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❴Download❵ ➽ Paper Wife  Author Laila Ibrahim – Ebooks2020.co chapter 1 Paper Wife , meaning Paper Wife , genre Paper Wife , book cover Paper Wife , flies Paper Wife , Paper Wife 5670c2c15e878 Southern China, Desperate To Secure Her Future, Mei Ling S Parents Arrange A Marriage To A Widower In California To Enter The Country, She Must Pretend To Be Her Husband S First Wife A Paper WifeOn The Perilous Voyage, Mei Ling Takes An Orphan Girl Named Siew Under Her Wing Dreams Of A Better Life In America Give Mei Ling The Strength To Endure The Treacherous Journey And Detainment On Angel Island But When She Finally Reaches San Francisco, She S Met With A Surprise Her Husband, Chinn Kai Li, Is A Houseboy, Not The Successful Merchant He Led Her To BelieveMei Ling Is Penniless, Pregnant, And Bound To A Man She Doesn T Know Her Fragile Marriage Is Tested Further When She Discovers That Siew Will Likely Be Forced Into Prostitution Desperate To Rescue Siew, She Must Convince Her Husband That An Orphan S Life Is Worth Fighting For Can Mei Ling Find A Way To Make A Real Family Even If It S Built On A Paper Foundation

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    Audio 5 stars Story 5 stars

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    This book drew me in from the first page and didn t release me until the last even then, I didn t really want it to end.The novel begins in 1923 in China Already, that has my interest as I love historical fiction books with the added bonus of life and traditions in China thrown in I was hooked.Mei Ling s sister was to become the paper wife of a widower with one small son whom he has yet to meet who will be living in California When her sister becomes very ill just before she is to leave with the widower, Mei Ling s parents tell her she must stand in for her sister to preserve the family honor after making a promise to a matchmaker Mei Ling finds herself bound to a man she doesn t know with a small child to boot She marries Kai Li and will use the voyage to California to learn all about his first wife, so she can lie to the authorities effortlessly They consummate the marriage and board a ship to the United States Mei Ling knows it is probably the last time she will ever see her birth family.Aboard the ship, men are separated from women and Mei Ling s dreams of a beautiful oceanic voyage are crushed She is far below the deck, in cramped, damp, and a stinking hold However, it is there she makes two lifelong friends, one a young child, another an older woman While traveling, Mei Ling realizes she is also with child.I won t divulge any because to do so would be spoiling what is a story that needs to tell itself.I highly recommend this book I absolutely loved it, start to finish I just hope there will be a sequel.

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    An Engaging Story of Love and Loyalty in all its Splendor Ibrahim delivers another solid read based on history with rich characters living in challenging times I loved a earlier read Yellow Crocus and now she has enriched her readers lives with Paper Wife I struggled with my rating because I would have liked to see her relationship with her husband to continue further but the ending was perfect and it was a satisfying finish.Mei Ling s sister is set to marry a Chinese man living in America when her parents spend their little savings to enable her survival as civil war and food scarcity threatens their survival At the morning she is to marry, she is severely ill so Mei is sent in her place Mei who has never met this man, maintains her sister s name and vital data The couple is separated on the ship from China to America after a few days of marriage She takes on the exclusive care of her husband s three year son, Bo and she befriends Siew, a six year old girl, who is orphaned Siew will be living with an unknown uncle once they arrive in San Francisco Siew becomes a big sister to Bo As Mei watches over Bo and Siew, she develops great love and affection for both as they journey When they are interned to determine their eligibility for residency at Angel Island, Mei continues parenting Siew After multiple interviews Mei is pretending to be the deceased wife of her husband or as is known as a paper wife A paper relation is some impersonating a relative of an Asian resident in the U.S Part of the reason for interment is to disqualify those people gaming the system as Paper relatives, which was by asking very specific information from both relatives individually that only a direct relative would know Mei answered many questions based on a book given to her by her husband while on the ship Many others had such books which were tossed into the ocean so that authorities would discover their cliff notes Once Mei is given notice that she will be admitted to the country, she promises Siew that the will remain friends and specifies a meeting place When she doesn t meet up with Siew, Mei and her husband seek her through a variety of ways, and they eventually find her working as a servant with very little comfort or safety What is planned for her as she matures brings out Mei s fierce determination to give Siew a home and safety This proves to be very challenging and the people involved are quite unhappy with Mei s proposal Mei endangers herself and family Her solution is shocking This story has us travel with Mei has she navigates multiple challenges in a new land with a man she barely knows Her cleverness and risk taking are rewarded time and again In many ways this could be the struggle of any immigrant arriving on Americas shores I live in a major metro area and have seen the challenges of new arrivals from every continent except Arctic and Antarctica , I have heard stories and witnessed the fear when they have been taken advantage by others sometimes by other immigrants but afraid to report the injustice for fear the spotlight will bring new problems Some having experienced ugliness in their homeland leaving already scarred and fearful of authority.Mei is a intriguing character, who loves with fierceness and demonstrates great loyalty Her growth from a sheltered, naive yet educated, young woman emerges into a courageous, momma bear willing to fight for those precious to her We believe if we were in her shoes, we would make the same choices or at least fight with her tenacity for those we love A spirited tale of survival I ve read similar tales of immigrants from China living at the Angel Island holding facility but this traveled in a wholly different direction than the others, to my delight.

