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South of the Big Four files South of the Big Four, read online South of the Big Four, free South of the Big Four, free South of the Big Four, South of the Big Four c0e54ff66 Set In Contemporary Farm Country Of North Central Indiana, Just South Of The Big Four Railroad Tracks, This Extraordinary First Novel Tells The Story Of Thirty Year Old Arthur Conason And His Return To His Family S Abandoned Farmhouse The Land Is Now Farmed By The Indomitable Gerry Maars, Who Immediately Takes Arthur On As His Hired Man Physically Strong And Emotionally Reserved, Arthur Falls Into Several Casual But Disruptive Affairs Gradually He Comes To Accept The Love Of A Young Waitress Who Can See Past Her Uncaring Husband And Four Children To A Life They Someday Might Share He Is Also Won Over By Gerry Maars Creed Of Endless Prosperity And Optimism It Is Only As Gerry S Enterprise Begins To Fail And Arthur S Own Past Can No Longer Be Avoided That The Fates Of These Unforgettable Characters Become Clear

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    The best novel ever written about Midwestern farm life There simply is nothing better.

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    Well written character study of a young man who returns home to the family farm and the people and memories he left behind We are at times charmed and confused by Arthur s actions or lack thereof We see his love affair with the hardships of farming and his workaholic boss, Gerry Maars At times it seems he is incapable of forming a lasting relationship, but it is the one with Gerry that remains a constant as he drifts through questionable love affairs without thought of the consequences An interesting story of friendship, growth, loss, and acceptance Recommended.

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    Wow, what a character at first I am liking him, then unsure of him, then liking him again, then surprised by him, then confused about himlol..it was a fantastic book, the writer has a wonderful way of getting you to know this man at an incredible level Arthur is so simple, and yet complex and comfortable as your favorite blanket His friendship to his boss is nothing short of the true meaning OF friendship, I fell in love with each and every character great job Mr Kurtz, great job.

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    Sample quote All the farmers thought they could be sober, decent people, and that would be enough They thought they could keep on doing things the way they always had, but people showed up who knew better Young farmers came in, guys like Gerry Maars, and they passed us right by like we were standing still.

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    A book about farmers in Indiana Count me outbut the story sucked me right in despite nothing much actually happening for a hundred pages The characters in this book embody deeply American forces, good and bad, and the story is loaded with symbolism nuanced and seamless that reveals a gigantic shift in who we are as a people and where we are headed as a culture and a nation The author is obviously steeped in daily life on an industrial scale farm circa late 1980 s anyway and you quickly find yourself caught up in the rhythms of work and life on the Midwestern prairie and the victories and struggles of existence in small towns right on the cusp of the Walmart armageddon although this story forebodes those changes rather than witnessing them Highly recommended.

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    Set in the farmland of north central Indiana South of the Big Four tells the story of Haskell County, the farm people who live and work the land and their struggle to make a go of a disappearing way of life The plot centers around a young farmhand named Arthur who returns from working the iron ore barges on the Great Lakes to take up planting and harvesting work as hired man for the County s most prosperous, but fading, grower and local politician Gerry Marrs This is a well written story with a big dose of human conflict along with a great description of Midwestern farm life I recommend this book.

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    Lyrical writing, vivid characters, an intimate view of life in a small midwestern farming community Don Kurtz made farming life feel as limited as the back 40, characters stuck in a life that repeats from generation to generation, and knowing little else, they remain in the cycle It is who they are and who they will be It reminded me of stories Gabriel Garcia Marquez likes to tell, minus the magic But the characters are drawn with convincing detail that pulls the reader in and keeps you cheering for them to rise above A lovely book.

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    I loved how genuine this book feels You can really tell that the author knows this way of living and has borne witness to its passing This is by no means a fast paced book it forces you to take full stock of the time and place I never thought I d be interested in reading about the decline of family farming in rural, northern Indiana, but what captivated me is getting to experience a place so foreign, and a time so far removed from my own.

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    At a first glance, the novel is almost uneventful as the Indiana terrain However, slowly but surely you can feel the decline of a way of life and the loss of innocence flowing out of the pages The ending is also characteristically uneventful, with the two main characters, who could have symbolized the passing of the old fashioned farming life, beaten and drained out of life There doesn t seem to be a future for the young Arther unless he chooses to escape just as what Annie did.

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    A very slow starting book But after awhile, I enjoyed the planting of soybeans and corn,.the weather that controls it snow, heat and the cost and upkeep of the trucks and combines, and the ability to change with the times as productivity and efficiency increases with better machines A good human interest story too brother against brother, the lure of love and sex, old timers vs the young whippersnappers, and the incredible cost to those who farm a sometimes unforgivable land.

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