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➽ [Reading] ➿ Between parent and child By Haim G. Ginott ➲ – Ebooks2020.co chapter 1 Between parent and child, meaning Between parent and child, genre Between parent and child, book cover Between parent and child, flies Between parent and child, Between parent and child 848af9dcbc72c Over The Past Thirty Five Years, Between Parent And Child Has Helped Millions Of Parents Around The World Strengthen Their Relationships With Their Children Written By Renowned Psychologist Dr Haim Ginott, This Revolutionary Book Offered A Straightforward Prescription For Empathetic Yet Disciplined Child Rearing And Introduced New Communication Techniques That Would Change The Way Parents Spoke With, And Listened To, Their Children Dr Ginott S Innovative Approach To Parenting Has Influenced An Entire Generation Of Experts In The Field, And Now His Methods Can Work For You, Too In This Revised Edition, Dr Alice Ginott, Clinical Psychologist And Wife Of The Late Haim Ginott, And Family Relationship Specialist Dr H Wallace Goddard Usher This Bestselling Classic Into The New Century While Retaining The Book S Positive Message And Haim Ginott S Warm, Accessible Voice Based On The Theory That Parenting Is A Skill That Can Be Learned, This Indispensable Handbook Will Show You How To Discipline Without Threats, Bribes, Sarcasm, And Punishment Criticize Without Demeaning, Praise Without Judging, And Express Anger Without Hurting Acknowledge Rather Than Argue With Children S Feelings, Perceptions, And Opinions Respond So That Children Will Learn To Trust And Develop Self Confidence

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    Between Parent and Haim GinottKhaya Dr Ginott, I have so many feelings about your book It s hard for me to sort them all out.Dr Ginott You re confused and you don t know where to start You feel many different things.Khaya Yes I have friends who swear by you and your methods They think you re great.Dr Ginott Khaya, evaluative words like great do not represent helpful praise Praise should deal only with the person s efforts and accomplishments, not with his character and personality attributes Khaya Oh So I guess it would be accurate to say that your books have helped my friends develop a philosophy of parenting that seems to work for them.Dr Ginott You have reframed your words to be a specific, and therefore helpful and effective form of praise From my words just now you may infer, I ve caught on and feel pretty good about yourself This is what effective praise does.Khaya I guess I sort of see that I m struggling, though, with a broader question Do you think your philosophy, well intentioned though it might be, may result in whiny, entitled children Dr Ginott You are concerned that children whose feelings are reflected back to them by their parents may be whinier Can you explain what you mean Khaya I remember my friend s four year old whining at her, I want that RIGHT NOW And her response was, It must be hard to want something right now Dr Ginott So you feel that your friend s empathetic response to her child encouraged the child to whine Khaya I mean, I do wonder that Although maybe I m just jealous I have trouble being that nice when my child s whining is getting on my nerves.Dr Ginott So you re feeling some self doubt about your own parenting and wondering whether that s what s causing this reaction.Khaya Yes, although I also think it s important for parents to be authentic, isn t it And for kids to receive authentic feedback on their behavior Dr Ginott You think my approach feels fake, perhaps scripted Yes Khaya Yes I mean, it s definitely kinder and gentler than yelling at a child or putting him down, and I give you credit for sensitizing parents to that But Jean Twenge s book Generation Me makes me wonder whether we are overly focused on kids self esteem and actually doing them a disservice by sanitizing all our feedback to them Our focus on developing our children s self esteem may come at the expense of working on their self control, e.g., encouraging them to stop whining.Dr Ginott Khaya, I will speak plainly now I am, after all, not my actual self but merely a projection you are using to serve as a foil for your review You can only guess what I would say.Khaya Yes, that s true.Dr Ginott So this is not necessarily how I would have responded, but here s an attempt I hear your question about whether responding empathically as opposed to in a genuinely irritated way fosters whining rather than self control It is my belief that my approach, properly applied, need not foster whining I believe it is entirely possible to first reflect the child s feelings and then follow up with a statement about the need for the child to use a palatable tone And the tone of that statement may be as firm as necessary.Khaya In an ideal world, maybe What I see, though, is that many of my friends kids seem happier but a heck of a lot whinier than we were in my day When I was growing up, I learned quickly that whining got on my parents nerves and was cured of the habit And also that I simply couldn t have everything I wanted, and that I had to suck it up rather than expecting infinite consolation for every setback.Dr Ginott And do you feel your upbringing was superior Khaya Not exactly But I often wonder whether the generation we re raising now is truly better off Maybe today s parents are a little too nice for their children s good.Dr Ginott Well to be honest, Khaya, I wrote this book a long time ago Perhaps it is a bit dated In my day, I believe parents needed to hear this message As to whether a different message is needed today, I cannot say.Khaya No offense, Dr Ginott, but many aspects of this book were indeed dated Freudian developmental concepts stated as absolutes, and much of the discussion about sex roles and mothers and fathers for example But in fairness to you, I think you had a lot of good ideas.Dr Ginott So you did like some things.Khaya Oh, definitely I believe your book was groundbreaking in its day You taught parents to discipline their children in a way that respected them as human beings I also loved the book s thoroughness you cover a wide range of relevant topics, including self defeating parenting patterns, teaching manners, teaching responsibility and independence, setting limits, anxiety in children, and Much of what you say is actually very helpful And most of all, you did inspire me to work on my parenting even if I still have a ways to go.Dr Ginott So you liked the book overall and hope to use it to improve your parenting Khaya Yes Four stars, absolutely.

