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    Read for S524 Adult Readers Advisory Oh manI am so not cut out for Christian fiction I thought it would just be casual mentions of church life, and moral living, but I didn t understand the references to a lot of this kind of Christianity But whatever, I belong to a religion that has a lot of terms that other people don t understand, so I can get past that I think Mormon fiction is freaky too, so I m all about equality of religious culture weirdness But I guess it bothered me that Boo is considered evil by the Christian community or at least, the only true Christian in the book because he writes horror novels It took me forever to figure out that he was supposed to be a bad person based on this fact, and that he can no longer write once he converts which was instantaneous, and shallow, to be frank But I can also deal with that too I can also look past the fact that a 30 year old woman lives with her father, and he can tell her that she s not allowed to wear makeup But I can t look past how terrible of a person the female protagonist actually was, when she s supposed to be the moral backbone of the town She is SO horrible to Boo at the beginning of the book, but she s supposed to be this pillar of the community I know that she s supposed to change in throughout the story and learn that she was wrong, but I had a hard time seeing someone described as Christian that behaved that way and, ultimately, the reader is supposed to think that she is right because Boo himself views her as right in her hatred of his profession She repeatedly acts on the basis of a moral high ground, but is really just being a jerk And her perfectionugh She could do absolutely no wrong She bakes her own bread, she single handedly makes Thanksgiving dinner for dozens of guests, she visits the elderly, she wears quilted vests with turtlenecks seriously, that was supposed to be a good thing Ugh, actually, was there ANY character with any redeeming value Maybe the minister It just seemed like a town full of manipulative people, with very few lovable quirks.I chose this book for class because it takes place in Indiana and because I liked the premise of a spooky town with eccentric characters, but there was such a lack of depth in every aspect of this book the characters, the religion, the formation of the town, the thought put into the ways the tourism industry could work in the town, the relationship between the romantic interests, etc that it was completely boring and obnoxious to read I m giving it an extra star just for the idea and because it wasn t quite as bad as The Amber Room or Mary, Mary Alex Cross, 11 , but it was BAD.

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    This is such a cute book I can totally picture this as a Hallmark movie Now, that being said, if you re not into the heartwarming kind of story, then this probably isn t for you This is a Christian fiction, so I can imagine that would turn some people away, as well However, I admit, I was hesitant about this book at first, but for being a Christian fiction, it wasn t too overbearing Skary, Indiana sounds like such a charming little town I d live there The characters really pulled the story together As I was reading this book, I could see it playing through my head like a movie, that s how developed and clear the characters were All of the characters had their little quirks, so this book was about than Wolfe Boone being saved There was also the whole scheming plot held together by the town busybody, Missy Peeple who I did not like I m not a fan of busybodies I liked Wolfe he seemed like a good guy I loved Ainsley, too She was so sweet, and I loved that she was so into Martha Stewart because on the days I feel like being honest with myself, I am, too Even the minor characters had such distinct personalities, so much so that I could picture the perfect actors to portray them This story not only includes romance and the religious factor, but it is also so funny The characters were so comical, especially the group of schemers I laughed out loud multiple times during this read Overall, I thought this was a really cute story, and I m glad I read it However, like I said, this is a light read and one of those heartwarming stories, so if you re not into that, I wouldn t recommend it to you I haven t decided whether I want to read the next book Boo Who yet or not, but part of me feels like I m not ready to be done with Skary, Indiana just yet.

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    Instead of just reviewing this light hearted, cutesy, fun read, I m going to take on one of the criticisms of this book Some folks were bothered by the fact that Ainsley wasn t very friendly to Wolfe aka Boo at the start of the book Umif there was one person who had always been the thorn in your flesh, to use the language of 2 Corinthians 12 7, and continually made your life needlessly difficult, how would you feel about him or her Would you want as little to do with him or her as possible Thought so In that respect, Rene Gutteridge deserves credit for writing a novel that contains Christian characters who are just as flawed as we are, instead of a bunch of Mary Sues.

