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    This was a nice, pleasant read about a cat Fur Person who is looking for a Housekeeper or two to share his life with Any cat lover will fall in love with Tom Jones right away, and the pen and watercolor illustrations in the book are charming I d enjoy reading books about animals this year, either fiction or nonfiction, and preferably on the short 100 200pp side, if anyone has any suggestions And yes, this author definitely knows cats

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    Glossy and glorious,Lordly and lazyAnd catnip crazy,Yes, glorious JonesIs me The ten commandments of the Gentleman Cat, that cat about town rise up within his heart at wild Dandy and fancy free Fancy feast all free, though perhaps something better than that canned stuff You know what I mean Deliciousness without consequences The cat his housekeepers named Tom Jones gets fat what a great name for a foundling cat How lovely to be a cat and your dinner is both expected and a surprising treat when it transforms a day into a remarkable one if it is quite good I was torn between thinking his commandments were rigid and envying his rituals Watch for when the neighborhood dogs have had their walks Read the newspaper, yoga positions Cleaning himself is definitely the most serious business People probably watch cats taking this stuff oh so seriously and then piss the serious cats off with their mirth They will talk about them right in front of the serious cats His housekeepers do this too Sometimes they flatter him He likes that Sometimes they say words like hospital May Sarton must have been concerned with this in real life, that she is judged for the right place in her vitals soul functions I can see her taking care of the foundling, waiting to see if he will choose to stay with them The Fur Person has curious heart beating in it, like it is afraid to hold on too tight and make it not real Maybe it was the housekeepers who wanted it to be real than the cat was conscious about his dignity And there s a part in the story when the fur person knows he s a real person because he is loved by people I wasn t too sure about that part but it didn t take away from the book that earned its real relationship with the cat It isn t about if you re going to ask for faith in the other and be let down I can feel Sarton being afraid of that I worry about that too I cringed in shame when a rejected housekeeper is too desperate to cling to the cat Just in case I should ever be that person, not that I have been I think that Sarton worried a lot about wanting to please other people too Watching the border of oneself in case it is neighbors with another and they stick a flag in It even says it in this book about a cat relinquishing part of its cat self to be a cat with people but I still don t believe it of this cat world I read this on a beach for dogs but really for helicoptering dog parents so I was already in that frame of mind, I guess there were signs posted all over that dogs must be under voice command at all times I was gratified that none of them were A man came over to me and said She dies in the end I don t think he even saw what I was reading He just thought he was being funny spoiling what I was reading Of course they all died But they are still alive when you re reading it and you can choose to keep that part like it is another planet in your mind Come on, beach dude So anyway, I loved it when the cat goes on loving himself again after he gets sick His housekeepers still love him and he didn t have to think about WHY they loved him That s what s true, to me, and nothing about giving or losing yourself Never mind he feels the conflicting of Gentleman Cat rules with going on living with yourself anyway Maybe the days you aren t worried about yourself if you lose it are the good days It was great that they could make each other happy So dignity is the umbrella all the Gentleman Cat commandments fall under A lazy cat would just say Dignity I wonder if I could ask this gentleman cat if his dignity was for his own sake if it was so important what the rest of the world thought What would he say I guess it doesn t matter because May Sarton is very good at balancing that the kind of truth that is just what you can live with rather than pleasing outside justice Written in the stars don t have to mean anything when it is like that There s a part when the cat sings a song to the world to give himself courage I thought that was perfect for the cat who has a faith in the world that is his There are a lot of commandments for a gentleman cat Maybe on a day when he has nothing better to do he will organize them all straight in his mind sorry, he s not lazy at all He just had better things to do I liked most his poetry When he wants the other cats to know he can take them down he has a poem There s a song for when he s done with all of that, the self styled wise uncle of the neighborhood Gentle Cat I loved his rigidity of routine expressing itself in inherent cat likeness this way I have never lived with a cat before so I don t know if they all approach their food slowly to decide if it is Good, Fair, Passable or Unworthy Unworthy receives a pretend earth scratch I hope it is true that nature pulls felines in this direction I loved so much his pleased with himself expression David Canright did the illustrations Even without them I would have imagined him with that the world is mine little face But I loved that the drawings had them all the same I live with a chihuahua who always looks that way.

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    I m a huge fan of May Sarton s journals in which various cats play supporting roles so for a while I d been hoping to come across a copy of this little novelty book from 1957, a childish fable about a tomcat who transforms from a malnourished Cat About Town to a spoiled Gentleman Cat In a preface to the 1978 edition Sarton reveals that Tom Jones was, indeed, a real cat, a stray she and her partner Judy Matlack adopted when they lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts Wonderful coincidence when they were on sabbatical in the early 1950s, they sublet the place to the Nabokovs, who looked after Tom while they were away I found this a bit lightweight overall, and the whole idea of a fur person is a little strange don t we love cats precisely because they re not people Still, I enjoyed the proud cat s Ten Commandments e.g II A Gentleman Cat allows no constraint of his person III A Gentleman Cat does not mew except in extremity and spotted my own domestic situation in this description while she Gentle Voice Judy was away the other housekeeper Sarton was sometimes quite absent minded and even forgot his lunch once or twice because she sat for hours and hours in front of a typewriter, tapping out messages with her fingers The black and white illustrations by David Canright are a highlight.Originally published with images at my blog, in a post on Five Books about Cats.

