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    A good collection from one of the undervalued Beat poets Corso has strong merits, but his work comes across as darker and pessimistic than others, and does not speak to me in the way that Ferlinghetti does or to a lesser extent Ginsberg Much as Howl was in many ways Ginsberg s defining poem, Bomb not contained in this collection was that for Corso The other poems in this collection do not come close to that masterpiece, though they still have their relative strengths Among my favorites in this work were Sun The sun like a blazing lollipop can be sucked , But I Do Not Need Kindness, I Am 25 O I would quiet old men say to them I am your friend what you once were, thru me you ll be again , Hello, The Horse was Milked and The Wreck of the Nordling But, perhaps, best of all in the work were Ginsberg s introduction my apologies to Corso and the epigraph.

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    Wow and I say again wow One of the best collections of modern surreal poetry I have EVER read Already very impressed with Corso s first book of poetry, The Vestal Lady on Brattle, Gasoline showcases Corso s explosive growth as a poet This book features some of his well known poems like Mad Yak and I am 25 and Last Night I Drove a Car which Corso himself called a weirdo poem Listen to The Three Angels CD in which you can hear Corso, Orlovsky and Ginsberg read some of the favorite or most well known poems.Just like in Kerouac s Mexico City Blues, somehow at a deep level, these poems do make some form of telepathic sense see Ginsberg s Naropa Institute lecture on Mexico City Blues for details And as Corso pointed out in one of his scathing Naropa lectures, the reader is able to get much out of a poem by sitting down and having the page in front of him and being able to re read it Corso felt that the audience at poetry readings often misses so much because they are hearing the poem for the first time Just like with some great songs, we discover that certain poems are great upon our second, third, fourth or fifth reading I think it is because the various meanings and twists and turns slowly seep through our consciousness and our comprehension of the poem and then suddenly pow it hits you right between the eyes And that is the poet s job to deliver a beautiful knockout A purely spiritual hit between the eyes The only reason I m not giving this 5 stars is that there was 1 or 2 poems in here that I thought were just okay and secondly because I haven t read Long Live Man yet which apparently features his best work including the poem Marriage which is hilarious.Here we have a beat poet in his prime and someone who has carved out a singular and definitive signature sound to his poetry I can just imagine the surprised looks on Ginsberg s face the day he met this sweet, tough kid from the Bronx who wrote crazy, wild but beautiful poetry If you haven t read or heard The Whole Mess Almost , which I personally think is Corso s strongest poem, then do yourself a favour and read it Sheer genius One thing that set Corso apart from his beat peers though is his outstanding knowledge of Greek poetry and mythology, redolent throughout his oeuvre Whenever I read his work I feel ignorant because I know next to little about Greek mythology outside of Zeus, Hercules and Narcissus Corso s impressive general knowledge comes from his time in prison where he read entire encyclopaedias If you are a fan of the beats, definitely check this out If you want a smaller, pedestrian sample of Corso s work, check out Ann Charters second most famous book her famous biography on Kerouac being her first called The Portable Beat Reader for a chapter on Gregorio Nunzio Corso It is high time that his poetry was recognized and I can t wait for the documentary on him, Corso The Last Beat, to come out on DVD Highly recommended to all you beat fans out there One final thing, I love the pocket series poetry books because you can carry them around everywhere I found myself reading Corso s poetry when I was at the train station, on the bus or even walking down the middle of Tokyo Long live man and long live Corso My favorite line contained in this book is in the preface and comes from his unpublished poem Power Standing on the street corner waiting for no one is power.

