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❮KINDLE❯ ❅ The Cats Maw (The Shadowland Saga #1)  Author Brooke Burgess – Ebooks2020.co chapter 1 The Cats Maw (The Shadowland Saga #1) , meaning The Cats Maw (The Shadowland Saga #1) , genre The Cats Maw (The Shadowland Saga #1) , book cover The Cats Maw (The Shadowland Saga #1) , flies The Cats Maw (The Shadowland Saga #1) , The Cats Maw (The Shadowland Saga #1) 811c1f0b9a5e0 This Is An Updated Cover Edition For ISBN A BOY A CAT A NIGHTMARE LOOSED IN TWO WORLDSFrom Award Winning Storyteller Brooke Burgess Broken Saints Comes A Haunting, Touching, And Inspired Children S Fiction Debut THE CAT S MAW The First Volume In A Contemporary Fantasy Mystery Epic For Brave Young Readers SYNOPSIS In The Sleepy Town Of Appleton, A Young Loner Follows A Stray Cat Onto The Road And Is Struck By A Car A Leg Is Shattered, A Summer Is Ruined, And The Troubled Life Of Billy Brahm Goes From Badto CursedWhen The Mysterious Cat Appears At His Bedside, Billy Is Haunted By Strange And Prophetic Dreams The Creatures In Them Speak Of Watchers, And Shadows, And The Enemy That AwakensDoes This Impossible Realm Hold The Key To Healing The Broken Boy Is The Golden Eyed Cat There To Help Himor To Make The Nightmares Come True Too Frightened To Share The Truth With His Strict Adoptive Parents, Billy Realizes That The Only Ones He Can Turn To Are The Local Vet S Daughter, The Town S Crazy Cat Lady And A Mystical Tiger, Beckoning From His Dreams This First Edition Includes Than ORIGINAL ILLUSTRATIONS By Sara Machajewski, Along With An EXCLUSIVE BOOK PREVIEW

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    Original Blog Review Instagram My Twitter Buy this book on UK this book on The Book Depository Actual Rating 4.5 Stars The author of this book sent me this paperback copy in exchange for an honest review, so don t expect less than that, I will always give my honest opinion, like it or not When I was contacted by Brooke I accepted his book right away because I knew it was TOTALLY my type of reading first of all, this book is about cats and I love cats, second, this is a Middle Grade Fantasy book, a genre that I normally enjoy a lot and third, LOOK AT THE COVER.It took me some time to finish this book, than I wanted to, not because I was not enjoying it, not because it is a slow reading because it was totally not a slow reading, it was a really fast read actually , but because I had a ton of stuff to do the week I started reading this baby I really enjoyed this book, I really enjoyed the plot and it was a really light and fast reading.Normally I have a hard time liking the characters from the books I read yes, if you follow me on my blog, Goodreads or Instagram then you know what I am talking about but this time I didn t hate the characters, I didn t dislike the main character, actually I liked him, quite a lot, I didn t hate any of the characters of this story, I don t know, it is strange, but I kind of loved everyone I MEAN, I was now thinking about it and sometimes I kind of rolled my eyes because of the main character s mom sorry, sometimes moms piss me off moms that are characters of course, nothing against real life moms I swear.This book had a really good vibe, I don t know how to explain this to you, but it kind of reminded me of something that I don t really know what it is but it was kind of nostalgic for some reason, it made me travel, it made me smile it made me feel like I was a child again.I really enjoyed the type of writting of this author, even if it was written in the third person I enjoyed it a lot and it was not boring at all which normally happens, at least in my opinion, when a book is written in the third person, don t really know why but I always prefer a book that is written in the first person I enjoyed that fact that this book story is really accessible to all ages, a child can read it, a teen can read it, an adult and even an old person can do it too it will always depend on the person OF COURSE, and the age of the person, I am not saying that your great grandmother will read this book because she probably doesn t even know how to read, I was just giving you an example and I was just trying to say that this book is really accessible LET S JUST TALK ABOUT THE COVER OF THIS BOOK I am really in love with this book cover, oh heavens it is so gorgeous and the colors, and the cats, and the gravestones, and EVERYTHING S SO PERFECT I am going to be honest with you, the first time I saw this book the first thing that caught my eye was the cover I think that s obvious I am probably one of those persons who actually judges a book by its cover, and since I loved this cover I felt like I just had to read it really soon and I just thought that the book was going to be as awesome as the cover, and it actually was, I was totally right about that.Another thing I wanted to talk about are the illustrations I was just blown away by the illustrations every beginning of the chapter has a new illustration of a cat, and that illustration is related with the chapter that you are going to read it is just WOW that was one of the reasons why I was always so excited to read and , because I wanted to know what was the next illustration about which, once again, made me feel like a child again.I totally recommend this book to everyone I hope you really enjoy it and I hope you get so excited as I got to read the second book, I really can t wait to read it

