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Women pdf Women, ebook Women, epub Women, doc Women, e-pub Women, Women 26fba84b6f6 Alternate Cover For This ISBN Can Be Found HereLow Life Writer And Unrepentant Alcoholic Henry Chinaski Was Born To Survive After Decades Of Slacking Off At Low Paying Dead End Jobs, Blowing His Cash On Booze And Women, And Scrimping By In Flea Bitten Apartments, Chinaski Sees His Poetic Star Rising At Last Now, At Fifty, He Is Reveling In His Sudden Rock Star Life, Running Three Hundred Hangovers A Year, And Maintaining A Sex Life That Would Cripple CasanovaWith All Of Bukowski S Trademark Humor And Gritty, Dark Honesty, This Follow Up To Post Office And Factotum Is An Uncompromising Account Of Life On The Edge

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    Misogyny, misogyny, misogyny.that s all everyone sees Few see the true character of Hank, only the brutal sexual descriptions, the words beginning with C and his practice of mounting whatever drunken soul may have wandered into his piss stained bed This is one of the most American novels I have ever read It tells the story of the common man, overburdened by the memories of his abusive youth, beleagured by his own unsightly appearance and wallowing in the depths of alcoholism Few feel the groan of his body when he rises each morning, the dull thud in his brain, or the unrequited love in his heart This is not a story of a crude womanizer This is the story of pain and consistency, his life moving along with each labored step, unwillingly It is the story of rejection, acceptance and our own inherent ability to survive without really trying They sounded like really nasty women anyway.

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    I discovered Charles Bukowski while in Las Vegas, in December 2000.My dad thought it was a good idea to take his 19 year old daughter to Vegas Because I LOVE watching everyone else gamble and drink while I can t participate To be fair, we saw some really good shows Blue Man Group and Mystere And the buffets were exciting Paris was wonderful.And I did get screamed at by a lady on the bus that goes up and down the strip She looked like Mimi from the Drew Carey show Well, she dropped her purse and I, being the gentleman that I am, went to pick it up for her because she was obviously too large to bend over herself And I didnt want her roly poly, blue eyeshadow wearing self to roll down the aisle causing an accident To be fair, she probably wouldnt have rolled, just gotten stuck So this ass starts screaming at me Don t touch my purse, don t steal my purse So embarassingSo later that day.I bought a really sweet corset and some cute underoos at the Victorias Secret in Vegas At 19, I was at my most attractive Everything has gone downhill since then The ban on ephedra didn t help either I swear, a few people die and they go and freakin ban it People die from cars and alcohol all the time but they dont go banning those Whatever, man I miss you Xenedrine Call me please email me if you have any black market ephedra, will pay in books.But the point is, I could wear a corset back then and look mildly attractive in the right lighting If you squinted your eyes.I do remember trying that get up on in my hotel room and thinking Ooooh sexy lady, oh yeah You soooo fine That was also the last year I considered myself a female.That was the first and last time I have ever shopped at Victoria s Secret My friend , Erika, has to remind to me wear bras to this day I also bought 2 pieces of cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory and brought them back to my hotel and devoured them both So back to the main subject matter here our last day in Vegas, we were in some store and there was this book called Drinking , Smoking and Screwing Yes, yes and yes , I thought to myself.Didn t even read the description, I just immediately bought it.Lucky for me it was a collections of short stories from awesome writers about the title subjects.And an exerpt of Charles Bukowski s Women was one of them.He stood out to me because he writes like he speaks In plain, no frills english Some call him misogynistic but I disagree I never felt like he was exploiting or demeaning women in any of his books.Most of the bitches in his books deserved to be treated like shit Or wanted to be treated like shit Because that s how women are sometimes And that is why I no longer can relate to that gender amoung many other reasons.I guess my connection with Buk lies in heartbreak.That s what he reminds me of That bittersweet feeling of your heart being torn out but still continuing to beat.

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    The leading crazy lady s name is Lydia I can relate Charles Bukowski has a way of betraying you and making you laugh in spite of yourself disgusting you and then melting your heart with one tender and insightful paragraph you do not expect, at a moment that doesn t seem appropriate in context to that which he is speaking It is impossible to love Bukowski and impossible not to love him This book is just a delight, if you can absorb it He is mushy soft at his core.