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    It seems an almost well accepted fact that than fifty years on from when it was first published in 1958, Gasoline City Lights, 1958 by Beat poet Gregory Corso is a seminal book in the birth of that particular literary generation Yet today, when compared to Burroughs, Ginsberg, Kerouac, the other major Beat writers, his work is still relatively ignored, and while their books can be found in large amounts in most British and American bookshops, Corso is still almost untraceable And actually, at the time of writing this, Corso s selected poems Mindfield is criminally out of print Consequently, Corso s poetry has still to receive its true recognition, which in part is due still to the ruling classes of Academia, and maybe even to a certain snobbishness over his sometimes wild and spontaneous antics.full review

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    Thus begins my sojourn into the life and poetry of Gregory Corso He and I will be pretty tight all the way until May thank you college Good thing there is something about his words that really draws me into his verses He s my Urban Shelley One reviewer on here called him the Ringo Star of the Beats, to which I totally and completely agree Two favorite poems from this work I Am 25With a love a madness for ShelleyChatterton Rimbaudand the needy yap of my youthhas gone from ear to ear I HATE THE OLD POETMEN Especially old poetmen who retractwho consult other old poetmen who speak their youth in whispers,saying I did those thenbut that was thenthat was then O I would quiet old mensay to them I am your friendwhat you once were, thru meyou ll be again Then at night in the confidence of their homesrip out their apology tonguesand steal their poems and my other favorite HelloIt is disastrous to be a wounded deerI m the most wounded, wolves stalk, and I have my failures, too.My flesh is caught on the Inevitable Hook As a child I saw many things I did not want to be.Am I the person I did not want to be That talks to himself person That neighbors make fun of person Am I he who, on museum steps, sleeps on his side Do I wear the cloth of a man who has failed Am I the looney man In the great serenade of things,am I the most cancelled passage There you have it a little taste of Gregory Nunzio Corso

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    Corso is probably the least well known of the Beat writers More people know of Kerouac, Ginsberg and Burroughs However, Corso, in many ways, is a finessed and nuanced poet He has a deeper artistic background than any of the above named gents, and his knowledge of the great poets of the past and the great painters as well informs his word choice and metaphors He can be abstract and flowing than his contemporaries, and yet he can turn on a dime to write something so simplistically and beat ifically true that it is breathtaking These are some of Corso s first published poems, and in spots they can be a bit too abstruse The influence of William Carlos Williams can also be felt in the earlier poems, and a very few have not worn well with time However, Corso overcomes these flaws, and his vibrant and vital self comes through beautifully in the book Ginsberg, in his introduction, calls him the greatest poet in America, with typical Ginsbergian effusiveness and ardor That s up to history to decide, but the poems here are vital, fiery, and alive, with a strongly individual voice that bears listening to.

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    I d only read a couple of Corso s poems before this book, and I expected to like it much better than I did The pluses playfulness, bizarre hilarity, surreal and vivid imagery, spontaneity The minuses a lack of focus overall, a consistent tone of self importance that intruded on a lot of the better poetry, what felt like sloppy, unedited pieces in some places, and a feeling of whatever, this is jazz so I can be obscure I especially liked Puma in Chapultepec Zoo , For Miles , The Horse Was Milked , and Man Seated Outside My Window Definitely worth reading and keeping, I think in general I warm to Beat poetry much less than most people I know who read poetry I have a hard time taking a lot of it seriously, and that s what largely happened here.

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    Well, 3 and a half These are really early Corso poems, from 1955 and 58 respectively The good ones are really good, he gets up in the air and does his thing The rest are just crap, particularly plagued by the cheesy rhyme the horror Well, there are a few that are just okay, I don t mean to exaggerate I don t know I kind of hoped that this book would be awesome like, Before he started to believe his own blurbs he was really good, but not really More like before he started to believe his own blurbs he had a lot of potential and he started believing the blurbs before he really gave himself a chance to do much with it Bummer.

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    I personally am not a fan of poetry, but I have had some success in the past with some poets Corso is not one of them Actually Beat Poetry or even just the Literature can be a bit of a hit or a miss with me More often it s a miss, but it s good to try something different Most poets have at least a couple of poems that I liked, but not so here Not only did I not like them, I never really understood what the hell he was talking about It just seemed like an endless rambling of weird combinations of words with no reason behind them 105 pages of WTF.

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    Corso is the Ringo of the Beats, if Ringo had the songwriting chops of George Harrison His poems are odd and frequently disarming in their charming openness I really enjoyed reading this slim volume.

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    Read one these poems to a speech class at UW, my first attempt at college education Other students and professor hadn t ever heard anything like this I was on a permanent real and contact high for these years

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