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Bitter Pill explained Bitter Pill , review Bitter Pill , trailer Bitter Pill , box office Bitter Pill , analysis Bitter Pill , Bitter Pill 6488 The Truth Is A Bitter PillRennie Harlow Is Having A Bad Year She Had A Handsome Husband, A Good Job, And A Renovated Condo In Chicago Now, Thanks To One Exotically Beautiful Paralegal, She S Divorced, Faking Her Way Through A Writing Career, And Living Above Her Hypochondriac Mother S Garage Back In Morrisville, The Small Town She Couldn T Leave Fast Enough At Eighteen On Top Of All Of That, She Just Found Doc Hallacy, The Local Pharmacist, Dead Behind His Counter And The Worst Part Is, He S The Third Body She S Stumbled Across This Year Jake Bristol Has Lived In Morrisville His Whole Life A Former Bad Boy Turned Sheriff, He Doesn T Believe It S Just Rennie S Luck Or Timing That S The Problem He Thinks She S Too Nosy For Her Own Good The Last Thing He Needs Is Her Messing Around With His Murder Investigation So That She Can Freelance For The Morrisville Gazette But As They Both Delve Deeper Into Doc S Death, They Find That Things Don T Add Up This Isn T A Robbery Gone Wrong Or The Work Of A Desperate Junkie Someone Has A Secret They Re Killing To Keep The Only Question Is Who S Next

  • Paperback
  • 210 pages
  • Bitter Pill
  • Stacey Kade
  • English
  • 17 April 2018
  • 9780988585942

About the Author: Stacey Kade

The daughter of a minister and a music teacher, Stacey Kade grew up reading Harlequin romances on the sly in the basement Kade is the author of two young adult series The Ghost and Goth trilogy and the Project Paper Doll series Her first adult contemporary romance, 738 DAYS, was released earlier this year.Prior to writing full time, Kade worked as an award winning copywriter for several Fortun

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    I m curious if this is one of Kade s earlier works from before she got published While it s a lot of fun, there s a lot of stuff that doesn t work If feels like a series but I m glad it s not.

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    4.5 stars I really enjoyed this story It was a quick, entertaining read that left me wanting No, really I hope there s and I ll be bugging Stacey about this because the ending nearly had me screaming If it wasn t for the The End on the bottom of the page, I would have thought there was a problem with my e book MCs Rennie Recently divorced, Rennie comes back to her small town home to live with her mom She s quick to find trouble and whether she likes it or not, realizes that she has feelings for the very married sheriff I feel like Rennie is the type of girl who would get arrested when she goes out with a group of friends, but not for anything serious It would be for something trivial law like wearing flip flops while walking down a sidewalk on a Tuesday afternoon Does that make sense I loved being in her head She s hurting over the situation that she s in, but by the end of the book, I knew that she was strong enough to get through it all Even if we don t get anything else from these characters, I m certain that Rennie is going to prevail in whatever she does.Bristol He is a good, strong man A stand up man with convictions Bristol loves his job, the law in general, and seems to see most of his life in the same sort black and white Except when it comes to Rennie, she s very much a grey area The sparks between Rennie and him are very apparent and even if he s aware of the town whispering, he never shows it I would have loved to have gotten even one chapter from his point of view hint, hint , I m very interested in the maybe history he and Rennie hadThere weren t swoons in the conventional way, but there were some moments where I gasped at what was happening But, as River Song says, spoilers Secondary Characters Max Editor of the town newspaper and Rennie s sort of boss He s a Morrisville transplant and definitely gives off the vibe of big, bad city guy But, under all of that gruff exterior, there s a bit of a gooey inside His exchanges with Rennie are interesting His respect for her writing shows and sometimes it felt like there was a sort of father daughter relationship, but it was the mood swings and erratic behavior that kept me curious.The Rest of the Town There s quite a mix of people in the small town of Morrisville and while we only got snippets of most of them, there are a few that I should have added to this However, I don t want to spoil anything, I want you to experience them for yourself and trust no one Perhaps you ll be able to pick out the killer Plot Pacing Well, it doesn t get any faster than starting the book out with having the MC find a dead body This book is fast paced from the get go There were several components happening all at the same time Not only is it a whodunnit, but there s a real exploration of different types of relationships that made for some interesting scenes There were some definite twists that I didn t see coming I spent the entire book thinking I knew who was behind all of it and I was way way off Rec It Absolutely If you re looking for a fun murder mystery with a sharp, trouble finding heroine and a smoldering, but straight laced sheriff, this one is for you Huge thanks to Samantha at CLP blog tours for providing the book in exchange for an honest review This review can also be found on my blog at Adventures of a Book Junkie

