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❮BOOKS❯ ✷ Any Resemblance To A Coincidence Is Accidental ✭ Author Stephen C. Bird – Ebooks2020.co chapter 1 Any Resemblance To A Coincidence Is Accidental, meaning Any Resemblance To A Coincidence Is Accidental, genre Any Resemblance To A Coincidence Is Accidental, book cover Any Resemblance To A Coincidence Is Accidental, flies Any Resemblance To A Coincidence Is Accidental, Any Resemblance To A Coincidence Is Accidental 1f60c7fe59af0 Surreal, Way Beyond Prime Time Satire Iconoclastic, Politically Incorrect, Non Linear, Over The Top And Jam Packed With Losers Experimental Scenarios Blend Humor And Horror Emotionally Disconnected Characters Shuttle Between Their Waking And Dreaming Lives Superficial Silliness Juxtaposed With Deeper, Darker Sociological And Philosophical Commentary Profane, Funny Fiction For Adults With Open MindsPlease Refer To The Blog Posting On The Stephen C Bird Author Profile Page For Reviews And Quotes From Goodreads Reviews For Any Resemblance To A Coincidence Is Accidental

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    Although this book does offer some insight and observations not universally held, stated under the guise of humour, I found this satire not humorous The author has a great intelligence but cutting It was not tongue in cheek as in the spirit of an open mind, it was mocking I did find the writing extraordinary It beguiles, and discusses in a play on words many different topics It offers eye opening insights.IHowever, I felt a sense of unease while reading It offers much to feed the mind in such topics as philosophy, politics and views on society and social s In summation, I found it a fascinating look at a variety of subjects, well written, nearly presented But akin to humour, satire can be cruel I found this to be uncomfortable and contentious If you enjoy reading to feel these discomforts, this is the book for you

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    Masterpiece State of the union address for the concerned outsider in 2016 Hack through the thick jungle of puns and phantasmagoric wordplay, and you will laugh with characters struggling with the constraints of a stifling small town America, or with the constraints of rapidly gentrifying big city America, with micro environments where one can find casual hookups but not love Characters whose chances for love may have passed them by You will experience Facebook as you probably already experience it, and meet a motley assortment of cold hearted careerists, jet set open micers, and popular, in crowd gays Casual fans of the standard paperback thriller or harlequin romance novel may struggle with this one, but those in the know will get it immediately as well as find things to be challenged by in it Well worth the effort and the time.

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    A quick, but unfortunately, at least for me difficult read.I didn t dig it Why didn t I dig it Like with Night Vale podcasts, or recent Neil Stephenson novels, or bad comedians, I felt like the entire time I was being bludgeoned with self indulgence Even after only 20 pages, it was too damn much I pressed forward, but after the half way point I had to stop.Why does this happen Think about comedy teams, how at least one person provides contrast by being the straight man woman These folks know that wackiness can t be an unrelenting stream instead, it s doled out in a timed release, offering a bit of respite between the laughs Withoutcontrast, it s just endless pie in the face ridiculousness, and holy shiz, that gets old very quickly There s a social commentary somewhere in this book, but unfortunately I couldn t get past its packaging Talk about distracting.I m sure I m just missing something here Returning to the Night Vale comparisonI know lots of folks worship at the alter of Night Vale, and I tried, I really did, but I just can t handle it That s on me The suspension that I need to get through Night Vale s supersaturation of wacky is missing from my system I m guessing the same suspension is required to get through this book Clearly, most of the other people that reviewed it have what it takes to appreciate it I, unfortunately, did not Can t win em all, I guess.Final thought, primarily directed at indie authors and small presses unless you are McSweeney s or Chip Kidd or Mark Danielewski, please, for the love of all creatures great and small, stop dinking with the interior design of your books There are reasons why the interiors of books look the way they do If you do things like swap serif fonts for sans serif fonts or change ellipses from three dots to five or mess with leading or dink with indentations or make endlessly long paragraphs, you re not being edgy, you re just making your book harder to read There s a difference.Argh I won this book as a Goodreads Giveaway in exchange for an honest review Sorry.

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    IN short funniest satirical attack of fB and More I have ever read LOA BE my Frenimie This is Steve Birds most assessable and funniest book His last books were good, but one, or at least, I did not catch all the satire it took work This is Steve Bird for Dummies if you will easy like Sunday morning, Sure he will take you into some dark rooms disclaimer a woman is chased and set on fire with a flame thrower BUT there no way you wont laugh in the first 10 pages Like Franzens and David Edger s last books, steve reflects on modern techno culture mostly face book , Farnzens and Egers s books were of course interesting and good, but dare I say Steve is funnier Could it be I have no agenda, I self publish humor books too, so was critical reading it, but he is such a talent it is humbling The pros are excellent Steve is a literary craftsman that can go head to head with many with great imagery and attention to detail I could not wait to read this every AM until I was done with it 3 days THen I missed it It wsa friend It made me sad, 20 years ago this would caught the eye of a main stream publisher and this would be a best a seller buy it, read it.

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    Originally gave it up on page 50 however, after pushing through I found that the book really starts up great and makes sense pass page 62 I got this as a goodreads giveaway and sometimes the language can be confusing and frustrating particularly if you are sensitive to swearing though, in my opinion the book is funny and has little hints about how you should live life in it It s like a comical self help book about people who live life on the edge and fall off the world, basically.

