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Dangerous Boys txt Dangerous Boys, text ebook Dangerous Boys, adobe reader Dangerous Boys, chapter 2 Dangerous Boys, Dangerous Boys ab6bd1 Three Teens Venture Into The Abandoned Monroe Estate One Night Hours Later, Only Two Emerge From The Burning Wreckage Chloe Drags One Reznick Brother To Safety, Unconscious And Bleeding The Other Is Left To Burn, Dead In The Fire But Which Brother Survives And Is His Death A Tragic Accident Desperate Self Defense Or Murder Chloe Is The Only One With The Answers As The Fire Rages, And Police And Parents Demand The Truth, She Struggles To Piece Together The Story Of How They Got There A Story Of Jealousy, Twisted Passion, And The Darkness That Lurks Behind Even The Most Beautiful Of Faces

About the Author: Abigail Haas

Abigail Haas has written two adult novels and four young adult contemporary novels under the name Abby McDonald Dangerous Girls is her first young adult thriller She grew up in Sussex, England, and studied Politics, Philosophy Economics at Oxford University She lives in Los Angeles.

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    Our lives are made up of choices, you see Big ones, small ones, strung together by the thin air of good intentions a line of dominoes, ready to fall. Well, holy shit I want to invite Abigail Haas over to my house so we can be best friends and plot world domination together But possibly not before I hide all sharp objects first Honestly, I cannot imagine what it must be like living inside her head, but I do know she writes some of the best psychological thrillers I have ever picked up Let me tell you I am not generous with 5 star ratings I give them out sparingly to books that really surprise me with their originality or a special something that just makes them stand out so the fact that Haas has written a grand total of two books and both have prompted me to give out 5 star ratings is almost unheard of I m really struggling to think of another time when this has happened Nope, can t think of one.This is another case where I don t know how much to tell you I just want to say GO READ IT Like all readers of mysteries, you will try to guess what happens Maybe you will get it right, most likely you won t Either way, it doesn t really matter Because Haas delivers something better than a murder mystery she delivers complex psychology that had me questioning everything, wondering if I should be looking over my own damn shoulder, and hanging on every single word.Despite the title, Haas doesn t wander too far from her area of expertise the twisted, confused, longing that permeates the minds of teenage girls At first, I thought to myself this book is good but I still prefer Dangerous Girls now I m really not so sure This book just played upon so many emotions and packed punches at every turn Once you think you know something, the story spins in a certain way so that you change your mind From the moment you re born, people start folding you into neat pieces and tucking you inside a box of their own design They dress you up in their own expectations, before you even have a chance to understand the constrictions of your fate That box becomes so cozy and warm, you never really notice that you re bent double, fighting for room to breathe The story is about three people Chloe, Ethan and Oliver and the build up of their complicated relationships and jealousies told between the past and the present We know that Chloe and one of the boys has made it out of a fire we know that the other boy is dead but what we don t know is which boy made it out alive What happened inside that house And why The author is a master of mystery but than that she s a master of carefully woven relationships This story fascinated me on every level From the sad story of Chloe s mum s depression, to the exploration of someone trying to deal with their dreams falling apart, to the way small bad thoughts are shown to be able to grow into something else There s an unsettling kind of truth in Haas s psychology because she starts with the bad thoughts we all have now and then a feeling of resentment towards someone who depends on us, a feeling of desire for someone we should never be thinking about and creates something much sinister out of it In short Haas appeals to the inner demons lying in all of us.I m not going to say anything else Just seriously READ IT I can t wait to see what you all think Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Tumblr Youtube

