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Here Lies the Librarian summary Here Lies the Librarian, series Here Lies the Librarian, book Here Lies the Librarian, pdf Here Lies the Librarian, Here Lies the Librarian 37b83734ad Peewee Idolizes Jake, A Big Brother Whose Dreams Of Auto Mechanic Glory Are Fueled By The Hard Road Coming To Link Their Indiana Town And Futures With The Twentieth Century And Motoring Down The Road Comes Irene Ridpath, A Young Librarian With Plans To Astonish Them All And Turn Peewee S Life Upside DownThis Novel, With Its Quirky Characters, Folksy Setting, Classic Cars, And Hilariously Larger Than Life Moments, Is Vintage Richard Peck An Offbeat, Deliciously Wicked Comedy That Is Also Unexpectedly Moving

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    I got to know the author Richard Peck from A long way from Chicago and A year down yonder and The teacher s funeral Loved these books and this one is no different Fun quirky and darn entertaining Around 3.8 Have to select a new Richard Peck from his considerable list of books for next year Fun Great distraction from the heavier stuff Quirky characters, folksy setting, deliciously wicked comedy, classic cars and hilariously larger than life moments vintage Peck that is Cute story Peewee and her brother jack live in rural Indiana, where they own a small car garage and have to deal with the dirty tricks of their neighbors and competitors, the Kirbys Motoring down the road comes Irene Ridpath, a wealthy, young librarian, and her equally well to do friends, with plans to astonish them all and re open the local library And along the way, her plans turn Peewee s life upside down.

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    When a twister touches down in a small Indiana town in 1914, it sets off a strange chain of events.Though the old library building stood abandoned, the storm broke out the front window But the only book known to escape was Tales from the New Testament Retold for the Littlest Christians It sailed down the street to knock the sign off the pool hall Certain local elements said it was the hand of providence.Now, that library had been closed since the formidable librarian, Electra Dietz, had died two years earlier they found her checked out under the card catalog But suddenly, there are rumors buzzing that the library may reopen This being a backwards, Podunk little town, there are some who object vehemently THE LIBERY ONLY NEEDS 2 BOOKS 1 THE OLD TESTIMENT2 THE NEW TESTIMENTNevertheless, four Library Science students from Butler University want to give the enterprise a whirl Had this book been exclusively about their adventures, and clashes with the townsfolk, it would have been a five star read for me BUT it s mostly about Peewee and Jake, two budding auto mechanics, and their attempts to build a car to race in the first ever Hendrick s County Fair ten mile dirt track event In fact, the second half of the book is all about the big race Yawn Too many cars, too little books.I was tempted to give it only three stars, but then again, this is Richard Peck, so the book is packed with funny lines, and the oddball characters I love so much There are even some wonderful, inspiring quotes, like I got better and better at being myself because who wants to be everybody else and They don t let women be anything, Eleanor You have to give yourself permission PLUS the BEST epithet EVER for a librarian HERE LIES THE LIBRARIANAFTER YEARS OF SERVICE,TRIED AND TRUE,HEAVEN STAMPED HER OVERDUEThat s what I want on my tombstone

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    This is a great little book that I breezed through very quickly It s an historical fiction set in early 20th century USA, when the automobile was just beginning to make its mark After the old librarian dies in a twister Heaven stamped her overdue four new librarians from Butler University show up to take her place and bring some excitement to the town The story is narrated by 8th grader Peewee McGrath and is set in a rural town in Indiana, a place so small it doesn t even have its own name Aside from library science, the book concentrates heavily upon the early automobiles.Peck has a very dry humor that will appeal to adults as well as a younger audience Giving a synopsis of the plot is mostly pointless as I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a distinctive, witty voice, regardless of whether early automobiles interest you they don t particularly interest me The book is mostly lighthearted with some surprisingly powerful stuff coming in the last few pages Peck has won a Newbery award, and I can see why I added his Newbery winner A Year Down Yonder to my to read list after I read this book Highly recommended.

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    Richard Peck loves librarians Librarians love Richard Peck I think that he wrote this book to dispel the notion that all librarians are mean, dowdy, and old That description applies to the old librarian whose grave is shown on the cover with a gravestone that says Shh A small town in Indiana is shamed into hiring a new librarian, and ends up hiring three they come as a package deal with the money that will pay for them These three librarians are educated, kind, and beautiful, and they drive the latest cars The year is 1914 and the story is told from the point of view of Peewee whose older brother Jake runs a garage and harbors ambitions of building his own car.When the three lovely librarians enter, there is romance in the air One of the librarians helps Peewee learn how to look like a lady and how to drive As a librarian myself, I was slightly disappointed by the turn in plot which is all about cars It culminates in a precursor to the Indianapolis 500.Peck uses his characteristic humor to charm us throughout.