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    boooooorrrrrr iinnnnnnnnnnnnnggggI loved Bukowski as a young teenager and now that I go back and re read I can only imagine that I enjoyed the truth and rawness at that age when I was getting lied to everywhere abt the relations between men and women NOW the misogyny is effing boring Like the crap I see every effing day I find it interesting that some people find it so shocking because I know at least 10 men that feel this way abt women OVER IT Don t wanna read abt it now.

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    This book is CRAZY I cannot believe I read the entire thing in 3 days You can t put it down In fact, it made it s rounds through at least 8 people I know of, and it s probably still making the rounds Everyone had the same experience You start it and Bukowski goes into the most sexist, vulgar, repulsive descriptions of the main character s relationship to women, but something makes you keep reading I stopped at several points wondering, why the hell am I reading this , yet I went on This is a wild feat, making this a brilliant work of art The main character is an upper middle aged man He s disgusting and a complete drunk He s also a writer His greatest ambition in life is the f k an 18 year old girl when he s 80 year s old Did I say this was vulgar It s the worst and best reading you ve ever done You ll fly through it, never knowing exactly why.

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    Bukowski is a five star poet writing a three star story, averaging out to four stars but with a 1 star for pure, unmixed vodkaric fucking artistic courage if you ll pardon the bland but necessary tautology Instead of a Nobel Prize, a Purple Heart and a Medal of Honor should have been meted out to him When Chinaski Bukowski s fictionalized self is asked about the kinds of writers he likes, the attribute he mentions about them is their bravery He s asked why Why It makes me feel good It s a matter of style in the face of no chance at all And that s what he is The declarations and codifications of his writing seem to baffle him The misos or the isms He s aware of them But he goes on You can beat him up You can run him down You can trash his typewriter in the middle of the road He not only takes his chances, he understands them They are nil What do you think of women she asked I m not a thinker Chinaski seems to be aware of the vanishing point that is the saturation of hate ideology, and in the face of it, he places himself, not with any Saint George like ideal of conquering it, but at least if he can just be him that s style in the face of no chance at all That is courage Once they have absorbed the entire avenue of discourse open to the writer, then fuck them becomes all that you have to at least bridge between the body of it all and your own yawp Love is like trying to carry a full garbage can on your back over a rushing river of pissLove was for guitar players, Catholics and chess freaks For Chinaski, the other side of bravery is love Not in an antonymic sense, but it is the sense, the device, the object by which you fall into something that becomes too great to have courage through This is why he often expresses awe in its face, because it is the one thing that can really defeat him He expresses pity for those who he encounters who seem to be under it, he expresses self pity for the one time in the past when he was also so afflicted He avoids women who have men who love them Maybe I should have slammed her How did a man know what to do Generally, I decided, it was better to wait, if you had any feeling for the individual If you hated her right off, it was better to fuck her right off if you didn t, it was better to wait, then fuck her and hate her later on Chinaski is an absurd hero He is fully aware of the absurdity of his condition in the story, and regularly expresses complete bafflement for how he is making a living as a poet, and how these women are appearing in his life and what they re prepared to do for him But he still takes what is given freely, and he gives freely He undergoes ordeals that would have me in a homicidal fit of rage, and yet he can go berserk if the music is too loud a woman can all but kill him in the street, but he will still help them move house he is contradictory, obtuse, will full, forgiving, passionate and reserved, destructive and self destructive, creative and lacking in imagination He is one of us, one of the losers cast as a winner He celebrates his winnings, but is humble enough to remain a loser I never pump up my vulgarity I wait for it to arrive on its own terms Which brings me to his three star ish ness I take notes while I read for future reference, along with a page number, and this kind of tells the story Normally, the gems I unearth are pretty evenly spread out page number wise With this book, there would be forty, fifty page gaps and then a series of notes over one, two or three pages It s as though Bukowski has a series of great poetic works of character insight, and he strings them together to create a book I write But mostly I take photographs he admits, jokingly, but it also rings true He s joined a series of fascinating shots together It s certainly well worth the read, as a tonic for our only for fun or moral prescriptive emphasis on reading now fashionable What a rush to stumble upon a poet who is not a sociologist, who is not an organ grinder, who is his own monkey.This book won t make you a better person, or a better citizen It will make you human or less it will equip you better for your own silence it will sheath your soul comfortably, because it will further develop that discomfort and anxiety that is the very definition of the human soul And that is the object of literature You write a lot about women I know I wonder sometimes what I ll write about after that Maybe it won t stop Everything stops.

