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    In order to accomplish the purpose I prostituted myself to one of the priests Most distasteful thing I ever stood still for During the sex act he metamorphosed himself into a green crab from the waist up, retaining human legs and genitals that secreted a caustic erogenous slime, while a horrible stench filled the hut I was able to endure these horrible encounters by promising myself the pleasure of killing this disgusting monster when the time came And my reputation as an idiot was by now so well established that I escaped all but the most routine control measures So the paragraph above that I shared with you is strange, but easily understood Now check out this paragraph Larval people whispering flesh Eyes ejaculated spine mud Black gum in member Old junky coughing limestone in the obsidian morning the sale mirror to red sky Manipulated spasms puppets vestigial meat Pulsing pink shell Red pagodas and crystal accounts Wet dream eyes hanging in lust of dead flesh patios Boy chrysalis in streets of postcard Eating birds patrol black lichen Catatonic sports sear lungs of dream clay Lust of mud bubble coal gas the insect street Flesh ejaculation Penis in the broken mirror rocks of Marwan Serving the crystal dawn photo of sex On the Brass and Copper Street This book was originally composed using the cut up technique inspired by the artist Brion Gysin Let me define cut up for you Cut up is performed by taking a finished and fully linear text and cutting it in pieces with a few or single words on each piece The resulting pieces are then rearranged into a new text So William S Burroughs wrote a traditional novel and then cut those sentences up into pieces and rearranged them randomly Maybe less of a creative process than just a random throw of the dice Burroughs was not happy with the 1961 edition, and in several editions after the original, he continued to make radical changes It is the type of novel that possibly, because of the randomness of design, can never be finished He added standard prose to each new edition to make the book readable There is this moment when he writes But then who am I to be critical I chuckled because it was as if he were talking to the reader There is a lot of homosexual sex described, but a lot of it is fairly repetitive He likes the words jissom jism and rectum, and the phrase ragged pants to the ankles Did I say there was a lot of sex description I meant there is oceans, mountains, oodles, gobs, and, forgive my French, a loads, Yes, I m being tongue in cheek of sexual situations There is a linear prose chapter titled The Mayan Caper which gives the reader some idea of what they are actually reading about If you do decide to take on the task of reading this novel, and you become bogged down, frustrated, discombobulated, or start screaming uncontrollably, please skip ahead to this chapter and soothe your ruffled reader s soul with at least something you can wrap your mind around I made notes of some cool passages that I really liked An evil old character with sugary eyes that stuck to you They were ripe for the plucking forgot way back yonder in the corn hole Lost in little scraps of delight and burning scrolls The man opposite me didn t look like much A thin grey man in a long coat that flickered like old film in these times when practically anybody is subject to wander in from the desert with a quit claim deed and snatch a girl s snatch right out from under her assets When the boy peeled off the dry goods he gives off a slow stink like a thawing mummy Crab men peer out of abandoned quarries and shag heaps some sort of vestigial eye growing cheek bone and a look about them as if they could take root and grow on anybody Even the linear prose is sometimes as confusing as the cut up technique sections Most people probably do not need to read this trilogy, but if you are someone who enjoys looking at words used in unusual ways, or if you are someone who wants to write innovative songs or progressive novels, or if you are someone who thinks that you understand what edgy writing is all about, you probably do need to at least dip a toe into the murky waters of Soft Machine What will I do Well, I will read the rest of the series and probably, over time, everything that Burroughs wrote I save his books for a time when I feel I am becoming stale or too comfortable Sometimes, I just reach these crustaceous moments when I start to feel like a barnacle attached to the underside of a boat, permanently moored in port Human faces tentative flicker in and out of focus We waded into the warm mud water Hair and ape flesh off in screaming strips Stood naked human bodies covered with phosphorescent green jelly Soft tentative flesh cut with ape wounds Peeling other genitals Fingers and tongues rubbing off the jelly cover Body melting pleasure sounds in the warm mud Till the sun went and a blue wind of silence touched human faces and hair When we came out of the mud we had names If you 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    I know it is experimental It reminds me of those alchemists experiments when they tried to produce gold from excrements And failed Ultimately they were just dabbling in shit.This book reads as if Burroughs swallowed words like rectal mucous, compost heap, jissom, masturbate, cock, dropped his pants And just threw them up on the page This is not even a stream of consciousness, or unconsciousness for that matter When I am completely off my face, haven t had any sleep for 30 hours, and I m thinking things just before passing out, I STILL make sense There is this piece of advice W.G Sebald supposedly used to give By all means be experimental, but let the reader be part of the experiment That s where Burroughs fails miserably.Here is a random quote from a random page Corpses hang pants open on the road to Monterrey clear and loud ahead naked post cards and baby shoes A man comes back to something he left in underwear peeled the boy warm in 1929 Thighs slapped the bed jumped ass up Johnny screw Cup is split wastings Thermodynamics crawls home game of empty hands bed pictures post dead question carrion smell sharp open in It goes like this for six chapters Nonsense in its purest form So when chapter seven comes, and all of a sudden paragraphs seem to be organized in an almost coherent manner, you get all excited, even though the plot is still completely bonkers, but alleluia, there IS a plot Or at least in comparison to the previous six chapters which were written by someone with a serious case of anterograde amnesia, who can only remember the last five words he has written.But then chapter seven ends and it goes right back to gibberish.What am I supposed to get out of this book There were two sentences I liked and I used the word sentence loosely as obviously Burroughs has a very particular approach to punctuation Jungle invades the weed grown parks where armadillos infected with the earth eating disease gambol through deserted kiosks and Bolivar in catatonic limestone liberated the area and The name is Clem Snide I am a Private Ass Hole I will take on any job any identity any body I will do anything difficult dangerous or downright dirty for a price And the shock factor is non existent It s 2013, you can write all you want about cocks in rectums, on every page even as Burroughs laboriously did and I won t even bat an eye Evening touched our rectums Thank you and goodbye.