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    Another GREAT Richard Peck story By the way, it s officially official Richard Peck is my new favorite author I loved the quirkiness and old timey ness of this one And it s about librarians, so duh The only thing that disappointed me is that I wish Jake would have married Irene instead of Grace I think Irene deserved him But that s just my opinion.

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    Quite a strange story, but I really enjoyed reading it With its 20th Century nostalgia and witty humor, it s definitely unforgettable.

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    I really enjoyed this book, but there were a couple surprises at the endFor one, I was a little dissatisfied that she never gets married That s like no because she s such a great person and she s hysterical I was also kind of sad that he doesn t end up with her and ends up with well, the one he ends up with At the end I got really scared when it said that WWI was, for him, the war to end all wars because I thought it meant he had been killed I m so glad he didn t die I really liked this book Thumbs up and four stars written Jul 13, 2016 I might update and write a better review because my opinions have changed but I don t have time rn

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    Jake and Peewee have a run down country car garage that used to be a livery stable before the Model T came roaring down the dirt roads of their little town Jake loves to tinker with the newest automobiles, dreaming of building his own racecar someday, and Peewee is no slouch when it comes to repairing a brake line or patching up a punctured tire When Irene, the new librarian, comes motoring along in beautiful clothes and an astonishing hat, Jake and Peewee s lives will never be the same.I fell in love with this book by the second chapter I loved the plot, the classic 1910s setting, the kooky characters, the mysterious new librarian, and the hilarious antics of the farmers and rough and tumble country folk Peewee is adorable and smart I love seeing how Peewee starts out with this backwoods ignorance and gradually receives a sophisticated education from the friendship of the new librarian Peewee is a perfect narrator for this story, telling the tale with bold panache and a sensitive heart.The best part about this book is the solid sibling relationship between Peewee and Jake They are both such strong characters, and I loved their camaraderie and firm family bond They always stick up for each other, sharing each adversity and blessing alike All the supporting characters are quirky and hilarious I loved how vividly they are painted, and how they bring a rowdy energy to the story And the librarian is delightfully proper without being prim, providing a wonderful contrast to the country bumpkins I can t even describe how fantastic the plot is I never knew what was going to happen next, and nothing turned out the way I thought it would It s a wild ride with car crashes, races, theft, fraud, and grave robbing, and a dozen madcap adventures on the back roads The dialogue is insanely hilarious I was laughing my head off during the librarian s interview for the library job.I can t wait to read books from this author

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    I ve yet to read a Richard Peck book that deserves anything less than five stars The humor is always perfectly timed and finely tuned, every word in just the right place The characters are endearing and memorable, and I just want to root for every protagonist he creates In this WWI era story, he weaves together a tomboy auto mechanic, several elegant wealthy librarians, some redneck bad boys the Kirbys and a crazy but loveable couple the Colonel and Aunt Hat From the start to the finish line, this story is simply delightful.

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    I found this to be a very weak also ran when compared to Peck s previous book, The Teacher s Funeral Crucial elements of the story were predictable and not believable, to boot This one isn t about teachers in early 20th century Indiana, but librarians and also incorporates automobile repair and racing Like the earlier book and Peck s Illinois books , this has pranks and hijinks and elderly characters But I m not sure how many of these books certainly those written by Peck the world needs The historical aspects very much feel researched and tacked on, not integral and authentic Everything from the car makes to the clothing styles seems pointedly intended to provide the sense of the olden days Even so, there were a few annoying mistakes Butler University did not exist in 1914 It had from 1877 when North Western Christian University changed its name to honor its founding benefactor, but when the University of Indianapolis was formed in 1896, it became the liberal arts college and was named Butler College Even after the U of I disbanded in 1906, it wasn t until 1925 that Butler College became Butler University.The library science talk also feels false too many specifics and too much jargon and name dropping I m not even sure the term library science was used back then library economy was apparently common Also, there was certainly no such thing as a PhD in library science until 1930 when the first such degree was awarded Univ of Chicago , so no way was Irene dreaming of getting one Even the MLS didn t really come into common currency until the mid 1920s As for any librarian training at Butler College, there seems to have been only the Indiana Summer School for Librarians between 1905 and 1920, at least However, this program was not affiliated with the summer school at Butler College until 1915 previously it was located at Winona Lake, Indiana The narrator was very poorly chosen She lacked enthusiasm and brought no sense of realism to the storytelling I can barely believe that she had read the book previously She certainly did not give the impression of having written the story, let alone lived it And for God s sake, what do we have to do to get narrators who can pronounce the word familiar It s not fermiliar not ever Also, mush rhymes with rush, not with bush This really shouldn t be so hard.

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