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    Probably my least favorite Bukowski novel, if only because it is the one most commonly used against him by readers with a college freshmen understanding of what misogyny actually is Anyone who s ever read the man s oeuvre or seen any of his interviews and walked away with the impression that he was anything but an equal opportunity misanthrope might have a slightly skewed view of things If anything, he was harder on the men around him, and he hated everyone for their greed, cruelty, and dullness, but he only fucked the women, so I guess that made him a misogynist

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    Freaks always attract other freaks it must be some immutable law of nature.I had on my dead father s overcoat, which was too large My pants were too long, the cuffs came down over the shoes and that was good because my stockings didn t match, and my shoes were down at the heels I hated barbers so I cut my own hair when I couldn t get a woman to do it I didn t like to shave and I didn t like long beards, so I scissored myself every two or three weeks My eyesight was bad but I didn t like glasses so I didn t wear them except to read I had my own teeth but not that many My face and my nose were red from drinking and the light hurt my eyes so I squinted through tiny slits I would have fit into any skid row anywhere.Aloofness, drunkenness, seclusion Hank Chinaski is a deliberate pariah, a lone wolf, misogynic and misanthropic I disliked them all immediately, sitting around acting clever and superior They nullified each other The worst thing for a writer is to know another writer, and worse than that, to know a number of other writers Like flies on the same turd.Women come and go, an ensemble of women is exotic and bizarre but all of them are thoroughly unhappy Emptiness swallows existence and human comedy is hardly distinguishable from human tragedy I was glad I wasn t in love, that I wasn t happy with the world I like being at odds with everything People in love often become edgy, dangerous They lose their sense of perspective They lose their sense of humor They become nervous, psychotic bores They even become killers.A curst cur must be tied short

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    In the words of a reviewer on , First off, this book will offend people It will probably offend you This book hit a little too close to home you could say I ve met and loved this man in real life At first, reading it was easy the language is not complex and the material is the definition of page turner sex, love, drugs, alcohol in raw, unapologetic realism And then around page 200 it all became too much Chinaski does another poetry reading, beds and then rapes, though strangely enough he does not call this what it is a new woman half his age, breaks another woman s heart and drinks, drinks, drinks I decided to finish the book, because I was than 2 3 along the way, and I m glad I did Chinaski has a breakthrough eventually, and it is heartbreaking, no matter how much you may have grown to despise him Whether he ll learn or not, who s to say But then again, that s life right there And Bukowski s prose, if nothing else, tells it like it is whether you want to read it or not.

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    I feel stupid getting into Charles Bukowski so much as a 43 year old guy with kids, a house, and a job I mean, I read him in my late teens with all my friends and we romanticized his shitty SRO hotel existence But over the last year I ve either read or re read all of his non poetry books except Pulp, and I can see a depth and craft of which I wasn t aware as a kid Women, turns out, is my favorite of the catalog.I don t get much voyeuristic pleasure from Women You know how recently divorced people say things like, Ugh, I hate dating Well, Bukowski s twilight years, according to Women, function like The Bachelor except sometimes he can t get it up and just about all the women he meets are sad and bonkers But the depth of his desires, his ambivalence, and self loathing raise Women beyond, you know, check out how many women I fucked or whatever He tries to go along with a few of his companions everyday lifestyle Bukowski antique shoppingI can t imagine but feels trapped and suffocated So he moves on to the next girl who s been sending him letters and dirty photographs Literary success has its drawbacks but Bukowski s not dumb enough to pretend that nailing fans and waking at noon is harder than working a shit job He s scared, amused, almost waiting for the other shoe to drop, if you will, like he s lost his young man s anger, wants to live in peace, but, Jesus, these women keep sending these letters, andwho wouldn t Women seems to me the most mature and quotable Bukowski He s less caricature and human than in his other works He s removed and reflective Women is than a laundry list fuckfest Go beyond the surface Dig deep.

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