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    2015 reads Give me fucked up characters, kay DISPATCH Nine one one, what s your emergency CALLER Please, I I think I think I have to review this and DISPATCH OK, we ll send help Just calm down, and tell me where you are CALLER I don t fucking know I mean, yes, it was unputdownable and gritty as hell but in a good way, you know All these emotions we fought every once in a while, discarding them because bad, bad, bad us to think such things, see Abigail Haas magnifies them, showing her special talent for unraveling all the layers of pretending Take these characters I hated them Each and every one of them at some point But God, do I love them still Because DISPATCH Where are you, honey What happened CALLER Ugh I was talking there so what was I saying oh, yes Despite all theirs flaws and the moments I wanted to 1 slap them, 2 shake them, 3 make a face at them, 4 call the cops, and fucking run the truth is, they are the kind of characters I want to see often in my books I crave for them Why Because I m a psychopath Come on, don t be silly No In my opinion, what makes them so captivating is their unpredictability and above that, their complexity, because even if I can t relate to any of them, yet I can find shattered fragments of myself in every one of them Don t lie that s probably the same for you DISPATCH I m sending an ambulance now Tell me what happened, where is he hurt Silence From the moment you re born, people start folding you into neat pieces and tucking you inside a box of their own design That box becomes so cozy and warm, you never really notice that you re bent double, fighting for room to breathe DISPATCH Honey Are you there Talk to me CALLER whisper I can t say anything Look I know many readers prefered Dangerous Girls and although I can understand why, it remains that these two books are different on so many levels that I can t bring myself to compare them Are you looking for a mindfuck In that case, you may be disappointed, as some clues appear to be easy to grasp Do you want to wander into the human mind, in the inner darkness everyone hides You ve got your book, then Pick your choice Stop pretending Stop hiding Stop being the girl they all said you should be.Imagine that freedom God, can t you feel it What harm could it do For of my reviews, please visit

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    No mind blown like with Dangerous Girls.Mindfuck.If you know Abigail Haas or have heard of her works, then you probably expect her to play with you and make you doubt and believe and then doubt again Well, she does And I bet she enjoys doing so very very much.Even though I only gave this a three star rating yes, some people believe it is a mediocre one , I would recommend reading not only to see how messed up in a good and bad way it is but also because it contains some interesting scenes worth knowing about Although, I do believe that it will work differently for everyone, and probably depending on your personal values.For example, family is very important to me so what the main character does in the story to her mother frustrated me and was in my opinion something very unacceptable Same thing for her father Loyalty is also an important value for me so that man went quite down in my estimation.That s the problem I didn t like any character in this book They all had something that bothered me in some way And the main ones were despicable At some point, I did find Ethan nice but he is the kind of guy who always wants to be with you and believes that you re his Here s the thing I belong to myself and so does Chloe I can understand why she started feeling trapped and uncomfortable around Ethan yet I did not approve everything she did in consequence to that fact Still, that love triangle the choice of her new love interest was sigh and eye roll worthy It wasn t bad but it definitely won t work for everyone and it in fact can make the story sound predictable while it s actually not, at least not throughout See, rivality between brothers for a girl has already been done so many times before Plus, a romance usually works better without a love triangle Yet, it was part of the plot and was a very main element of the story so I came to tolerate it.I heard some reviewers say that this was predictable enough but, darn, I wish I did predict some things besides a part of the romance Because I didn t and had such a surprise discovering the whole truth Chloe was really somethingI can t say much because I really don t want to spoil it for you, but she is one person you could try to analyze all day and not succeed to decipher her totally Nice toosometimes.Basically, she will make you question the plot, her gestures and everything else.About the endingwhat the hell What.The.Hell It s the kind of ending that will make you question again what is going to happen after you close the last page I really feel like this needs a sequel but I don t know, at the same time, how that would work out I m just not pleased since interpreting endings is not what I love doing most after finishing a read We will never know what will actually happen It will always be what WE think it will.The writing was fantastic and the plot fast paced so this will definitely not be a read that will suck you into a boredom world in which you will reside until the end of the story Well, that was detailedbut, I mean it it is a page turner.

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    3 1 2 stars Not as good as Dangerous Girls and didn t really blow my mind I was expecting this to be a painful pleasure of mind fuckery, but sadly, it wasn t.It was definitely a remarkable read and I admit, I did enjoy this quite a lot, but view spoiler Olivers identity was predictable hide spoiler

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    3.5 stars You can be a part of someone s life for years, your parent or brother or friend, and then one day they turn around and do something unconscionable, a crime so great, that suddenly, they re a stranger to you You think that their goodness is innate, embedded in their DNA, so you take it for granted, right up until the terrible moment when everything changes You can never know anyone at all I promise this will be quick Not as mind blowing as Dangerous Girls but still very well written and the mystery well crafted All these unlikable characters are very well fleshed out The author managed to make me empathize with them even though I highly disapprove of their actions But this next line will pretty much sum up my thoughts about the book WRONG TITLE is all I m saying.