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    I received this from netgalley.com in exchange for a review Mei Ling s parents arrange a marriage to a widower in California To enter the country, she must pretend to be her husband s first wife a paper wife Set in early 1920 s, California, Mei Ling is forced to protect her fragile marriage and her children by making decisions that will have a life long effect.Easy read, good historical fiction story that would be appropriate for younger teens.3

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    With immigration currently being a hot button issue in the United States and many other countries around the world, the publication of this book could not be timely Although this story begins ninety years ago in 1923, there are many alarming similarities between the discrimination faced by immigrants during that time period and the discrimination faced by those who have chosen to emigrate to the United States in modern times Mei Ling was happily living out her young life in China when the matchmaker arrived at the door of her parent s home A suitable match had been found for Mei Ling s older sister and the wedding date was set But, as fate would have it, her sister fell ill and her parents told Mei Ling that she would have to take her sister s place This deception early in the story is only one of many deceptions and white lies that occur throughout the book It is obvious that author Laila Ibrahim did her research for this book as the facts and traditions written about in this tale match perfectly with historic accounts from those who actually did leave China in hopes of a better life in the United States Laila Ibrahim s writing style and subject matter reminds me of author Lisa See I enjoyed the story even though I found one event to be completely implausible Despite that, the author has written a book that anyone who wonders what life might have been like for the huge wave of Asian immigrants who arrived en masse in the years following World War I will want to read I believe that by reading books such as PAPER WIFE, people will gain, at the very least, a small measure of empathy for people whose cultures and or backgrounds are different from their own Reading stories like this one, prove to readers that people are similar than they are different We all want the same thing We want a safe and comfortable place to sleep, a good education for our children, and a job that allows us to provide for our families.In PAPER WIFE, Mei Ling was detained on Angel Island and interrogated by officials who used intimidation and threats to try to force her to change her story or to catch her in a lie This is a true reflection of what immigrants were subjected to in 1925 We need to learn from the past If we do not learn from our mistakes, we are doomed to repeat them I rate PAPER WIFE as 4 OUT OF 5 STARS To read my full review and to read about great books, visit my blog at me on Instagram Amiesbookreviews and on Twitter Amiesbookreview

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    Interesting but a very slow read in my opinion I felt the characters needed a lot depth This is my least favorite read by this author

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    This was a wonderful book I really enjoy Laila Ibrahim s writing I loved the first book I read by her, Yellow Crocus This story has similar pacing.I enjoyed getting to know the characters in this story Some of them were well rounded than others, but I still enjoyed hearing their stories A couple of questions were left open, so you don t know everything you want to about all of them, but you know them all well enough I would have given the story 5 stars except for a couple of minor things towards the end that I didn t love view spoiler I wasn t a fan of the ghost and I didn t really like that Mei Ling killed Jack Wong, even if it was to save Siew I was wondering how much her gold coins are worth and wondering if she would pay him off with those coins, which were meant to help her children I don t take issue that he died I m just not thrilled with the way that whole situation played out hide spoiler

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    I loved this book This book deserves all 5 Stars I really enjoyed this book and could not put it down A beautifully written story Laila, you ve got a winner with this one

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    It is difficult to review a book like Paper Wife because there is just so much there and any review would have to include spoilers and I am not that kind of review writer typically So I am trying to think of a way to encourage you to read this lovely book without giving anything away If you read the blurb on Goodreads, it does just that, so I encourage you to NOT do that I was so glad that I didn t look at that until I was than halfway in and already knew some of the stuff that they spoilery share there This is a book about Chinese culture in the early 1920 s This is a book about Chinese immigration, which was close to horrific If this book doesn t make you think, you must be either heartless or dead SEE the quote at the end of the review This is a book about what happens to orphan girls from China who have no families to protect them It is about lies and how they grow even when you try to contain them It is about trying to find and adapt and love a new life because it is the only one you have And mostly, this is about a woman who has to become an instant mother and how that mother s love grows and grows and ends up protecting both her children and her husband The narrator for this was very good and I enjoyed how she told the story very much And I really did like this story very much I do think it could have been about 5 chapters shorter I found that I was drifting towards the end in wanting the details to get all tied up , but still, overall, this was a very good read This was the quote at the beginning of the book the next time you think that you might be having a rough day, think of these people in the past and all that they endured to have even a fraction of the life you currently have now I am satisfied the present Chinese labor invasion it is not in any proper sense immigration women and children do not come is pernicious and should be discouraged Our experience in dealing with the weaker races the Negroes and Indians, for example is not encouraging US President Rutherford B Hayes

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    This was a quick and engaging read I enjoyed it, but I wanted There were a lot of secrets and things in the book to create tension, but most of it came to light without too much conflict I wanted a little character development, a little of the backstory and motives for some of the characters, etc It was a good read, but I wanted .