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    I thoroughly enjoyed the heartwarming short stories that focused on felines throughout Herriot s vetinary career The illustrations are lovely ensuring this book will always remain on my bookshelf.

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    This book is a collection of some of Herriot s cat stories The book is well written and is a delight to read I enjoy Herriot s books in the audiobook format so I can thoroughly enjoy the various accents Anyone who enjoys animal stores will love this book It is acceptable for all ages I find the Herriot books most relaxing and I feel good after reading them This book was originally published in 1994.James Herriot 1916 1995 is the pen name of James Alfred Wight, a veterinarian Wight wrote under a pseudonym to avoid having problems with the ethical rules of not advertising a veterinary practice The books are autobiographical His first book was published in 1969.I read this as an audiobook downloaded from Audible The book is three hours Christopher Timothy does a good job narrating the book Timothy is a Welsh actor and played Herriot in the BBC production of All Things Great and Small He is an award winning audiobook narrator.

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    When I was a child my mother and I loved Herriot s memoirs of life as a primarily large animal veterinarian in Yorkshire One story from this volume the final, Christmas themed one is familiar from a picture book we brought out around the holidays The rest are all drawn from the memoirs, though, so the fact that I don t remember them must be a function of time it could be as many as 22 years since I last picked up a Herriot book In any case, these are charming tales about gentle medical mysteries and even the most aloof of stray cats becoming devoted pets I especially liked Alfred The Sweet Shop Cat and Oscar The Socialite Cat, about two endearing creatures known around the village I also appreciated Herriot s observation that cats are connoisseurs of comfort With cute watercolor illustrations, this little book would make a great gift for any cat lover.Included in my recent blog post on books about cats.

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    My wife loves cats and she had this book in the car as we were driving back to our home in Eagle Mountain after a visit to the warmer climate of St George She sometimes reads to me as we ride along and she picked James Herriot s Cat Stories on this trip I m a cat tolerater, but hearing the delightful stories in this book almost converted me to cat lover Herriot has a charming way of relating his stories and his love for animals shines through, whether he s writing about cats, as in this book, or any of the many other kinds of animals he deals with in his other books And his stories always seem to have a happy ending I know that isn t necessarily popular these days, but I like it.

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    Always have been, and always will be, a fiercely convinced dog person nonetheless in my childhood my mother would read Herriot s cat stories to me as bedtime tales and my enjoyment was undeniable.I remember being engrossed with the kitty adventures and clinging to my blankets anxiously awaiting a happy ending for all Herriot s patients I enjoyed all the sweet water color illustrations I d stare at while my mum would carefully narrate stories of variably ill cats, possibly feeling tenderness and sympathy for these majestic creatures that I ve sadly never been very fond of.Given that these are my feelings as a proud dog lover, I m positive that anyone, unlike me, living in Kitty City would absolutely adore this book.

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    Wonderful and very comforting stories about the cats that James Herriot encountered on his many years of veterinary rounds in the Yorkshire dales.

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    A delightful book for cat lovers and animal lovers in general An easy read to pick up when we have a few minutes to relax and enjoy the read I loved it but I am one of the very many fans of James Herriot.