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    Creepy and brainwashing ly and all.For me there was something missing when I turned the last page I don t know what I was thinking or even hoping would happen next but it just felt weirdly unfinished to me It s totally a personal thing since I really liked view spoiler Ethan hide spoiler

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    Some pieces couldn t be glued back together Some people weren t for fixing Sometimes, the only thing to do was burn the whole fucking world down and start again I made a mistake.I went into this expecting to be shocked beyond measure over what unfolds by the end when really, that s the kind of mindset I should ve held for Dangerous Girls. So about 75% in and I m starting to wonder it s quite clear by now who the guilty party is so what could the author possibly have in store for me that s left everyone else so floored Aw man, this is going to be so so good Wrong choice view spoiler pun intended snickers That little twist of words was SO brilliant though, by the way hide spoiler

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    ALL THE STARS ALL OF THEM If you didn t know, Celine and I did a discussion review on this way back in August and we spent pretty much the entire time fangirling and flailing about Abigail Haas amazing skills You can check that out here Many thanks to Abigail herself for offering us the review copies Run down on what we discussed if you cannot be stuffed clicking on that link Despite how high our expectations were, Haas still managed to blow us off our feet We were hooked from page one AND IT WAS ABSOLUTELY INTENSE AND THRILLING TO THE VERY END All the characters were so twisted and we despised many of them, in fact But only the reason to love this book The plot was delightfully twisted too We also tried to think of criticisms for this book but it soon became apparent that there weren t any If you haven t read Dangerous Girls or Dangerous Boys, you have to go and fix that because these are possibly the best YA mystery thrillers, EVER.

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    Philippine readers I am giving away a finished copy of this book on the blog Check it out here Dangerous Boys GiveawayUpon finishing this book, I begged for mercy.Why mercy, you ask Because Dangerous Boys made me uneasy and scared It made me anticipate, and dread, and look forward to what else will happen to our cast of complex characters It would build up the momentum, tease me, let go, and then tease me again It was intoxicating, addicting, and riveting in every sense of the word Needless to say, it nearly drove me crazy with the well placed suspense and well built characterization, and all I could say was, Have mercy, woman Long story short it blew me away You need no other explanation than that.I dived into this book with unbelievably high expectations I read the author s previous work, Dangerous Girls, not too long ago and absolutely loved it It had the kind of stunning quality that you do not often see in Young Adult psychological thriller books, the kind that take your breath away, leave your mind screaming, and make you go on Twitter to look for other readers who read the same so you could all act as each other s support group It was my first read from her and I knew then and there that Abigail Haas was a force to reckon with.But did I expect this book to be like Dangerous Girls No And it wasn t.Yes, there were a lot of suspense Yes, the narration and writing were absolutely impeccable and second to none in this genre But while Dangerous Girls is known for its twists and thrills, Dangerous Boys took another route and went for characterization And by characterization, I mean very dark character developments.Twists wise, once you ve read DG you will have seen them coming here However, when it came to what Oliver, Ethan, and Chloe became once everything has been said and done, it will seriously blow your socks off I didn t expect this one to take such a deeper and darker path, weaving the complex relationships among these three in such a raw, intense manner Everything starts innocent a girl depending on a guy to help her escape from her problems, only to meet someone else who would encourage her to unleash a side of her she has never encountered before And it is that exposition, that build up, to the final result that make this book so disturbing, unsettling, and fierce.The way the story was presented only added to the thrilling touch, in my opinion It s told in Chloe s eyes, telling us the story in the present and in the past she lets us know first off that something bad has happened, and gives it to us little by little, unveiling gradually the train wreck her life will soon become The eventual reveal of the darkness within, and how it makes us question whether or not we have our own kind of darkness within ourselves, will really set your mind going.This is a well written psychological thriller that bears the trademark of the usual excellent writing of Abigail Haas This one really gets your adrenaline going as it unravels the darkness that reside in the characters, layer by layer, piece by piece, and you ll be left barely breathing by the end of it.

