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    As a lifelong Hoosier, I knew that I had to grab this book and find out about Indiana s best kept secret places I thought that I knew just about all there is to know about Indiana but I hadn t heard that half of it This book is a great guide to some of Indiana s least traveled roads and I think that it would be great for a fourth grade class that is learning Indiana history to use as a supplement Besides that, every Hoosier should read it, know matter the age.

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    I love things like this There were many stories that I had never heard before Some of them happened pretty close to where I grew up A couple gave me chills Very enjoyable read.

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    I received Weird Indiana as a gift and what a delightful gift it has been I m a lover of all things weird and wonderful and it was delightful to receive this book centered entirely around my home state of Indiana I tend to travel a lot around Indiana and Weird Indiana has opened up the doors to visiting Indiana s local legends, best kept secrets, haunted spots, historical locations and much While I knew about many of these locations, many others provided me new insights and detailed information about how best to experience the place The font illustrations within Weird Indiana tend to have a sort of cartoonish vibe, an appropriate approach given the subject matter but a little uncomfortable at times when dealing with the darker locations for example, those centered around Jim Jones There s nothing particularly brilliant about Weird Indiana, but for those wishing to explore the hoosier state this is a fun place to start It s fun, thorough, informative, and comprehensively compiled.

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    I liked some of the stories and others were really stupid and boring I should have researched this series a little before I bought these books The UFOs and Ghosts are just stupid The roadside stuff and building histories were interesting Same review for all of the Weirds I ve read so far.

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    Love it If you re a Hoosier, this is a must read, and greatly fun book.

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    Weird Indiana is heavy on local legends and folklore and light on location information Fans of Haunted Indiana, Volume 1, Haunted Indiana 2, Haunted Indiana 3, Haunted Indiana 4, Hoosier Hauntings, Haunted Hoosier Trails A Guide to Indiana s Famous Folklore Spooky Sites, More Haunted Hoosier Trails, et al, etc, ad nauseam should enjoy this book along with the cheesy photos accompanying each entry But this travel guide is not particularly useful for those desiring to actually travel the state in search of weird local attractions The name of the city or town with accompanying zip code if not street address beneath the title of each entry would have been helpful As it is, readers must sometimes skim entire articles in order to dig out the location of the roadside oddities And the authors forgot to mention the Smiley Face water tower in Ashley, Indiana For readers who want to take a roadtrip to experience local oddities, curiosities, unusual architecture, iconic statues, weird road signs, breathtaking displays of neon, and other advertising gimmicks, natural wonders, bizarre museums, fantastically painted water towers, and vestiges of America s past in the form of diners, movie theaters, and motels, some suggested books in this vein are Oddball Indiana A Guide to Some really Strange Places,Indiana Curiosities, 3rd Quirky characters, roadside oddities other offbeat stuff, and Indiana Off the Beaten Path, 9th.

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    My dog ate the corner and I had to buy the library a new copy of this book Now I have the dog bitten one for my personal collection My dog has done maybe three really bad things in his entire 2 year long life This one was one of them but the question is, Why Why this book out of hundreds Why just one corner Should I give him the ex library copy I am guessing not Illustrations are pretty amazing and really this is a coffee table book maybe for stoners who can read and not a travel guide, but I liked the section about the panther and the one about Sasquatch is fun to scare kids with Did I just write that Guess so

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    I learned a lot of interesting things about my home state that I can t believe I had never heard of The body of one of John Brown s sons, killed in the raid at Harper s Ferry, was kept in a closet of a doctor s home in Martinsville There weren t as many strange things as Tennessee, where I live now, but it was still enlightening These books are addictive I just ordered Weird Texas and the first volume of Weird U.S I can t wait

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    About odd,interesting, and or haunted places to visit in this state Not gender bias, but has a reading and comprehension level of atleast 4th or 5th grade geography history fact or fiction legend

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    A coffee table book, not the kind of thing you read from cover to cover, but just fun to pick up read bits of it here there This has become our official present to give to all members of our family Lots of weird Indiana trivia, some stuff I had heard of before, other stuff I had not.

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Weird Indiana: Your Travel Guide to the Hoosier State's Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets (Weird) download Weird Indiana: Your Travel Guide to the Hoosier State's Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets (Weird), read online Weird Indiana: Your Travel Guide to the Hoosier State's Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets (Weird), kindle ebook Weird Indiana: Your Travel Guide to the Hoosier State's Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets (Weird), Weird Indiana: Your Travel Guide to the Hoosier State's Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets (Weird) 98f2f7127602 Weird Indiana Is Here To Prove That The Crossroads Of America, As Our State Motto Claims, Is Also The Crossroads Of The Weird There S Such An Abundance Of Weirdness Here That It Took Three Authors To Showcase All The Odd And Offbeat Wonders The Hoosier State Has To Offer Our Authors, Mark Marimen, Jim Willis, And Troy Taylor, Set Off With Cameras And Notepads In Hand, In Search Of Indiana S Best Kept Secrets, Local Legends, Bizarre Beasts, And , And They Found It In Spades Sit Back And Enjoy A Relaxing Picnic In Shades Of Death Park See The Light If You Re Lucky Enough To Witness Those Unexplained Glowing Spots Known As Moody S Light Find Out How A Town Named Santa Claus Became Involved In One Of The Fiercest Rivalries In The State S History Slap On Another Layer Of Color To The World S Biggest Ball Of Paint, And No, You Re Not Seeing Things That Really Is An Enormous Pink Spectacled Elephant Drinking A Martini On The Side Of The Road Get The Time From An Enormous Leg Sundial, And Listen For The Whistle Of Terror On The White Lick Creek Bridge, But Whatever You Do, Don T Answer An Ad From La Porte S Black Widow Make A Person To Person Call From Inside A Tomb, And Meet Indiana S Most Upright Citizen, Buried That Way For Almost Two Hundred Years Check Out The Ruins Of Littleville, Where Miniature Buildings Once Stood Complete With A Courthouse, And Even A Yacht Club, All Of Eighteen Inches Tall Yes, There Certainly Is To Indiana Than Just Cornfields A Brand New Entry In The Best Selling Weird US Series, Weird Indiana Is Packed With All That Great Stuff Your History Teacher Wouldn T Teach You So Join Our Authors On Their Great Adventure It S A Journeyyou Ll Never Forget