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    Bitter Pill is an entertaining mystery that follows the adventures of freelance writer and amateur sleuth Rennie Harlow, who has a knack of getting herself into trouble and finding dead bodies.After four years of marriage and living in Chicago, Rennie Harlow s husband attorney Jeffrey Michael divorces her gets remarried three days after the divorce is finalized to Maria, his former legal assistant mistress Scorned and bitter, Rennie returns to her small hometown of Morrisville, Illinois, to restart her life Living with her mother in an apartment above the garage, a year has passed since her return to Morrisville, and it has been anything but smooth especially when it comes to getting herself in the middle of trouble when she finds three local townspeople dead, and has a major crush on the town s married Sheriff, Jake Bristol Written in the first person narrative, Rennie takes the reader along for the ride as she discovers the body of local pharmacist, Doc Eugene Hallacy, and is determined to investigate the murder and find the killer.Bitter Pill is a fun fast paced mystery that easily draws the reader into the story from the beginning Author Stacey Kade weaves an intriguing whodunit that features Rennie s amateur sleuthing adventure to solve the mystery of Doc Hallacy s murder The author does a great job of providing the reader with a small town full of secrets, and enough suspenseful twists and turns that keeps them guessing the identity of the murderer until the surprising conclusion And if that isn t enough to peak your interest, the author provides a backstory into Rennie s marriage divorce, her relationship with her hypochondriac mother, and her crush on the town s Sheriff.Rennie is a bit of a mess, but she s a realistic and sassy lady who is easy to relate to, you can t help but like her I really enjoyed that the story was told in the first person narrative, it was fun to follow Rennie on her amateur sleuthing adventure and I really enjoyed the subtle crush, sexual tension, and humorous interactions that she had with Sheriff Jake Bristol Add in Rennie s lovable Greyhound Fritzy and some quirky townspeople with secrets and issues of their own, and you get a thoroughly entertaining whodunit that will have you trying to solve the mystery along with Rennie and Jake Disclaimer I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange for my honest review and participation in a virtual book tour event hosted by Chick Lit Plus Blog Tours.http jerseygirlbookreviews.blogspot

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    I was so surprised by Bitter Pill, and definitely in a good way I was expecting another book with heavy romance, but light everything else, and while those types of books are fine and I usually really enjoy them, Bitter Pill was such a breath of fresh air This story does have romancy elements but it s so so much With a strong likeable lead character, and an edge of your seat mystery, Stacey Kade wrote an incredibly satisfying read that I didn t want to end.Bitter Pill is basically a mystery novel surrounding the death of a local pharmacist Rennie Harlow is our lovely lead who found Doc dead in his shop, and while she should just let the heartbreakingly handsome sheriff handle the investigation, she doesn t As a freelance writer trying to make a living, Rennie takes it upon herself to discover who to killer is, and hopefully she can do this without becoming the next body found.Rennie Harlow is kinda awesome She s sassy, smart, brave, and pretty much every other good adjective you could come up with All of these qualities made it fun to be in her head, and to see the world through her eyes Add in the fact that after all the crap that she s been through lately finding out her husband was cheating on her, divorcing said husband, taking care of her hypochondriac mother, and oh yea finding dead people and she s still standing makes Rennie the ultimate female lead.Like I mentioned early, this book is kinda light on the romance While the reason for the lack of kissy mushy stuff is reasonable it is the one thing that I would have liked of in this book We find out quite early on that Rennie has a huge crush on the local bad boy turned sheriff, Jake Bristol This is all well and good except for one little fact, Jake is married Reading Rennie and Jake s scenes could be hard because I wanted them to be together so bad, but then I wouldn t because if they do get together then he would be cheating on his wife and that would make him a big ole dirtbag like Rennie s ex Gah, where is my happily ever after when I want it Bitter Pill was such a fun and entertaining read, and I would love if Stacey would continue the story with another book There are still so many things I want to know, and I don t think these characters are done telling their story I need Rennie to have a happily ever after, and I think Jake deserves some happiness too.