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    Holy cats This book is just amazing.Although it is triggered for a younger audience, I feel like everyone should give it a try, beacuse why not Especially if you re a cat lover, this is something you shouldn t miss Being completely honest, at first I was about worried not liking this book, but all my worries dissipated as Billy s story moved forward This is one of a very few books that made me feel nostalgic, and I didn t want it to end, hmm, beacuse nostalgic sniff The beautiful writing style gives you such a well crafted contexture, the plot is equally exhilarating Billy, our main protagonist is just so relatable and lovable There were times where I just wanted to hug him I think anyone who has ever felt lonely would find Billy immensely relatable The pace of this book is quick and it keeps you on your toes I simply love it Can t highly recommend enough.

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    When Billy gets run over by a car, his prognosis isn t good His leg is badly injured and it may not heal Now Billy has always been plagued with bad luck but this is the worst thing to ever happen him He is down in the dumps when a cat suddenly appears The cat makes Billy feel better and he begs his mother to let him keep it From that moment on, Billys life is changed forever He is set on a quest to lift the Curse of his bad luck Along with voices that promise him healing if he can open the gate, and the Vets daughter, can Billy figure out what is happening to his quiet life This was not at all what I expected, in a good way This was such a fast paced and fun book My heart broke for poor Billy He is cursed with bad luck and has no real friends Yet he is such a sweetheart He is bullied by a neighbours kid and has pranks played on him all the time, yet it doesn t dampen his spirit I so wanted to grab Billy in a hug He is such a lovable character The plot of The Cat s Maw was so fast paced and entertaining that I flew through the pages I m not much of a cat person but I always enjoy a great story The Cat s Maw is packed with great writing and even better story telling I enjoyed finding out about Watchers, Shadows, and the Enemy that Awakens, it was all very intriguing While at times this does pull on the heart strings, there is still some laugh out loud moments courtesy of Billy There is also some pretty tense moments concerning him too Anyway, this was a tense and thrilling read and one I m glad I got the chance to read There is a lot left unanswered so I will definitely pick up the next to see if they are answered because I want to know what was the cursed cargo at the start and who is the Gray Man at the end In all a wonderfully written and adventurous read

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    I may be slightly biased, but this is the singular most engrossing adventure of the past few years into which I ve plunged, as a reader I ve a feeling it will gain momentum and expand into a gigantic worldwide phenomenon within months I was completely transported into it from the first moment and this is perhaps because the story of Billy and his sad beginnings are so grounded and evoke the long moments in childhood that we all have of loneliness and hopelessness, with no control over our destiny I can t bring myself to spoil any of the incredible storytelling but suffice it to say, the magical, often fearsome and deeply emotional journey is nothing less than FILMIC I would not be surprised if within a couple years, this book is optioned for a motion picture franchise Though how in the WORLD they will possibly capture it all is going to be a feat of true magic Two padded dewclaws WAY UP

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    From THE GUARDIAN UK If you like cats at all, and adventure, and mystery, you will like this book Also if you are the sort of person who sometimes enjoys being the first to know about something important, it s high time you read this Because this is important For brave young readers as well as their parents.

