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    Dear Charles Bukowski may you rot in peace You had a way with words, and your powers of observation were not without an edge I quite liked your political statements, they showed that you after all used your intellect, what ever much was left of it in your intoxicated brain.Your diary reminds me a bit of Celine, and maybe that was your intention, you were a man who had read a great deal.I realise that you in your life have felt betrayed and not as valued a writer as you thought you deserved Regrettably this piece of apeshit does not add much to the value History is filled with tales of men falling apart, finding only short lasting pleasures in sex and drugs, and describing it in detail, as if anyone cared about yet another low life writer Grammar wise, there is something called capital letter after punctuation which you choose to neglect totally throughout your diary This was very annoying, and frankly, you are not in position to set up your own grammar rules However, you did provoke a smile here and there, mostly when you were sober, and I will grant you 3 small stars for you many wordplays.

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    Picture an alien Let s say, for convenience sake, he has a completely human appearance He crashed on earth a few hours ago and now wanders around in a city whose name is irrelevant, while trying to get used to the possibility of having to spend the rest of his life among humans See him as he walks through a park absorbing images and smells, pausing every once in a while to take a closer look at whatever catches his attention Starting to feel tired, he heads toward a bench Just before he sits, he sees an object on the bench which recognizes as a book let s again suppose that there are books on his planet and that he knows how to read He picks it up and reads the title Notes of a Dirty Old Man by Charles Bukowski Having all the time in the world at his disposal, he starts reading Half an hour passes and judging by the volume of the pages read and those left, we can assume he s halfway through Now, if you look close, you ll see a certain expression on his face Something which you recognize Something that looks like disgust mixed with something else Is it fear Could it be fear It s not a horror novel but yes, the you look the certain you become It is fear Now you see him lowering the book and looking straight ahead without really seeing much It s the same look a convict might have He closes the book and puts it back on the bench, at the exact same spot where he found it Without taking his eyes from that nonexistent spot straight ahead, he reaches into the inside pocket of his coat and takes out a small object It takes you a few seconds to realize it looks suspiciously similar to a handgun It s probably the intergalactic equivalent of a beretta or something like that Without even blinking he points the gun to his own head A split second before he pulls the trigger, you see a tear just starting to trickle down his cheek The one thought that pops in your mind as the image fades out is that his blood is red Why is his blood red So, I guess I chose a somewhat extravagant way to say that if an alien s first touch with humanity was through this book, they d totally kill themselves without thinking Bukowski s stories paint a sick picture of everyday life It seems like he strips reality of all that s good or pure, leaving only the rotten parts and throws it in your face I think I would have liked it when I was younger However, there s something sickly poetic and poetically sick in this book which I found brilliant.

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    Rating books with stars, like bars or restaurants or anything else is pretty silly.This was a good book to read at night while drinking pints at pubs in Seattle A collection of articles from a small paper in Los Angeles , there s no apparent chronology or order of any kind to them If there is, it s deep an intellectual.And after all, an intellectual takes something simple and makes it complex, while an artist takes something complex and makes it simple Indirect book quote I m reminded of World War Z each story is captivating, but you tire a little of the style However just as you re tiring of the style, you get caught up in the next story.I bought my dad a copy of this book he told me it reminded him of Kerouac That set me back a little as I never knew my father before his grumpiness and angst, his tiredness Like a quote from Field of Dreams.It s also a kind of life I appreciate, which, perhaps is easy to take the wrong way Because life is for the living.

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    I had a Chuck Bukowski kick back in 2004 I moved out of my father s house the year prior, inadvertently isolated myself from most of my friends, got a soul draining job in retail, and fallen into a bit of depression which hardly anyone noticed Though I hardly remember what I read, it spoke to me because I was in a toxic environment and Bukowski wrote with an honest intensity that was lacking in my life at the time.

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    You have to put Bukowski s sexism aside in order to enjoy his witty, often brutal tales from the American underground Fun to read.

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    This one is not for the faint of heart, the delicate, nor the easily offended, but if you are bold, daring, and curious, it is somewhat entertaining The rants, stories, and prose poems collected here are uneven in quality, but enough of them held my interest so that I was able to finish reading Notes of a Dirty Old Man Bukowski is so unflinchingly honest about everything, so don t read this if you can t handle the truth He also exposes things some might wish they had never seen prostitution, murder, abuse, rape, suicide, suicide by alcoholism, even necrophilia At times, I found the collection sophomoric, as though he were daring me to read on, and read on I did While some of the stories successfully disturbed, there were also some priceless nuggets of wisdom in these pages about the futility of revolution and in this Socratic exchange, about how this world makes us all mad you say you often feel this madness, what do you do when it comes upon you I write poetry is poetry madness non poetry is madness what is madness madness is ugliness 178.And ugliness is a fact of life, as Notes of a Dirty Old Man shows, page after page, but I still couldn t stop reading, because in the end, every story leads to the same place, and this is it man, I d like to see a good pair of shoes on every man walking the streets and see that he gets a good piece of ass and a bellyfull of food too Christ, the last piece of ass I ve had was in 1966 and I ve been jacking off ever since and there just ain t no jackoff compared to that wonder hole 69 And indeed, the conflict that drives this book is the search to get laid by a woman and for the next drink, but he never seems to be without that because drink is so much easier to acquire So, all this time, I saw Bukowski as a misogynist, when in fact he is entranced by the power of the feminine, the great wonder hole, or should I say wonder whole because it s only when he is getting laid or writing that he is somewhat at peace, whole, just like every other angry, frustrated male writer from Herman Melville to D.H Lawrence, to J.R.R Tolkien One man s elusive white whale or magic ring is another man s coveted wonder hole In fact, I m feeling pretty empowered as a woman after reading this Seriously, though, the misogyny of the other Beat writers of his time makes Bukowski look like a pussycat no pun intended.

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    Notes of a Dirty Old Man by Charles Bukowski is somewhat a autobiography of Bukowski himself but also his alter ego, Henry This novel is mainly dealing with gabling, drinking and whoring which Bukowski is really good at, but what I find him to be even better at is his way with words and that does not show its true colours in this book I read for the prose when it comes to this author, so I was very disappointed to find a lack so enormous that I could hardly get through the book Still, the writing style is very typical for Bukowski which gave some feeling homely What I enjoyed the most about this book was the ending and not just because I could finally put the book down for good, but because of its optimism Bukowski lead a very from day to day life with very little content seen with modern society s eyes.

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    il mondo fa di noi uomini e donne dei pazzi, e perfino i santi sono dementi, non si salva niente cos vaffanculo ottimo stando ai miei calcoli ho avuto soltanto 2500 pezzi di figa ma ho visto 12.500 corse dei cavalli, e se posso darvi un consiglio, ecco qui datevi alla pittura ad acquarelli Almeno una volta all anno ho la necessit fisica e mentale di ritornare con i piedi per terra e osservare la realt intorno a me senza ismi vari e cazzate simili Riscoprirla per quello che , in modo franco, senza stupide giustificazioni e ipocrisie Per riconoscere quanto sono farlocche le nostre azioni e le nostre preoccupazioni di tutti i giorni Per guardarmi in modo ironico mentre, di volta in volta, indosso le varie maschere che uso per destreggiarmi senza danni nella realt quotidiana.E allora leggo Bukowski.

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    So dirty.So drunky.So angry.Truly like an American Celine.

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