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    Buddy Read with my malicious and perilistic equal, Anna Our lives are made up of choices Big ones, small ones, strung together by the thin air of good intentions a line of dominoes, ready to fall. Dangerous boys , dangerous boys who won t share their toys..Yeah, okay, that was weird but yeah Anyway It felt right Lol I think that kind of sums it up, though, wouldn t you agree After reading Dangerous Girls a week or two ago, I ve been enraptured in the simplicity of it s severity the idea that something that is supposed to be fun, a break from reality, turned into something that would change one group of friends lives forever A heartbeat, a split second s whim, that s all it takes to change your life forever.No, I wasn t shocked by the end I even guessed it But the point is that the execution hadn t escaped my attention More and I started to long for a creeptastic end like in DG, but didn t quite know where to turn So, the next obvious step was to find out if boys can be as scary as girls in Haas s other novel but what I didn t know was that I was going to become so wrapped up in this story that I wasn t going to like what happened to my beloved boy s for there was no happy ending that included all three of them none that could possibly satisfy my need for safety and a wonderful life for my favorite brother None for the flourishing relationship between a small town boy and a girl who longed to get away.and none for the wild card with a thing for baby brother s girlfriend that entered an already peaceful scene and blew it all to bits Two bodies, two sets of clear blue eyes.One survivor One way out of this History is told by those who win I ll admit I assumed that most of the story would mirror that of Dangerous Girls In all actuality, it was nothing the same I actually got everything I wanted that I didn t get in DG with this story it was real time and it was all in progression and in order of events I LOVED THAT I love that we got to see the crazy seep out of every pore and that we watch the inevitable demise of each individual what lead up to it, who made it out of the house alive, why they made it out of the house alive, and how everything began to go downhill at a rapid pace I was guessing after every page, after every chapter, spinning so many different scenarios and begging it to land where I wanted it to, pulling my hair out, all the while forgetting that even if what I wanted to happen happened.how could anything ever be okay And where could it possibly go after that You can never really know someone We re all strangers, in the end.So many emotions, so much squealing, hoping, praying, making deals with an invisible book God just so things might turn out even a little bit okay, I was a mess from page one Once I take a stance, I am hard headed and I don t budge on what I feel, so no one could reason with me or pull me down from the ledge once I d made my decision on how this just had to go In that regard, it was so much different than DG, because I built up this deep rooted connection to the main character, but also for the boy who stole my heart There was still a really cool format, but it worked much better for me this time and for this story A before, now, and after And it was so simple I loved switching back and forth and seeing where it was all heading even as I saw us all careening toward the edge of a cliff with no breaks on the car But I was all in That s the point, isn t it I was in that car, sitting right beside Chloe and Ethan and Oliver all of us in a terror filled journey where crazy takes a back seat to cold blooded logic It s me, it s all on me.So I choose Blood in the hospital, blood at the house Blood soaked through my T shirt, sticky on my hands Sinister with an end that chills you to the bone, I guarantee you ll get at least a little satisfaction, no matter what side you rest on The journey these characters take is something I can get behind And while I did love this story a little than DG, I find myself giving it the same rating why Why is that Well, it s simple The story may have ripped it s claws deep into my stomach, but it still ripped so deep that I was emotionally damaged and disturbed, and I can t say every moment of this fucked up novel satisfied me And I guess I m horrible because I just didn t like the way things were spelled or written, sometimes it felt a bit, hmm, rushed So, yeah It wasn t as clean cut and precise, writing wise, to me, and it chilled me deeply than once both in good and bad ways And, while the end was thrilling and deeply disturbing and I totally didn t guess where the end was going even though I had most of it right , it didn t give me the same malicious contentment her other work did And I don t ever compare ever but in this case, there were similarities and tons of differences that I couldn t help comparing like a badass ending What did I do to deserve you We assume the sun will rise every morning just because it has done every other day, but what happens when you wake up to darkness Anyway some of you will love this, and some of you would probably like the other story by this author better One is real time ish , and the other centers around the conviction of a best friend who is in the wrong place at the wrong time on a vacation from hell In all reality, they are both so fucked up I guarantee you won t walk away the same person You ll wonder what kind of people hide beneath their perfect or pretty or well read personalities and smiles you ll question what kind of world you live in that this fictional story could even exist But, I ll be the first to tell you this is real This happens People are fucked up and all you can do is be yourself After all, that s what we are trained to do Be the perfect kid The perfect student The perfect boy girl Look out for yourself and try to take care of those around you but it all circles right back around to you, doesn t it All for one.and one for all The line of dominoes falling one by one Click, click, click, they tumble faster until you can only see the two that really mattered The beginning, and this, the end Oliver, and Ethan, and I For of my reviews, please visit

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