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    Ok First of all, I AM NOT PREGNANT Nor do I have children Good, glad we cleared that up So why am I reading a parenting book, you might ask Well, one of my main self improvement goals for the past few years has been to improve my communication skills, especially with relation to conflict resolution and emotions.This book was mentioned in an advice column that has been entertaining me recently Dear Prudence from Slate Magazine The concepts mentioned in the book intrigued me because they seemed to align with some things I have discovered, like that a fight often cannot progress or be resolved until the feelings are addressed somehow.This book really crystallized my half formed theories on communication, emotions, and conflict resolution, and suddenly it all makes sense It was a quick, fascinating read Just substitute the word child with the word human and all of these principles and techniques apply to adults as well They give great examples of our typical impulsive reactions in certain situations, and examples of effective ways of communicating.I ve already started applying the techniques to my coworkers, clients, friends and family First of all, it s amazing how WRONG I ve been communicating for so long I m very prone to preaching and evaluative praise criticism I d already figured out nagging doesn t really work, but I ve realized I just over explain and preach and talk about what we should do too much Get to the point, lady People don t generally need explanations unless they ask for one I over explain to justify my point but often a justification is unnecessary.But it s amazing how effective the techniques are when applied even clumsily by an amateur I ve already gotten surprising results just by carefully mirroring emotions without judgement or blame I ve had casual conversations become suddenly deep and meaningful when that wouldn t have happened before It feels odd at first to just mirror, a little contrived and manipulative, but all skills feel contrived at first until one has practice and experience with them And the pleasure and relief my mirroring brought my companions was very rewarding That was always my goal before, but who knew I didn t really even need to do or say that much in order to bring that relief I m becoming a better listener Anyway, I recommend everyone everywhere read this book if you want to become a better, caring and compassionate person and communicator Words are the tools we use to interact with others, and they can cause great emotional harm or nurturing depending on how we use them I m learning how to express my true emotions and feelings without upsetting others, and it s very freeing and rewarding I used to be scared to discuss angry feelings because of the inevitable conflict that would arise, and I was starting to develop a nasty temper Now I feel I m developing a much better way of expressing my negative feelings.

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    No parenting book is perfect, but I can honestly say that this is the first book that has helped me change my behavior in less than a week of reading it It deals with psychology and understanding the basis of why we should treat our children and all people a certain way I think the behavior change came very naturally because I understood my daughter s emotions so much better within a few chapters This book comes highly recommended and is helping me in relationships than one.I just have to add, though, there are things I definitely don t agree with in the slightest when it comes to certain values suggested in the later chapters of the book Just have to throw some of it out, but it doesn t mean that the book is not worthwhile or the principles unhelpful.

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    Haim Ginott wish I knew how to pronounce his name was a mentor to John Gottman Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child and Adele Faber How to Talk so Kids will Listen and they drew heavily from his early work The book is full of basic parenting gems, but I didn t necessarily agree with all of his suggestions and some of his examples weren t very realistic I would recommend the Gottman and Faber Mazlish books first.

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    Reading a book on parenting is the easy part but applying its principles is quite another Yet with this book, I could start applying Ginotte s techniques from the moment I started reading and I found them to be extremely effective I now find it easier to communicate with my two year old and in particular, to handle her emotional outbursts in a mature and empathetic way The book is full of practical advice and real life examples and is very easy to read, especially for an exhausted mom Between Parent and Child is a wonderful tool to help you become a better, empathetic and effective parent.

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    This book I read in one of my child family classes in college This is my favorite of all the texts I read in this area of study I highly recommend this book to every parent Easy and fast reading.

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    This book had some good points, but it was quite preachy, and used should language a lot It is the predecessor to book Raising an Emotionally Intellegent Child It was the reason they decided to do all the research for that book It has good points on how to relate with your children Some of it seems somewhat out of touch Some of it does not fit with my value system for example, how permissive we should be with our children about premarital sex And I know that if I was in the middle of raising kids this book would definitely cause a lot of guilt.I do like what he says about stating emotions for children instead of asking them to come up with the labels And the main thing that s important to me from the past 3 parenting books I ve read is being empathic to our children Putting ourselves in their shoes, realizing what a big deal these things are Instead of berating or belittling, we should try to be understanding and uplifting now there I go with the shoulds Overall, good ideas that challenged my paradigms, but that was what also made it difficult I couldn t just all out believe, I had to sort and decipher what I wanted to change about my ideas and what I wanted to hold on to.

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