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    She knows cats I read this when I was on a May Sarton kick This was one of the few that was a relief from the emotional pain that s present in so many of her books It s truly delightful and I especially recommend it to those who have known at least one cat well, but even cat neophytes or those who are ignorant about cats can appreciate it.

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    I will be your cat, he said to himself, sitting on the desk with his paws tucked in and his eyes looking gravely at the two old maids standing in the doorway, if you will be my housekeepers How adorable I truly loved this book, but I do wish that I had picked it up when I was much younger, like my mother suggested but who really listens to their mothers at that age I highly recommend this book to whomever is interested in what a self absorbed, street cat, named Tom Jones, does before and after he realizes that he is not just a Gentleman Cat, but indeed a Cat of Peace who is deeply admired and loved.

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    This story of how a Gentleman Cat from the rough streets of Boston becomes a Fur Person, living with not one but two spinsters, is utterly charming One of these spinsters is the poet May Sarton, who infuses the narrative voice of the Fur Person with solemn dignity, feline calculation, and a love of making up songs to suit each situation I particularly liked his curse of a Siamese cat who has the audacity to drive him away when he tries to beg for food at the Siamese s house May your milk turn sour May your fish taste queer And your meat look strange From this very hour May your blue eyes blear May you get the mange Highly recommended to cat lovers.

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    Like many of the books I ve recently reviewed, I picked this book at The Book Thing based off the fact it looked and sounded silly rather than any real understanding of what it contained.The title, the cover, and even the little blurb on the front and back of this book really don t do it much justice.Rather than being something questionable, this book turned out to be a rather charming romp through the life of a cat The prose was generally pretty, and the story incredibly sweet I think the bulk of it would be lost on someone who s never owned a cat or has no love for them, but for someone who grew up with a little tuxedo kitty it was a nice reminder of my cat and the time I ve spent with him.This is a very quick read, but ultimately a decent one I ll be passing it on to my mother, and I ve a feeling she ll be passing it on to a few of her nieces who foster kittens It definitely deserves a place among the annals of cat literature which I now understand truly exists I appreciate the fact that this book encourages people to view things from their pet s perspective rather than treating them like a plush toy.

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    One of the techs at my vet s clinic had this book when I was there on Thursday, and she loaned it to me to read It is a small book, but much like a cat, small things can have big messages.It is the story of one cat s journey from kittenhood to realization that he is a Fur Person Anyone who has lived with and loved a feline will enjoy this story.My favorite bit For a Fur Person is a cat whom human beings love in the right way, allowing him to keep his dignity, his reserve and his freedom And a Fur Person is a cat who has come to love one or, in very exceptional cases, two human beings and who has decided to stay with them as long as he lives This can only happen if the human being has imagined part of himself into a cat just as the cat has imagined part of himself into a human being It is a mutual exchange This is a sweet story, a quick read, and a tribute to cats and humans who love them.

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    A charming first purrson account of a tomcat s search for the good life, and his adventures and misadventures along the way, this thinly veiled account of her own cat s life story comes from a writer who evidently has observed the behavior and sensibilities of cats with a careful and sympathetic eye Sarton can turn phrases exquisitely, and her high regard for catly dignity shines through even her most humorous passages Sentimental but not cloying, this story belongs on the insomniac bookshelf like a soft shirt or hot cocoa it exudes comfort and tranquillity, and is likely to leave the reader purring comfortably while reaching to turn off the bedside light.

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    The first sentence When he was about two years old, and had been a Cat About Town for some time, glorious in conquests, but rather too thin for comfort, the Fur Person decided that it was time he settled down.Favorite quote It is a known fact that if one sits long enough in front of a door, doing the proper yoga exercise, the door will open.This was such a heart warming story Although it is the true story of how Fur Person aka Tom Jones came to live with the author and her partner it is told from the cat s perspective It was originally written in 1957 Such fun.

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The Fur Person download The Fur Person, read online The Fur Person, kindle ebook The Fur Person, The Fur Person 616aaca89758 This Enchanting Story And Classic Of Cat Literature Is Drawnfrom The True Adventures Of Tom Jones, May Sarton S Owncat Prior To Making The Author S Acquaintance, He Is A Fiercelyindependent, Nameless Cat About Town Growing Tired Ofhis Vagabond Lifestyle, However, He Concludes That Theremight Be Some Appeal In Giving Up His Freedom For A HomeFinally, A House Materializes That Does Seem Acceptable Andso Do The Voices That Inhabit It It Is Here That He Begins Histransformation Into A Genuine Fur Person Sarton S Book Isone Of The Most Beloved Stories Ever Written About The Joysand Tribulations Inherent In Sharing One S Life With A Cat It Isnow Reissued In A Gorgeous Edition Featuring David Canright Sbeautiful Illustrations