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    I wanted to give this 5 stars but no Maybe if it was a 100 pages longer and had deep theology.I almost feel sorry for anybody who reads this without knowing it IS Christian fiction and Romance Ouch Some people get their hair up in hackles when there s Christian Romance afoot I d do the same if Richard Dawkin s attempted a macro evolutionary atheist love tale in a Christian bookstore But i d still read it and laugh Funny is Funny.So here we have the town of Skary Indiana, pronounced Scary middle America and just south of chicago for all you non North American dwellers And they have a horror writer celebrity who occupies a lone house up on the hill think Stephen King in Maine Yes, Wolfe Boone Boo suddenly becomes a Christian and starts hanging out with the local Pastor and ceases his desires to write horror novels ever again The town is in emotional and financial chaos and a few decide they need to fix things back to the ever successful way things just were But the big part of the story is Wolfe has a huge crush on the town s lovely Christian Waitress Ainsley Parker But Ainsley hates Boo and how his fame has turned her nice little town into a horror movie set yep, all the restaurants and hotels and stores all embrace the macabre for their endless tourists who crave blood and monsters in their outings But since they are just about the only good looking younger characters in the book Romance MUST happen.It s crazy and ridiculous fun The townsfolk are morons and halfwits but fun to observe And our two main characters are deep and soulful and patient with the bumbling masses so it s basically just like YOUR town Wherever you are The local dogs and cats play a huge part in the story as well I m surprised Boo didn t start writing SCARY Christian books, like Ted Dekker attempts are they really Christian ummmh Certainly not like Rene Gutteridge s clear examples Lots of light Christianity and Bible references included Nothing to fight over theologically or Apologetically which is probably a safe start I m now starting the second book in the series.

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    Gutteridge s novel walks the tightrope between romantic comedy and farce Most of the time it falls It might not have done that if the eccentricity knob for some of the supporting cast members had been turned down a bit And I know that the leads were Christians, but there s a difference between forgiving wrongs and letting them go unpunished.

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    I think I loved this book because I love autumn It s a perfect book if you re snuggled up in October or November and need a romantic PG comfort story.

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    My book club read this and there weren t many copies in the library I grabbed an audio version and really enjoyed it Michael Taylor does a great job with the voices and story.Ainsley is pretty disgusted with Wolfe He s turned her beloved town into a horror attraction without even trying When he accepts God and starts to pursue her, she realizes that there might be than meets the eye with him Ainsley is a very sweet and obedient girl She s a favorite of many and tries to make those around her happy Wolfe is complex, but very enjoyable I loved the story of how he came to write what he does The novel is filled with interesting, unique, and meddling characters who really add to the feel of this small town I enjoyed every one of them and the spark they each brought to the story.There are a few little mysteries that are embedded in the storyline and the reader is privy to some of the conclusions It was fun to watch things unfold and the climax was both sad and entertaining I love that things are left open for to happen in future installments.Highly recommended for readers who enjoy a gentle story with a dash of mystery and romance, a helping of humor, and a Christian theme threaded throughout Clean

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    If you re looking for an entertaining read that provides you with plenty of offbeat humour, quirky characters, a devious conspiracy, an unlikely villain, heart warming romance, enduring faith, and leaves you with a satisfied smile of a book well worth the read look no further than Rene Gutteridge s BOO.When bestselling horror novelist Wolfe Boo Boone suddenly becomes a Christian and leaves his days of writing horror novels behind, his home town of Skary, Indiana, suddenly panics, as their identity has been severely grounded in the influence of Boo s novels And when Wolfe begins to woo the town s sweetheart, a plot is hatched to turn Boo s attention away from romance and back to writing what will keep the little town alive but little do they realize that God has a surprise in store for the them all Curl up in your favourite corner and be introduced to Skary, a small town filled with charming characters that will endear you, and leave you anxiously wanting to read BOO is followed up by BOO WHO and BOO HISS.

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    I didn t realize this book was Christian Fiction until I was almost halfway through the book Usually I am turned off by CF, however this was such a cute read And they don t force God down the readers throat as much as I had thought they would have The characters are adorable, though I think Gutteridge forgot during scenes between Ainsley and her father that Ainsley was an older woman versus a twelve year old girl.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this story as a Thanksgiving novel I thought the ending was a little weak, but there are sequels.

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Boo download Boo, read online Boo, kindle ebook Boo, Boo cebece9248da Talk About Working Out Your Faith With Fear And TremblingThe Biggest Thing To Happen To Skary, Indiana, Is Renowned Horror Novelist Wolfe Boone Or, Boo, As The Locals Fondly Call Him For The Past Sixteen Years, The Reclusive Writer Has Been The Town S Greatest Attraction, Having Unintentionally Turned The Once Struggling Skary Into A Thriving Tourist Trap For The Dark Side From The Haunted Mansion Restaurant, Famous For Its Bloody Fingers Fries Splattered With Ketchup To Spooky S Bookstore Where Employees Dress Like The Walking Dead But When A Newly Reformed Wolfe Suddenly Quits The Genre And Subsequently Starts To Pursue Skary S Favorite Girl Next Door, Ainsley Parker, The Little Town Made Famous By His Writings Becomes Truly Horrified Soon, A Scheme Is Plotted To Put The Fright Back Into Skary And Get Their Most Famous Resident Out Of Love And Back Into The Thrill Business Filled With Humor, Small Town Charm, And A Gentle Message Of Enduring Faith, Boo Shows How Even The Most Colorful Group Of Busybodies And Hypocrites Can Become A Community Changed Forever By God