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    Breathe in Johnny Here Goes I respect rather than love it Like Gravity s Rainbow s sewer scene on his knees, bare as a baby or William T Vollmann s telephone exchange between steel reefs, a wire wrapped in gutta percha vibrates I herebyzzZZZZZthe critical situationa crushing blow.The sleepwalker s all eyes the realist is all ears their mating forms the telephone. Later perhaps, I see parts, flashing, cut in, from David Lynch this is a formica table or Cronenberg s not naked lunch or beginning of Kubrick s 2001 apes confronted with steel Celluloid burning when we came out of the mud we had names Perhaps, Trump Tweets massacred by homoeroticism I have never seen a thin person drinking Diet Coke 11 43 AM 14 Oct 2012 Thinking man s thin man Marlowe and Philip K Dick detectives utilizing third person singular indirect recall, though now using the cut up method, Burroughs unsettles and alarms with images of consumption not to mention graphic scenes of sex drugs coprophagia sacrifice self abuse Pan God of Panic piping blue notes through empty streets as the berserk time machine twisted a tornado of years and centuries wind through dusty offices and archives Late night Trump tweets interrupted because The U.S cannot allow EBOLA infected people back People that go to far away places to help out are great but must suffer the consequences 6 22 PM 1 Aug 2014 The time to be Messianic is now Word Hordes of the World Unite I feel like I just jumped off a modern Joyce nightmare Not even my warm bath, diet Coke, Hi Chew blood sugar highs and restless foot cramps can keep me from the dizzying nature of Wind turbines are ripping Scotland apart and killing tourism.Electric bills in Scotland are skyrocketing stop the madness. High on ammonia issuing insane orders Grammy award goes to Adele Song of the Year HELLO Reading paperback 3rd edition on back in bath Record of the Year HELLO Listening to audiobook of revised edition Best Pop Solo Performance HELLO HELLO HELLO The inconsistency between editions seems right Lost seems right Unsettled seems right Unfinished loop seems to capture the Burroughs sense of a living text I m adrift Wet certainly Drowning Cut the word lines Cut the music lines Smash the control images Smash the control machine Burn the books Kill the priests Kill Kill Kill Amazing how the haters losers keep tweeting the name F kface Von Clownstick like they are so original like no one else is doing it 9 35 AM 3 May 2013 Welcome Mr President President Trump welcome to the future nothing here now but circling word dust dead postcard falling through space between world this road in this sharp spell of carrion

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    Imagine that the cable box has only 20 channels Imagine that these channels are playing a variety of sex films, a documentary on parasitic and poisonous insects of the , a sci fi police drama strangely analogous to Dr Who no Daleks, sorry , and a film about junkies Now imagine what all this would look like when the TV was set to jump randomly among channels every few seconds This is the best description I can give to the text of The Soft Machine, however this belies the strange almost coherence contained despite the channel change static bursts I found myself imagining at every punctuation mark A time traveling agent attempting to foil religious mind control, regulate drug usage among those without proper documentation The strange religious sacrifices, capital punishment he could fall prey to flicker in and out of the picture The unnerving presence of the Doctor Benway flickers in and out, much less noticably than in Naked Lunch, but there all the same The fever dreams of the junk sick flicker against sexual gratification, boys undressing, the smell of rancid tide flat rectal mucous.What it means, if anything I don t know, nor do I really care Searching for a blatant narrative in this book is a convoluted search indeed, but if you re reading this then you probably expect a challenge anyway I liked it just the same.

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    If you imagine the stereotype of an avant garde, experimental book, that s The Soft Machine Sure, it s a clever idea, but actually reading it would be a painful thing My process reading the book went like this p.5 the start what s going on here p.6 how long is this going to continue p.9 oh, it s going on for the whole book p.13 I can see how this style conveys a delirious, fractured mind and world p.20 but I m not really getting anything else out of it by reading p.27 in fact, it s very hard to concentrate on the book, so it s probably pointless to carry on At this point, I look at the wikipedia entry to see if it will help me read and appreciate the book It tells me that the plot starts at chapter 7 Surprised and tempted by the promise of a plot, and intrigued to see how the book changes, I return to the book p.28 I take one look at the page and decide I really cannot be bothered.