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    Ok, this is a Goodreads win I love Goodreads wins because it gives me a chance to experiment with authors, styles, whatnot Some are good, some are excellent even, some, well, not so much I did manage to get through this one, I think primarily because I read one review that said it got better If, indeed, it did get better, I could not find where The book was chaotic, nonsensical There was no plot that I could find, all characters were shallow to be polite Reading it was an experience and in a way I m glad I did finish it It gave me a view of a completely alien line of thought process.

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    This book is my type of weird Clearly not for everyone, by looking at the ratings However, for me, the text danced along from page to page I found the satirical commentary hilarious, but again, it is not for everyone.

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    500 Word SynopsisChapter One An anonymous female Fakebook spokesperson deconstructs sociological manifestations of popular culture, as they occur on Fakebook She ends her lecture by introducing the central character of Noloso Chushingura Chapter Two Noloso Chushingura returns to the wretchedness of Mucha Nieve and is shocked by what he sees Dreams, fantasy, nightmares and memories are his only comfort Noloso flees Mucha Nieve, crossing the border by bus into Kanuckya Chapter Three An anonymous narrator addresses Noloso Chushingura, in a dream, preaching about the pros and cons of gay life and identity that influence Noloso s existence Chapter Four Pavlina Perestroika, tough and pragmatic resident of Palin Town Embarks on a mysterious journey through Eerie County with The Man In The 1975 Buick Regal Chapter Five Koontessa Klarissa Koontberger and Gloria Gigi Evil Lynne Gigglefoock Koontberger reside in the Crew Ella de Parkay in Douchebag, Nueva Jork Their disturbed children lurk in the shadows Troubled Gigi looks to Miyuh Hiyuh Powuh for guidance Chapter Six Pavlina Perestroika, The Man in the 1975 Buick Regal and A Guest drive to the border of Amourrica Profunda and Kanuckya in Miasma Falls Pavlina returns after her Trip to meet her friend Bobby Bluetooth at the Palin Street Software Cafe Chapter Seven The Hillbilly Clairvoyant recounts the tale of his vigilante parishioners pursuing The Baby Killing Laidie Pavlina Perestroika and her Guest physioanimate to the Marie Versailles Trailer Park to visit Trailer Number Nine Chapter Eight Fakebook Girlfiend updates the reader on her latest social media activities and adventures with self help books Chapter Nine Giovanni Zsazsasky escapes the Puta Jork bar Vulture by window shopping on Ebay and traveling to Brrrlin, Doucheyland At a Beast Village bar called Schmack, go go boy Kristofer Petrograd Falkland and fellow stripper Helio resolve their differences Chapter Ten Homo hotties speak out against gay shame Bobby and Tommy embellish everything they own with the colors and stripes of rainbow flags Chapter Eleven Elfindaabaah Glindaabaah, former high school musical star, founds the Weak Ed Fan Club for teenage girl fans of the Fraud Gay musical Weak Ed The Ten Commandments of The Obsessed Weak Ed Fan must be strictly observed Chapter Twelve Sheena Horrorshow Princess chides aging bohemians who cannot, or will not, adapt to the ongoing gentrification of Nueva Jork, including its new and younger generation Chapter Thirteen Jean Nette The Jet Lag Fag Hag reveals to The Grrrlfriends why she has sacrificed her career Jean Nette travels with The Grrrlfriends to the Marie Versailles Trailer Park The Grrrlfriends enter Trailer Number Nine and find themselves in an increasingly nightmarish fantasyscape Chapter Fourteen Dolores the Day Glo Drag Queen commands The Grrrlfriends to pursue and destroy Jean Nette the Jet Lag Fag Hag The Girlfriends gratefully accept this responsibility Chapter Fifteen Noloso Chushingura and his entire body of work are universally condemned by the decree of a mysterious committee of supposed art critics Chapter Sixteen The Collected, Completed and Unfinished Works of Noloso Chushingura Chapter Seventeen Reviews of Art Is Dead The Anti Book.

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    Nope Full disclosure I received this book as a Goodreads giveaway in exchange for an honest review Longest run on stream of consciousness ever Unreadable I tried to give this a fair shake and read much longer than I would have had I just come across this randomly Usually a stream of consciousness will at least have themes it runs through, or even a character of sorts to follow through their experience This was just nonsense, and after several chapters I was done trying Here s the thing, an author only gets so long to bring the reader into the created world and give them something to identify with, or be fascinated by This failed to do that hell it didn t even create a world, or a freaking character for that matter I tried three times to push my way through it in the hopes of finding something, anything at all, that might set up a narrative, or anything that could be grasped onto All I can remember now is the so called chapter beginnings were illustrated w some kind of boring border art It really pisses me off shit like this gets printed Trees died, people got paid without merit, and the public will get ripped off, thus furthering the idea that reading is a boring, sucky way to spend one s time Seriously, what the hell are you guys doing Good stories exist and are left languishing, but someone spent time from their life to get this utter shite into print Stories by grade schoolers about unicorns have substance Seriously, whole boards of people need to be fired without severance for midwifing this tripe.

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    Any Resemblance to a Coincidence is Accidental Paperback I have read all of Mr Birds previous books and feel this is his best work yet The book has a feel of a modern day Alice in Wonderland looking at the world of social media in a very funny, bizarrre and satirical way of thinking Every time I read it, I could not wait to see what the next chapter would bring.Mr Bird is a very talented author and his writing ability is able to reach beyond all boundaries, which is truly amazing The book is also relatable to everyone who thinks social media has gone to the areas beyond ridiculous.I recommend this book for an anyone looking for a fun, comical way of seeing the world we live in now..This book will truly take you on that adventure