has a warmth you can not explain.wind has a strength you can not identify.Snyder knows all of these thingsBurroughs, Kerouac, GinsbergI don t know.I thought, after re reading this, I would add a rebuttal to my rebuttal, from Wikipedia Several literary critics treated Burroughs s work harshly For example Anatole Broyard and Philip Toynbee wrote devastating reviews of some of his most important books In a short essay entitled A Review of the Reviewers , Burroughs answers his critics in this way Critics constantly complain that writers are lacking in standards, yet they themselves seem to have no standards other than personal prejudice for literary criticism such standards do exist Matthew Arnold set up three criteria for criticism 1 What is the writer trying to do 2 How well does he succeed in doing it 3 Does the work exhibit high seriousness That is, does it touch on basic issues of good and evil, life and death and the human condition I would also apply a fourth criterion Write about what you know More writers fail because they try to write about things they don t know than for any other reason William S Burroughs, A Review of the ReviewersZing

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    Sometimes I think I like the idea of Gary Snyder as poet than I enjoy reading the actual poetry Still, there are moments of descriptive clarity in this classic that really hit you in a good way In his final prose part to Turtle Island, in the piece titled Wilderness , Snyder writes The reason I am here is because I wish to bring a voice from the wilderness, my constituency I wish to be a spokesman for a realm that is not usually represented either in intellectual chambers or in the chambers of government With that in mind, his poems are to be cherished.Coming back to this, three years later, I m struck by the prose piece, Four Changes written in 1974, it reads like a page from the current pleas warnings concerning climate change The Zen poet was ahead of his time and right in the middle of it, at the same time.

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    Am revisiting Gary Snyder s poetry, the subject of my bachelors thesis, during subway rides This book especially was so formative for me Reading it is like praying.

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    2.5 stars More to come later The low rating does not mean I disliked all the poems There were a few superb poems in this collection that I definitely connected with Snyder definitely has talent at his best, his verse has a gorgeous simplicity.Unfortunately, too many of the poems in this collection serve merely as a vehicle for imparting political information I have nothing against political poetry in general I love books by Audre Lorde, Adrienne Rich, and others The problem in Snyder s case is that several of the poems feel like non fiction nuggets with randomly added line breaks That s not the sort of poetry I prefer, hence the rating.

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    Gary Snyder is the man.

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    Gary Snyder s Turtle Island an exceptional book of poetry that is filled with fabulous images of nature that only a poet the quality of Snyder could pull off He blends his Earthly imagery with his straightforward writing style to tell the truth in a way that seems to get the point across harder that a sledgehammer yet it sounds as beautiful as a sunrise on the beach I mean not only does Snyder deliver incredible verse after incredible verse in the book but the title on the book also stands for something of great importance Turtle Island stands for the continent of North America and stems from the name the Native Americans of North America gave their homeland and it is important to Snyder because it suggests a view of North America not merely as a land discovered and colonized by people of European descent, but as a land inhabited and stewarded by a collection of rich, diverse, and civilized peoples Snyder uses many techniques to convey meaning in his poems One of my favorite poems in the book is Mother Earth Her Whales This poem uses a morose tone and relatable images to describe how people are destroying Earth One of the most powerful lines being The robots argue how to parcel out our Mother Earth to last a little longer like vultures flapping belching, gurgling near a dying Doe, which is a strong image on how the world leaders are essentially fighting over how to continue reaping and using Earth s resources until they run out While this book was published in 1974 this image still remains as much if not pertinent today In other poems Snyder chooses to use a upbeat tone and he seems to take a positive outlook towards the future Interestingly enough, and I don t think by accident, the poem that illustrates this most is towards the end of the book and entitled For The Children In this poem Snyder states To climb these coming crests one word to you to you and your children stay together learn the flowers go light, which I think is a very positive and uplifting image and also a very powerful statement Snyder is pushing the next generation and the generation after them to work together and to learn the flowers, which I think means study nature in general Snyder says this is what the coming generations need to do in order to climb these coming crests, which could be any number of the problems society is facing now, one of the main ones concurrent with Snyder s poetry is the threat of global warming s effect on the Earth It s no wonder Snyder won a Pulitzer Prize for Turtle Island and that the book has been called our generation s Walden Gary Snyder is an incredible author who can do incredible things when given a pen and paper and this book has just added another favorite author to my list of all time greats.

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    A few years after Turtle Island won the Pulitzer Prize in 1975, I had the pleasure of hearing Gary Snyder read from it at a fundraiser for a Santa Cruz alternative high school I picked it up again after rereading The Dharma Bums, Jack Kerouac s book about his friendship with Snyder It is still as charming and relevant today as it was almost 40 years ago Turtle Island refers to how Native American creation myths describe the North American continent a combination of watersheds, plant zones, life communities and cultures A person is not a separate evolved entity, but shares space and consciousness with animals, plants, physical environments, and other humans Snyder s beautifully evocative imagery speaks to the heart of anyone who has enjoyed time in nature He urges us to become good stewards of nature.Snyder writes with an economy of words, choosing his phrases exactly and never over describing His direct, plain speech style can be understood by anyone scientists and children as well as poetry afficionados It s particularly evocative when read aloud and listened to lightly, enjoying the imagery without trying to grasp every detail.There s a lot about nature, some political activism, a bit of alternative family lifestyle, and a much good thought in this volume Some poems are hard hitting commentary on topics like strip mining, overconsumption, and war, succinctly stated for your consideration Others are about sojourns into the wilderness or contemplative walks around the SF Bay Area with friends Some involve Native American myth and culture, a subject that Snyder researched as part of his anthropology degree A few are about his children and wife and their lives together As befits the title, most poems are about natural ecosystems and ways that people fit or don t fit into them The final section, a bit dated yet thought provoking, contains three short contemplative essays Although I hesitate to quote only part of a poem because context is important, the concluding verses of For the Children nicely sum up the overall theme of this book To climb these coming crestsone word to you, toyou and your children stay togetherlearn the flowersgo light Anyone who loves being in nature and has a desire to preserve the wilderness will enjoy this book, whether or not they usually read poetry.

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    I Went into the Maverick BarBY GARY SNYDERI went into the Maverick Bar In Farmington, New Mexico.And drank double shots of bourbon backed with beer.My long hair was tucked up under a capI d left the earring in the car.Two cowboys did horseplay by the pool tables,A waitress asked us where are you from a country and western band began to play We don t smoke Marijuana in Muskokie And with the next song, a couple began to dance.They held each other like in High School dances in the fifties I recalled when I worked in the woods and the bars of Madras, Oregon That short haired joy and roughness America your stupidity I could almost love you again.We left onto the freeway shoulders under the tough old stars In the shadow of bluffs I came back to myself,To the real work, to What is to be done.

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    I had heard that Gary Snyder was a great poet and he was one of the healthiest of the Beats, a lifelong devout lover of the Great Spirit and one of the main subjects of Kerouac s The Dharma Bums , one of Jack s best books I ve read most of the poems from Turtle Island planet Earth so far really great, very serene This looks to be one of the most virtuosic books of poetry I ve read since Raymond Carver or Snyder s pals Kerouac Ginsberg This kind of poetry is why the form is amazing when it s done like Snyder does it here, it s visionary, cosmic, and life altering rich with wisdom, compassion, and towering beauty.More of this review to come when I finish the book.

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