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    Young or old, this book is not for the faint of heart or mind or soul If you have ever felt alone, misunderstood, unworthy if you have ever taken comfort in a four legged companion or looked into its eyes and thought the answers to life s most intrinsic questions could be found there, then you re in for a treat.A highly intelligent, deeply emotional misfit, Billy Braham, the awkward and endearing hero of this story takes us on an amazing adventure In a curious mix of surrealism, fantasy, philosophy and gut wrenching reality, Burgess beautifully written, often poetic prose weaves a compelling and thoughtful story Unique and engaging characters, easy flowing dialogue, vividly haunting imagery, foreboding and frightening escapades As an adult, not only will it take you back to the fragility of your own youth but, it will ignite your boundless imagination.In a world where it often feels that judgement overwhelms compassion, where people hide their vulnerabilities behind a Veil, this book defies you not to look beyond the words on the page This is not about the vilification of Billy s antagonists, or even about the celebration of his triumphs it is the deeper understanding of what roots all of their behavior it s about empathy it s about defying our perceptions and limitations.As his first foray into the world of children s literature Burgess has left an indelible mark and I am literally clawing at my collar for the next book in the series Bravo

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    I won this book in a goodreads giveaway.I give this book a 4.5 out of 5 stars.O.M.G A book I won that I actually enjoyed.Sorry, this happens so rarely that I always feel excited when it does.So the story starts off with 10 year old Billy getting run over by a car and then having freaky dreams and whatnot which leads to a grand adventure and tons of other fun things.Now, the storyline is good Pacing is well done and I actually was okay with Billy despite some of the dumb choices he made along the way The thing is, he did not FEEL like a 10 year old to me Like it does mention that he skipped two grades so he is super smart but at the same time I didn t get the kid feel from him Other than his parents doting on him, I kept thinking he was older than he actually was.The other characters are interesting as well The parents are trying to be good parents but not really good at it at the same time especially the mom Lynn s a cool twelve year old but I also felt like she was written older than she actually was.This was really a setup for what s to come next I have no idea where the story will go from here on out but I m actually looking forward to the second book It s bound to be interesting Plus it features cats

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    The Cat s Maw begins like many adventures begin in a fairly ordinary place In this case it s Canada Here we find little Billy Brahm, a boy who lives an utterly unremarkable life Well, at least at the first glance Actually like most people, Billy turns out to be a bit of an oddball He spends a lot of time in his own room, lost in comic books and adventure stories, and does not have a lot of friends He is also really unlucky The story begins just after a terrible car accident that leaves Billy cast bound and with morose prospects for the summer holidays And then there are his adoptive parents who are not terribly helpful in cheering him up He soon finds an unlikely friend in a cat though And that s just the beginning Because then, suddenly, all sorts of mysterious things start happening Billy has strange dreams, accidents, and then finds himself in a lot of danger This is a very scary story and there are a great many parts that will make you feel quite sad for him, but you will also want to find out And this, again, is just the beginning The Cat s Maw is the first book in a series of five If you like cats at all, and adventure, and mystery, you will like this book Also if you are the sort of person who sometimes enjoys being the first to know about something important, it s high time you read this Because this is important For brave young readers as well as their parents.

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    Seemingly cursed by bad luck, Billy is recovering from the worst in a long series of accidents and is plagued by strange dreams His enigmatical neighbor gifts him with one of her many cats which seems to help pass the time But Billy is pursued by voices that want him to follow clues to find the key to release them He begins to learn of Watchers, Listeners, and Shadows as he partners up with his vet s daughter Meanwhile his parents aren t telling him the whole truth about his casted leg and what his diagnosis is Can he solve the mystery in time and earn healing for his leg I enjoyed this book and think it will be an interesting series Children who like cats and dogs, who ve been bullied, who struggle to relate to their parents, or who are maybe just a little different will identify with Billy Action propels the story forward and even though it is a series, there is a satisfying conclusion to this book.

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    As a potential, future Crazy Cat Lady myself, I was really interested in reading Brooke Burgess s The Cat s Maw I was not disappointed It is engrossing, well written, vivid and interesting I believe most readers will be able to relate to the protagonist, Billy Brahm, in one way or another, whether due to feelings of loneliness, feeling besieged by bad luck, etc.The Cat s Maw is easy to read and just the right size, not too short nor too long, for reading while on a trip, eeking out free time between classes, etc On top of this, it also has Mrs Thomas and all her kitties It may be geared towards younger audiences, but there is enough substance to this book to win over older readers as well I won my copy of this book from the Goodreads.com website and I appreciate the opportunity to read and review it.