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    For years, I haven t thought about James Herriot and then I saw this book near the cat behavior books I was perusing in the library And whenever I think of him, I instantly recall my schoolmate Jessica Simon Those who have met me in person know that I am short to the point of being a pygmy So it will come as no surprise that my childhood was filled with being last picked during recess and gym and the first to be shoved aside when any treat was to be had The only person remotely close to me in size was Jessica Simon But unlike me, Jessica wasn t a pygmy No, Jessica was perfectly petite, with wavy blonde hair and a peaches and cream complexion My smallness, on the other hand, was amplified by hazy 3 inch eye glasses that I was forced to don at the tender age of 8, framed in thick brown plastic that brought out the full mousiness of my hair Add to that a never ending array of bumps, bruises, and scrapes that resulted from clumsily trying to navigate an 8 year old sized world in a 5 year old sized body and a picture emerges I read a lot and tried to avoid vigorous activity, traits that endure Despite all that, in the salad days of my youth, I ventured into the world of Girl Scouting, primarily because the Brownie troop led by Mrs Gilpin reportedly did tame activities such as sewing and art projects I knew I could not have survived a hike or true camp Plus, Jessica was not in my classes, but she was in that Brownie troop I earnestly hoped that some of her pixie like appeal might rub off if I could only get closer to her She always walked around with a copy of James Herriot s All Things Bright and Beautiful And her Mom, a nurse at our family doctor s office, fussed over me when I came in for checkups and recognized me as the other small person in her daughter s grade In my mind, Jessica was small, pretty, and read big grown up books I imagined that we could be best friends and fantasized about having someone my age height with whom to sit on the see saw, do penny flips, and who would be content not running around too much and staying out of the way of the normal sized Shyly, I approached her at my first troop meeting and asked her about the dog eared book she carried She turned, and intently told me that it was a book about a country vet and that she loved it so much, she was going to grow up and be a vet too The book, which she re read constantly, was a way to remind her of that goal At this point, I don t know that I had ever thought too hard about what I wanted to be when I grew up other than bigger, so I was suitably impressed I promptly got a copy for myself from the local library And I fell in love with it Some stories were so heart rendering that they moved me to tears This at long last brings me to my book review The cat stories here appear to be taken from Herriot s other books I know I would have liked the stories as a kid because it s hard not to admire a man who devotes his life s work to the service of meeker beings But reading it now, I think I like it because I admire the meeker beings that bring people so much comfort The book is filled with such tales, particularly the story of Frisk the cat Frisk is the long time companion of a terminally ill man who must find Frisk a new home before moving to a care facility Frisk suffers from some passing medical issues too, and the gentleman s last words on earth are about Frisk and his well being I know people really have such thoughts Recently, I have been volunteering at a cat shelter, and on occasional Thursdays I help a physical therapist take tamer cats to visit residents at a nearby nursing care facility One woman was so overcome with joy when I brought a black kitten to her bedside that she cried while telling me how years ago she and her daughter had rescued an abandoned black kitten in a mall parking lot one Christmas eve and that the cat had gone to live in a beautiful home in Powell since she had moved into the center Her doctors then entered the room, and though she told them they had come at a bad time, they insisted that she was suffering from an injury to her foot that needed immediate attention She begged me to return so I took a picture of her and the kitten with my phone and promised to print it and bring it back A series of my own medical mishaps have prevented me from doing so yet I hope to do so soon I hope it will not be too late.But who knows My friendship with Jessica did not turn out as I had hoped One of the big events planned by the Brownie troop was a ceremony for girls graduating to juniors The evening s entertainment was to be a pantomime of the story Thumbelina When I learned about this, my heart leapt for joy Though I could not catch a ball without breaking my glasses or run without being mowed over by some other play participant, I was theatrical, and hands down, THE smallest girl in the troop For once, my size would work to my advantage Surely, this was an activity I could do Surely, the role of Thumbelina would be mine But instead, Mrs Gilpin cast Jessica as Thumbelina and assigned me the role of the evil mole Driving home, my Mom tried to put a positive spin on it, telling me that it can be fun to play the bad guy and that being the mole would take talent But I was inconsolable I was smaller than Jessica, and had acting chops, but she got to be Thumbelina because she was pretty I got to be the mole because I was not My Mom does not generally tolerate a quitting attitude, but in a rare reprieve, she told me I didn t have to do the role or go to any meetings For sparing me such humiliation, I am forever grateful.After that, my contact with Jessica ceased We didn t have classes together and I regret that I didn t seek her out at recess But nonetheless, I have her to thank for introducing me to Herriot s books I was a science fiction fanatic at that age, so it was only her fiery intensity about becoming a vet that made me even consider picking them up Later, when I was 23, a roommate and I leased an apartment next door to a man who had graduated from Kent State When I told him I grew up in Kent, he asked if I attended Roosevelt High School and knew Jessica Simon She had been his college sweetheart Turns out she had gone to Kent State too and became a nurse, like her Mom I ve always thought nursing was a noble profession and am even convinced of that now given some of my recent encounters with health care However, I must admit I was surprised Even badly than I wanted to be Thumbelina, she had wanted to be a vet What had changed I know how bad it can feel to be denied the chance to play the role for which we feel we are destined My fervent hope is that she ended up doing what she desired I still have such high hopes for me too.

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    We ve never read James Herriot before but is he ever delightful

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