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    I know, that experiment They are reminded that it is an alchemist experiment to try to produce gold dung And it failed In the end, they re just a hobby Sanya shit I need to get this book Misunderstanding In severe cases of amnesia precedence, the stereotype of the avant garde, experimental book Page 5 Start What s going on here 6th two hours here P.9 is this is the entire five books.P.13 This style is a way to pass the bullshit, fractures of the mind and the world I see.Page 20 but I m not getting what I read .P.27 in fact, it is very difficult to concentrate on the book, so it continues, perhaps meaningless Bizarre events OK hummmm Delirium addicts.After reading the smell of sex is almost the same as the compost pile can not love againNot pleasant This book is clearly entirely possible despicable to know, shit Trash unread Jissom , cunt or cum This is the first book you read to me was.Surrealistic novels or my favorite, but less sorry friends, it s shit.So, this book is like a much naked lunch He likes drugs and gay sex Okay, I get it.Lame Give me something easy to read Bushes below I need to get this book Burroughs, rectal mucosa, compost piles, jissom, masturbation, cock down his pants as if swallowed words, such as the book says.Damn, why can not create gold urine

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    The one book by Burroughs that separates the fans from the curious The curious usually think no, I am not going there Relentless sexual assault mixed with very experimental writing makes this book Charming I love Burroughs voice I also think he s one of the great satire writers of all time A true American drug addict original

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    This book forever burned the words rectal mucus into my psyche Carbolic acid and rectal mucus Thanks BB

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    Beat cand r dedik, T.C Ba bakanl k K kleri Muz r Ne riyattan Koruma Kurulu kitab n arka kapa na babalar gibi bu kitab okumay n dediyse, st ne de evirmenini sorguya al p olay yaratt ysa kesin alal m, okuyal m dedik, dedik ama. Kitaptan bir paragraf yaz p t m kitab n aynen bu ekilde yaz ld n s yleyip gideyim ben, ne yapay m ba ka Fla canavar s r nerek k yor htiyar Fred Flash tan amans z bir ekilde 1920 den kalma bir filmde orgazm, geri kalm lkelerden g m yaz lar r zgarda sallanan cinsel organlar soyunuk lenden g rtlak patlamas erkek eti katmanlar n kara lag nlerin durgunlu una s r klerken a k g mlekler menevi li bir halde k vr l yor afakta u keskin le kokusu

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    It hit me with a certain amount of force yesterday that I d read eight books by William S Burroughs between July and November of 2012 and zero in the entirety of 2013 and 2014 What had happened to the young rebel Had he calmed Dare we say he made peace with the world Well, it was a slow realization, but here s the essence of the problem William S Burroughs was not a great writer An interesting one Definitely An influential one I ll go along with that A key part of shaping my tastes in literature Oh, you d better believe it I ll ride with you as far as saying he was a good one, or at the very least good at writing from a surreal fever pitch Not to mention his rock star mystique, his brutal honesty, his de facto status as America s spokesperson for outsiders and weirdos of the world, the sick pleasure I once took in people s disgusted reactions to him and his work yes, it s easy to see why I was so into this guy at one point.Yet, looking at him two years and a few months out from the height of my Burroughs thing Dude wasn t a great writer He just wasn t He had one great book in him and a couple of good ones, but he was not a great writer, and Soft Machine proves why after he wrote Naked Lunch, he just never stopped rehashing it The Wild Boys gives you a bit of a break from it and is probably his second best novel as a result, but look, I mean, when book after book after book of nightmare drugs and weird sex and centipede attacks just all blend together, and you can put it in space and justify it however you want with the he was awfully avant garde wasn t he, but look, if we count the insubstantial parlor trick Dead Fingers Talk, Burroughs went back to the same crazy ass hallucinations well four consecutive times after Naked Lunch Four Maybe even five, depending on what the Last Words of Dutch Schultz is like, maybe even six because the Wild Boys is coming from the same place as well Nova Express gets a pass out of artistic laziness because it has a unique kinetic energy to it, but otherwise, I just have to wonder why the hell he never did anything else Unless you count Junky and Queer, which are valuable as insights into repressed and despised communities but aren t wonderful as pieces of writing I remember thinking as I read this that maybe it was a Naked Lunch rehash, but at the time I brushed it off Now that realization is back in full force But hey, I ve got Port of Saints and Exterminator on my shelf right now, and if I know myself, I ll probably read them before this year s out Burroughs is an invaluable gateway to the postmodern thing, and Naked Lunch can t be denied, but there comes the point where we all must say goodbye to old heroes.

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The Soft Machine download The Soft Machine, read online The Soft Machine, kindle ebook The Soft Machine, The Soft Machine 39efc603158b In Naked Lunch, William S Burroughs Revealed His Genius In The Soft Machine He Begins An Adventure That Will Take Us Even Further Into The Dark Recesses Of His Imagination, A Region Where Nothing Is Sacred, Nothing Taboo Continuing His Ferocious Verbal Assault On Hatred, Hype, Poverty, War, Bureaucracy, And Addiction In All Its Forms, Burroughs Gives Us A Surreal Space Odyssey Through The Wounded Galaxies In A Book Only He Could Create