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    I have yet to read a Stacey Kade book that I haven t enjoyed, and Bitter Pill, her first foray into the NA Adult genre, didn t disappoint me Bitter Pill is a quick, but humorous murder mystery with a great lead character who cannot seem to stay out of trouble She has a knack for finding dead bodies something I m glad I ve never possessed and romantic chemistry with the sheriff, who is out of her reach, since he is married Author Kade leads readers through the mystery like a pro and had me guessing who the killer was from start to reveal Rennie is a great main character She has a big heart and is just trying to get her life together, but she always seems to stumble upon trouble I enjoyed reading the story from her point of view and also how she related to the rest of the characters Besides the romantic tension with the sheriff, I liked how she interacted with the rest of the characters in Bitter Pill I really liked Bitter Pill and am hoping I will have the chance to read about Rennie Harlow in the future The ending of the book is definitely a cliff hanger, which I usually dislike intensely, but since this is suck a short story, my guess is this is a water tester to get reaction from readers and see if there is an audience At least I hope so I d love to find out the real ending and have some of my questions answered that were left hanging at the end of the story.

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    Stacey Kade is incapable of writing a bad book Like, if I asked her to write a bad book, she d probably struggle I got this book because I was in severe withdrawal after finishing her Project Paper Doll series, and I was not disappointed Bitter Pill, while being an adult book, contained much of the same charm her other books did.The book reminded me most of all of Veronica Mars since that show was one of the best things ever, I mean that as the highest of compliments The heroine, Rennie, is cynical and jaded, with a propensity for finding trouble and a talent for solving mysteries Stuck in a small, dreary, and judgy town, she manages to keep getting mixed up in murders just because she s observant enough to find the corpses.It s a fun book that really makes you root for the heroine I wish it were a bit longer, as I felt the supporting characters could have used a bit of fleshing out I also think this would make a great series or TV show , as there s a lot of groundwork laid for longer character arcs, and plenty of potential for further mysteries.

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    I ve enjoyed Stacey s YA books so I thought I d try out her contemporary mystery that borders on romance All I can say is Stacey, you d better be writing, girl, cause I want to know how this turns out I want to know what happens with Rennie Does she get custody of the kids Does Jake leave his wife Does some other guy come along for Rennie Do the secrets get spilled Inquiring minds want to know Get crackin on the next one.ETA I started this book after watching The Voice and read til midnight Woke up at 2 00 a.m and read until 4 00 Started back on it at 7 30 and read until I finished it I couldn t stop thinking about it LOL

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    Loved this book It reminded me of Star Wars A New Hope The story is engaging, the backstory hits just the right balance and hints at some great stories , and the ending is satisfying while still leaving storylines for a sequel Wish there was a sequel

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    If you ve read either of Stacy Kade s young adult series The Ghost and the Goth and Project Paper Doll you re probably expecting something similar here Prepare to be surprised Bitter Pill is an adult novel about a divorced woman in a small Indiana town There s nothing supernatural about the story, but there is a lot of romantic longing and a fairly exciting mystery.The book is written in the first person and Rennie is an engaging narrator There are a few elements of chick lit here her frustrated crush on the town sheriff, for instance but for the most part it s a straightforward mystery In her capacity as a reporter, she interviews friends and enemies of the deceased and closes in on the killer while the law is just a step behind.There are lots of details that make the setting come alive and even the secondary characters are well realized The romance gets a little tiresome after a while and Rennie comes across as a little bit too superwoman, but those are minor quibbles and probably necessary for the plot And I appreciate reading a book that s complete in one volume.One criticism the story clearly feels like the third installment in a series, complete with references to earlier cases, but as far as I can tell it s a standalone I m not sure if Kade actually wrote some earlier books that never saw publication or if she s just leading us on Either way, she should hold off on revealing the ending of those cases you know, just in case they re ever written and published.

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