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    The racetrack was important to me because it allowed me to forget that I was supposed to be a writer Writing was strange I needed to write, it was like a disease, a drug, a heavy compulsion, yet I didn t like to think of myself as a writer Maybe I had met too many writers They took time disparaging each other than they did doing their work They were fidgets, gossips, old maids they bitched and knifed and they were full of vanity Were these our creators Was it always thus Probably so Maybe writing was a form of bitching Some just bitched better than others Henry Hank Chinaski can t believe he is still alive His hard drinking, hard living contemporaries are all dead He is the last barfly standing He has simplified his life, married a good woman, cut down his drinking, quit eating sugar and red meat, and relaxes by going to the racetrack everyday The diseased part of his life, the writing, is still there humming in the back of his brain, regardless of how much he drinks or how many horse races he watches He has to write I was hot with words After decades of being poor and ignored, he finally gets his chance when Hollywood comes calling and wants him to write a screenplay He doesn t write screenplays, but the money they are offering is outrageous He decides he won t write a great one, but he is quite capable of writing a good one A bird flies, a snake crawls, I change typewriter ribbons There is no way to prepare for Hollywood The movie is on The movie is off The egos, the pettiness, the illogical thinking, the extravagant gestures, the insecurities, and the constant upheaval is at first stressful for Hank, but as he starts to get his bearings the whole situation becomes amusing It really is no different than when he worked for the Post Office His wife Sarah sums him up Your greatest strength, said Sarah, is that you fear everything I wish I d said that There can be a certain serenity achieved when you finally realize that everything is to be feared, that nothing, nobody, and nowhere are safe Death and pain can find you anywhere Henry has experienced than his share of disappointment, criticism, and loss, and now that he has finally scored a big financial hit he is bemused He has made enemies with his writing My enemies are the source of half my income They hate me so much that it becomes a subliminal love affair He never pulled any punches The people rail against his writing the copies he sells Women think he hates them, but it is much complicated than that He just doesn t treat them any different that he treats anyone else He talks about a novelist, someone not unlike himself, who he admires What I liked best about him was that he had no fear of the feminists He was one of the last defenders of maleness and balls in the U.S This took guts I wasn t always pleased with his literary output but I wasn t always pleased with mine either The booze loosened those typewriter keys, gave them some spark and gamble Like the actor that does cocaine before a performance, or the stockbroker who takes speed before giving a million dollar pitch, or the car salesman who can only be who he feels he needs to be when he is on meth, Hank performs better, writes better, when he has been drinkingheavily A large percentage of our population self medicate for several different reasons, maybe to ward off depression, maybe to perform at a perceived higher level beyond ourselves, or maybe in an attempt to escape everything Tune in Tune out We are forced to be someone other than ourselves for too many hours a day Sometimes we need help to escape, and sometimes we need help finding ourselves again Henry Chinaski is Charles Bukowski s alter ego Most, if not all, of Bukowski s work is autobiographical, so whatever happens to Chinaski in some form or fashion probably happened to Bukowski When Bukowski was approached by Hollywood to write a movie script, the result was the critically acclaimed movie Barfly 1987 starring Mickey Rourke There is this poignant scene in the book where Henry and Sarah go to see the movie at the theater and arrive early, so they can see how many people come out of the theater from the early showing One, Two, five, eleven, and on and on I understand that need for validation It is impossible to separate Bukowski from his books which is maybe why the criticism stings him because those being critical aren t judging his books or his characters, but judging him If you ve never read a Charles Bukowski, and you want to ease into his work, this is probably the best place to start He isn t as irreverent or crude or misogynistic or as perverse as his other books You ll meet a baffled survivor, unsure of why he has been given all this extra time and wondering how much he is going to have to do As long as he lives, he will have to write and that is exactly what Bukowski did If you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews, visit also have a Facebook blogger page at

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    Hollywood, Charles Bukowski Hollywood is a 1989 novel by Charles Bukowski which fictionalizes his experiences of adapting his novel into the film Barfly It is narrated in the first person This book relates his experiences of working with a director, finding financial backing, losing financial backing, writing the screenplay and finally completing the film, Barfly 2012 1389 299 9789643627218 20

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    Hollywood Hollywood People, streets and hustle, Hollywood Hollywood city movie, eyes that know sleep in the morning This is a city that must be seen on television and says I was here and I know this street 2010 6 Barfl 1987American comedy drama film directed by Barbet Schroeder and starring Mickey Rourke and Faye Dunaway.

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    . The Name Of The Movie is BarFly

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    I loved this book See a lot of eh reviews Have no idea if it s my own involvement in film, writing and Los Angeles of the past that makes this tale a spark of real life I believe it s the writing alone that does it.This is Bukowski as Bukowski, not Hank Hollywood was and still is a pleasure to read A must have for any screen writer, rags to riches bum, alcoholic literary being, or the real reason to read Buk or Fante. the Clean Line.It s the story of Barfly a Bukowski book and the making of that film It starred Mickey O Rourke Bukowski had such a wonderful time seeing the project through and it shows in this work It is a peek into the real life of an icon.Seems readers either love him or hate him I met him in a bar, in Long Beach in the very early 80 s, and thought that he was a consummate asshole.Based on a personal experience I refused to read any of his work and filled myself with righteous indignation.What an ass Me Not Buk.The man could write.Hollywood is a personal story, filled with the real feelings and observations of an author finally revered for their work Finally taken seriously Finally able to let his personal side and thoughts of his life come out It is quite different than any of his other writings Well, so was Pulp Pulp however was pretty damned bad Bukowski.Hollywood Dig it babies.

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